You take a pleasant walk through the forest. A breeze passes by, but for some reason, it's pulling you with it. It swifts and swerves past layers of trees and plants. Suddenly- it stops. You look around your surroundings, only to find what looks as though a miniature town with tiny house-like buildings. As you try to piece where you are at the moment, an innocent girl gently taps you on the shoulder. She says,'Hello guest! I'm Charida! Sorry if I alarmed you, but I see you've come for a visit to Nature's Way. Please, follow me, as I serve you as a tour guide. As seen, there isn't much upon this tiny plot of land, but I still believe this place is full of nature's wonders...

July 6th 2012

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!! :D Wow! I can't believe this site has been around for a year! Clique as it is, I can't thank all of you enough for visiting and supporting Nature's Way. Without you, I wouldn't have the motivation to continue the site.

That said... to celebrate today, I made a few pixels (: I know it's not much, but I just had to get some content up for this special day!~

Hover for names!

June 27th 2012

Hi everyone! Sorry for the huge gap in updates! Haha I got just a bit too lazy XD Aside, please welcome our newest affie, Honey!

Also, I'd like to thank Cynthia for this adorable icon (:

Another thanks to Emma for having the honor to be listed as one of her favorite sites at After Rain!

I can't say enough thanks to all of you who gave me a warm welcome back to neo ^_^ I was doubtful that anyone would still remember me after all the long months I was gone. :D

June 19th 2012

I'M BACK!!! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to neo, but I'm here- I'm here! After being absent from the site community for some time, it feels so relieving to return. I've noticed that a lot of old and a few of my favorite sites have departed, and I'm sad to see them go, but there's also been the meeting of new and exciting sites (: I'm going to take a little while and browse around the community to see what has happened/new news that I've missed. I hope to work on new content (FINALLY!) but I'm not sure how busy my summer will be yet~ Also, thanks everyone for the nearing 3,000 views! This site has been inactive for awhile now, and it makes me glad that it's not forgotten (^U^)

April 29th

Hi everyone! Phew, keeping up with regular updates is tough now. I just decided to check up with you all just to say that I'm still here (: I've been thinking up some summer pixels and I can't wait to bring them to the site! Please check back over summer (around mid June) when my sites will become more active ^_^ Also, thanks everyone for still visiting and supporting Nature's Way. I know this site has been quite inactive with little new content nowadays, but I will bring this site back for you all.

April 22nd

Hey everyone! I decided to stop by to say HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Since this site is nature-related, I thought I should do something since this day honors our planet, earth (: I actually made this vector a while back, but decided that today would be the perfect day to upload it... so here it is at left *pokes floating earth vector* Also, I've made up my mind that I will bring my sites back and active around summer time. Wow, I can't believe it will almost be a year since owning my sites ^_^

April 11th

Check out the new Past Layouts in the extras (: Sorry for the lack in new content. I have no ideas for new pixels or vectors. Plus, it seems that I've lost interest and I have about 4 days left of spring break.

April 8th

Hey everyone! HAPPY EASTER!!! I'm back from that month-long break and am on spring break! I've made a few Easter/srping vectors. *pokes Easter egg at right*


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  • Bakery

    Here in this humble little area, we have a bakery that makes fresh batches of pastries everyday. Every dessert is free of charge, but all we ask for is a smile :)


    Hover over the first row of cakes for their flavor!

    Birthstone Cakes

    Each one contains one birthstone at the top, and is determined by what month you were born. They are organized in order from January to December, and are happily awaiting you to choose them.

    Hover over each cake for their birthstone!

    Season Cakes

    On the last tray, are some season cakes. These are cakes created to interpret the beauty of each season.

    Hover for the season


    Gardening Center

    As we head this way, our Gardening Center is hidden amongst curtaining willow trees...

    I'll go ahead and let you wander as you please. No need to worry, this town is actually quite safe. Charida says. Off she scampers to who knows where, leaving you to yourself, you with nature.







    Cherry Blossom



    Neighboring the Garden Center, you're suddenly intrigued by a wave of sweet, strong aroma. What is this? you ponder. As the smell encircles you once more, it begins to become more familiar. Inhale. You recognize it. Why, it's the delighting smell of coffee (and not to mention, scrumptious desserts)! You anxiously open the door.




    Slowly, you exit the Cafe, taking one last breath of that luscious, savory smell. As you stand and wonder where to turn next, you faintly hear a distant rustle at your right. Wh- did that leaf just move?! Curious, you step closer. Are your eyes deceiving you? What are these strange creatures? Not sure how to define them, you merely observe them.

    Newest Arrivals






    Art Studio

    Oh hey! Charida exclaims. Enjoying your self tour? ... Down this path of trees, is our own mini art studio. Piles of sketches and sketches of different items lay here... Go ahead. Take a peek!

    Photo Room

    Peering around the room you notice a square- no rectangular outline embossed on the wall. You cautiously peel off sketch by sketch off of the wall, steadily uncovering what seems as a door. You twist the small knob, and enter to find...

    Farmer's Market


    Come- follow me! She quickly grabs your hand, pulling you through layers of branches. Here! She halts. Look! You look, although not sure of what exactly you're supposed to be looking at. You see? This here is our town's stash of natural resources! Though small, you'll be able to spot these all around town!

    Bullet Points/Dividers

    Neomail Envelopes

    Best Viewed On

    Nature Reserve

    This is one of my favorite spots! Animals of all species are able to roam around- free! Pet them, adopt them, whatever you may, just be sure to set them free.


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    Nature's Way is an amazing adoptables/pixels site by the lovely Charida. Nature's Way is a little hidden town untouched by modern society. With a nature-theme flowing effortlessly throughout the site, the town has little shops which house a variety of content. This includes supreme 'cake' pixels, adorable food related pixels, incredible vectors, miscellaneous sketches and handy resources. Below is some of my favourite work by Charida.

    Charida is wholly unique in that all of her work is related to her site's theme. She has also been innovative and created several moving vectors that look amazing. I highly recommend that you lurk her site for the new content she constantly adds. The Commander looks forward to witnessing what will no doubt be a adoptables/pixels site that'll rise to become as popular as other big-name adoptables/pixel sites in no time. Good luck with Nature's Way and any future endeavours Charida!

    I now award you with your engraved medal of honour!


    Thank you so much Caitlin!

    Screen Shots

  • Nature Log

    Inside the garden, you discover an old tree stump covered with vines and moss. As you untangle it, you find a torn leather book titled Nature Log. Curious, you decide to open the cover...

    February 20

    Hi Neopians! (Wow, I don't know why I never thought of that greeing T.T)

    As I said before, Happy President's Day! Most people don't look at it as a big holiday (eh heh *slowly raises hand*) but we should still take at least one second to appreciate our presidents (:

    Ok! Onto more personal stuff. Sometimes I just feel like facepalming myself over and over. Today would be the day. I got the new layout up yesterday...??? (or was it the day before?) but I keep feeling guilty because there's never any new content anymore! Trust me, I've recently tried making pixels, but they never come out quite right :S

    I've experimented with different color schemes, shading techniques, and new ideas, but it just doesn't make the cut. Maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist, but it doesn't seem like something someone would want to use on their site. I've lost ideas, but I have suggestions. (Just want to take a moment to thank those for their suggestions) ^_^ I look at other sites and their beautiful and adorable pixels, and sometimes I wonder why I can't make that in my own way, and distribute it through the site. I'm not going to plagerize/steal people's ideas, but I just wonder why I can't come up any.

