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Welcome to the Chatspeak Dictionary. Acronyms, or letters strung together to mean a series of words thought to be too long to type out often, abound in Neopia from AA to ZDAP, from the Battledome to the Trading Post. I made this guide to collate and explicate these abundant acronyms and have arranged the acronyms in alphabetical order.

Acronyms are constantly being added to Neopia, so the guide will not be perfect. If you do happen to spot an acronym that I have missed, please contact me with the necessary information. I reserve the right to not add your acronym.

Last Updated: August 9th, 2013
Last Acronym Added: August 9th, 2013
Acronym count: 681.


2day: Today.
2moro: Tomorrow.
2morrow: Tomorrow.
2nite: Tonight.
1337: Leet, meaning elite.
1337 R3s70ck3r: 'leet Restocker.



AA: Adoption Agency.
AAer: Auto Adopter.
AAA: Aristotle A. Avinroo or Almost Abandoned Attic.
AAMOF: As A Matter Of Fact.
AARG: Alien Aisha Ray Gun.
AAS: Alien Aisha Sceptre/Scrambler.
AAVM: Alien Aisha Vending Machine.
AC: Avatar Chat, Altador Cup, or Advent Calendar.
AC I-VIII: Altador Cup 1-8.
ACers: Avatar Chatters.
AChucks: Asparachucks.
ACTS: Altador Cup Throwing Star.
ADN: Any Day Now.
AFAIK: As Far As I Know.
AFC: Air Faerie Crown.
AFer: AutoFeeder.
Affie: Affiliate.
AFK: Away From Keyboard.
AKA: Also Known As.
AoT: Amulet of Thilg.
ATM: At The Moment.
ATR: Against The Rules.
AP: Attack Pea or Altador Plot.
App: Application.
A/R/B: Accept/Reject/Beat.
ARE: Acronym-Rich Environment.
AS: Auto Spam.
ASAP: As Soon As Possible.
ASG: All Star Group (Expert Yooyuball players).
ASP: Altador Strength Potion.
Auto: Automatically.
Av: Avatar.
Avi: Avatar.
Avie: Avatar.
Avvie: Avatar.



B/: Buying.
BAK: Back At Keyboard.
BB: Bye Bye.
BBASAP: Be Back as Soon as Possible.
BBIAB: Be Back in a Bit.
BBL: Be Back Later.
BBQ: Barbeque.
BBS: Be Back Soon.
Bby: Baby.
BC: Beauty Contest.
B/c: Because.
BD: BattleDome or Battle Duck.
BDC: Battledome Chat.
BF: Bent Fork.
BFC: Black Frost Cannon.
BFF: Best Friends Forever.
B(B)F/4N: Bye (Bye) For Now.
BG: Big Grin.
BGC: Bony Grarrl Club.
BGP: Blue Grundo Plushie.
BIC: Back In Character.
BLSoWS: Brynn's Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting.
Blum: Blumaroo.
BN: Badly Named.
BoCG: Box of Clockwork Grundos.
BoD: Bow of Destiny.
BoHD: Bag of Healing Dust.
BoK: Bracelet of Kings.
BoLHS: Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds.
BoMS: Bottle of Magic Sand.
BoP: Bag of Peanuts.
BP: Black Pteri.
BRB: Be Right Back.
BSS: Blue Scorchstone.
BT: Brain Tree.
BTDTWOTTS: Been There, Done That, Wore Out The T-Shirt.
BTM: Brain Tree Mace.
BTW: By The Way.
BU2MR: Been Up To Much Recently?
BYKT: But You Knew That.
Bzzt: Bzzt Blaster.



CAP: Copy and Paste.
CatFB: Chomby and the Fungus B alls.
CBCC: Cardboard Baby Cabbage Cannon.
CBT: Crisp Blue Tunic.
CBM: Combo Battle Mirror.
CE: Cursed Elixir.
CF: Congrats Feeders.
CG: Cookie Grabber or Chat Group.
Char(s): Character(s).
Charrie(s): Character(s).
Choob: An old (as in 2 years or older) noob.
CMIIW: Correct Me If I'm Wrong.
COFL: Crawling on Floor Laughing.
CoH: Cash on Hand (in Plushie Tycoon).
CoM: Curse of Maraqua.
Collat: Collateral.
Converted: A new version of a pet, the new drawing.
CS: Caustic Potion, Clawed Shield or Customization Spotlight.
CSC: Cardboard Sprout Cannon.
CSD: Chatspeak Dictionary.
CSS: Cascading Style Sheets.
CTPB: Contrary To Popular Belief.
CWM: Chat With Me.
CWoS: Cloudy Wand of Storms.



