Welcome to Chasing Violet, a poetry site owned by yours truly, Madeline! Chasing Violet opened on January 24, 2010, and I've been writing poetry ever since. Here I've complied all of the poems I've written, along all my secrets and knowledge of poetry. I hope you sincerely enjoy your stay and that my poetry can brighten your day! If you feel compelled to say anything, feel free to let me know.


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Here are some of my poems. I've written many, many more poems, but they're old and bad. Here are my newer ones that I like better. ^__^

Apparent Transgressions

I think that maybe I'll stay here and count all the seconds
that nip at my ankles,
trying to lick away my pain.
If it was me in there,
I'd don't know what I'd do,
but I'd never admit that.

The delusions that dance
inside of whitened shadows,
try to suffocate the music
that lingers in my head.
Through all the dancing and noise,
I cease to subsist as someone
worth the innocence.

There will always be bruises
and plenty of scars
willing to tell my story,
while I watch in stony silence,
wishing they had egos
to match my falling sanity.

Streaks and smears
hide themselves in the corners
of my moth eaten mind,
and I fight to ignore them.
No one listens to me,
So I'll act as if
My criminal record is clean.

His Heart, The Beast

Beneath the layers of flesh
and hiding behind bones
skulks a monster.
The beast has no spirit,
he sits in dismay,
surrounded by his own tears
that nobody wants,
he cries for no one.

Impossible clings to him,
his purpose is drenched
in his own waste,
and has been lost since silence.
His days are drowned out
in his enemies' screams.

There is nowhere to go
when the sand runs out.
He knows he'll be left
in a world full of writing
and runes that he can't read.
But it doesn't matter to him,
he's just lonely.

He use to be someone long ago.
But then the creature died
behind caged ribs,
he lies motionless.
Violent sobs rack him,
They keep him and his home alive.

Fighting Confessions in Motion

Expre55ions swim around
In the reflections of guilt
And other nasty demise
Of the ones before.

Perforated fabrics
Lace around her arms
The placid accompanies
Of fate look surprised
By the unpleasant doubt.

The ugly children run
Looking for their friends.
Broken bottles lay below
Where the war broke out.
Everyone is an enemy,
Tell that to the future.

Don't say a word
Let beauty and silence
Melt together into one
And never stop to stare
At the monsters.

Go ahead and hide.
We'll try not to care.
But everybody really knows
That there is no such thing
As dragon breath,
We just won't tell you.


Wind whispers through dry grass
and spider webs trap light.
Toxins creep along the edges,
coloring blood purple.
I try not to care,
but I have another life to waste.

Fingerprints don't lie,
they only make up stories.
Beneath bruised soil,
foggy dialogue not meant for me
is hissed through clenched teeth
and rolls off swollen tongues.

I try to pretend I'm not here.
I try to ignore the derision
persisted by demonic insides.
But they know he's not alive anymore,
and the air slowly thickens.
My eyes roll back
and delusions run against walls.

Fight against the intensity
go against the fading skies
and don't listen to mortality.
deathly implosions don't really exist,
but I don't tell you that,
Because I don't think you need to know.

Let me know when the pain
collides with sheer curiosity.
Then it will be safe
for me to put my knives away
and let the corners of my lips drop,
falling to below

Without My Mind...

In the dim lit hallways
Of my narrow mind
We sit together.
Muted music plays
In the rooms below.

I search your face,
Your dark brown eyes,
Your shadow hair.
I know who you are,
But I know you'll never be.

Fate over fate,
The answer remains the same,
Unproven results lie.
If you aren't real here,
Who will be?

What if there is no one
With the same murky eyes
As you?
Then I'll be left alone
In the northern lights.

In my demented mind,
I grab you harder
And bury my face in your skin.
Without my mind,
You don't exist.

Roy G. Biv

I don't know what he means
when he glares at me
from behind cracked glass.
My friend, Mr. Roy G. Biv
only means well.
But I think there's something
that he doesn't understand.

He won't know until dew
forms around his lips
and sink into the corners
of his pointy nose.
Then maybe he'll realize
and tell me the answer.

He's not always hiding,
you just can't see him well
if you don't look hard enough.
He's there somewhere,
buried beneath nostalgic pop
that isn't thin enough
to look through.

He told me that enigmas
are best digested with pain,
but no where could I find
a dose of hurt heavy enough.
Maybe circles of rope
that hug my neck
and hang from attic rafters
Can ease my uncertainty.

Silence Sits With Me

A threatened Silence hums
my intriguing lullaby.
My head against his chest,
I feel his breath release
and his lungs smile.

I'm afraid to admit anything,
and I won't let him know.
When he fills my mind
I won't tell him so,
he can find out on his own.

Cyan shadows imbue together
in the depths of pretty eyes.
He knows everything,
so he can whisper all he wants,
Mr. Moon doesn't care.

The dark breaks labyrinths
and glasses of bloody wine.
All the drunk people
can then find their way out
as we stop to stare.

Sharpened knifes win,
which is really no surprise.
But he won't tell me
where we're going.
We'll untouched touched soil.

