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Welcome to the THUNDERDOME!

So you've had the misfortunte of stumbling across my mostly-art-but-also-more page. It's going to be disappointment from here on out, let me tell ya.
Ah, but you're probably curious as to what "MEH" stands for, right? I'll break it to you quickly: it doesn't stand for anything.

See, disappointment, I told you ;-). Naw, it used to stand for "My Epic Hubris", but while I am a particularily conceited and egotistical person the title still felt a tad too forced. Well I thought it felt forced, and as such lame. And I only do lame on my own time. So I scrapped it. The title of this art page is a sound I find myself uttering often, a statement towards the art world in general, an atmosphere of apathy, and a critique on myself and my own shortcomings...
Or it could be I was too lazy to name the page anything and just went with the first thing that popped into my head, and between you and me this one MAY be the real reason, but SHHHHHHHHH don't tell anyone.

Viewer's Manual
Navigation is at the bottom of this semi-rounded box, art sorted in the one section. The rest of this page covers pets owned, obsessions docu.mented, and idiosyncracies traced. Have fun and don't forget to visit the button marked "Sitely": there are links to many gorgeous pages. It's because of this fact alone that it's the best part of my page c:

The Urt

Out of my head and I don't know what I found,
Over and over I feel it break me down

Ah, the section anyone who's anyone came here for. Well maybe. Maybe you just stumbled over here. The sitely section's better, tbo. Uuumm, I use mechanical pencils, acrylic paint, pencil crayons (against the world's better judgement), and on rare RARE occasions watercolours.
I've been lacking a scanner since November 2014, and I've been having to rely on my phone's camera to upload anthing ;n; It's not fun, guys. Not fun at all.

Art requests = OPENED GASP
Art trades = closed

FINISHED (more or less)

Shiine audition: finchmasquerade robynmasquerade hermesmasquerade beatriceblgghghgagrrgglllcassie shIIne auditionold guild logophoto vs scannernntm entry 2morgan bea paintold atomic_dispersion paintgoy doodleold cybil referencebea nntm auditioncybil nntm auditioncedric nntm auditionoriginal cybil cedric drawingatomic_dispersion neovian


failing at finch, old villain revamps, and helgafluffehsrobyn masquerade idears/alternativesmoar sketches!random art, neopets guild challenge, more random art, humanized lutari hero, and cassie (creshna) yay!cassie is disappointed in memini dump of uselessnessso much stuffnew finch doodles, human creshna, and old mynci doodlescybil and oridos wipcharacter scribbles and human quantum_surgecedric process 2cybil scribbleskrastus scribbleold creshna scribblesold unfinished tokuanidmeerca scribblemorgan and beatrice scribble

Non-Neopets (but still approp for neo)

The Babbus

There is a moment in time,
When all the cards that you've played divide,
You feel the temperature dive,
And all your demons inside come crashing through

My precious babbus, some more precious than others. Below is the list of pets on all my accounts. Many of them have characters, some don't yet, and all of them need art/page-revamps/other forms of creative exertions. The dolls on the right side are shrunken down for convenience's sake and as such can be dragged and dropped to your address bar for closer inspection.

The list below doesn't go into detail of individual characters' personalities; it's just a bunch of blips on how I came to acquire them. Links to pet lookups are below each description, and those with working links to pages are the not-so-proud hosts of pages that actually have something on them, rather than being in a state of utter chaos and disrepair.

Beatrice Ursula Swallow. My first adopted pet. A lovely user wanted to make room on her side account and didn't want to keep Bea here around. Long story short, she gave this fine mutant lenny to me. I adore birds, love lennys and am a sucker for vultures, so it's pretty obvious she's one of my dream pets.
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Cassandra Thorpe. My first neopet; starting out as a green ogrin (because i love them so much), she's gone through several character revamps. I first wanted her to be shenkuu-oriented, then a pirate, then a space marine, then a space engineer, then a cowgirl... needless to say she's always given me issues. Now, finally settling on a design, she's an afro-sporting brit mcninja.

