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Welcome to a very momentous event that will be special to every single member in many different ways: TNP's very first guild pride event! What, you may ask, are you going to do in this event? Well, this month all members will be coming around to participate in fun activities and challenges to show how proud of your TNP identity you really are. If you are interested in taking part in this event (and you should be regardless of how long you've been a member!), then all you have to do is simply send a neomail to Sill to sign up your name!

For this event, please send me your entries every Sunday! This will help me keep all submissions in check, stay organized, and will contribute to keeping the event running smooth. If you finish an activity, there should always be another one to do! While you're waiting for the next Sunday to arrive, you can start on the next one and possibly even submit both at the same time. If you followed this system it would be really, very helpful.

At the end of the month and the event, there will be a few badges that will be awarded to show the different ways you have displayed your pride for the guild. So get ready for this lovely event and show off how much you adore TNP!

Participants Anh Anna Dakin Emmy Jess Kelly Kitty Lindsey Maryann Mojo Moose Sarah Sill Zenny
Points 215 85 40 50 45 20 5 20 290 175 40 115 275 130


You'll find all the activities listed below! Every week a special challenge will be added, in addition to two new regular activities added each week. All regular activities are worth five points, unless otherwise stated, and every weekly activity has a special value you will find out when it is released! Every Sunday you will send Sill which activities you completed and she will count up the points for you, keeping it nice and simple on you.

  • Sign up for this event; that's enough to prove you're proud to be in TNP, right? (5)
  • Start a conversation with someone who isn't in TNP at the recruiting board (5)
  • Write a short story about another member of TNP saying why they are a great friend (10)
  • Give anyone* an item from their wishlist or for their gallery in honor of our Wishing Well** (10)
  • Write one paragraph for non-members to persuade them to join TNP (our qualities) (5)
  • Create a banner (or a button) to advertise 'The Neo Project' (web link is optional) (10)
  • Go on another guild's board and chat with the members, or anyone on (5)
  • Draw another member of TNP a picture image of them and sign it with love!*** (10)
  • Write a catchy slogan to represent TNP and create a small banner with it (10)
  • Write a story on one of your friend's pets or a special character (5)
  • Complete one of your monthly or regular goals to show your commitment (5)
  • Mail or post feedback and constructive commentary on someone's portfolio (5)
  • Help another member or someone on the Habitarium board with their Habitarium (5)
  • Participate in the avatar hunt or lend an avatar at the avatar lending page (5)

  • * It doesn't matter if this person is a member of TNP or not
    ** Since it could be for anyone out of TNP, this activity is only in honor of the Wishing Well - to show TNP cares for everyone. This will not award you anything in the Well. If your wish was granted by another however, you can check it off with Maryann.

    *** Any type of art is acceptable: Line art, sketch, digital or traditional hand. Mail Sill if you want to draw, and she will ASSIGN you a person. It's only fair to those who aren't participating to be able to receive something as well. If you don't know this person or are unsure, you can be assigned another member.

    Week One: 2nd - 8th
  • Have earned at least the rank Spring a Roo from participating in the Theme Week!
  • Week Two: 9nd - 15th

  • Talk to the guild leader of ANY guild at any board for a while and exchange info about your guilds.
  • Week Three: 16nd - 21th

  • Design guild cheerleader outfits.
    They can be fully drawn, sketched and labelled, or described with a quick outline.
  • Week Four: 23nd - 29th

  • Be a member in at least two blocs of the guild and submit your new points in.

  • Note: You can participate in any activity twice (or more than once), and you will get points! But you obviously couldn't 'sign up for this event' twice, so saying that would be pointless. When you mail me I will decide for myself whether that activity could be completed more than once indeed, and you will rightfully earn the points for it.