The Silent Witness

Deep in the darkness,
Far back in the deep hole,
Lies an echo
Where bullets collided,
Veins capsized,
And purple blood fell.

Tears were found
Were cloth was ripped
And stone hate bit hard.
Through clenched teeth,
Last breaths were breathed
In living harmony.

A sneaky projectile
Shadowed the air,
Aerodynamics didn't fail.
Flight was taken
As the deadly speed
Burnt the feathers to ash.

Explanations were few,
And searches were pursued
For the sharpened truth.
Answers live in extinction,
Except for the few
That survive for sanity itself.

But they won't find them.
My secrets will weigh me down,
It will be hard to run.
They won't unlock my eyes,
I've swallowed the key,
I'll never confess.


My eyes wandered
Dancing across his face.
Then cold realization hit me,
I was shaking.
And I will exist.

Our Love Doesn't Breathe

A sticky silver substance
spins around your irises
And dance on your tears.
My frayed body shivers,
I hate everything about you,
but your hands grab my wrists
I feel your fingers wrap around.

Everything goes numb,
which isn't right at all.
I shouldn't feel numbness.
That's what death is for.
Death stops the feeling, mostly pain.
Why is there nothing but pain
as your mouth touches mine?

The blood shimmers
on your cracked lips,
and in the dark the toxin smiles.
My body shrieks and denies,
but my lips drink the poison,
I can feel it twist down my throat.
It burns like the devil's laugh
and I reach for the elixir,
but I don't have any.

This feeling isn't ephemeral.
But then again this isn't real
because I know this feeling,
and I know that it doesn't exist.

The silence is so loud,
you can barely hear my heart.
It sings songs of loud dirty ugliness.
Stop breathing, you'll hear it," I say,
but I forgot that you don't breathe.
And neither do I.
So what does that make us?

I Think They Broke It

There isn't anything left.
They're all gone,
So don't waste your breath,
Just watch it melt in the air
And collide with everything
That isn't meant to be.

The melodies are frayed
Our gasps are discordant.
And you don't make sense,
But you can try to hold my hand.
Beneath twisted trees
Golden tones linger.

Crash isn't an option,
Fire isn't your friend.
Age betrayed us once more
Now everything is sneaky.
Innocence doesn't fool me.

Just let me out, let me go.
Twisting bars I'll push away.
I'll find my way to you,
Because I know compasses
Would never lie,
And neither does the truth.

It's Not Safe in Here

Hues dance across eyelids,
Dripping through eyelashes
Crashing and burning
Nowhere else but here.

Ashes of smoldered harbors
And burnt horizons
Color the heavy atmosphere
While flames feast.

Dirty projections play
On broken windows
And shattered frames,
A show for ugly pleasures.

Clarity is foggy,
And aqua isn't real.
Everything that wants to be
Doesn't have a chance.

Half a decade short,
Their hands are too big,
And mine too small,
The demented are ebbing.

So I suppose this is goodbye,
But I missed the hello.
My heads were in the clouds
But it seemed so clear.

Poison surfaces around here,
And creatures lurk below.
When I close my eyes,
The grimy illusions begin.


A long reaching table
Covered in satin
Waiting for a lovely
Tea party for two.
China paraded around
The silent setting.
And precious delicacies
Shimmered all about.

The darkened woods
Surrounded the two.
Trees hung around,
A vision that they
Couldn't forget, despite
How hard they would try.
It was a lonely scene
Of haunted innocence.

The two of them sat
On the silver chairs.
As a lagoon blue sky
Dangled from above.
They made small talk
A flavorless language
For which neither
Seemed to care for.

But colorless visions
Turned into talk,
Slowly evolving
The hues flickered
From red to blue, back.
Voices were raised.
Explanations were dealt
But neither listened.

Glasses were smashed
And insults were thrown.
The table was turned,
And their hearts fell
To the forest floor
And the smash was heard.
The echo resounded,
All the creatures heard.

And they stopped.
They both turned around.
Tears in her eyes,
She tried to apologize.
Stumbling over words,
Her blue eyes wet,
Trying to show her regret
But it was too late.

He embraced her
And she muttered
Her sincere regrets,
But he didn't listen.
He brushed golden hair
From her face.
And gave her a kiss
That tasted like tea.

The Rocky Verge

At the edge
At the verge
Of every mountain

Is the drop.
Vertical. Fall.

Bare feet stand
On limits
Discovering truth

That tumbles.
Endless. Piercing.

Wind kisses
The bottoms,
Blows through

The dress.
Flirt. Forever.

I can't say
That the climbing
Was easy

Then I'd be a liar.
Misleading. Tricking.

But it doesn't matter
I'm here now
And I don't plan

On leaving.
Refuge. Protect.

Here I am.

Trapped in my Mind

I've never felt
The rain on my skin.
I've never heard
The whitecaps crash.
It's all a faded
And still to fray
Distant memory.

Gently whisper
When you're ready.
And I'll be there.
My doubts and I
Will take our wonder,
And we won't dare
To look back.

I've never seen
The atmospheric day.
I've never tasted
The iridescent clouds.
It just a degraded
And far away
Dying reverie.