    I'm probably at (as they call it) point-blank. My mind is empty and the idea ship has sailed. I know how clique that sounded right now XD Actually, I have ideas, but when I try to graphicize (made up word) them they don't appear as in my mind. Vectors- I can do, but pixels- hard. I think for now, I will stick to making vectors just to get some content up for you all (:

    Love to You All,
    Written 10:09 am NST

    February 12

    Hi everyone! I haven't updated this log in a while, but nothing much has been happening in life. I've been so busy with school and barely have time for my sites. Luckily, this and the next weekend are three days :D

    So the weather has been pretty gloomy these past few days (if you're in Cali). There's been cloudy skies, little sunshine in and out, and strong winds. I guess this explains why a lot of people have been getting ill. The weather has been really strange, but it's supposed to rain next week. I guess that's a bit more normal, since spring is coming up.

    What's coming up even closer is Valentine's Day! I don't have anything planned, but I at least get to wear pink and red ^_^ I think that's all I have to say right now. My real life has been bland lately, and nothing new has popped up. The Grammy's are on tonight thought!~

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 5:07 pm NST

    February 3

    It's pretty late for a school night... but it's the WEEKEND! I'm super excited, although I don't have any plans X) Honestly, I haven't made anything at all for Nature's Way, but I think a revamp is nearing! This weekend I want to focus on my other sites more, because I feel like I've been neglecting them.

    Nature's Way was my first site ever. Now, I feel like I've been neglecting this site even more X) Really, it's lost in inspiration and motivation. I know I keep repeating myself, but it's as though I've drifted away from pixel-ling. The best I can do at the moment, is probably get a new layout. Perhaps after that, I'll have some new ideas (:

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 10:23 pm NST

    January 30

    Hi everyone!

    It Monday and the start of a new week... and a new semester! So the results for a few of my finals were posted, and let's just say I did better on some than others. On the bright side, all grades are now A's for the new semester! I'm really going to aim hard and try to keep it that way.

    My time on neo will be even more limited because I got a new pet yesterday! It's a green and yellow budgie that I call Lucky (: On top of school work, taking care of Lucky, and sports practice; I barely have time for my sites. On account of my sites, I'm not sure where to go from here. As time progresses, I'll see how to place it in my schedule. I think I will have to move all my sites to weekend updates, as many other siteowners are doing. ^_^

    Well, off to do some homework! Thanks for the understanding and support (seriously.) :*)

    Love to you All,
    Written 5:34 pm NST

    January 29

    It has been so long since my last entry. Finals week at school seemed to consume all my time; I'm so happy it's over! I'm glad that I managed to make some new pixels, because it's been a long wait for you all.

    So today is Sunday. I'll call it my lazy day since I'm just calm and relaxed right now. I didn't do much today, but this morning I planted some flowers in my backyard (: I hope they grow to be healthy and bright.

    Hehe, I should really be doing some homework right now, but I just want to relax. It's been a long week (as I'm sure it has for many of you) and I wish teachers would just give us a break. Then again, we come to school to learn and challenge ourselves, and yes it can be a bit much, but it's all for good in the long run... am I right? X)

    It was really weird because I stepped outside in my backyard today and it was so silent 0.o There was no breeze (no wind even heard), the sun was dim, and it just seemed like the color faded away from the outdoors. It was just strange to me. I was going to take some pictures with my camera, but it didn't seem right. Strange...

    So I guess that wraps it up for this entry (: Sigh* School tomorrow. I've got about 7 or 8 hours left of my day before the chaotic cycle starts once more. Hang in there everyone! X)

    Love to you All,
    Written 1:09 pm NST

    January 14

    I really, really mean it when I say I apologize! I've let real life get in the way of the site, and on top of that, laziness and lack of motivation. Of course, there's nothing I can do about real life, but do what's best. Right now, I believe what's best is to place real life ahead. School is too important for my future, and I have to put it ahead of my sites :( I'm really sad/upset about it, but finals are nearing and that's more important.

    Sorry for this negative message :*( I don't mean to bring down your day, but I just needed to get the word out. I'm not sure anymore as to when new content will arrive. I still have some requests to finish at my other site, so I will have to place them in front of Nature's Way. From the looks of it, I don't think I'll have any time or relaxation this weekend :S Hope you all are enjoying your weekends though!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:13 pm NST

    January 8

    I knew this day was coming, and now it has come. I feel very bittersweet. I don't know why it comes as a big deal for me, but maybe it's just my fears. I just can't seem to believe that I'm going back to school tomorrow. It's only been two weeks, but it feels like two days. I've had many fun memories from this vacation, but I just wish it were a week longer X)

    So I think I will have to start sleeping earlier (yeah, wait until the last day) ^_^ I have sports practice at 5 am again, and I think I'm going to be slow going back. It's only 1 pm, but I have a feeling time will speed up before I know it. I'm just- just so bittersweet (again) right now. I'm a tad excited to go back to school, because I don't have anything to do at home, but I'll miss relaxing. I'd rather be bored, doing nothing, and relaxing, then waking up early, having homework, and being stressed. Hah, I bet many feel the same way.

    Well, instead of being negative today, I'm going to be HAPPY! The day is still sort of young and hey, the sun is still shining! I can be grateful that at least I had a few extra days of winter break, since some started school last Wednesday (no offense). I'll make the best of my day, although, I'm not too sure how- but I will find a way ^_^

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 1:22pm NST

    January 7

    Ever have that moment where you go to a fun place like an amusement park, or you have guests over, or you just hang out? Then, when you go home, it feels like it was just a regular day. It seems as though all the fun was swept away, and all the funny moments back then, aren't as funny now. Hours pass, and it feels like you've been home the whole time... doing nothing.

    That's what I feel like right now X) My cousins came over, which was nice company, since we barely have guests at my house. After they left, it just felt empty and boring. It felt as though I'd been in my room all day, and as if they never came. Now, I'm left with nothing to do but type this experience. I feel like this everytime after an event. As time progresses, you can no longer grasp the memories and moods earlier that day. You still have the pictures and awareness of it all, but it just isn't the same as experiencing that exact day again.

    I just thought this was an interesting topic, and plus, I'm bored doing pretty much nothing. I wish those fun moments would last, but I guess that's why they say, Treat every day as if it were your last. I guess what is meant by this quote is that you can never relive a past day, because with every passing day, is a decrease in your life. I don't mean to make anyone sad or emotional, but I just see it all so true now.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 6:35pm NST

    January 6

    Well, another day has gone by. The days pass at the same amount every time, but don't some days feel shorter than others? Ah... tomorrow marks the 2nd to last day of my vacation. I have to admit that I'm a bit eager to go back to school, only because I don't really do much at home ^^" So, I'm taking a hiatus for Nature's Way. I have a whole line of plans waiting to happen. I realize that I go on the computer a lot. I think I go on more than needed. School is nearing, and I have to focus on that before neo.

