This site, Big Green Help Guide, is a guide for the game Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia. It provides the answers to all of the questions that can be asked. The icon to the left of this text is a link to the game.

This site was officially launched January 24, 2010 when oh_chloe made a layout for it. At first, it was called The Unofficial Guide to the Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia Game, but its buttons had the text of Big Green Help Guide. On May 15, 2010, it received a new layout and was renamed Big Green Help Guide by the owner of the site, Egg. On September 5, 2010, a new layout was designed by Egg to replace the current layout due to excessive coding problems, but it did not receive its site coding until September 18, 2010, courtesy of Josephine. The site was reopened on September 20, 2010.


3/18/11 - I cleared affiliates and fixed buttons. The game was on the site for over one year. I'm still a little shocked. After a while, even when you haven't really done much with a site, you sort of get attached. I was thinking of editing some content and possible making a new layout, but obviously, that's no longer required. Right now, I'm deliberating between a closed sign and changing all the questions into statements so people can continue to learn about the environment.

3/17/11 - Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia was removed from the site. Plans for the site will be posted later. I am aware of major coding and site errors.

2/2/11 - The site wasn't majorly affected by the recent coding filters. Other than the fact that text areas and new windows are totaled on here, there isn't much trouble. I decided to leave the coding as it is for now, since I'm not really sure what I can do right now.

1/22/11 - News entries have been cleared. I removed Gossamer Webs Ixi as an affiliate. I organized the link back buttons.




Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia can be found here. Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia promotes environmentally friendly actions to save the planet. The game asks you ten multiple-choice questions about the environment in hopes that you will learn the facts while answering them.

The maximum score you can receive is 300 points every time, which has a estimated ratio of 1.64, though the ratio 1.63 is used, and gives you 491 NP. If you gain that score three times, you'll receive a total of 1,473 NP.

To start the game, open the small window in which the game is played, then when you see the option, click Start Game in the upper right corner. You can also choose to read about Nickelodeon's work to protect the environment. Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia has no time limit for answering a question. The question has fully loaded when the background and pictures have stopped moving into and across the screen, but the answer can be selected while it is still loading.

When you answer a question correctly, a speech bubble with a phrase relating to protecting the environment and a statement that the answer was what you chose will come up. When you answer a question incorrectly, a red X will come up and the game will state which choice the correct answer was. You must click Continue to go on to the next question. For full NP, it is recommended that you end the game and start over if you miss a question. When the ten questions have been answered, it will come to a screen that has your score and a button to send it and one to restart the game.


Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the game will perpetually remain on the site. It is classified as a sponsor game for Nickelodeon. Be aware that it may be taken off at any time, but at least for as long as I have maintained this guide, it has been on this site.


True or False

True or False: Driving slower saves gas.

When companies make products from recycled material, it uses less energy.

True or False: Running a screensaver can cost you $50 in electricity a year.

True or False: The FDA requires companies to test beauty products for toxic chemicals.

True or False: When they're turned off, home electronics don't use any power.
False, if they're plugged in

True or False: Restarting the engine uses more gas than leaving it running.
False, if your wait is longer than 30 seconds

Short Answer

One-Word Answer

How much less energy does you computer use in sleep mode?

Switching your washing machine from hot to warm can cut energy use by how much?

How many bottles of water does it take to produce the plastic for a one-liter bottle of water?

According to the Environment Protection Agency, how much of American garbage is made up of packaging materials?

Which of these appliances accounts for 10-15% of energy use in the average home?

Recycling one ton of paper saves how many trees?

If everyone kept their tires properly inflated, how many barrels of oil a day could the US save?

Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every WHAT?

Long Answer

More-Than-One-Word Answer

How many gallons of cleaning products that include toxic chemicals does the average American use each year?
25 gallons

Changing one conventional light bulb to a compact fluorescent light bulb keeps how much global warming pollution out of the air?
One ton

Which requires more energy to produce?
Paper bags

How much water can a leaky faucet waste in a year?
3000 gallons

Recycling one aluminum can will power what for 3 hours?
A TV set

Every American throws away how much trash a day?
About 2.5 lbs.

How much water do Americans use each year?
149 trillion gallons

Which uses more land and water?
Raising animals for food

Environmentally-friendly paints contain low or no what?
VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)

How big is the Pacific Gyre, the giant patch of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean?
Twice the size of Texas


Ways to Play

These are some suggested strategies to playing Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia.

1) Randomly Choose: You simply click any choice randomly and hope for 300 points. This method is generally the beginner's strategy and is not advised.
2) Trial/Error: Just keep playing the game until you memorize the answers.
3) Study Answers Review or refer to the questions and answers on this site.
4) Combined Strategies: Combine the strategies above. It is suggested that you combine 2) and 4), as well as practice before sending any scores.
5) Other: You are able to create your own method of playing the game.

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