With the shards
Of my heart,
I'll dance away
To a new perspective.
On a another dream
There silently lies
My brand new hue.
I've never smelt
The lying butterfly.
I've never breathed
The West Coast air.
It's all an invaded
And empty dismay
Far from here.


I intently watched
The pond skaters glide
Across the glassy surface.
Beyond the screaming silence,
I heard the wood nymphs
Laughing and hiding
Among freshly fallen leaves
Dancing around the trees.

His laugh startled me.
I turned around,.
Looking up at him,
I watched the sun reflect
Off his gorgeous features.
His grey eyes smirked
The sweet symphony I knew
And I gently smiled

We sat quietly together
At the edge of the stream.
I was cradled in his arms.
My toes were dancing in water
Waiting to go numb while
Watching the ripples echo
Throughout the stream
And across the rocks.

*If you listen closely,
You can hear the acoustics
Inside my head,* he told me
*The insanity being strummed
While the demented ways
Softly begin to sing along.
The bittersweet melody
Never leaves my head.*

I pressed my forehead
Softly against his
And I listened so carefully
That I heard my sanity
Shatter and crash.
And then I heard it,
The acoustics in his head.
And I knew we were insane.


I'll stare at the sun
Only to go blind
And closing my eyes,
The colors will dance
On the back of my eyelids.

But I'm afraid that
When I open my eyes,
The sun will be gone
And the world
Will be as dark as ever.

The shadows will taunt
And laugh at me
As I pass through the lands
Full of the unknown
And secrets of others.

Reflections will rise
And scatter themselves
On the brick roofs.
Then the burning lights
Will fall to the ground.

Droplets of rays
Will completely engulf
The desolation.
Shards of crystals
Will hang from the sky.

And there won't be and end.
Kingdoms of darkness
Have us chained.
But it's okay
Because I'm with you.

Fears of the Forgotten

And I close my eyes
As all the fear
Comes bursting in
Leaving through a tear.
And my mind begins
To slowly wonder.
All the doubts pull
Me deep down under.

Then I can't breathe.
My heart might suffocate
And when you come
It'll be too late.
The hued darkness
Will have already
Engulfed me
Leaving me unsteady.

Perhaps you've forgotten
When I was sure
You never would,
Leaving me unsure.
Are your memories
Drowning in the sea?
Sinking among them
Is the brokenness of me.

I can't help but stop
And wonder about you.
If you still write
About me too.
With your words
You would win me.
But I don't think you care,
I lie in your debris.

Hide and Seek

The pure innocence
Of the butterflies
That roam my stomach
Always scare me
Along with my insanity.

Viciously brought
By messengers above,
They'll tell me that
My cold heart of stone
Has been broken.

I hide in the corner,
Away from the love.
Away from the colors
That shade in reality's
Vibrant shadows.

I lay in the lies
I keep telling myself.
Shielding my eyes
From the horror
And sheer disgrace.

But when I look into
Your deep brown eyes,
For the second time,
The dismay of love
Will slowly fade away.

To The Where

Beyond the dark horizons,
Through broken window frames
You'll see the fantasy lands
And the ruins and debris
Created by blood-thirsty humans
Who wanted nothing more
Than to gain the worlds.

Dreams of tasting the sky
Were crushed into tiny shards.
With no where to run,
They only had their tears
To confide their secrets in.
Everyone was the enemy,
And no one could be trusted,
You could even be sure
That you were the good ones.

With promises of running away,
With endless hopes
That young love could survive
The explosions and gunfire
Draped in endless chaos,
Madness could devour anything
Seemingly pure.
But they could defeat that.

They'd go to the lands unknown
Where rivulets of desire
Would color in the fields
For a picturesque new love.
Painless and perfect starry nights
Waited for their arrival.
But the bombing and gunshots,
Left them buried in rubble.

Love Is Not All Around

I'll endlessly search
This broken world
For shattered remains
Of legendary love.

Droplets of affection
Used to fall
From the golden sky
Showering the people.

The colors fade
In and out again.
Leaving me with nothing,
Empty and alone.

Desolate hearts
Wander the earth.
Longing for the fables
To come to light.

Love's echo is heard,
The melody is sung,
But the voice is lost,
Buried in heaps of debris.

Creamy memories
Of kaleidoscope worlds
Fill my mind.
Love is not all around


On my heavy eyelids
Far away dreams prance.
On my eyelashes,
Sleepy reveries dance.

The taste of sleep
Glides across my tongue.
As old memories float by
Left alone and unsung.

The ticking doesn't cease
From the noisy clock.
In the dreary silence,
I can hear it mock.
I fight for ideas,
I battle for my sanity.
However, I am beaten
By reality's inhumanity.

The milky river flows
Through my cold fingers.
I watch in dismay as
The sweetness lingers.

Tears start to mourn
And drift away.
There isn't anything left,
For an insomniac to say.

The Pennsylvania Play-set

The tiny clouds hang
From the string
Attached to the sky
That soars above.

A gradient fills
The expansive blue,
A cobalt stretch
Fills the atmosphere.