Cybil Sophine Cerveau. My first aisha; which is odd considering that they used to be my favourite species before I actually got around to making an account on neopets. Alien aishas especially had stolen my heart; nowadays, I'm not so big on them, but zombie aishas made sure I'd always favour the species. The decision to make cybil came with the creation of Cedric_Cerveau, and while I'd love to paint cybil zombie, I doubt it'll happen... ever D: NEWSFLASH, SHE'S NOW A ZOMBEH. THANK YOU SORA.
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Quantum_SurgeFinch ____ ____. My first lenny, and the reason why they're my favourite species on the site. This little bugger was the result of realizing how gorgeous brown lennies are, and pining for one forever until I worked up enough for a morphing potion. Like Creshna, he's gone through several-reworkings, though not nearly as radical as hers. In the drawing department, he will forever give me the most trouble, anthro-wise: even when I could draw semi-decent bird people, I could never seem to get him right. And now? Well, now I can't draw bird people at all xc
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I used to not like lutaris, mostly because I'm not an otter person, and they seemed to be based mostly off of those aquatic mammals. However, I love me some weasels, and lutaris are a pretty flexible species, visually-speaking, so I couldn't resist eventually giving in. Especially when the ghost versions came out, eeeee. I eventually came up with a character for the poor guy, thank goodness.
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One of my first neopets and while he originally started off as a cheerful space-pilot character, I haven't had any plans for him for the longest of times. Thankfully that's changed recently, and he's now a little craft-loving fairy-esque insect... thing. I love bugs, so I feel obligated to have at least one buzz, and speckled ones have the cutest blue eyes.
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Meagan Elizabeth Hayes. Meagan is actually a non neo-originated character; I made her up back in 2008 and I have plans for her. However, I have been neglecting her for a while, despite adoring everything about her; SO, with a bit of nudging from my sister, I made her on neopets. Because of reasons. Yup. Usuls, man, they creep up on you with their cuteness.
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My second ruki (my first belonging to someone else now), and my first dream-pet, or at least the one I've wanted for the longest. Although, when I started longing for a mummy ruki there wasn't the option to cross-paint... but let's just forget about that since I adore the camo-halloween combo. I always had plans for Tok, but never really went through with them; they all withered away over time without even being started. However, now I've settled on making him a ghost-mantis-like bug-sprite-prince thing who loves sweets and is fascinated with baking.
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Helga ____ ____. LIZARD. I can't remember why I got a techo in the first place, actually. Did the character come first, or was it because of playing "neopets the darkest faerie" that prompted it? Whatever the case, it worked out, and Helga is one of my favourite pets/characters.
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Cedric Stephan Cerveau. Oh goodness. I'd never paid much attention to skeiths until the fateful day the transparent paint colour came out in the news and I laid my eyes upon the beauty of a see-through skeith. I had to have one. Had to. The want fueled sketches and realization came that I also loved zombie aishas; the twins Cedric & Cybil Cerveau were born, and while I don't think I'll ever get the chance to paint Cedric transparent, I'll always think of him that way. BREAKING NEWS as of April 13th 2014, Cedric's now his intended colour of transparent! WOOOOOOOOO. THANK YOU FFQ! FJDKLSAJFDKL;A
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I can't remember exactly when I caved and made Pseilin... but he's one of my newer pets. As much as I keep forgetting, I love bats... bats, birds (esp owls) and bugs. ANYWAYS upon noticing the glorious Mordicus had been adopted out, and all the slenderman-homages with it, I decided to finally come up with a purpose for Pseilin other than just sitting there looking cute: HE'S GOING TO BE MY MOTHMAN HOMAGE. YIS.
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Robyn ____ ____. I caved. I caved in and got a bruce. Robyn was a neo-originated character in my head for a long time, but after succu.mbing to a fat-bird obsession and browsing the BC bruce category for too long, I decided to finally go ahead and make her.
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Elgol is a fat little fishy. He likes guns and robots and uses a mecha suit to get around. He hates ninjas, or at least he'll adamantly tell you so. He's a few doughnuts short of a dozen. I just... I really like fish, and Elgol's personality arose from a very vocal playing of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra with my sister. I played as Heavy Duty, she as Snake Eyes (all the goshdarn time) and we were fighting ninjas. A LOT of ninjas. Wave after wave of ninjas. A ninja HORDE. I found out the most efficient way of dealing with them was just melee-ing the butt out of Heavy Duty's huge gun-thing. Continuously. While I was screaming. It was very theraputic.