    I think I might have to stay on hiatus until the next break, which may be the 16th or spring break. In between, when I have time, I'll squeeze in a pixel or two here and there. By that break, I should hopefully have a big content update (: I also wanted to point out that my neo time has been restricted recently, so I'll be on less often. I guess it doesn't really apply to this site, but I just thought I should let you all know.

    I just have a quick question. With every passing day, do you have something to be grateful for? I thought this was a very open-ended question, and speaks a lot of depth. I think I can be grateful for having an extra day. I guess that's why some say to Take each passing day for granted. We may have a bad day at some point, but we have to remember the big picture.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:21pm NST

    January 4

    This break I've really lost my motivation. I've become so uninspired and lazy. I have no encouragement or ideas to make anything new :( I really apologize. It's been a slow week. School is starting next week, and I'm kind of stressed about that. Ah... this is not my week )X

    I've spent the last few days inside, bored, and a bit frustrated. I have nothing at all to do (seriously). There's nothing new online or on T.V. Sigh... I remember the past years when I actually had stuff to do and get excited for over winter vacation. I'm not going to say that I want to go back to school, but I'm just completely bored! I can't bring myself to make anymore content, I've just lost all motivation. I think I'll go on a short hiatus. Perhaps, that's all I need.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 6:41pm NST

    January 3

    Hi everyone. Technically it's the 4th since it's past midnight. Just think: when school starts I won't be able to stay up this late anymore :*( I'm lying on my bed; have the T.V. playing; typing on my laptop and it will all go away on Monday ^^" I'll miss you winter vacation! Only a few days left. It's going to be hard for me to get back to my old routine, especially at how late I've been up. Moving on...

    I know it's still winter, but it sure has been getting warmer! Even the nights aren't as cold as before. I keep telling myself this, but one night I want to go out into my backyard and just gaze at the stars at night. It seems like it would be relaxing, you know, just staring into space. Who knows? Maybe I'll spot some planets...? X) Well, it's getting pretty late. So, good night everyone!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 12:32am NST

    January 1

    HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! And so we've entered the year 2012! I've had so many memories to gather from '11, and my most memorable one: creating the site! We're now about 5 months old- months I will never forget. Thank you all my affies, listers, button-makers, and most of all visitors for making this a memorable year! You've made me feel so welcome from when I first started, and so encouraging whenever I doubted. (haha that rhymes X)) This site is only a few months old, but it feels like we're already one year old! All the memories I can look back on are thanks to all of you! So many thanks I have!

    Well, as a new year, comes some new changes! Though I'm still working away with my studies, I'm really determined to have frequent content updates. I'm going to try my absolute best to get up as much content as time allows. School may come first, but I'll have most weekends free (: I think I will begin a daily content update, where I'll post new things on the weekends, giving me a few days to build up some new stuff! It's new years, so I'll go leave you off to all your fun! This is my last week of winter break, and I'll try to make it my best!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:27pm NST

    December 29

    *sniff* The last time I updated the log was Christmas night. I miss Christmas, and I'm sure many of you do too (: It was pretty much all I was looking forward to, being that my family doesn't do much over vacation. Lately, I've been spending my winter days bored and enclosed inside my house. I've run out of ideas and nothing seems fun anymore. I guess these are just the signs of growing up. Oh childhood... how I miss you!

    At one time or another, I suppose this moment eventually hits our lives, where we realize how old we're getting. In realizing this, we also notice how fast our lives are flying. I wish there was a solution to all of this, that would slow time down. I guess the only thing that can be said is to "make the best of everyday." Yes, very clique, but also very true. Thinking about all of this, I'm no longer sure if owning a site is "making the best" of my day. Sure, it's fun, but then you see the flip side and reality of it all. Spending hours a day on something for fun (not sure if you're even gaining value to it)- well, what I mean to say is Is it even worth it?

    I know I've mentioned this already in previous entries, but it keeps hitting me. I could (well, we all could) probably be doing more productive things in our lives, but yet we choose to spend our time on neo and social networks. I have nothing against anyone (for I am one of those people), and I see that some don't have anything better to do (like me at the moment), but there are things out there that are more productive for the reality. I don't know, just a random thought I had. Well, good night to you all! ^_^

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:27pm NST

    December 25

    And so this is Christmas...

    Love that song (: Merry Christmas everyone! I hope each and everyone of you are having a wonderful time.

    I just love Christmas. I always get saddened Christmas night, because it's ending. Ah (as I look back)... It was a nice day, nice presents, nice food... everything nice. The more I think about it, the sadder it makes me to take down all the decorations tomorrow :( I wish this holiday lasted a bit longer, so that we could enjoy it more. Ah yes, the last minute shopping; the frantic wrapping; the tree decorating; Christmas music; family time; I wish it could last just another week! Haha, all the memorable things about Christmas :) I didn't do this much this holiday, but at least I got to spend it with my family. Well, I'll leave you all off to enjoy the rest of your Christmas. Good night! And Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays,
    Written 10:35pm NST

    or Next

    December 23, 2011

    Ah... such a relaxing day. It's the start of winter break, the end of school stress, and the time to get excited for the holiday. The site community has certainly been bustling these past few days (: So, Christmas in 2 days. It all just reminds me of how I'm aging (how we all are aging at that matter) and how much more grateful we all should become of these moments. It's true when they say things only happen once in a lifetime. In such, no 2 days are alike. That said, I want to take this vacation in spending time with my family. I'll, of course, still be tending to my sites, but I feel a need to have this break with my family ^_^ I may not be as active as initially thought, because I really want to relax and enjoy this season. Where I live, it doesn't snow, but I will make the best of the 2 weeks given for relaxation. I also feel a need to revamp. However, I no long have Photoshop CS5 (which I use to make layouts) so that may have to wait. I'm still trying to cope with CS2, in that, I have no idea how to use it XD Ah, well... we'll see... again, with this delay I'll take the time to plan out future ideas for Nature's Way. I've already got a whole list written out (just can't wait to bring it to the site!) I guess it's time for me to head off to bed. Good night (to those in the U.S.) and Merry Christmas Eve!
    Happy Holidays,
    Written 11:32pm NST

    Back? or Next

    December 16, 2011

    *cough* *cough* So bummed out right now cause I'm sick :*( I really tried to prevent it, but the weather's been real weird. Wow, this week is not my week XD I got tons of homework and projects, my laptop got a virus, and now, I'm sick. I'm hoping everything will return to normal by next week, since I plan to do all my schoolwork ahead, and have high hopes for my laptop to be fixed. Well, I guess we all have bad days sometime or another. The best part of bad days is that we can look back on it and laugh. Haha. When we see how miserable and down we were that day, we feel even more grateful for the bright days ahead ^_^

    Despite all the misfortunes, I'm going to use this weekend to be productive and enjoy it (: I'll be out for most of this weekend, but I'm really going to try to have the best day possible! Wish you all a great weekend!