The white moon
Hangs in place
Resting in the blue sky
Greeting the world.

Corn fields stretch
Across the soil,
And gardens grow
In every corner.

In flowery hues,
Butterflies drift
Leaving their delicate
Butterfly tears.

Through the eyes
Of the children,
The world never ceases
To daze the mind.

Days Have Passed

Ninety one thousand
One hundred and ten.
That's how many days
Have passed without you.
But who's counting?
I'm certainly not.
It's far too insane.

Insane left existence
Once I saw your body
Buried beneath
The rubble and debris.
I knew I was shattered,
Even more broken
Than the scattered glass.

Tears and blurry eyes
Became my friends.
I wanted to be left alone
But I needed comfort.
I was lost and confused,
Completely destroyed,
Just like the plane.

I would plea in the night,
I'm sure you heard.
I'd call out, waiting
For your voice
To whisper back to me.
But it never happened.
You must of forgotten.

Ninety one thousand
One hundred and ten.
I never stopped
Loving your soul.
It's a waste of my heart,
But I was a waste
Of your time.


Monster runs
Through my veins
Seeping its ways
Into my heart.

The desire to roar
Swells in my throat.
Ready to burst
Through my neck.

Frothing and foaming,
My breath warm,
I'll scream out
To the lonely wind.

I'll take my claws,
And slice my way
Through the crowds
To solitude.

With a mind of rage,
And a heart of stone,
I'll burn this place
To the ground.

I'll leave this all.
Never to return
To the intoxicated
Human planet.

And then I'll shrink
Back to myself,
Where I'll hide away,
From hopeless confusion.

The Lagoon

The murky water whisper
While endless thoughts
Lurk deep below,
Stalking around under
The currents and tides.

The lighting is dim,
The sanity is scarce,
But yet life flows through
The dark flooded chambers
Where secrets lay
And mysteries hide.

The corners are sharp,
The walls are narrow,
There seems to be
No way to escape,
But there's no reason to
The atmosphere keeps
Your dead soul alive.

Hues are boggled
And flipped all around,
Creating new memories.
Here nothing is true,
But nothing will lie.

It sinks or floats
In the submerged debris,
Anything will attack
And will leave you
With a newfound lunacy
You'll never regret.


Long after you're gone
I hear your melodies
Ringing in my head,
Shattering my thoughts,
Leading me astray.

They ceaselessly tempt,
Inviting me to join you
In a Wonderland for two
Where skies never end,
And the lights never dim.

I remember your words,
The whimsical verses.
They're seemingly scratched
On the back of my eyelids
So I won't forget.

Droplets of your laugh
Linger in my head.
I hide where I know
I can see your smile
And feel your embrace.

I could only imagine
In creamy hues,
The sweet memories of us
Hiding in the daylight,
Together, together.

The softest grey eyes
That rest on your face,
I'll never be able to forget.
They pierced my heart,
Of which you stole.

Realm of Darkness

Draped in dreary silence
I hear a single note.
My insanity sharpens,
And my mind lays alert.
The quietness so piercing
Echoes through my mind.
There has to be a catch
To this numbing game.

The shadows, they hover
Dancing on the walls.
They mock me as they move,
Laughing ever so slightly.
Mercilessly they jeer and taunt,
And poke my demented soul.
There isn't anywhere
Where I can be called safe.

Doors left slightly ajar
Lead to other worlds.
Where anything could live
And creep it's way to here.
When the lights go out
New kingdoms rise.
We'll just have to wait
Till the light comes around.


Beneath the crashing whitecaps
Under the ocean's stir,
The girl, she sits in silence
While the rest is just a blur.

Winds ring the bells of ships
Which lie among the docks.
On the harbor, chaos calls
While the girl lies on the rocks.

Havoc sings a sour song,
With a voice so bitter sweet,
Lying beneath the disturbed realm
She hears the thunder's beat.

Her silver body shimmers
In even the darkest seas.
Her eyes, they seem to glisten,
Her center seems at ease.

While icy hues engulf her own,
She'll remain among the deep.
If you listen closely,
Perhaps you'll here her weep.

Child Among Men

He can't drive himself
So he walks alone,
Through the roads,
And onto the streets
Where endless terror reigns.

When he gets to the bar,
He takes a seat
Among the muscled men.
The bartender glances
In his direction,
Every day he comes,
He's taken aback.

The men drink beer
While he sips Coke,
Spinning on his stool.
In their murky eyes
He's just a boy,
Never to fully grow.

They'll all talk big
While he feels small.
They get up and leave,
Shoving their way out.
He stands up to leave,
His hands in his pockets,
Alone, he sulks out the door.

Mind's Skies

The walls are closing in
On memories to come.
The old floor is stained
With ages of pain.

When the sky drops
The fables begin.
And the white silhouettes
Are cast across faces.

Man kind crumbles
Beneath twisted trees.
Destruction is gone
Leaving only insanity.

I captured your last echo
Inside a glass jar.
I never forgot
The sound of your voice.

On top of the rubble
I'll wait for you.
Standing on the seams
Which imagination burst.