Ooooohmygosh. I've wanted a kauthulhu for a good long time. So very long. And Funk is amazing and got me one ;u; So beautiful! Ahem, so um yes, I'm doing a cthulhu homage with Risver. Probably going to make her more shoggoth-inspired, though, since characters on the scale of cthulhu as far as cosmic-power goes, are difficult for me and not as compelling as more mysterious bumps in the night that on the grand scale of things are probably of lesser importance. Any of that make sense? WELP not going to bother to go back and fix it.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Deer-dude ouo. I was going to make a deer character eventually, my original plan/inspiration having more to do with the woodland uni design (except i'm not fond of horses that much, so it would have been a tad difficult to enter him into the beauty contest), buuuuuuuuuut long story short he's an ixi yay! Forest spirit, dryad, faun thing character. With lots of pretty flowers.
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Used to be a hissi, but then I realized that I will forever be awful at drawing hissis and I have no desire to change that in the near future. So then I morphed him into a pteri, thinking I'd use him as Cassie's(creshna) ninja nemesis, whose character I had in mind for a while. Then I got WAY too bored with that idea, so I morphed him into a maraquan buzz because THEY ARE WONDERFUL AND I'VE BEEN WANTING ONE FOREVER, but mostly because I want a mer-man (and i didn't feel like giving up on xiandal, since i his name rocks).
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Ambrose ____ ____. Is it sad that I wanted 3 lennies? Yeah, I thought so too. I adopted this guy from the pound, since for some reason I wanted yet another birdie. Then for some other mysterious reason unknown to me at this time, I painted him faerie. Why? I have no clue. Then neopets came out with an adorable set of poet gear for ogrins and that made me want to turn him into an ogrin bard and he'd go on adventures with hhamed my rabbit healer and they'd both be useless together. But I decided against that idea too. I really don't know what I'm going to do with him; but for the moment I'm leaning towards a cutsey male royal-girl lenny paintjob with an adorable princely design, and i want to make his birdie-form like... fancy pigeon-y. We'll see how that goes.
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This is the host page. Yup. Also, I am honestly so vain as to make a self-insert of almost everything. No, I don't have a problem, but thank you for your concern.

I... um. Hmm how do I explain Ged. He originated, character/design-wise way before I got a neo account (i think), as a "guardian" character for a little sketch activity I did where I wanted to draw myself and friends as we'd be if we were all in the di-gata defenders universe. If you know anything about said universe, you'd know each character had a little signature creature they could summon to help fight or whatever, some of which could talk and carry on intelligent conversation. I wanted mine to be a giant owl thing composed of stone with glowing eyes, Gedellruk. I even imagined he'd have a voice just like Jeffrey Combs' characteristic gravelly tones (if you know anything about avatar the last airbender, you'll recognize his voice from the giant owl guardian of the desert library. SEE? IT FITS SO WELL). Over the years the idea of Ged as a character, a snarky cynical personal guardian-y owl peep, stayed with me. I like him, and I'm never giving him up. YOU HEAR ME?
By the by, I apologise for my nerdism in a show that wasn't all that great, had me constantly complaining about it and rolling my eyes, but still had interesting components and ideas strewn throughout (di-gata, that is... not avatar, that show was awesome).
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Hhamed ____ ____. I GOT A BUNNY. HAVE I FORGOTTEN TO MENTION I LOVE BUNNIES? BECAUSE I DO. So much. Thank you, Watership Down cartoon. Anyways, Hhamed started as a character with ties to Helga and retired superheroes and all that jazz; however, i've thought of multiple alternate ideas for him and I kinda want to do every last one of them at once. The few things that are constant in many of the ideas I have for him are his appearance, and affinity for healing. I think I might make him a neovian herbalist... you can never have too many neovian characters XD
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The Plans

If you could rewrite our life any way that you please,
Would you tear out the pages of our memories?
Would you take back the pain and all the hurt we create?
Or could you be satisfied with the promise you made?

A haphazardly formulated list of things that I want and/or need to do. This section serves mostly as a little reminder to myself. Watch as more and more goals are added and none get completed ;-)

Art to produce, contests to enter, etc.
    Art for meeee
    chibi-esque pics of cybil & oridos snoozing or something to put on cybil's lookup. Something cutesy.
    Art for others
    fan-urts of cuties.

Character Idears/Reminders

Site/Page oriented
    Make a pixel page? Obviously I'd have to get good at pixels, but enh, it's something I'd be interested in.
    Neopian Supers. I'll leave it at that.
    Ghost-Detailing page (meagan's, obvs).
    Horror page (risver's).


    I decided to keep track of the various wearables I shall NEED to obtain, elsewhere; i'm lazy, so keeping up the list here bothersome and unnecessary. Um.. the end? The end.

Who's This Loser?