    Happy Holidays,
    Written 5:27pm NST

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    December 11, 2011

    Hehe, sipping on some hot chocolate again ^_^ So toasty and warm! It's these little things like hot chocolate and ornaments that get you excited for Christmas! Yesterday I spotted 2 new gifts under the tree. I'm super anxious to find out what they are XD Ah... this weekend was FUN!

    I spent about half of yesterday and half of today, helping my cousin clean and settle into her new house. (haha, it doesn't sound like much fun, but it was) It was kind of tiring towards the end, but after all of the cleaning, we went shopping! Later we had some yummy tacos, and I spent the night (: I really wish the weekend had lasted longer.

    Well, it's about time for me to head off to bed (right after I finish my hot chocolate- that is ^_~) Ha... school and sports practice tomorrow. Gotta get prepared for that X) I just can't wait for Christmas!

    Happy Holidays,
    Written 9:15pm NST

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    December 7, 2011

    Mmm... sipping on hot chocolate is so refreshing, especially in the cold weather :) Wow, I can't believe it's December already! It's really nearing the end of the year! I'm going to miss 2011, such happy memories to save until next year.

    As I look around, I can just feel the holidays coming! There's Christmas lights, Christmas trees, stockings, music, and just so much! I hope this Christmas I can finally have a moment to relax, and of course, work on my sites! It's those calming moments where you begin to appreciate them.

    Well, I guess I'll go and leave you off to enjoy the rest of your day ^_^ See you all soon~

    Happy Holidays,
    Written 4:27pm NST

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    November 27, 2011

    And so, another beautiful day setting. Today was just lovely- I wish it wouldn't end (: I'm at a bittersweet feeling right now, but it not only has to do with the day, but with some family issues. I like Sundays because it is the last day of the week, and so the transition to another. You could have a bad week, but there's always hope and more knowledge on how you could make the next week better :) But, I'm also sad on Sundays because there's school tomorrow (end of relaxation) and it's as though losing your memory of the last week. When a new one starts, you tend to forget what happened the past.

    I'm feeling kind of open right now, so I'll just say it. My sister left to college today :*)- I guess tears of joy and sadness. *sniffle* It's pretty far away, so I'm kind of lonely. Wow. I'm just blank right now. I have no idea what to do, or really anyone to talk to. The sun setting is making it even more sorrowful, as darkness is creeping in. Life will certainly be different. *nods head accordingly* but the one thing that gets me through the sadness is that I'm not alone. I know that some people travel across the country to go to colleges here, and that they are very far away from their family. Where as, my sister is closer and can thus, actually visit on holidays. I know that there are others who have family members off to college, and in knowing this, I'm not as lonely :)

    Well, I suppose I'll end this entry now. I want to enjoy the day before it becomes dark. Sigh... got 5am practice tomorrow ;) Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!~

    Love to You All,
    Written 3:44pm NST

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    November 26, 2011

    Ah... I just love sunny mornings. Something about it just makes me smile :) Wow, already half the day has gone by. As I'm sitting here typing, I'm looking outside the window, and the sun is beginning to dim. Today I took about ten minutes to actually sit down and look out my door. They say exposing your eyes to the natural sunlight can make you relaxed. Well, I tried it... and yes, it's true. It felt so calming (especially when all is sound) to have that moment to relax.

    Winter is nearing, so today I got my Christmas tree all set up. I turned on some Christmas music, and I could just feel the holiday coming :) The stockings were lined up along the cabinet. The nutcrackers were standing tall on the tables. The decor was organized around the house. I can't wait for Christmas this year! Though now that I am older, I must admit that Christmas gets a tad less exciting each year. I wonder why... Maybe it's just the knowledge of things not being real, and the realization of the era (ex: economy, less fortunate, etc.) Either way, Christmas should be looked upon as a joyous holiday ^_^

    Love to You All,
    Written 12:40pm NST

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    November 23, 2011

    It's pretty late... early? right now (12:07am) and I just can't seem to fall asleep. I'm honestly not tired at all. It must be the Thanksgiving excitement :) Ah yes, Happy Thanksgiving! to all visitors and readers of the site! So, how are you all doing? I haven't had an entry since the 5th. Things have certainly slowed down, but I am going to promise, that I will have new content up by winter break. It's just that being so long from making content has lead me to a loss of inspiration and technique. Everytime I try to make a pixel, it can't quite get to how I envision it. I guess it's a case of pixel-block XD

    On another note, thank you for all your nice comments on the layout ^_^ I know it is very simple, but I was trying to capture the scenery of a wintery landscape. Where I live, it doesn't snow, so I can only view it from images (: There's a reported glitch with the side banner in Firefox, and personally (as I am a Firefox user) I dont' know how to fix it :S But it's just a small little error, so hopefully it's not too noticeable.

    For me, Thanksgiving break is only a 4 day weekend, and I have a feeling it's going to pass as fast as a 2 day weekend. I really want to get flurries of new content up for Nature's Way, to get into the holiday fun and excitement! I have so many ideas, but so little time! In a way, I try to aim for interpreting each season, as they make so much of nature. I really feel like my latest content has been a bit off of 'nature' I dearly want to get back on track to actually creating nature-related content, as to stick with my theme. I've been striving off it for a while, and now I just want to take everything a step back... like before.

    Happy Early Thanksgiving to You all!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 12:24am NST

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    November 5, 2011

    Wow, a new month since I've last updated this log (: I just love fall with the crinkling leaves and the warm tones. It's pretty late right now, and I'm pretty tired too 0.o but I felt I should write an entry as it's been too long. Well, nothing really new. I've been super stressed with school since all the big tests are coming, but I find it as a way to tend more to my sites as stress-relievers ^_^ hehe. Ah... I was out for most of the day traveling here and there, so I'm *poofed* out from that. Overall, it was a good day :) Don't you just hate when good days end? I bet we all do, so we must always live it to the fullest ;)

    Imagine if all good days never ended. The world would be almost near (if complete) perfect (: I bet there would be more smiles around and a lot more laughter. Sorry for these random thoughts, but I just wonder... Wonder. What does it truly mean? I guess I'll leave you all with this thought ;) Well, it's time for me to get into bed (my eyes are so sleepy), so good night to you all! ^_^

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:06pm NST

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    October 23, 2011

    Hehe, it's evening now... For some reason I felt that this particular weekend went extra fast. I've noticed this for a while now, but has anyone else noticed that mornings start off slow, noons speed up, and evenings fly by? I'm not sure if it's just me, but I realize this every weekend. Maybe that's why I like to get up early X) Well, as in my updates, I don't have anything new today (sorry!) School has been real busy with homework and tests. Sigh... As I think about it all now, I have a lot to do :( I don't have much time to write since I have sports practice tomorrow at 5am (no joke). Eh... 0.o

    But you know, when I think about it (again) I shouldn't be complaining because there are always others who have more to do than me. If we all just took a moment to think- to see everything from anothers' perspective- we'd all be grateful. The simplest things we complain over are way minor than those who complain over bigger, harsher things. I just wish everyone could see it that way in this world. It would be a happier, calmer environment. As I imagine this 'utopia' little world of mine, it makes me wish even harder that the real world could function like this. Ah... is all I can say at the moment. So many ambitions, so many wishes :)

    Love to You All,
    Written 6:48pm NST

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    October 18, 2011

    Well, another passing day on this earth. It's amazing how we can keep up (or not) with the days. With every passing day, I think about how I could've spent it differently. I go over and reflect on it, as with the Nature Log. I guess this log has become more of a place to share my ideas and thoughts at a time, whether random or meaningful. It's my escape from the stresses and conflicts in the world ^_^ Moving on...