With the airplanes removed
Out of the sky,
We'll sing a golden hue
Laced with white doves.

The gentle song flows
Throughout shattered sky.
Harmonies and melodies
Elapse through our hearts.

My head on your shoulder
I watch minutes drop.
But for now I'll imagine it.
Until you return.


When the dawn arrives
I'll beckon the horizons.
I'll sit in the fields
Watching kingdoms arise.

Among the daisies
I'll burry the reality.
Wrapped in the blanket
Of cold morning dew.

The rising veil is draped
Across thousand skies.
Enfolded in delicate lace
The ceremony begins.

When clouds turn golden
I will give them away.
I'll harvest the sun,
My own gemstone charm.

Awe filled eyes
Glance over the clouds.
The glowing ensemble
Fills glistening minds.

The morning sets sail
On the freshest of oceans.
Leaving the docks
And the cold night behind.


The seaming had burst
Her heart was torn open.
The contents were stolen.
By her own filthy thief.
With stitching missing
Her heart skipped beats
There wasn't a seamstress
That could fix up her heart.

The plush would fall out
Leaving teardrops.
There wasn't a cure
For what he deemed a toy.
Broken and shattered
She fell to the floor
Without the strength
To bother fixing the pain.

At night she would plea
With dignity awry.
A needle and thread
Were her saviors to be.
Her ruined heart
Was too numb to feel.
The pain was too dead
To admit it was there.

She was betrayed.
All seemed to be lost.
Until she herself
Would repair her own.
She slowly patched up
Fields of ripped tears.
And then sewed together
The seamless gashes.

Autumn Dance

Her fur, gleaming white,
He admired from afar.
While the leaves around
Slowly fell to the ground
Leaving traces of Autumn.
His time was running,
Running far from him.
He couldn't catch up,
His opportunity was slipping.

He glanced at his hands
And his pale little palms
Wondering what a rabbit,
Beautiful like her, looked for
In a plain man like him.

His brown eyes shined
With the full admiration,
Basking in her pureness.
But his heart was dull
Lacking the courage
To speak his few words
That would steal her heart.

Until the leaves fell a few
And the wind whispered
He drew in his breath
And walked up to her.
His face turning red
He held out his hand.
Care for a dance?

She giggled and blushed
A soft pinkish hue.
She took his human hand
In her own rabbit paw.
Softly they danced
Throughout the Autumn ages.
Hand and hand,
Engulfed in their world.

Until slowly the snow
Crystallized in years of ice
Fell from the heavens
Covering the brown grass.
As quickly as the snow had fallen
So did a grimace upon
Her once happy face.

He looked longingly
At her beautiful face
Stilly and silently watching
Her gorgeous outline
Begin to fade with the snow.
He whispered his final farewell.

Shadowing Love

He was merely a shadow
Hidden in the depths.
At night he'd maliciously plot
His hollow revenge
To take over her world.

She was merely a human
Hidden in his heart.
At night he'd think of her.
He was otherwise heartless
But only because she stole it.

When she would walk by
His mouth would water.
He longed for a small taste,
Wanting nothing more
Than to claw her skin.

He wanted her soul
To be his to taunt.
He'd bring her little mind
To the verge of insanity.
It would no doubt be
The perfect romance.

He danced in the darkness
Waiting silently.
A rose in his hand,
He was ready to face her
And her divine beauty.

A smirk on his face,
He handed her the rose
As the small jagged thorn
Pricked her tiny finger.
She grimaced in pain.

With a love deep in his eyes
He smiled with glee.
As he intently watched
A drop of blood roll
Off her finger.

Yes…" he whispered
As he wrung his hands.
His heart throbbed
With overwhelming love.
Yes…Romance at last."

Mechanical Locket

The clockworks
Hanging on the chain.
Wearily her thoughts
Danced around the gears.

Black soot under her eyes
Smeared by the blur
Of her useless tears
In her useless life.

The knowledge hid among
Delicately intricate details.
Peeking around bolts
Mocking from behind screws.

There wasn't an end,
For the mindless gears
Never stopped spinning
In eternal rotations.

All he brought to her
Was the searing pain
And the mental frustration
Tied up with endless confusion.

He drained her happiness
And stored it in the locket.
Hiding it perfectly in
The motorized works.

The meaning is lost
In the technical works.
She threw the mechanical junk
Into the wooden wall.

As she watched the locket burst
Into pieces among pieces
Slowly she began to feel
A part of her starting to fade.


Pressed against the cold glass,
The crystal silver condensation
Projects my memories of you,
A happily lost animation.
The lonely acoustics echo
Throughout my deranged mind.
I swear over and over I hear
Your voice keeping me confined.

And all the reveries we shared,
Every word you said to me,
Are locked inside my secret box
While my heart guards the key.
As my mind lingers in my remnants
On the dark and rainy July days,
I'll open up my secret box
And stare at memories' haze.

Your laugh rings in my mind
Your voice lingers in my ears.
The gentle touch you had
Is there to still my fears.
At the breaking point,
I see you in the corner of my eye.
The hue of your placidness
Is there to make me cry.

