Jan 3 20, 2012. (Last updated at 3:43pm NST)- SEMI-HIATUS

I AM SO SORRY EVERYONE! The revamp was supposed to be done already, but I got INCREDIBLY ill right after my finals so I have been MIA for weeks now. I am finally starting to feel better and will get right back to finish the coding! I didn't forget you guys, I promise ;)

Dec 20, 2012. (Last updated at 4:36pm NST)- SEMI-HIATUS

The new layout is almost ready!!! Keep checking back! Thanks again for all those sending me encouraging neomails about how excited you are for a revamp! =D

Dec 19, 2012. (Last updated at 5:46pm NST)- SEMI-HIATUS

Okay, this tranfer is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated. I am having some serious coding issues. If anyone can help, please neomail me!

Dec 12, 2012. (Last updated at 2:53pm NST)- SEMI-HIATUS

I know that a lot of people (including myself) have been eagerly awaiting the new layout. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the transfer before finals time came upon me! My last exam is on the 18th so I hope that the new layout will be up relatively soon after. Thank you everyone for your continued patience and neomails of encouragement! Again, I apologize for the wait but alas, university comes first!

Nov 18, 2012. (Last updated at 5:30pm NST)- SEMI-HIATUS

EEEEEK! I have great news! Rika at Flux will be making Simply Amazing a new layout! I cannot begin to express how excited I am! =D Hopefully once the new layout is up I can FINALLY add new shields and open requests!



Welcome ccyung, to Simply Amazing- A premade and custom shield site ran by Candie (ccyung). My shields can be used all around Neopets- this includes userlookups (even side accounts), guilds, applications, etc! Please, take a look around! The "Extras" section also includes multiple shield tutorials/resources, divider requests, and other interactive features! Simply Amazing is best viewed in Google Chrome. This is a very heavy graphic-based layout, so please give it time to load!

Feel free to neomail me if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns!


1. Do not steal my designs, this means always leaving credit! You must link back to either this site or my userlookup using a button or hyperlinked text.
(Example: Shield by Simply Amazing.)

2. You can edit my designs as you wish, as long as you once again, leave credit.


1. You must put the coding provided at either the beginning or end of the rest of your layout coding. (Make it completely separate!)

2. All premade shields are made with a white background.

The Premades

Holiday/Special Occasion Premades

Regular Premades

Glitter Premades


Remember to link back for credit!

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Remember to link back for credit!

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Holiday/Special Occasion

Remember to link back for credit!

Altador Cup:

Valentine's Day:



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Whoops! Looks like someone didn't read the rules carefully enough. ;) Please go back and read the rules again to find the request form.

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1.) Do not steal my designs, this means always leaving credit! You must link back to either this site or my userlookup using a button or hyperlinked text.
(Example: Shield by Simply Amazing.)

2.) You may only request one shield at a time.

3.) Do not re-distribute my graphics on your own site unless I made it for your guild to use! As well, click on the I in I agree to move forward. Please let me know in your request form if you are requesting for a guild.


I will neomail you to confirm that I received your request, and when your graphic is ready for pickup. If I have not responded to your neomail in 3 days, please neomail me back!

If you are for any reason unhappy with the graphic that I made you, please neomail me and I will remake it!

All custom shields will be made with the traditional white background unless otherwise stated. Please keep in mind that if you want a transparent background, it severely limits the types of designs I can put on the shield. If you want a shield to blend into a colored lookup, it is far easier for me to create a shield with the same background color as your lookup.

I agree - I disagree

Shield Requests

Graphic style shield request:

- Includes a neo background on the shield and main shield image.
- MUST pick a minimum of 3 backgrounds for the shield from HERE!

Simple style shield request:

- Generally one main shield image with a few designs (no neo background) on a regular decorated shield.

Subject: Shield Request

Waiting List

* indicates that the request is on hold.
Continue to pick-up?


