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NC Trading Coalition

What is it?

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First and foremost, this is a pet trading system. Maybe you hate venturing onto the pound boards, or don't have a lot of time to spend advertising - well, the NTC is about helping each other out. I personally spend a lot of time on the pound boards, and see a lot of possible amazing trades going down, but they're not after the pets that I have. I would love to have a list of NC users pet desires so I can alert people to boards that I find, or direct people on the trading boards to NC users.

Another big reason for the NTC is idle pet zapping. Basically, there are LOTS of great pets being zapped on NC that non-regular traders may not know the 'value' of, or they don't know of anyone else that wants them because few people advertise wanting lower value pets. Did you know that some chocolate pets are being traded for royal customs? Or you can trade a maraquan pet for a RW/RN? Or pets like alien aishas are being traded for some UC pets? The offers are out there, but unless you're trawling the boards it's very easy to miss them - they move fast! So if you zap a pet that's awesome, but not something you wanted, list it here! If you're after kacheek clothing and you zap a chocolate kacheek that you don't want, advertise it here! You could be owning the pet clothing you actually wanted sooner than you think!

How can I put my pet UFT and put my requests up?

To put a pet UFT give me:
Pet Name:
Pet Species:
Pet Colour:
Pet Gender, and if it can be changed:
What you are seeking (be specific if you want WN, or clothing only, masculine or feminine, or even if you don't want anything**):
How you wish to be contacted:
Other Notes:

**if you don't want anything in return, then what you're doing here is essentially allowing your pet to be traded by another NCer to allow them to get their dream pet. If you just want to put a pet UFA, you can do that on the NC forums.

Send your above form to