    I'm still picturing the overall new layout for Nature's Way. I'm trying to incorporate some of my content into it, but I'm not exactly good and making huge vectors or scribbles ^^" I tried putting an image, but it just doesn't look right. I guess the layout will have to hold, as I still try to design it in my head. (:

    Love to You All,
    Written 7:22pm NST

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    October 17, 2011

    Wow. Just WOW. Last night I discovered how to make a real scribble :) Actually that's not why I'm in shock though. Hm, how should I start? Well, last night I actually took a moment, opened MS Paint, and pixelled (: I don't know, it just brought back a memory. It reminded me of how much fun and relaxing pixelling is. I was pretty stressed out with school, but after making a pixel, I felt happier. It just brought back a sliver of memory I had way back in my head, that just finally etched itself out. I was missing this experience for a while, and I'm glad its come back

    With that being said, new content is finally coming along (and I can now truthfully say that without letting you all down), and I will try my absolute best to keep it that way for a while. Last night made me remember the past. When I would spend hours over summer days, for the fun of it. ^_^ I just thought I'd share with you all. It was just a weird, amazing experience that I can't describe so well. This experience brought a flurry of new ideas I'm going to bring to the site. Finally... just finally.

    Love to You All,
    Written 3:34pm NST

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    October 16, 2011

    It's been too long since my last entry. I know I'm updating pretty early, but I know I won't have time to update tonight since it's a Sunday. I've said this so many times, but the weekends go too fast. Here I am. It's a Sunday. I've got nothing new. XD Yesterday, I made some new vectors, but I'm going to upload them when I get my new layout up :D I'm still figuring out how I want the layout to look like, as well as what images I should use. I don't like to keep you all waiting, but school is taking a lot of my time, as well as my other sites.

    Sigh... I remember when it was just 9am. Now it's 2:20pm. Hours sure fly by... I spent most- actually all- of my day at home switching from laptop to homework to food. Yup, that's pretty much how my weekend goes... Heh heh. Ugh, tomorrow I have badminton XD (this is becoming a rant huh?) Well moving on, today I was neomailed by someone (that classified) asking me for advice. It felt nice to know that someone needed help, and they actually came to me! :D Not to sound conceded, but I do really enjoy helping people :3 It makes me happy to know that there's one less person who needs help, because... well they were helped :D

    Gr... I'm pretty stressed out with school because for some reason, I'm not understanding anything they're teaching :S I feel so 'unsmart' (hehe, it's not a word) Wow, this entry is getting so off topic and random. Sorry about that.

    Everytime I think about the days and how fast they fly, I realize what it means to live everyday to its fullest. It's really true. Days go faster than you think, and that's why you must make the best of it. Just thinking about it, a lot of us don't do that. I admit, I don't. Spending hours on your laptop everyday is not the most productive thing XD The more I think, is it worth having a site? You only get so many days, maybe it should be spent for something else... (just a random-deep thought of mine). Well, it's 2:28 now, so I shall end this entry. I wonder if I've left anyone with deep wonder...

    Love to You All,
    Written 2:29pm NST

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    October 8, 2011

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since my last entry... I know, I know DX I keep saying I'm going to upload more pixels! I'm really sorry for the super super long wait! Truth is I actually made a list of new things to pixel, but I just don't have the time :( Between being busy with schoolwork and managing my other sites, it's been a struggle keeping up with Nature's Way. I know it's old news, but I just can't believe we are past 1,000 views! ^_^ It takes me back to the beginning of this site... I remember so much.

    Ah... the times when I only had one site (I do regret opening more than one, but at the time I wanted to explore with the site community). Nature's Way was my very first neo-site! I remember spending hours and hours pixelling- hehe I remember the first time trying to get a layout up XD- nice moments... But it does lead me to thoughts...

    Sometimes I wonder,'Is it really worth it having a site?' I mean owning a site is SO much fun, but I just wonder if it will ever benefit me in the future. On the other hand, I found a love for graphic-making... but still. Is it worth it spending hours on the computer for a site? I don't want to discourage anyone or create mixed emotions, but I don't know... this thought occurs often. Maybe it's time I take a break from neo and the site community. I really do want to enjoy the life I once had before neopets. I can't even remember what I used to do before neo. In a way, neo was my getaway when I had nothing else to do. I might take a hiatus, I really need to focus on school life, as well as my life. Do you ever wonder this?

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:23am NST

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    September 24, 2011

    It's very early in the morning right now (12:55am) and I stayed up all night working on the new layout ^_^ I'm actually not tired at all, but I will still try to go to sleep :) It sure has been quite some time since my last entry. School has really gotten in the way of everything. This weekend, I'll be flooded with homework, as well as celebrating some real life events. I have to say, I really do miss summer, especially with the extra time. There isn't much to say, but I want you all to know this: I'll be working on some new pixels over time. I don't want you to think I've forgotten about you guys XD I'm always on neo, but I just don't update everyday (cause there's nothing new). Literally, it's the truth, I go on neopets everyday. I know! I'm a neo-addict! DX I guess it's a good thing and a bad thing. Sigh... the weekends go by so fast... On top of homework (which takes up about half my day), and the passing hours, there's not time for relaxing. I wish time would stand still for a moment, just so we can all breathe, and have that one second where we feel calm- no worries in the world...

    Love to you All,
    Written 1:00am NST

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    September 11, 2011

    And so ends another day... Another day where I feel guilty and unproductive towards my site. Even worse is that school's tomorrow. *sigh* This weekend went by really fast (felt like 3 seconds) and I haven't done anything for Nature's Way. On a happier note, the site is at 1,000 views! I feel so grateful :) I usually do celebrations for 'milestone' views, but this time, I don't think I'll have time. Perhaps, I shall celebrate the site's birthday instead. You know, I keep telling myself, Today's going to be the day where I get some new content up!... only to fail. I guess I'm just not as committed or interested as I once was. I remember in the beginning, where I'd have updates naming LOADS of stuff I had added to the site. Things have certainly declined, where I haven't put anything new. I feel so terrible! Everytime I think about Nature's Way, I think of all the people I have let down. If you're like me, I look at sites in the hope of them adding something new. I get bored all the time, and get excited if a new addition or events takes place. It just lets me know that the owner cares for their visitor, enough where they push themselves to make something new. I feel like I've been letting you all down. I feel like I've let hopes fall. I feel so... guilty.