Insanity, that's all it is,
The dark and mental groans.
The hushed psychotic whispers
With the silent mournful moans.
It's all just a dramatic show
Put on by my mad mentalities.
I'd rather live in my fantasies
And used to be realities.

On the Dock

Ripples playfully dancing
On glassy surfaces,
Moonlight reflecting
Its silver beams.
The blue blanket gracefully
Rests on the top
While below lurk the past's
Forgotten dreams.

It's a path leading up
High towards the stars.
Leading to the enigma
Much larger than life.
Many have tried
To sail the great path
But all that they got
Was a journey of strife.

Only one man understood
The full purpose.
Only one man solved
The long lasting anonymity.
He knew of the dreams
With in the small stream
Unlocking their secrets
Without the unanimity.

On the latest nights
He'd walk to the stream.
Hiding quietly behind
The shadows of trees.
He'd sit on the docks
And take out his rod,
Lowering it into
The lost dreams small seas.

Hooking emotions
He'd catch them with hope.
He'd fish out his desire
That was lost long ago.
The past's dreams
Were slowly re-found.
He realized his life's fantasy
He then didn't know.

The Knitter

The green yarn is strewn
All through the room.
Slowly it creates
The perfect wonderland.
While amongst the yarn
There sits a wrinkled lady.
Who slowly sits and knits
With all the life she has left.

She grabs the green
And the yarn intertwines
Forming perfect memories
Of perfect days long ago.
The grass was green
With the trees in bloom.
Soon the flowers shot up
And spread all their glory.

The light blue sky
Watches over below.
And crystal blue clouds
Dance with the sky.
A brook starts to run
Throughout the meadows
And the birds start to sing
Up in their trees.

Down below the children
Happily run about.
Their shrieking laughter
Echoes with the sound of joy.
A little boy and a tiny girl
Glowing with youth
Stand under a booming tree.
He reaches for her hand
And she sheepishly smiles.

He says something dumb
Making her laugh.
It's his turn to blush
As warmth filled his cheeks.
Then he softly leans over
And kissed her cheek.
Her blue eyes light up
As he talks with her.

A silent clear tear
Slides down the woman's
Old and aged face
As she chases it away.
She knows they are memories
And that's all the are.
She wants them to be real.
And if he was there, he would too.


He stalks around the corner
Whipping his head around.
He knows she's here somewhere
Because her whimpering is heard.
Through dirty red bloodshot eyes
He searches the dark house.

She hides far back in the corner
With her head resting in her knees.
Her sobs and fear violently shake her
And she wants so badly to cry out.
But the voices inside of her
Tell her not to for her life's sake.

*Precious,* he coos maniacally
*My precious,* he spits out the words.
*Daddy won't hurt you.* He laughs.
He knows it's one of his biggest lies.
He's a maniac, a pure maniac.
And he knows it, he lives it, he's proud.

Footsteps echo though the empty house.
She buries her face in her knees.
It's not the same, and it never will be
Now that Mommy is gone.
Her father wouldn't tell her where she went
But the daughter already knows.

His head appears around the corner
Spotting her huddled against the wall.
*Save me!* She shrieks
Knowing no one is there to save her.
Suddenly the lights flicker on
And he shields his murderous eyes in awe.

Home isn't in Dreamland

The thick clouds surround him
As he sits on the wooden floor
Watching the fog blanket the water
Painting a dreamy alternate world.

The full moon faintly shines
Dimly illuminating the sails
And their pale white cloth
That blow in the night breeze.

He steers his tiny vessel
While clutching his teddy bear.
They sail through the wavy water
In their blue striped pajamas.

The hue of the night's atmosphere
Engulfs them completely.
He wonders which way is home,
Or if he's lost in the seas of dreams.

His dreams keep him anchored
In the boat, trapping him for good.
There isn't a logic escape,
He can't wake himself up.

Home is somewhere beyond him,
Somewhere invisible and hidden.
Home is anywhere but here.
But maybe home doesn't exist.

The dream's thick boundaries
Keep him trapped in their territory.
There is no escape route at all,
He's stuck in the dreamy nightmare.

Origami Escape

He had written her a note
Sealed with her love.
She stood on the counter
Only a few inches tall
And began to cry tiny tears.

He missed her, he still did.
He wanted her back,
Back into his empty life.
She knew he wouldn't
Want her anymore now.

She sat down and cried
All of her love out.
Until she realized crying
Wasn't going to get her
Any closer to him.

She looked at his note
Full of love and pain.
She studied it's features
With great admiration
As an idea came to mind.

Taking the large note
Into her small hands
She began to quickly work.
Folding and creasing
A grin spread across her face.

As the sun woke up
She finally stepped back
Admiring her night of work.
The paper plane
Was absolutely perfect.

She hoped into the center
Between the wings
And pushed it off
Of the counter,
Soaring through the air.

She leaned forward
As the wind weaved
Through her brown hair.
She laughed as she flew
Growing closer to him.

When she finally landed
He was waiting for her.
She ran off the plane
And grew as she ran
Into his arms.