D!: Downsize!
DAE: Does Anyone Else.
DBD: Dark Battle Duck.
DD: Daily Dare or Dubloon Diaster.
(D)DE: (Darigan) Draik Egg.
Def: Defense.
DFC: Dark Faerie Collar.
DIY: Do It Yourself.
DMB: Dusty Magic Broom.
DMBGPOP: Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.
DN: Decently Named.
DNDC: Don't Know, Don't Care.
DoM(2 or 3): Destruct-o-Match (2 or 3).
DoN(2): Defenders of Neopia (2).
DP(A): Daily Puzzle (Answer).
DPP: Downsize Power Plus.
DS: Donation Shop.
DSA: Dull Stone Axe.
DSoD: Darigan Sword of Death.
D/UC/K: Draiks, Unconverted, and Krawks.
DUR: Do You Remember.
DW: Don't Worry.
D/W: Don't Worry.



ECA: Everlasting Crystal Apple.
EFMC: Escape From Meridell Castle.
EKST: Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy.
ELL: Entangling Lenny Lasso.
EMS: Evil Things and Monster Sightings.
EOD: Essence of Drackonack.
EoDF: Eraser of the Dark Faerie.
EoE: Essence of Esophagor.
EOL: End Of Lecture.
ES: Emo Sob.
ETS: Easy To Sell.
ETDWN: Everything To Do With Neopets.
EWB: Enchanted Wooden Bow.



FAIB: Fire and Ice Blade.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.
FB: Fire Blumaroo.
F-Blaster: Florbix Blaster.
FBC: Faux/Fake Board Cops.
FBD: Fiery Battle Duck.
FBP: Flaming Blooble Potion.
FC: Fan Club Chat.
FF: FireFox, Feed Florg, or Freaky Factory.
FFQ: Fire/Fountain Faerie Quest.
Firm: When you have a price and you don't want to haggle.
FITB: Fill in the Blank.
FLP: Fake Login Page.
Fnegg: Ferocious Negg.
FoLF: Flask of Liquid Fire.
FPP: Faerie Petpet Shop.
Fpot: Freezing Potion.
FQ: Faerie Queen.
FQC: Faerie Quest Cookie.
FQD: Faerie Queen Doll.
F-Ray: Fungus Ray.
Free (TP): means you can offer any item you want.
FSS: Faerie Slingshot.
FTAB: Faerie Tabard.
FTFY: Fixed That For You.
FTP: First to Post.
FTW: For the Win.
FWIW: For What It's Worth.
FWoC: Frozen Wand of Crystals.
FYI: For Your Information.
F-Zap: Flame Reflectozap.



G2G: Got to Go.
Gbomb: Ghostkerbomb.
GB2AC: Go Back To Avatar Chat.
GB Cap: Gift Box Capsule.
GC: Glowing Cauldron, Games Chat, Guild Chat, or Google Chrome.
GCFYP: Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet.
GD: Good Day.
GEB: Garoo Elite Blaster.
GF: 'Grats Feeders.
GFD: Glittery Faerie Dust.
GH: Got Haggle.
GHR: Gelert Healing Remedy.
GHS: Greater Healing Scroll.
GIY: Get It Yourself.
GJ: Good Job.
GL: Good Luck.
GLB: Grand Lightning Beam.
GLF: Good Luck Feeders. (Kadoatery)
GLMF: Good Luck Mini Feeders.
GLS: Good Luck Selling.
GLT: Good Luck Trading.
GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike.
GO: Get Out.
GoC: Golden Compass.
GoW: Gr apes of Wrath.
GPA: Golden Pirate Amulet.
G-Sword: Ghostkersword.
G-Shield: Ghostkershield.
G-Staff: Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie.
Gr8: Great.
GSH: Green Sticky Hand.
GSS: Glittery/Green Scorchstone.
GTA: Grand Theft Auto.
GTG: Got to go.
GTHO: Get The Heck Out.
Guckem: Welcome.
GUP: Green Uni Project.
GYF: Go Yourself Fudge.



