Well, guys. You obviously saw this coming. I haven't updated in over 5 months, and that's because I honestly never wanted to say goodbye to Compendium. It was everything I wanted in a site. It started off small in a world of amazing directories. We had to compete with the best sites on Neo - Soroptimist, Little Black Book, and more. We were ranked at almost every site, mostly in the top two or three. In the seven months it was open, Compendium had been more that I ever thought it would be. But now it's time to say goodbye. I may be back, I may not. I really do not know right now. But, please do not use the site's name in case I do decide to come back.

To Compendium's supporters, affilaites, listers, etc., thank you - without you the site would never have been what it was. You all may remove my buttons. & Cass, thank you for your infinite amout of help and support. You are truly the greatest site owner on Neo and I could not thank you enough for all the guidance you have given me regarding site owning.

I probably won't be on much for you to contact me, but if you do please do so on my sister's account, just make sure you say the neomail is for me or about Compendium.

Love always,

However, check out my new site Synchronize!