If you are for any reason unhappy with the graphic that I made you, please neomail me and I will remake it! All graphics will be left here until the next batch of customs are ready and will then be moved to my portfolio. If you did not pick up your graphic in that time, please neomail me for the code!

Remember to link back for credit!

Place the shield code completely separate from the rest of your lookup coding!

For Cassie:

For Eternitie:

For Abbie:

For Ree:


Below is a collection of the favorite shields that I have made in the past.

Please do not use these graphics unless they were made for you! If you are looking to collect your own shield, return to the pickups.

(Drag images to the address bar for full size.)
Click HERE to see my full portfolio.

Full Portfolio

Please do not use these graphics unless they were made for you!

(Drag images to the address bar for full size.)
Back to mini-portfolio

Divider Banners


Shield Tutorials and Resources.

Divider Requests.

Full Portfolio.


About Candie (in-depth).

Retired/Gift Buttons.

Shield Tutorials and Resources

Have you ever wanted to make your own shield, but never knew how? Well, look no further! Below are a few simple tutorials I have created on "How to make a shield in GIMP." (You can download GIMP for free online if you do not already have the program.)
Note: These tutorials are designed for GIMP beginners!

Click the links below to start the tutorial!

Credit/linking back to this tutorial is not necessary if you used it, but would be greatly appreciated!

Creating a Basic Shield

Tutorials for Decorating Shields

How to Outline Images

Blending Colors on Shields

Shield Resources/Other

Premade Shield Bases

From the Outside

More content coming soon!

Creating a Basic Shield

1.) I have provided you with a basic blank shield template. Save this picture to your computer! (I have also provided premade blank shield bases that are pre-colored/decorated that you may use as well. Premade shield bases can be found HERE.)

Next, find an image that you want on the shield. I suggest using JN's item database or the list of Neopets shopkeepers you can choose from for your shop. Once you have your images ready, you can begin the tutorial! Drag the screen shots to your address bar for a visual size step-by-step instructions and additional pointers along the way!

2.) Open up GIMP and select "File-New." A small window will pop up asking for the image dimensions. Make the image size 100x150 pixels. (You can make the canvas slightly larger if you have a customized userlookup that allows more room)

3.) Next, open up your shield template and image layers by going to "File-Open as layers." You will notice that the majority of images come with a white background. To make the white background disappear, select the "Fuzzy Select" tool and click anywhere on the white of the picture. Your image should now be outlined. Next, click on "Colours-Colour to alpha." Now you have an image with a transparent background!

4.) Now it is time to change the color of your shield! To do this, make sure that you have the shield layer selected. Click on "Colours-Colourize." A new screen will pop up. Play around with the settings until you reach the color that you want!

Before this last step where you save the image, check out the other tutorials for shield decorating tips! To save your image, go to "File-Save as-Select file type and then select "png."

Once you have saved your shield, upload the image to an image hosting site. (Ex. Photobucket) Once you have uploaded the image, copy the DIRECT LINK and then put it into this code where is says "background-image: url ("DIRECT LINK HERE"). I currently have the shield template link in the code.

Now paste the full code onto your userlookup! Remember, the coding must be placed completely seperate from the rest of your layout coding for the shield to show up!

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How to Outline Images

Drag the screenshot to your address bar for visual outlining instructions. (I apologize for the slight blurriness!)

Note: This same method can be applied to outlining text!

1.) Make sure that either your foreground or background color is the color you want the outline to be.

2.) Right click the layer you want to outline and select "New Layer." A new window will pop up-select "Transparency." Move the new layer underneath the original image.

3.) Right click on the image you want to outline and select "Alpha to Selection.

4.) Click "Select-Grow." Choose the size of the outline. 1 or 2 pixels is generally enough!

5.) Select the layer meant to be your outline. Click on "Edit-Fill with FB (or GB) colour." (It depends on whichever you set the desired color to be.)

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Blending Colors on a Shield

Drag the screenshot to your address bar for visual outlining instructions.

Note: This same method can be applied to other images, or text!