H4K: H4000 Helmet.
Habi: Habitarium.
(HTH)HAN/GD:(Hope that helps,) Have a Nice/Great Day.
HatIC: Hannah and the Ice Caves.
HatPC: Hannah and the Pirate Caves.
HB: Haggle Back or Hurry Back.
HBT: Heavy Blue Tunic.
HC(ers): Help Chat(ters) (the Help Board).
HCC: Hanso Charisma Charm.
HF: Have Fun.
HH: Hypno Helmet.
HHat: Hoban's Hat.
HN: Had Nothing.
HNMS: Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield.
H/O: Hold On.
HoD: Halo of Devilpuss.
HoH: Hall of Heroes.
HP: Honey Potion or Health Points.
HPB: Hubrids Puzzle Box.
HPD: Half Price Day.
HPS: Hand Painted Scarab.
HRoT: Heavy Robe of Thievery.
HS: Hungry Skeith.
HSD: Health, Strengh, Defense.
HT: Hidden Tower.
HTH: Hope This Helps.
HTML: Hyper Text Mark-up Language.
HTS: Hard to Sell.
HTT: Hard to Trade.
HW: Haunted Woods.



IAC: In Any Case.
IAWTC: I Agree With This Comment.
IBD: Icy Battle Duck.
ICG: Icy Chia Goggles.
IDC: I Don't Care.
IDD: Indeed.
IDGI: I Don't Get It.
IDK: I Don't Know.
IDTS: I Don't Think So.
IE: Internet Explorer.
IEP: Illusen's Earth Potion.
IHU: I Hate You.
IIRC: If I Recall/Remember Correctly.
IKR: I Know, Right?
ILS: Iron Lupe Sword.
ILY/ILU: I Love You.
IMCO: In My Considered Opinion.
IMHO: In my Humble/Honest Opinion.
IM(NS)HO: In My (Not So) Humble Opinion.
IMO: In My Opinion.
IMYL: I Miss You Lots.
Intel: Intellegence.
IoM: Invasion of Merridell.
IOW: In Other Words.
IQ: Island Quiggle or Intelligence Quota.
IRC: Internet Relay Chat.
IRL: In Real Life.
ISLAPD: International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Happens on 9/19.
ISS: Illusen's Silver Shield.
I-Staff: Illusen's Staff.
I/S: Ideas/Suggestions Board.
ITS: Impossible to Sell.
ITTPD: I Taunt The Pant Devil (avatar).



JBR: Jhudora's Bewitched Ring.
JCB: Jhudora's Crystal Ball.
JE: Jade Elixir.
Jet: Jetsam.
JIC: Just In Case.
JJ: Just Joking.
JJPP: Jittery Jipple Pear Potion.
JK: Just Kidding.
JN: Jellyneo.
JoS: Jar of Spiders.
J-Pot: Jhudora's Potion.
JPN: Japanese.
JSS: Jade Scorchstone.
J-Wand: Jhudora's Wand.
JWC: Jelly World Chat.



Kad: Kadoatie.
KAS: King Altador Stamp.
KBT: Kelpbeard's Trident.
K-Flour: Kacheek Flour.
KHat: Kayla's Hat.
K: Thousand. For example: 10k=10,000.
KK: Ok.
K-Lens: King Lens.
KLP: Kacheek Life Potion.
KO: Knockout.
KotB: King of the Boost.
KotL: King of the League.
KQ: Key Quest.
Kthxbai: Okay, thanks, bye.



L1-L9: Battledome Leagues.
L33k: Leek.
L8r: Later.
Lab(bie): Lab Ray.
Lag: A slow browser, or slow to load.
Lawl: LOL with an American Southern drawl.
Lax: Relax(ed) or Lacrosse.
LC: Lenny Conundrum.
LDD: Lost Desert Dagger.
LDP: Lost Desert Plot.
LE: Limited Edition.
LEV: Leaded Elemental Vial.
LJBF: Let's Just Be Friends.
LMBO: Laugh My Bottom Off.
Lol: Laugh Out Loud.
LRGoF: Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing.
LS: Leaf Shield.
LTB: Looking to Buy.
LTBL: Looking to be Lent.
LTNS: Long Time No See.
Luff: Love.
LUP: Loyal User Perks.
LWR: Lab (Ray) Waiting Room.
LYLAS: Love You Like A Sister.



