always trying to find a balance between putting too much and too little here.
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this is my art page that i will never be fully satisfied with.

...gaze at my accounts...



  • horror
  • tea
  • space
  • biology
  • humanoid anatomy
  • arthropods
  • cephalopods
  • world mythology
  • eldritch abominations
  • sea monsters
  • rpgs
  • cute things ;u;
  • owls, bats, monkeys, crows
  • blurd & visceral imagery/themes (ties back to biology i guess)
  • pokemon


Name : alyson
Age : 29
Pronouns : she/they
B-Day : sloth day aaaaaaa
Nationality : canadian
Zodiac : capricorn/snake
HP House : slytherin
Persona Arcana : death (if i had to pick), bday-wise apparently the tower/chariot


  • girl-hate
  • unironic machismo
  • artist-abuse
  • dolphins
  • drawing cars
  • scorchios
  • toxic masculinity
  • harsh UV-rays
  • ~"i'm not like other girls"~
  • getting up from bed
  • oppressive doublestandards
  • fire/frost/lightning magic
  • traditional country music


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Last updated: Feb 12 2019

Crayon Club Progress

------------- nothin here right now -------------

my pets

Cassie (creshna)
she's basically a magical girl. like, technically speaking, she is. a magical girl ninja warrior with a talking sentient shapeshifting sword named proteus.

Finch (quantum_surge)
vigilante speedster who teams up with my bruce to fight crime and such. i want him to be owly in design (he's come a long ways, design-wise, over the years wow). maybe i should start drawing him again.

Cybil (cybil_cerveau)
immortal twin sister of my skeith. mom was a huldra, dad was a ... person. she's been around for a while. if she was an rpg class she'd be a balanced fighter (she could go lighter with a buckler and sabre, or heavier with more gladiatoral style combat).

Meagan (meagan_hayes)
Self-taught ghost-busting witch superhero. she's a non-neopets character that i neopianized ... so...i guess now she's a neo character too... Ahem anyway: you got spooky ghostie problems? call meagan. no srsly, she knows her stuff.

Beatrice (beautiful106502)
neovian surgeon and also secret cannibal! prob not as secret as it should be considering she's a vulture... also friends with the cerveau twins and hhamed.

Robyn (robyn__)
superhero without powers but who basically runs the show in her 2 person vigilante team with my camo lenny up above. ye. she idolizes rosalyn.

Rosalyn (ros4lyn)
Street-level vigilante. Uses a boxing-like fighting style that favours her powers. She can send off waves of concussive energy from her fists that can punch through things, cushion falls from heighs, and even launch her in the air. Her and Cassie often work in tandem later on and get very close.

Cedric (cedric_cerveau)
immortal twin brother of my aisha. yup. yes, exactly. mom was a huldra, dad a hooman... well i don't know what neopet species he was... hmmm. anyway, like cybil he's been around for a while. more invested in the arts than cybil though. probably would be a bard if he was an rpg class; a balanced quick-thinking finesse fighter with arts-based trickery up his sleeve, to contrast with cybil's tank/dps duality.

Hhamed (hhamed)
doctor bunny... but then decides to run a tea shop. tea alchemist? sure. also snarky friends with my mutant lenny. I've been thinking about my doctor characters (i have 3, 2 of which are neos here) and i want hhamed to focus on poisons: not to sell or use, but to research so he can make antidotes for all of them.

Deirdre (atomic_dispersion)
a lizard inkeeper. used to be an adventurer/graverobber, and used her spoils to open up an Inn in the middle of nowhere with the idea that adventurers would find it handy.

Secundo (secundo)
Dryad that takes form of deer most often. Taken it upon himself to be a forest guide to lost beings. I need more time to figure out his interaction with several of my other characters...

Anem (anemeln)
i want to make him a tuxedo mask -esque gentleman thief type character sooooooooooooooooo badly, but i've done nothinggggggg.

Risver (risver)
wonderful lovecraftian eldritch abomination. i love her. thank you Funk for giving me her ;u;

Tokuanid (tokuanid)
tiny little ghost-mantis faerie yay!

Hermes (corporal_hermes)
little button-collecting faerie. ye.

Snergle (fix_sanji)
the worst one piece character ever... but i like him a tiny bit except for that one horrible glaring aspect of him that needs to be eliminatedfjskal

do you get the joke?
the joke is he's terrified of spiders

Cilan (_cilantro_)
based on a pokemon gym leader. my favourite pokemon gym leader. ever. i miss him a lot.

shhh i'll turn it island and it'll be great

LONK (song_of_healing)
i wanted me a link from legend of zelda. i now have a link from legend of zelda...... well, he's not really done yet... aaaaaand i have to figure out what petpet to give him.

to do

  • the art thing with kait on finch's page. write content on notepad, get layout and everything else ready
    • test first part yourself
    • test second part yourself
    • figure out parts 3 & 4 (brainstorm, then show to kait)
  • refs for all mah pets.
  • turn meagan's page into a ghost-guide page
  • draw the fanpets. cilan, snooj, LONK.
  • continue or scrap art how to cedric page?
  • bea & hhamed neovia pages.
  • other petpages/chars i had ideas for but am not sure now if i should bother...
    • my innkeeper techo and her regulars
    • cybil's petpage about the cerveaus
    • robyn & finch things
    • secundo's fairytale style petpage ideas
    • innsmouth style town tale for risver to fit into
    • tokuanid's cute tiny sewing-needle-sword adventures
    • the rpg dedication page left unfinished on hermes' page
    • futuristic ninja magical bun funtimes with cassie

pbs to get

other goals

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