It is a dark and stormy night and you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere. But wait! You squint your eyes and you see a faint light, flickering, a hue of blue. You approach it to see it's a town, where the buildings are silhouettes and ghosts roam wild.
Hello and welcome to El Pix, a pixel site by Fee. This site is filled with many wonderful pixels for you to adopt including my special adoptable Ragdolls. Be sure to read all the rules and enjoy!



+ I have uploaded every pixel I have made back onto this site and have reverted back to my old layout, because this is my favourite layout out of all that I have created. The reason for these changes is because I honestly doubt I will ever pixel again. I am sad to say I won't be back but I will leave everything as such. Thank you for visiting and I hope you continue to enjoy my creations for as long as neopets is running! x



1| Do not steal, copy, edit or claim any of my works.

2| Leave the links on or have a visible link credit somewhere on your page.

3| Do not use any of my content in layouts, banners etc. unless you have permission from me.


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Welcome to El Pix's very own adoptable Ragdolls!
Ragdolls are usually mistakened to be associated with dark magic or evil intentions but Ragdolls are actually lonesome dolls abandoned under your bed or deep inside closets, gathering dust.
Save a Ragdoll today by adopting one here out of our wide selection or you can request one if requests are open.
Thank you very much.





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Frequently Asked Questions

1| Can you code me an anchored layout?
No. There are premade anchored layouts out there that you can use. Or learn how to code yourself. That's what I did and it's not that hard, honestly.

2| What program do you use to make your pixels?
I use photoshop CS3 for everything. Outlines, shading, making the pixels transparent etc.

3| Can you make me a custom pixel?
No. I'm only good at pixelling certain things so if you send me a request for a pixel, it may be out of my league. However, you could suggest a pixel for me to make.


El Pix opened on the 31 January 2010 by me, Fee. I have always loved pixels and so I decided to create my very own site just for that and other special works.

past layouts

v1.0 Mushroom
Type: Vector
Created on: Photoshop CS3
Date: 31.January.2010 - 4.March.2010

This was the very first layout I ever created. The background changed a lot because one never seemed to fit. When it was done, I was so proud of myself but now looking back, I know it's not that good.

v2.0 Scribbles
Type: Scribbles
Created on: Photoshop CS3
Date: 5.March.2010 - 26.June.2010

My first shot at scribbling. I loved this layout but the content box was way too small. I still love this layout but eventually it was time for a change.

v3.0 Wild World
Type: Vector
Created on: Photoshop CS3
Date: 27.June.2010 - 09.July.2010

I got the idea of this layout from the game Animal Crossing. I had a second version of this where it looked more 3D but decided not to put it up.

v4.0 Ghost Realm
Type: Vector
Created on: Photoshop CS3
Date: 09.July.2010 - 05.October.2010

This is my most favourite layout I've ever made. It took roughly 6+ hours and it was well worth it. I love the rollover ghost links and I would definitely revert back to this layout if I had the time to code everything again.

These are layouts five, six, and seven (version one rebooted) respectively. They are just the skins as I don't have screenshots of the final look. Layout five is pixel based, layout six is scribble based, and layout seven is vector based.


special adoptions


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El Pix © Fee (starry_mimi). Layout version 5.1: Ghost Realm (reusing) created by me on photoshop cs3. (18.April.2014-)