He embraced her
And spun her around.
*I grew! I grew!*
She happily exclaimed.
Laughing he tightly hugged her.

Wind-up Toy

The toy was wound up,
And hence came to life.
Ready to march
Through all of the strife.
The gears were oiled,
With a system brand new.
Its wood was painted
A shinning new hue.

On the wooden floor
It was then released,
Striding across,
That fearful beast.
It walked with great power,
And strode with fresh pride.
Not truly ready
For its big collide.

The carpet starts
Bringing an obstacle.
Stuck against the edge,
The toy looks like a fool.
Using all its force,
It slowly starts to fall.
Plunging to the ground,
Forced into a crawl.

The toy pays no attention
While inching around.
It runs into the wall
With a bang for a sound.
It slides to the floor
While holding its head.
It sits in silence
Feeling the pain slowly spread.

Lying on the ground,
The dog comes up to it.
Sniffing the little toy,
He's not about to quit.
Then it starts to nibble
And finally bites.
Leaving it in the corner
With nothing to enjoy.

The toy needed wound up,
And hence it lost its life.
It already marched
Through all of the strife.
The gears ran out of oil,
With a system far from new.
Its wood had faded
To an old discolored hue.

Love of Ashes

The words he wrote
In the blackest ink,
Were words for her,
The love of him.

The journal grew
Filled with desire.
The pages would turn
One after another.

His heart was poured
Out in dark ink.
Dripping from the pen,
Leaving trails of love.

The pages grew full,
So he gave it to her.
Her face illuminated,
And she blushed rosy red.

The clocks' hands,
They slowly turned.
While the suns sank,
Followed by moons.

And slowly he left her,
For another of her kind.
She wept over him,
But what did he care?

He was done with her.
Done with her love.
He poured his heart out,
Then took it all back.

The claims of his love
Slowly did fade.
His heart flamed
With another love.

The journal's words faded.
The love washed away,
Replaced by the new
Burning passion.

The pages caught on fire,
Burning the poems.
Burning the devotions.
Burning the emotions.

He saw it burn
With tears in his eyes.
Slowly they fell,
Extinguishing the fire.

He ran back to her, but
The journal was burned.
His love was ashes,
And she didn't want it.

Forest of Melody

Butterflies flew
With folded wings
Made from music sheets.
While the wind sang
It's cheery song
Reading from their beats.

The trees created rhythm,
By waving their leaves
To the song.
The flowers with petals
Made from piano keys
Softly played along.

The birds sang soprano,
Filling the atmospheres
With their shrill notes.
The spiders sang falsetto
To join in with the birds,
Harmonizing through throats.

I sat to listen
To the Forest of Melody
And its legendary tune.
I couldn't help but wonder
If my planet earth together
Could sometime sing like this soon.

Wind Kissed Cheeks

She playfully twirls
Around him.
He stands in awe
Watching her every
Movement and spin.
He watches her,
Irises gleaming.
As her foggy lips
Whisper words
Of love.

He runs his hands
Her hazy hair.
While she

Her charming
Grew cloudy
And faded
Through time.

And slowly
She faded along
With her face,
Her heart,
And her desire.

All except her love
For him.
So every autumn
She comes back
To see him.

She makes him
Blush every time.
Turn his cheeks
Rosy red,
A wind kissed color.

Velvet Dress

When he first saw me,
He fell in love at once.
But as time passed,
He lost all interest in me.
I was put in the back
With the rest of his lovers.
Being marked
As another admirer.

One day his fiancé
Went missing.
And they couldn't find
Another girl.
So they quickly ran
And fetched me.
Bringing me up
To his presence.

He then asked me to marry,
And I couldn't refuse.
Fairy-tale plans
Were made for us.
My velvet wedding dress
Was picked out.
And my bouquet of flowers
Grew in the gardens.

He slowly grew sick
And his gorgeous face
Grew pale white
As he started to fade away.
But he promised me
That he would always love me.
And he promised
That he would marry me.

The day finally came
Where I walked
Down the aisle
Wearing in my velvet dress.
But I walked alone
To a empty alter.
He wasn't there.
He had already died.

Rosy Blue

Blue roses enclosed
In a crystallized case.
Outlined in thick black
That doesn't erase.
Imprisoned by glass
With thin atmospheres.
They silently cry,
Choking on tears.

Their fainting gasps
Echoes' resound.
Their silent whispers
Are swirling around.
Only silence is heard,
Only pleas are said.
Singing is gone,
All their glory is bled.

So slowly they wither
And slowly they wilt.
As their hearts grow tired
Of carrying guilt.
Their petals fall
And their colors fade.
Life gradually leaves them
Feeling betrayed.

One day the sky grows grey
Showering the world with rain.
The drops break the vase
Finally shattering its vain.
And the roses cry
Out with joy.
Their anguish is over,
They're no longer death's toy.


The black lines
Run from her eyes
Down her cheeks
And off her chin.
Streaming down

And smearing
Showing no mercy.

Their stains
Her otherwise
Flawless face.

Her elegant features,
Eating her skin,
Leaving their scars.