This is one of my favorite parts of shield making-blending colors! The opportunities are endless and the results may sometimes surprise you! I quite enjoy fancying up a shield with this method-and it is really simple! With just 4 quick steps, you can have a multi-colored shield!

1.) Colorize your shield. (If you do not know how to do this, check out the main shield tutorial HERE.

2.) Make your foreground color the second color you want your shield to have.

3.) Select the "blend tool" and make sure that it is set as "color." Select the picture next to gradient and click on "FG to transparent." (Adjust the opacity as you wish as well.)

4.) Drag your cursor in any direction that you wish over your shield. (A straight black line will appear as you drag.)

Now you're done! Simple, right? ;)

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Premade Shield Bases

Below are some blank shield bases I have created. You can use these bases to create your very own shield! Save the shield to your computer and then simply add your own image/s and/or text to them for a whole new shield!


1. You MUST credit Simply Amazing if you use the shield bases below, even if you edit them afterwards. (Example: Shield base by: Simply Amazing.) Link back credit is mandatory.

2. Do not redistribute these bases! This means you cannot use my bases for others' shield requests! These are meant for personal use only.

The Shield Bases:

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From the Outside

Below are shields that other users have made using my shield tutorial, or my shield bases. I wanted to create a portfolio to showcase the hard work and creativity of other users. Did you use Simply Amazing's Shield Tutorial, or one of the shield bases? If so, please neomail me with the link to your shield/s and I will post them below with a link to your userlookup!

(Hover for name of the creators!)

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1.) Do not steal my designs, this means always leaving credit! For dividers, this means you must leave the link-back on the divider itself!

2.) You can edit my designs as you wish, as long as you once again, leave credit.

3.) Put "cherry blossoms" in your request form when I ask: Flower?

4.) Do not re-distribute my graphics on your own site unless I made it for your guild to use! (Please let me know if this is the case.)

5.) Please neomail ccyung with the request form for all requests!


- I will neomail you to confirm that I received your request, and when your graphic is ready for pickup. If I have not responded to your neomail in 3 days, please neomail me back!

- If I notice that you did not read my rules (yes, I can tell!), I will invite you to re-read them to fix a part of your request form before you continue.

- If you are for any reason unhappy with the graphic that I made you, please neomail me and I will remake it!

Click "I agree" if you have read the rules to proceed!

I agree - I disagree

Divider Requests

Waiting List

* indicates that a request is on hold.
1. 2.


Divider Banners:
Click HERE to see my full portfolio.


1.) What Program do you use?
I use GIMP. Why? Because it's free! I'm told that it works just like Photoshop anyways. (And to be quite honest, I've never used Photoshop before!) GIMP works fine for me. =)

2.) Why shields?
Why not?! Back before I got into making graphics, I hated my shield. It was ugly and I also disliked the fact that it displayed my account age so bluntly! Later on, my guild needed more shields for the graphics section and I thought "Hey, why don't I make them?" I love making shields now! They're the perfect size to work with and let's be honest, there aren't as many shield sites out there!

3.) Do you make your own layouts?
Yes I do! I admit I did search around for a long time in the beginning stages of "Simply Amazing" looking for a premade petpage layout, but none of them suited my needs. I decided to try a hand at designing my own layout and coding it so that I could have it exactly the way I envisioned it! I had a lot of help in the beginning from my fellow guildies with coding (Thank you guys! ?) My first layout was hideous but I was so proud that the coding worked that I did not care! (And there was a lot of pink! Hehe) I am now proud to say that I can and do make my own layouts! *beams with pride*

4.) Can you make me a layout?
As much as I am flattered that you asked, I will have to say no. I'm sorry! It takes me long enough as it is to create and code my own layouts, I simply do not have the time to do other layout requests!