M8: Mate/friend.
M: Million.
Mara: Maraquan.
MBD: Maractite Battle Duck.
MCII: Meerca Chase 2.
MClaw: Monoceraptor's Claw.
Meowy: Meowclops.
Mewbie: A newbie to the Kadoatery.
Mill: Million.
MH: Mishaggle, Meerca Henchmen, or Main Hall.
MHOTY: My Hat's Off to You.
MJB: Meepit Juice Break.
MM: Mud Mixture or Melting Mirror.
MMoM: Magical Marbles of Misery/Mystery.
MoC: Mask of Coltzan.
MOTM: Member of the Month.
M-Pault: Meepapault.
MP: Morphing Potion or My Price.
MPKP: Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie.
M-pot: Morphing Potion.
Mpot: Morphing Potion
MR: Mummy Ruki.
M-Skull: Moehog Skull.
MSP(P): Malevolent Sentinent Plushie (Poogle).
MSN: Make Some Noise.
MVC: Mysterious Valentine's Card.



NAOS: Not Allowed, Off Site.
NBD: No Big Deal.
NC: NeoCash.
NCB: Noxious Carrot Blade.
NCW: Neopian Council of War.
NF: Neofriend or New Features.
NH: No Haggle.
Neo: Neopets.
Nevmind: Nevermind.
Newb/Newbie: Someone new to Neopets.
NM: Neomail, Nevermind, or Not Much.
NOK: Not Our Kind.
Noob: An all around rebellious rule-breaker.
Noty: No Thank You.
NP: Neopoints or No Problem.
NR: Not Really or Neopets Related.
NRN: No Reply Necessary.
NSS: Neopia's Style Showdown.
NSV: Non-Silent Vot(e)/(ing).
NT: Neopian Times.
NTL: Nevertheless.
NTMY: Nice To Meet You.
NTO: Not Taking Over.
NTY/NOTY: No Thank You.
NQ(2/II): NeoQuest (2).
NW: Neopian Writers board.



OBO: Or Best Offer.
OG: Orange Grundo (avatar).
OHKO: One Hit Knockout.
OIC: Oh, I See.
OJ: Only Joking.
OLDPD: Obsessive Latest Darn/Lost Desert Plot Disorder.
OLO: Outrageous/Occasional Laughing Outburst.
OMD: Oh My Days.
OMG: Oh My Gosh.
OMS: Oh My Sloth.
ON: Okay Named.
ONO: Or No/Nearest Offer.
OOC: Out of Character (Role Playing).
OP: Original Poster.
OR: Over Refresh.
Orly: Oh, really?
OT: Over Tab.
OTB: Offer to Beat.
OTOH: On the Other Hand.
OTT: Over the Top.



P3: Petpetpet.
Pb(s): Paintbrush(es).
PC: Pound Chat.
PCC: Pirate Captain's Cutlass.
PCH: Pirate Captain's Hat.
P-Cloud: Portable Cloud.
PCP: Pocket Cooking Pot.
PDE: Pirate Draik Egg.
PFF: Psellia's Fighting Fan.
PHS: Porcelain Hair Sticks.
PKC: Pirate Krawk Custom.
PKMP: Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion.
Pkiln: Portable Kiln.
Pl0x: Please.
PLR: Pocket Lab Ray.
Plz: Please.
PM: Private Message (neomail).
PMH: Patched Magic Hat.
POIDH: Pictures/Proof, or It Didn't Happen.
PoJ: Pack of Jackals.
POM: Point Of Message.
Port: Portfolio.
POS: Parent Over Shoulder.
POTM: Pet of the Month.
PoUD: Parasol of Unfortunate Demise.
P&P: Paint&Pound.
PP: Pike Pike.
PPL: Petpet Protection League or People.
PPP: Petpetpet or Painted Pet Project.
PPPB: Petpet Paint Brush.
PP: Prickly Potion.
PPot: Prickly Potion.
PS: Photoshop.
PSH: Purple Sticky Hand.
PSP: Paint Shop Pro.
PSS: Purple Scorchstone.
PT: Plushie Tycoon.
PU: Power Up.
Pvt: Private.
Pwn: Own; is greater than.



QAL: Quick Adopt Link.
QFE: Quoted For Emphasis.
QFT: Quoted For Truth.
QN: Quitting Neopets.
QQ: Crying. Someone will post QQ or someone will tell you to stop QQ.
QT: Cutie.
Quoth: Quote.
Quad: Quadrapus.



