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The Droolik Puddle is presided over by Brenda, her ixi Celyn, and Celyn's droolik, Telyn. They're pretty much experts on drooliks. The purpose of this page is so other droolik fans, fanatics, and admirers can come together and learn more about these sweetly sedate petpets and visit with others.

Please have a look around. There's lots to see!

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All About Drooliks

Here you can find all the information you could ever want about drooliks! Follow the links to find out more.

Droolik Facts

Famous Drooliks

Currently there is only one famous droolik in Neopia! This droolik can be found on the game, Sophie's Stew, flying past and dropping random things that sometimes help and sometimes hurt you in the game.

No one knows the name of this little cutie, but who knew Sophie had such a soft spot for drooliks?

Celebrating Drooliks around Neopia

Neopians love their drooliks! Drooliks have been the featured in the Pet Spotlight of the Week four times!

During Week 106 of the Petpet Spotlight, Zipper the droolik showed us why drooliks can be the perfect fit for a clumsy owner.
Think you can handle the little critter?" Firey asked, watching the small animal wander off.

Bonzie nodded, watching Zipper intently and wincing as he knocked over a pot with a flower in it. "I think I can handle him just enough."

The shoyru giggled as she picked up her petpet and walked away, carful to step over the other pot she had herself knocked over that morning.

I think we are going to have twice the trouble we did before." Moldova stated flatly, watching the pair leave.

During Week 165 of the Petpet Spotlight, a lazy little droolik watches his owners fascinating antics.
Seconds later, a red Bori named Anubis opened the door to his room. "Hey, Spooky," he said to his petpet, a small Droolik. The petpet just stared vacantly back at him, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Sighing, Anubis said to himself, "I have no idea why I wanted a Droolik as a petpet... they never do anything exciting."

During Week 200 of the Petpet Spotlight, A droolik named SillySally does tricks and endears herself to one Neopians heart.
While walking past Market Square you see a house with a beautiful golden statue in in-front.

What's that?!?

Some Droolik's drooling all over! You decide to do a good deed a take the petpet off so it won't ruin the statue.

Hey, that's my petpet" screams the statue and snatches it back.

You relize the statue is just a golden aisha, and the droolik is hers. "I sorry", you apologize.

During Week 256 of the Petpet Spotlight, a little droolik named Pudge makes his owner finally see some sense about the Symol Hole.
He crawled in a little deeper. "Whoa, I would have never thought there would be so many things down here. It's like someone raided Neopia Central and stock piled everything down here. T-shirts, wind-up toys, plushies, statues…wait a minute. What are all these bones buried here for? What was that noise? Aaaaaah! Ouch!"

Hunter shot out of the hole as fast as he could, holding his tail tightly in his paw. A few of the hairs fell out onto the ground. "Oh my goodness, I think something bit me!

Pudge merely raised his eyebrow. "Maybe you should have canonballed.

During Week 728 of the Petpet Spotlight, a little droolik named Orphan Sam tells his story.

Orphan Sam, a kind little Droolik who got lost in this great big Neopian world, all alone he was. He traveled trough rain, heat waves and snow, all trying to find a place he could call home. Till the fateful day he met Krenoh, a loner drifter who traveled here and there. Here is the story of Orphan Sam.

Droolik Items

Droolik Scooter Released: Dec 8, 2005
Droolik Puppets Released: Dec 8, 2005
Droolik Plushie Released: Dec 8, 2005
Starry Droolik Cap Released: Dec 8, 2005
Droolik Kite Released: July 15, 2009
Droolik Flying Disc Released: July 15, 2009
Bottled Droolik Drool Released: July 15, 2009
Droolik Surprise Released: July 15, 2009
Droolik Candy Bucket Released: Oct 8, 2009
Haunted Woods Archway Wearable
Released: Oct 19, 2013
Creeping Branches Frame NC Mall item
Released: Oct 28, 2010
Spooky Grandfather Clock NC Mall item
Released: Oct 15, 2013

Droolik Surprise is a Gourmet Food. Feeding this to your pet, while not recommended (why would anyone want to eat a poor little droolik?), it will count towards the Gourmet Foods your pet has eaten. As such, this item remains fairly pricey.

Caring for your Droolik

So you've gotten your first droolik. Congragulations! But now you need how to care for it. Here you can find all the tips and need to know stuff about taking care of your new petpet.

Caring for Drooliks 101

That's about all you need to know about caring for drugals. Enjoy your new drugal. If you care for them properly, they will reward you with their love forever!

How to get a Droolik

Finding a droolik is not terribly difficult. They are not given out by random events, nor can you purchase one at Spooky Petpets. There are only 4 ways to obtain a droolik.

The first way to acquire a droolik is to win one from Test Your Strength. I'm not sure what the score is to win a droolik, having never one before.
If you know the score, please neomail me so I can put it here!

I wish I had advice for how to win the droolik, but unfortunately I can only tell you where to find it. I can however wish you luck on winning!

The second way to acquire a droolik is to purchase one from a User's Shop. This is usually the easiest way to get one. Drooliks are not pricey petpets - at least, the unpainted ones aren't. They usually run around 5500 nps.

The third way to acquire a droolik is to purchase one from the Trading Post, especially if you're trying to get a certain painted one. Otherwise, just go buy one from a user shop. If you're searching for painted drooliks, however, be prepared to wait it out on the TP. They do pop up there, but not terribly often.

If you're after a painted droolik, buy the PPPB from the TP and paint your own. It's much more fun and usually the easiest way to find one.

The fourth and final way to get a droolik is to have a very good friend and/or kind person gift you a droolik. This is by far the best way to obtain a droolik. Because, let's face it – they make the best presents!

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