5.) Why is the site called "Simply Amazing"?
I realize how lame the site name can sound, and it is quite long. I have thought about changing it to something simpler that identifies it as a shield site but the phrase "simply amazing" itself means a lot to me! Sentimental value, I suppose. My cousin and I are very close and it was a common phrase between us when describing something, well-amazing! There were no other words to describe something of such magnificence! It was simply amazing. I also believe in finding beauty in the simpler things in life. No matter how simple something is, it still have every potential to be absolutely stunning! All in all, the phrase "Simply Amazing" became a new perspective for looking at and describing things! And well, let's be honest, you can now easily use it as a pun for my site! XD

6.) Why is your username "ccyung"?
*awkward silence* How embarrassing! haha. Well to be straightforward, it was my university username. It consists of a part of my first, middle and last name. Why did I choose this username? Well, when I first got back on neo, I had no intention of staying so the username did not matter to me. I was just bored one day and was checking through all my old sites and for neo I just made an account to look around. Without thinking, I just put in my university username out of habit. (I mean I knew it wasn't going to be taken!) So uhhh...yeah. There you are. XD

6.) How long does it take you to complete one shield?
Shields despite looking very simple, take me a very long time to complete unlike others. Usually people spend about 15 minutes on one shield. On average, it takes me about 3-5 hours for one shield. One hour to finish a request is a BARE minimum! I've even spent multiple days working on one shield. They may not look complicated, but I have a tendency to pay great attention to small details, whether it be textures, blends,stamps or other resources, etc. I make sure to add more creativity to a shield than just one item and a pattern on inside of the shield. I like to have fun and experiment with my shields! Graphic based shields always take me the longest. They require a lot of time erasing/cutting out/blending in/drawing missing parts of a background!

Do you have a question that you want to see answered here?
Send it in to ccyung!

About Candie

Perhaps your curiosity has gotten the better of you, and you want to know more about me, or you're honestly that bored. Either way, for whatever reason, I have included below an in-depth section all about me! (How arrogant does that sound? hehe) I warn you though, this is basically me rambling on about myself. There is no logic to the organization of the information on this page. Here we go!

I am 21 years old as of July 16th, and I am living in Canada. (Yes, yes it does get very cold here!) My nickname in RL is actually Candie. From that I assume that you can guess what my full name is. =P I am Chinese. I speak English, and on rare occasions Cantonese when necessary. I am currently attending university with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I have plans to enter a graduate program for industrial and organizational psychology. I currently work as a research assistant for my professor. If you for some strange reason ever find yourself reading a journal article in a psychology text, you may come across my name without even knowing it! ;)

I love to read and write. I love being outside and playing sports. I love badminton, volleyball, yoga/pilates and pole art. (Think what you may of that last one, but I promise you that it is nothing bad, but rather an extreme form of dance/gymnastics/contortion!) On that note, I LOVE to dance! I love heels, purses, and dresses. (i.e. anything not suitable for Canadian weather despite the fact that I freeze 80% of the year.) I'm quite feminine in my dress. I am girlier. I love pink, in case you couldn't tell already! My actual favorite color is white. (Yes that qualifies as a "color" in this case, shhhh!) I also love to talk. I talk a lot! I actually have to refrain myself a lot from rambling on in my updates section. It's really hard! I have to edit it multiple times in trying to keep it short.

I hate spiders, bees, mosquitoes, ACTUALLY I hate ALL bugs/insects/whatever else theyre called. This includes the so-called "pretty" ones like butterflies and ladybugs. I HATE them all! Spiders are probably the worst to find in your house though. I will literally cry when I see one LOL. (How embarrassing!) I hate poor grammar/spelling but admittedly I am very informal when typing on boards and places like this. I over-use smilies a lot as well. I cringe/die inside every time I see or hear someone say "I seen." I also hate when people get the "your/you're and there/their/they're" etc mixed up.

I can't cook for the life of me. At all. Not even instant bake cookies. I don't have the patience for it. Honestly, I love to eat, and just cannot fathom the idea of taking 2 hours to prepare/make a meal despite it taking only 10 minutes to eat it. Actually, I'm impatient and too lazy!