R: Rarity.
RAoK: Random Acts of Kindness.
RC: Random Contest.
RCG: Rainbow Clockwork Grundo.
RE: Random Event.
Reqs: Requirements.
RF: Refresh.
RFC: Rainbow Frost Cannon.
RFFR: Randomly Firing Freeze Ray.
RH: Report Happy; someone who reports someone with the slightest provocation.
RL: Real Life.
RMB: Runed Maractite Bow.
RN: Real Name.
RoDN: Rod of Dark Nova.
RO(T)FL: Roll On (the) Floor Laughing.
ROFLBO: Rolling On Floor Laughing Bottom Off.
RoN: Rod of Nova.
RoSN: Rod of Supernova.
RoTL: Ring of the Lost.
RoW: Ring of Weightlessness.
RP(ing): Role Play(ing).
RPer: Role Player.
RPF: Rusty Pitchfork.
RR: Revenge Rate.
RS: Restock or Rainbow Scroll.
RSB: Ramtor's Spellbook.
RSH: Rainbow Sticky Hand.
RSN: Real Soon Now.
RSS: Rainbow/Red Scorchstone.
RW: Real Word.
RWN: Real World Name.
RWR: Royal Wedding Ring.
RZap2K: Reflectozap 2000.



SAF: Sword of the Air Faerie.
SAP: Seasonal Attack Pea.
SB: Snowbunny.
SBD: Seasonal Battle Duck.
SC: Scuzzy's Comb.
SF: Space Faerie.
SFG: Skeletal Fire Gun.
SFP: Scroom Fruit Potion.
S-Gel: Sloth-Approved Hair Gel.
SHH: Something Has Happened (Random Event).
SHoS: Shield of Soaring.
SHSH: Shootout Showdown.
Siggy: NeoSignature.
SITD: Still in the Dark.
SK Negg: Silver Knight Negg.
SKPC: Shift Key Protection Committee.
Sks: Skarl's Sword.
SL: Safe Lending.
SLM: Secret Lab(oratory) Map.
SlumPot: Slumberberry Potion.
SM: Stock Market.
SMH: Sophie's Magic Hat or Shake My Head.
SN: Sunnyneo.
SoA: Sword of Apocalypse.
SoAF: Sword of the Air Faerie.
SoAri: Sword of Ari.
SoDN: Scroll of Dark Nova.
SoL: Sword of Lameness.
SoPT: Shield of Pion Troect.
SoReif: Sword of Reif.
SoRF: Staff of Righteous Fury.
SoS: Sword of Skardsen.
SoSN: Staff of Super Nova.
SoTawre: Sword of Tawre.
SoThare: Sword of Thare.
SoThigl: Sword of Thigl.
SoUN: Staff of Ultra Nova.
SoWL: Sword of White Lies.
S.P.A.M.: Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages.
S-Pot: Slumberberry Potion.
SR: Scarab Ring.
S-Ray: Sleep Ray.
Srsly: Seriously.
Sry: Sorry.
Srry: Sorry.
SS: Style Showdown, Scorchstone, Skarrl's Sword, or Slushie Slinger.
SSer: Score Sender.
SSM: Shooting Star Muffin.
SSoF: Slingshot of Fire.
SSP: Steaming Skeem Potion.
SSS: Scarab Stone Slingshot.
SSW: Super Shop Wizard.
S-Sword: Skarrl's Sword.
SSYT: Short-Sleeved Yellow Tunic.
STC: Smuggler's Treasure Chest.
Str: Strength.
STP: Second to Post.
SuAP: Super Attack Pea.
Suss(ed): Suspend(ed).
SW: Shop Wizard.
SYWF: Slapping You With Fish.
Soz: Sorry.



TA: Tiki Armor.
TAS: Take a Screenie.
TBA: To Be Announced.
TBB: Tiki Bomb Bag.
TBF: To Be Frank.
TB(Q)H: To Be (Quite) Honest.
TC(er): Take Care or Trade Chat(ter).
TCG: Trading Card Game or The Cyodrake's Gaze.
TCIA: The Code Is Acronymg. Another code you might need to know is laughing.
TDF: The Darkest Faerie (videogame).
TDFP: The Darkest Faerie Plot (Altador plot.)
TDMBGPOP: The Discarded Blue Magical Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.
Teh: The.
Tent: Tentatively.
TFB: Tiki Faerie Blades.
THC: Trusty Hand Cannon.
Thx: Thanks.
Thnx: Thanks.
TIC: Tongue in Cheek.
TIL: Today I Learned.
Tk-er: Timekeeper.
TKO: The Knockout.
TL;DR: Too Long, Don't Read.
Tmap: Treasure Map.
TMI: Too Much Information.
Tmrw: Tomorrow.
TNT: The Neopets Team.
TOW Prizes: Tale of Woe Prizes.
Totes: Totally.
TP: Trading Post or Transmogrification Potion.
TPOSG: The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy.
T-Ring: Tornado Ring.
TRoDS: The Return of Doctor Sloth.
Troll: Annoying spammer who feeds on comments to survive.
TS: Tower Shield.
TSB: Thick Smoke Bomb.
T-Shield: Tower Shield.
TSoD: Toxic Sock of Doom.
T-Tear: Thyora's Tear.
TTD: Triple Turbo Dryer.
TTFN: Ta Ta For Now.
Ttly: Totally.
TT Scratch Card: Terror Trove Scratch Card.
TTT: Thought That, Too.
TToM: Tarla's Tour of Mystery.
TTYL: Talk To You Later.
TY: Thank You or Tyrannian.
TYSM: Thank You So Much.
TYVM: Thank You Very Much.
TYT: Take Your Time.