    Honestly, everytime I get to pixel-making, I lose interest. I've also lost inspiration and don't know what else to pixel. Maybe a spark of ideas will come sometime in the future. As for now, I have to focus on school, and striving to my best in real life. Site life has really taken a toll on me, where it's becoming more stressful than fun. Right now, things shall be settled and calm (nothing very new) at Nature's Way. I don't exactly want to say I'm neglecting Nature's Way, but I just don't have the time. There's somewhere in my mind that tells me to pixel, but I just can't bring myself to. I still have a love for pixel-making, but it's just not as big as it was before. Deep inside, it's hidden, and someday, it will come out to its full extent. I hope you all understand. You really don't know how much it means to me that you all keep coming back, even when there isn't anything new. You must all really care about Nature's Way, and it fills me with happiness :) I thank all of you.

    Love to you All,
    Written 8:13pm NST

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    September 6, 2011

    So, my last day of summer has finally come. Ahh... I'm going to miss all of the memories this summer :) Although I didn't do much, I still enjoyed it this year. So many memories... It's strange how every summer goes at the same speed. They all start out slow, then somehow, transition to ending fast. I wonder if it's coincidental or just how it was made. You know, someday I will look back at all of my entries and remember, all I've written at that moment. In conclusion, I'll definitely miss my sites, managing them and just all the news the site community has brought. This summer brought a flurry of surprising and shocking news. Especially the closure of dear beloved sites.

    As for the future, I absolutely see myself coming back to neo, fresh and ready to manage my sites once more. I may not be as quick to the process, but I'm sure I'll get to the right speed as in the past. Obviously, I'm not sure of how much work school will place upon me, but I'll try my best to supply you guys with at least a bit of something new. Just wow... it's the last day of summer break. I can remember when I first started Nature's Way on July 6th, 2011. I was so determined and confident, and spent SO many hours on my laptop making pixels! I remember the first layout, which was huge and one-columned. Then, the 2nd one which was made by Anna at Delusions (now closed). Next came the one from Cosmopolitan, the one the reminded me of a photograph. In truth, I actually saved all of the coding from the past layouts, with the exception of the first one. I'm thinking of adding an extras where I'd show the past. I just now realized, Nature's Way is now 2 months old! It's not as large an accomplishment as other sites turning 1 year old, but I still think it's a milestone ^_^

    I guess this entry has turned into a reflection of Nature's Way. I just hope I'll have some time to squeeze in an entry or two when school starts tomorrow. I just had that conclusion come early, which is why I'm updating the Nature Log in the morning. I guess that's all I have to say at the moment. Thanks for all of your support and visits, I'm truly grateful and appreciative of you coming back and seeing Nature's Way's progress.

    Love to you All,
    Written 10:14 am NST

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    September 5, 2011

    WoW! It just hit me... tomorrow's my last day of summer :*( I'm half sad and half excited :S I just hope it turns out to be a great school year :3 I keep mentioning it, but I won't be updating much. (why homework?! why?! lol) Sigh... I really don't want to do homework DX

    Moving on, I'll probably return to updating regularly on the next school break. My guess is by Thanksgiving... unless we have some furlough days with the economy :D So, that's pretty much my explanation for the hiatus ;) This is a pretty early entry because now I have to sleep early. Sigh... life's changing so fast for me right now. Well, see you all later~ ^_^

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 7:10 pm NST

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    September 2, 2011

    Woah, it's been a while since my last entry. Typing in September above just reminded me I'm getting closer to starting school. *tear* Tomorrow marks the last three days of vacation for me :*( I just realized, that means I have only two nights to get used to sleeping early! I didn't think this through DX Hopefully, I'll be well rested on the first day of school. Sigh... school. Typing and thinking about the word makes me sad. I'm going to try to make the last of my summer enjoyable :)

    Nothing new today, other than I went to Yogurtland! It was yummy :) I thought today went pretty slow, which I liked. When school starts, I think I will have to abandon my sites for a long time. I don't believe I'll have time to manage them with the piles of homework and projects :*( I'm going to a new school, which will probably be tough. Although I'll see some of my old friends, the new campus will need some getting use to. I'm so bummed about summer ending. I remember each month so vividly :) I'd type it up for memory, but that would just take way too long. With the new economy, I really hope we get more furlough days :D It's not the best thing for teachers, but for students, it means more break! Yay! I noticed that a lot of other site owners have started school also. I'm SO sad :*( :( :( I don't think I will update any of my sites tomorrow. I realize that everytime I'm on my laptop, the day goes faster. I want to make these last three summer days last ^_^ Sigh... I'll try to keep a smile :)

    I'm scared of school, especially since I'm advancing to another grade level... at a new school. I know I just said this earlier *points to paragraph above* I'm the shy type, but will try to be more talkative this school year. I really don't want to wake up early at around 5 or 6- ish in the morning. I have early sports practice D: Well, I guess that's enough chat about my sadness. I really really wonder if anyone reads this diary.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:18 pm NST

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    August 28, 2011

    Wow, another day already... It just reminds me of how fast the days go. They say that days are supposed to be longer in the summer, but I feel they're shorter. Sigh... I'm so sad that school's going to start. Tomorrow marks the last week of my summer break :*( I'm nervous and scared because I'm starting the new school year at a new school. I have many fears.

    Looking back on today, I didn't do much. I stayed home the whole day, and was mainly on my laptop. In the evening, my cousin came over with her two daughters. We played little games they made up and ate. I feel like I didn't do anything productive today DX I'll try to be more productive since it's the last week of summer :*( I feel like crying everytime I type that. I was hoping this summer would last longer, but it feels shorter.

    *Flashback* I remember in the beginning of summer, when i felt the days were actually longer and it was going slow... good memories. Towards the middle, it began to speed up a bit. Now at August, it seems the days just go faster. Aah... I remember when I first opened Nature's Way, so vividly. I remember the exact layout, background, and how I would spend hours on my laptop creating pixels. In some ways I feel I was productive in my summer. In others, I feel like I've wasted it. Numerous times I think to myself, 'Did I waste my summer?' I'm not sure of the clear answer, but I don't know if it was worth it opening sites. I met so many nice people and it was fun to join the community. I really miss the old summer days when I didn't have to manage sites.

