Hi, my name is Chooomb the Chomby. I come from Tyrannia, a very special part of Neopia where dinosaurs and giant omelettes roam.

This is iloveannabelle's best photo of me!

Aren't I a charmer :)


All Chombys love to eat. Legend says that it was because of our large appetite that Tyrannia became part of Neopia. My favourite foods are Cactus Blossoms and Terry Berries although I am not a very fussy eater :)
There is one thing that everyone should know about Chombys... they hate fungus balls with a passion. Fungus balls are very nasty things and should be avoided at all costs. You can see one of my cousins in action in this cool new game - Chomby and the Fungus Balls!

My Favourite things :

  • Terry Berries and Cactus Blossoms
  • Uggatrips, they are by far the cutest Pet Pets around!
  • Eating
  • Making new friends