U: You.
UB: Unbuyable (restocking).
UBG: Ultra Bubble Gun.
UBoGJ: U-Bend of Great Justice
UC: Unconverted.
UDR: Ultra Dark Reflect Orb.
UDS: Ultra Duel Shovel.
UF(Q)A: Up for (Quick) Adoption.
UFF: Up for Free.
UF(Q)T: Up for (Quick) Trade/Transfer.
UL: Userlookup.
U/L: Userlookup.
Un: Username.
UP: User Perks.
Ur: Your.



VH: Very Hard.
VHP: Velm's Healing Potion.
VIN: Very Important Neopian.
VoFO: Vial of Fragrant Oil.
VPC: Virtupets Chat.
VPot: Voidberry Potion.
VWN: Very Well Named.



W/: With.
W/e: Whatever.
W/o: Without.
WASM: Whack-A-Staff Member.
WB: Welcome Back.
WBU: What's Been Up?
WC: World Challenge.
WCN: Werelupe Claw Necklace.
WH(ers): Whizzing Hour(ers).
WIP: Work in Progress.
WN: Well Named.
WoDF: Wand of the Dark Faerie.
WoE: Wheel of Excitement.
WoEx: Wheel of Extravagance.
WoK: Wheel of Knowledge.
WoM: Wheel of Monotony/Misfortune/Mediocrity.
Woot!: Woohoo!!
WoR: Wand of Reality.
WoTM: Wand of the Moon.
WS: Winged Scarab.
WTB: Want to Buy or Willing to Buy.
WTH: What the Heck?
WTS: Want to Sell.
WU(B)U2: What You (Been) Up To?
WYSITWIRL: What You See Is Totally Worthless In Real Life.
WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get.



Xmas: Christmas.
Xtra: Extra.



Yarly: Yeah, really.
YBIC: Yes Boy Ice Cream.
Y-Blaster: Ylana Blaster.
YGNS: Yooyuball Goal Net Shield.
YKCG: Yooyu Keeper Chest Guard.
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. (Meaning your opinion may differ...)
YSH: Yellow Sticky Hand.
YPS: Yooyuball Player Sling.
YW: You're Welcome.
YYB: Yooyuball.



Zap2k: Zapatron 2000.
ZDAP: Zafara Double Agent Plushie.
ZOMG: Oh My Gosh, but with a z for fun.


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7/21/09: Two affies added. The closed review sites' buttons are now more faded than the others.

7/19/09: Finished alphabetizing the affies. We tied for first in SOTTM. n_n

7/17/09: I am in the process of organizing the affies in alphabetical order; no promises about when it'll be done. x_x New rules added for affies.

7/16/09: A couple of acronyms added. The BoingDragon counter is back up. Vote? xP

7/14/09: Probably the final change in the header, but you never know... One new listing... Checked this guide against other Acronym guides to make it the most in-depth acronym guide around. :) The 500th acronym is SSM. :o

7/13/09: Slight change in the layout to support smaller screen resolutions. Vote for the Chatspeak Dictionary in SOTTW? It would be greatly appreciated. :3 Voting began yesterday, the 12th, and ends the 19th. :)

7/11/09: Entered SOTTW. Vote? :)

7/10/09: A couple new acronymss added... Listed in one more directory.

7/9/09: Completely removed the old updates part. ^-^ Everything is going here, now. Counter updated to the classic BoingDragon counter. Small change with the header. :)

7/8/09: New look. Like it? Thank Weaponstar for the banner, then. ^-^

7/7/09: Big overhaul of affies, deleted the ones that haven't linked back to me, or haven't changed the link back to ~chatspeakdictionary.



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