    Here I am, laying on my bed feeling sad. I miss memories SO much. I wish summer was a year long, or longer. I'm not ready for my future yet. It's coming, and I know it, but sigh... I just don't like to think about it. I might go on a hiatus because it's the last week of summer. They say to spend it wisely, which I will try. I'm going to take a week to travel back where I did things like last summer. Hopefully I'll succeed. I've already been told that I go on my laptop too much, and I totally agree. I need a break. I miss summer :(

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:36 pm NST

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    August 27, 2011

    Hey peoples! I'm back from my all day family trip! It was pretty fun, with a few minor downs... eh heh. We went swimming which was SO fun! It felt so good in the 105 degree weather! Yep, it was scorching hot :* I don't know how to swim, but luckily I was tall enough to stand in the deep end hehehe. Yeah, some pretty funny moments happened, but I don't want to go into detail or this entry will last forever. After, we went back to our little eating/gathering place, and- well...ATE! We had grilled chicken and salad, which was good. I drank a ton of soda and water cause the weather was burnin'! We (meaning my cousins and I) just hung around there and waited for it to get cooler before going swimming again.

    While we were waiting, the weirdest thing happened. First, we heard thunder or lightning (I'm not sure what the difference is). It was strange because well first of all, it's 105 degrees, and second of all, the sun is SO bright and shining. All of a sudden, it starts drizzling... while the sun is still bright and shining! These weren't your average drizzling either, they were pretty big drops too. There were no rain clouds in sight either. My cousin checked the weather on his phone, and it said that there was only 20% rain! What are the odds? ;)

    A few hours later, we went swimming again. It felt better because it wasn't as hot and the breezes were cooler. When we returned, my sister, and two other cousins decided to take a walk around the area. We took a bunch of photos for about two or three hours. It was really fun to make professional and cheesy poses. A while later, my cousin called us to go back to the gathering place, because we were going home. We packed our belongings and went home.

    Overall, it was a fun day. I'd say the three hour drive was worth it. With all the memories collected, and the family time spent, all was well.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 10:03 pm NST

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    August 26, 2011

    So today was my orientation for school. Sigh, it keeps reminding me that summer is ending :*( An orientation that I thought was only going to last for maybe 2 to 3 hours, ended up lasting for SIX straight hours! When I think about it, it was as long as an actual school day. It was pretty fun, and I think I made some new friends :3 I just hope they are in the same classes as me. Huh... (sigh) I really don't want summer to end.

    On a happier note, after orientation I went home and had some shaved ice :D Also, for me, Fridays are my new show days, so I got pretty stuck on that. Out of nowhere, my cousin came to visit with her two daughters, which were a handful, but was fun :3 For some reason I feel like I'm getting off topic XD

    So tomorrow I will be traveling with my family for an outing. I believe it will be an all day thing, which is why I have to get up at 6am! I know it's not so bad, because it's probably the same time I'd have to get up at a school day anyway, but I'd like to sleep in before school starts. Pretty much, I won't be updating and I will have to sleep early ;) Just thought I'd give you a little notice. I guess that's all for tonight's entry, as I have to go to bed now. I really wonder if anyone ever reads my entries??? *scratches head* For my curiousity... comment?

    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 9:46 pm NST

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    August 24, 2011

    Ahh... so for my first Nature Log entry :) Well, today was very different. I guess it was the mood, the weather... I don't know. I just had that bored, mellow, but sad tone. I guess it's mostly because school will be starting in about two weeks. Sigh... every school year I feel older and further away from my childhood. I really don't want to grow up to an adult yet. I know I'm not that old, but still.

    Wow. When I think about it August has brought some wonderful, but unfortunate news to the neo-world. I can't name them right then and there, but it's just been flurries of exciting and shocking news. I know that was pretty off topic compared to my first paragraph, but I just had that sudden burst :)

    Well, I don't really know what to write about. I just can't seem to get myself to smile today. I guess I could reflect on my summer. Well, to begin with, this summer has been fun, but not exciting. I didn't really do or go anywhere. Probably the most exciting things I did was start my own sites, go to the movies, and go the county fair. I didn't go traveling far this summer, which is ok, but I'd just like to actually do something this summer. I'm just really sad right now. I'm scared of my future. I'm afraid for my sites, my life, my family... everything. I can't shake this feeling off. XD This is getting to be a sad entry.

    To end, I hope you all have a good night! I actually do like having a mini journal, just to sit back and reflect on my feelings, my day, and just what's going on in my life. It's like a piece of a memory that I can look back on when I'm older :)
    Sweet Dreams,
    Written 11:01 pm NST

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    The Pixel Guide


    5 Things to Know Before you Start a Pixel Site:

    1. Patience- You must have some patience. Depending on the level of quality you want in your pixel (hopefully high-quality), you will have to have the ability to sit down and dot-by-dot pixel. As with all high quality pixel sites, such as Sugarrush, Flamboyance, or Pirouette, each of their pixels contain shading. Now, I'm not saying you have to dot-by-dot shade to the extreme, but you should at least be able to take enough time that it's noticeable. Below are examples of shaded pixels:

    Although tiny, this pixel contains noticeable light shading.
    Here we have a slightly larger pixel with shading.
    This pixel contains very distinct shading that's highly noticeable to the eye.
    Whether it's light or distinct shading, all take time to create. Patience is key to a successful pixel site.

    2. Creativiy- No one wants you stealing their ideas, so you must come up with your own. As in the real world, an idea can be very similar to another, which is fine, but try to go above and beyond. Looking at others' creations for inspiration is completely fine, and usually sparks an idea. Just try to remain as original as you can, because uniqueness gets you known. Below are three pixels of a popsicle. Try to spot the differences between them:

    As you may or may not see, these are all unique in their own way. They are all shaded differently , are at different sizes, and look different. Remember, just changing one little thing does not make it your own. Be as extraordinary as possible. Flood your mind with your imagination! Most of all, have fun and don't be afraid to be creative.

    3. Confidence- Never be afraid to put up your pixels! If you like it, chances are someone else will too. It's a big world out there, and there are always people who will like the same things you do. Of course, if you aren't happy with your pixel, don't be afraid to redo it. You want to make it your best to please your visitors and yourself.

    4. Stress- I bet all pixel-makers get stressed at some point. Whether it's because a pixel isn't turning out how you want it, or you don't have time to make pixels, just take a moment and relax. What really helps is to take a one to two day break from neo. Just relieve yourself from it all.

    Some people feel bad about not being able to create pixels daily for their visitors, but sometimes you have to put you ahead of your visitors. No one's forcing you to make pixels. Now don't completely ignore your visitors, but if you are super stressed, feel free to take a mini vacation. I know that at times, stress causes people to close their sites. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone, but sometimes it gets too much to bear for people.

    If after a break, you still are stressed, you could always take a longer vactaion or a hiatus. Now this may not be as convenient for your visitors, but like I said, in some moments you may have to put your needs ahead. Remember, you always have friends to support you. Don't hesitate to ask for their opinions or for their guidance. I know not many of you know me, but don't hesitate to neomail me at any point. I like giving advice and guidance, especially to those in need. Pixeling is not meant to be stressful, but fun and relaxing.

