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Going through a bit of an update for 2016, yay! This page used to be just a showcase of the RPG theme week in the beauty contest. I'm in the process of expanding it a little c:

i have everything saved, so don't worry about that. i've just been wanting to do a more personable explanation/guide to rpg classes for a while; like, that leaves things more up to your imagination rather than trying to categorize everything, you know? It'll make more sense when i'm done ^u^;

last updated april 18th 2016




gotta love mages (don't worry i have everything saved).





i'm starting a list

jfkdsajfkdlsafda i wanted to make this page more relevant than just a bc theme week catalogue of a singular snapshot in time... since i love rpg stuff... and apparently i'm not alone: SO this will also be like... a directory of sorts? maybe? i'm going to start keeping track of pets right now, and just organize it all later. yay!

Rixiy (bard)
Tavoros (elemental mage)
Argan (giant hammer warrior)
Knightey (knight)
Kayami (summoner)
Ris (healer innkeeper)
Caut1ion (arch wizard)
Fhiona (blacksmith)
Arbalest (knight-errant)
Lyssam (candle witch)
Oridos (court mage)
Mariici (forest witch)
atomic_dispersion (innkeeper)
Jayminii (knight errant)
Naenami (researcher)
Velbard (heavy warrior)
Trilby (healer)
Kyrie (mage)


Have a question that isn't answered here? Or maybe the answers below aren't complete enough? Don't hesitate to send a neomail to my main account here.

To Keep In mind : it might be best try and stay away from classes with iffy names (there are many of these out there): stuff like g*psy, while being a used word on the site, is actually very hurtful.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no pets that fit the theme.
That can make it really fun to decide their class! Think about their interests and strengths and go from there.

What if I already have fantasy characters?
Then they're already perfect c:

This Theme Week is running at the same time as ____ / interferes with ____
If the presence of this theme week is interfering with other Beauty Contest activities, I'm terribly sorry. It's up to you to pick and choose what you want to do. And of course there's always the option to take part in more than one thing that might be happening at the same time.

But Cosplay isn't allowed...
That's why this theme week doesn't aim to encourage folks to cosplay. You can get inspiration from your favourite video games or shows or movies, or even the class lists and images on this page, but at the end of the day, your entry has to be your own stuff. That's what makes it fun: You can do so much, even make up your own classes.

You can't have weapons in your entry
You actually can. Here are some past entries I've won trophies with in the beauty contest. They all contain weapons. Drag and drop for fullview.

Two blasters on Robyn's entry, a red glowy sword on one of Creshna's entries, and two curved shortswords on the other. If you're not convinced, you can go look them up for yourself: I left in the dates intentionally. This isn't even accounting all the non-trophy-winning weapon-containing entries I've put in the Beauty Contest with no trouble. Like so many things on neopets, it's all about your presentation.

I don't understand; What even ARE theme weeks?
Theme weeks are what happens when a random user on neopets decides they're going to enter the beauty contest according to a specific theme they made up on the spot. Then, they try and get others to join in on the fun by also entering their pets according to said theme. Anyone can start them at any time. There's nothing official about them, so if you have a theme you'd love to be turned into a Theme Week, you should totally start one of your own ^u^
(whether you put up a page explaining the week, like this one, is up to you and there's nothing mandatory about it or anything).


Here are some of the pieces that were up during RPG Week. Of course, I haven't listed all of them; just those who have contacted me, wanted to be listed here.

Not everyone who wanted to participate in the week managed to get something up in time; some people even had the unfortunate fate of their entries being booted from the contest. So, because we all know RPG classes and characters are rad, I've chosen to also list pieces that either weren't in the scheduled week, or were just inspired by this theme.

Images link to their owners; copy and paste the url for full size.
If you have an entry/rpg-inspired piece you'd like listed here, please contact me.

Those in the week itself...

More love for the theme...


Time to say my goodbyes. If you like this page enough to want to keep track of it, go ahead and take a button.

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