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Welcome to Colorblock -- a petpage css site run by me, Elena (elevina). This is now more of a CSS dump/portfolio of layouts that I have created over the years of 2013-2018 (with the bulk of them being 2013-2015).

the only rule. Please leave credit on! You may edit any of these layouts, but be sure to keep a link back to this page.

we baaaack

july 3rd, 2018: got my account back so we here :)

july 9th, 2018: added a portfolio-eque layout to the single-paged collection! I dislike a lot of my earlier layouts so I will probably be adding a new archived section to the site soon :)

sitely :)

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credits & thank yous
All layouts by Elena (elevina.) - Current Layout: [ v.8 slight change ]
Site reopened & counter started on January 21st 2013.
Counter base and bullets by The Lunch Box.
Counter by boingdragon.
Some color palettes are by colourlovers / some by me.
All backgrounds used are from subtlepatterns.

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