    5. Sitewise- I know when I first started Nature's Way, I didn't exactly have a vision of what I wanted it to look like. Comparing to other pixel sites, most of them had 'cute and compact' layouts. I'd suggest that for upcoming pixel sites, meaning the layout is small and cute. Below are some words associated with pixel sites:

  • Pixels- Usually small, but not tiny enough where the image isn't recognizable. Most are cute/kawaii, with faces and animation.
  • Vectors- Not made of dot-by-dot pixels. Larger than pixels and have a 'smooth' looking texture
  • Scribbles- About the same size as vectors. Lines are scratchy and hanging out, to add a 'scribble' effect. Sort of looks like a sketch.
  • Icons- 100 by 100px Usually are of cute or iconic figures or sweets. Usually matches the pixel site's theme.
  • Past Layouts


    Here is where I stash all of Nature's Way's past layouts. They are organized in chronological order, by memory, so hopefully they are in order. I unfortunately was not able to save some of the coding or screen shots, because of a recent virus that deleted them. But, I do have a few pieces that were used as a part of those layouts.


    As far as I can remember, I believe the first layout was an old two-columned premade from Exclusive. I never got a chance to save the coding for it, because I accidently pressed the 'Save Changes' button for a new layout before saving the last one. However, I managed to save the background I used for it. It's not the highest quality, but I remember that was the time when I was first learning how to use Photoshop.


    Nature's Way's second layout came from an old neo-friend named Anna, who used to own a request site called Delusions (closed). She was actually generous enough to offer to make the site a layout (thank you so much again Anna!), and I think it just proves her talent. This layout was simple, yet classy, and I just love the autumn color-scheme! It was also the first layout I've gotten reviewed on by Third Impression. I remember the neo-mail she sent, saying the layout was finished, and my heart beaming with excitement! It was the first custom-made layout I've ever gotten, so I was really anxious to see its outcome!


    The third layout came from Alice at Cosmopolitan (closed), which has to be one of my favorite layouts! It was the 2nd and final (for now) custom layout received, and was the second layout I got reviewed by (The Sandbox). I love the use of the image, and how it looks like a photograph. This layout also brought many milestones and views to the site.

    V.4// A Starred Sky

    I actually named this version due to the starry night background. Looking back at it, it was not the best layout- but it was the first layout I ever made and coded for Nature's Way. I was still learning and figuring out Photoshop, so I'd say it turned out pretty well for a first-timer. There isn't much that I absolutely love about this layout, but at least I can be proud that I made it. I tried adding a modern touch with the embossing and shadows, and it was where we hit 1,000 views!


    So, I actually don't have any screen shot or coding for V.5 because I either forgot to save the coding, or a virus deleted it. However, I do remember the PNG. It was a birdie PNG from Nienke's Resources. I don't have much visuals, so I guess I'll just describe it. It had a color scheme of turquoise, glowing white, and a hint of blue. I think it was the layout where I got the most kudos for. It had swirled stamps around it, and light textures. I think it was sort of the beginning to a 'modern' layout style for me.


    I can't remember the exact order of the rest so here are a few screen shots

    Nature Winter

    Ok so I really never had an exact name for this layout, so I'll just call it Nature Winter because that's what I named the image file for it. With school that consumed most of my time, I decided I would fill in the lack of content for a new winter-themed layout. This layout was pretty plain, but I think the animated picture brought some 'stand-out' to it (: I wanted to capture the beauty of the snow and weather that comes along in the winter, so I decided to choose focal points of a few neo-related images. I wanted the image to transition much so like the seasons themselves (gradually) and so, a fade animation was needed.

    Nature Winter 2

    Again, I never thought of a name for this layout version either. I felt the last layout was too plain after some time, and thus, created this one. Before I made this layout through Photoshop, I had been sketching it on paper and planning out everything. Maybe someday I will find that sketch, scan it, and transfer it to this site. This too is one of my most favorite layouts. It had a larger content box than my past ones, but I felt that was better suited to display the site's content.

    Nature Spring

    Honestly, this isn't one of my favorite layouts. At the time I had lack of inspiration, but just felt I had to get something for the site. I do like the flower image at the top, but the divider at the bottom turned out a bit blurry. The color scheme didn't say spring to me, but I wanted it to match the image. This layout didn't last very long X)

    Nature Spring 2

    This is a layout I made for the spring season. Since the site's theme is nature, I wanted to make a layout that represents... well- spring! When I think of spring, I see bright/pastel colors, flowers, and birds/animals. I wanted to keep to a sort of pastel color scheme and actually recolored the birdhouse image on the layout. I personally love the gradients on the text, but I could've got a bit more creative on the navigation X)

    The Pixel Guide

    5 Things to Know Before Starting a Pixel Site

    1. Patience- In owning any site at all, patience is key. In the case of pixel sites, a bit higher level of patience must be apparent. If you didn't know, pixels are tiny squares that are pieced together to create a larger image. On top of that, there are the elements of shading,polishing and coloring that are incorporated into these tiny squares. Depending on how much quality you want to stand out in your pixels, depends on how much patience and time you place into them.

    2. Creativiy- No one wants you stealing their ideas, so you must come up with your own. As in the real world, an idea can be very similar to another, which is fine, but try to go above and beyond. Looking at others' creations for inspiration is completely fine, and usually sparks an idea. Just try to remain as original as you can, because uniqueness gets you known. Below are three pixels of a popsicle. Try to spot the differences between them:

    As you may or may not see, these are all unique in their own way. They are all shaded differently , are at different sizes, and look different. Remember, just changing one little thing does not make it your own. Be as extraordinary as possible- flood your mind with your imagination! Most of all, have fun and don't be afraid to be creative.

    3. Confidence- Never be afraid to put up your pixels! If you like it, chances are someone else will too. It's a big world out there, and there are always people who will like the same things you do. Of course, if you aren't happy with your pixel, don't be afraid to redo it. You want to make it your best to please your visitors and yourself.

    4. Stress- All site-makers have experienced this one time or another. Now, it's not a completely bad thing to have, because it's your mind telling you you need a break. Taking a mini vacation from your site isn't bad at all. If you've been around the site community long enough, you will notice it's actually a common thing. With pixel sites, stress is often caused by a pixel/content not turning out the way you want (no matter how much you redo it), an unbalanced routine between school/real life and neo, or maybe your eyes straining from staring at the computer too long- etc. Though owning a site can be plenty of fun, you always must remember that real life comes first. If owning a pixel site is really impacting your health, grades, etc. you have two options.

    The First Option

    As mentioned earlier, you could always take a hiatus. There is not limit to how long you decide to stay on break (depending on your situation), but in all honesty, if you are completely sure you can't access or keep your site anymore, it would be safer to close it. I don't want to sound negative, but I believe it would be better for you and your visitors. Reason being is that you don't want to keep your visitors waiting forever, and you probably wouldn't want that lingering guilt of feeling the need to make new content, when you know you can't.

    The Second Option

    If you do decide to close your site, please be sure to leave a notice on your site. You either use a banner, or place a little blurb in your updates. Such so, if you don't let your visitors know that you're site is closed, they'll be expecting and waiting for new content that will never arrive. However, closing your site does not mean you have to take everything down. You can leave everything up (layout & content, site & all) as long as the word CLOSED is noticeable to the eye.

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