I am allergic to the world. Seriously. There are far too many things that I am allergic to. -.- You know Febreeze? Yeah well, I walked into a cloud of Febreeze one time and broke out in hives! (Random fact, but I guess that this entire section is pretty random!) I realize that I probably should have split this section up into proper paragraphs so it would be easier to read, but I'm honestly making this up as I go! Do people even read these anyways?! If anyone ever reads this, let me know LOL!

I am addicted to getting buttons for this site. I am a button hoarder. They're just so darn cute! I wish that I had the talent to make them for myself! =P

Chocolate is the love of my life. Well, no, not really, but honestly it saves the day! No matter how bad of a mood I may be in, chocolate is always a good idea!

I am nocturnal. I stay up into ridiculous hours of the morning and sleep either for a couple of hours, or into the late afternoon. I can never sleep at a decent time, or to silence. I'm weird like that. Even if I pull multiple all-nighters in a row, I still do not fall asleep at a decent time. (Yes, I have tried.)

I wear glasses or contacts. Im weird when it comes to glasses. They have to be white. So yes, I have white glasses to correct my vision, and white sun glasses. I am addicted to buying NC and Cosmopolitan magazines. Weird combo, I know!

On neo I am always chatting on my guild board, lurking the HC, and checking out the site community at the Soroptimist. I have recently just gotten into customizing and fell in love with many of the retired Valentine's day items. (I'm sure you'll notice if you take a look at some of my pets.)

I'm weird and don't want a draik. At all. To be honest I don't get the hype about them. =/ They're not cute enough for me, and farrrr too expensive. I'm a poor neopian and always will be. I never play games. I am terrible at them, and to be honest I do not care! =D

I do enjoy collecting avvies. I get really excited when I see the "Something has happened" events, especially when it's avvie related! My dream avvie is the kad avvie. Why? Because of the colors. It hurts me, but kadding takes too much effort. I settle for other pink/purple avvies in the meantime. I refuse to use an avatar that doesn't have pink/purple in it. XD My dream pet is a UC ice bruce, but I know that that will never happen. Oh well!

In the meantime, back to shield making I go! I am an adult neopian and proud of it!

Oh goodness, I realize that I have written a lot here! XD Well, for now this will be all until I think of something else to add! I hope that you enjoyed reading this for whatever reason, and that I did not bore you too much! =P

If you ever want to know more about me, please feel free to neomail me!

Many thanks to Eve for my gift banner, and to Caro for making it so beautifully! =D

Retired/Gift Buttons

Below are all my retired or gift buttons. These are no longer in use because of my site revamp. I loved them too dearly that I had to make a page just for them! Thank you to everyone who made and used them! (Buttons are linked to creators for credit!)

Retired Buttons

Gift Buttons


Buttons link back to those who made them for credit! Hover for creators/comments.

Credit for the shield tutorials:

Sister Sites

Nicole runs Seraphic, an amazing premade and custom petpage/guild layout site! The layouts are easily distinguishable and well-loved! Seraphic also has many other services such as offering placeholders, banners, and premade shields! Nicole is an extremely hard worker and it shows in her work. My sister site is a definite must-see! Not only does Nicole provide quality and friendly service, she is always an inspiration. Everyone knows and loves Seraphic!

(INACTIVE until Kandi gets her account back!)

Affiliates (26/28)

If I notice that your site has been inactive, I may remove you from my affies list without warning!
Send a neomail to ccyung if you wish to be affiliated with me!

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- Textures used in layout images from Nienke's Resources.

- All pixels in updates section link back to their creators.
- Textures, backgrounds and images used in my content's graphics found at Nienke's Resources, Nienke's PNG's, Delicious, Swimchick, Suta-Raito, Stampz page, Stamps For You and various search engine searches. I do not claim their images as my own. I merely manipulate them to fit a shield or banner.
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- Star bullet and envelopes by Foomanshu.
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- Last but not least, thank you ccyung for visiting Simply Amazing!

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