You're crashing my world with your crashing good smile,
Smashing my life with your smashing good style.
Stashing my dreams for a good long while,
mashing my heart into a miniscule pile.

Goodness gracious where do I even start? I'll try to give you, oh reader, a bit of a heads-up right now: I ramble. I am also very vain. Thus, this section might spiral on and on without coming to any point whatsoever or touching on anything interesting at all. That said, let's get this party started.

Welp to get things started, my name is Alyson (that's mavis from hotel transylvania to your left there, and omg i only just recently realized i unintentionally look a lot like her eeeeeeee) and um, I play neopurtz. Oh lordy that was an awful first sentence. Yes I play and really like neopurtz; my main reason for doing so being the way this site encourages me to make zee artz. Being 25 years old, obviously I feel a little odd admitting to myself (let alone friends and family) that I hold a "children's" site with anthropomorphic animal characters near and dear to my heart, and spend a good deal of time scrawling out images of said fluffy critters. Of course, there's nothing wrong with liking something as harmless as neopets and wanting to hold on to the creative potential it provides me with. Plus, if anything, neopets allows me opportunities to improve upon my art, providing me with a vista I personally enjoy and feel free to experiment in.
However, I still feel a nagging pull, as with most art that I want to create (such as any form of fanart), that what I'm doing is silly, pointless, useless, a waste of time, and utterly childish, and that I should spend my art-time on works more meaningful. Whatever that means.
So sums up one of many personal demons I face. But I'm slowly getting over that one. And in the immortal words of Kanji Tatsumi: I love cute !

You know what? Let's talk more about personal demons, since we're kind of on a Persona theme here. By the time you're though reading this, you most definitely will not like me as a person; or maybe you might, who am I to say. Where were we? RIGHT, idiosyncracies. Here's a list!

    forgetfulness : no matter how many times we may have talked, or how many times I said I was going to do a thing, or whatever, things have a tendency to completely vacate my mind. I also mis-remember things a lot, confusing reality with dreams, so I'm almost always second-guessing myself when I'm remembering stuff.
    jealousy : I get jealous, just like any other human. It's manageable, but it still rankles on my mind that it happens at all.
    self-destruction : I'm my best and worst critic. Oh boy. Lots of focus on worthlessness here. Constant battles. Good times.
    perfectionism : ha. ha ha ha. hahahahha. oh gosh i'm such a nitpicker. Ahem, it's not the best thing to combine with the above point, and the worst thing to combine with the point coming up next...
    procrastination : you cannot out procrastinate me in a procrastination contest. I am simply the best there is. I am the best at being the worst. it is me.
    pushing peeps away : combining everything above, it inevitably leads to this puppy right here. I do it automatically and subconsciously; no matter how much I like you, or how cool you are, for some reason I sabotage all my chances of keeping friends. Because I'm a horrible person.

Wow, I'm pathetic AND boring. I suppose I should go ahead and touch on the standard about-me section stuff. Let's see...


What the butt is "charybdis"? It's a rad sea monster from greek mythology, yo.

How do you draw? With pencil and paper/bristol board/ and like sometimes acrylic paint.

Draw (x) for me?

YOU KNOW WHAT? SURE. LET'S DO THIS. (i may not agree to everything, but I'm up for almost anything)

Roleplay? Erm... I'm awful and second-guess myself, so probably not.

Can you teach me how to (x)? Yes! Of course! I... I really like teaching. Currently I have a pseudo how-to-do-folds tutorial up, which will be moved to my eventually-completed how-to-art page.

Collaboration? No :c It's not feasible. Not until I learn how to do digital art.

You refused my request/trade/collab. Do you hate me? Absolutely not oAo (if anything i hate myself, but that's a whole other can of worms). See above for requests and collabs. As for trades: I'm not a fan of the pressure, and some of my past experiences with them haven't been all too great.

Can I draw stuff for you, though?

Sure if you want to make me cry tears of joy ;u;

You can ask me pretty much anything here on my main account.

The Sibling

My real life lil' sis has her own account here: Kait. Online she goes by "Kai", for whatever reasons. That's... that's really all there is to say on the matter....
She's, sadly, my best friend IRL. I know, weird huh?
Go bug her to make more neo-art.

Charybdis7's Progress Chart

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The Credits

Let me be, it's time we part
Set me free, uncage my heart
Can't wait for you and me
It's time for you to see

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Au Revoir
Awesome places from awesome people. I strongly suggest taking a look at them all.

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
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