The smears eternal,
The pain forever.
No escape
For the blotched tears.

Ash colored eyes
Soot colored flesh.
Pale colored heart,
Fear driven mind.


He cradles her
Holding her
To his chest
While stroking
Her hair
Humming quietly
To her broken body.

*It's all your fault.*
She whispers
As sobs wrench
From her body
She shrieks in his ear
Digging her nails
Into his skin

He pulls her back
While she claws
Onto him
He takes her head
In his hands
Looking straight
Into her.

*You claimed
To love me.
You claimed
To rely on me.
They mocked you.
Abandoning you.
Spitting in your face
Showing no pity.*

*I know.*
*I know!*
She sobs
And screeches
*And where were you?*
He doesn't answer
He hangs his head
In her shame

*You pushed me away
To the back of your heart.
You denied me.
You refused me.
You didn't plea
for my love.*
She clings to him, guilty

Death's White Dress

Her dark crimson hair
A bloody hue
Cascades down the back
Of her white wedding dress
Covered in laces
That dance around the hems
Mocking her
With cynical looks

Flimsy gloved fingers
A pristine white
Clutch the pink flowers
To her broken heart
Holding them forcefully
With the most delicate touch
Ready for the climax
So she can fall again

Her pale face
Ashy and pallid
Fragilely curtained
With a pasty veil
Held there with a tiara
Encrusted with jewels
Forced into her head
Cutting her scalp

She reaches the altar
And faces the groom
A sly smile on his lips
A glisten in his eyes
As they speak the words
That thread them together
But eternal love
Isn't eternally eternal

Her frozen lips meet his
As he holds them there
Reaching into his pocket
He draws out a blade
The guests gasp
He steps back
Holding her firm
Her eyes closed

He lifts the blade high
Thrusting it through
Her wrecked body
Making her collapse
Piercing right through
Her dead heart
As if it wasn't dead before
As if she wasn't dead before

The guest scream
Running chaotically around
As he holds her in his arms
Smirking at her remains
Lifting her body up for a kiss
Brushing her sour lips
He limp body falls to the floor
As he stands and laughs

Berlin Wall

They watched the wall go up
She watched from the west
He watched from the east
Both too weak to whisper protest

They watched the wall go up
She watched in tears
He watched in dismay
Too strong to show his fears

They watched the wall go up
She watched in pain
He watched with desire
Both sitting in the rain

They watched the wall go up
He watched with desire
She knew it was to much
She couldn't stop the burning fire

He watched her run to the wall
Tears staining her face
He listened to the gunshot's ring
And never felt her warm embrace


Here you'll find the meanings behind all of my poems! A lot of poetry sites now a days have this feature to their sites, but you're looking at the original idea. ^__^ I hope you can see deeper into my poems now.

Apparent Transgressions

This is another poem about sin and guilt, it could be taken as a murder. I've been writing a lot about sin and guilt lately, if you couldn't tell. :D

His Heart, The Beast

The title says it all. This poem is about how someone used to have a heart until it turned into a complete monster. I actually know what I was trying to say when I wrote this. :3

Fighting Confessions in Motion

This poem is just about war. It's almost about how war is completely pointless and is destroying the world and hopes for anything better. The line about dragon breath not being real resembles that sometimes what we're fighting for is ruined and doesn't exist.


This poem is about a murder. The narrator committed it. It really isn't much except for the description and little thoughts to the murdered person.

Without My Mind...

Goodness, this is a bit embarrassing, and a bit personal. It's just a poem about how I've been daydreaming about certain people. I know there is no way that I'll even meet them, but in my mind, I really really like them. And it just kind of stinks to know that there may never be anyone as perfect as the figures in my head.

Roy G. Biv

I was listening to Roy G. Biv by Boards of Canada and the idea of having a friend named Roy G. Biv just started to take form. He knows something that I don't and he won't tell me until I have enough pain to take the truth. It doesn't end well for me...:3 Another one of those poems I didn't understand when I wrote it. xD

Silence Sits With Me

This is a poem with more random musings than a point, really. It's just the description of the narrator sitting with Silence (I guess quietness in human form) and watching the sights.

The Silent Witness

I wrote this while listening to Peacock Tail by Boards of Canada. It's about two men who kill each other at the same time, and a girl (the narrator) was the only one to witness it. However she won't tell anyone about it.


Just a short poem about something stupid. ^__^ Just a little fantasy crush inside my head. I think I knew what I wanted this poem to be about, so the little muse in my head refused to work with me, so it's short. But still sweet. :3

Our Love Doesn't Breathe

I think this poem is about a boy all beaten up that the girl (the narrator) can't stand and downright hates but really does love. He's dead, and I guess so is she. Or maybe they are both insane and numb. He knows she can't stand him, but he has an obsession with her and in all his pain, he can't help it. I suppose it's a bit strange, but once again, the poem wrote itself. xD

I Think They Broke It

This was one of those poems that write themselves. I wrote a random first few lines, and the rest fell into place. I think it's about how dictators took over the world and ruined it. Then a few stanzas later, apparently I'm in jail, waiting to be reunited with my the person I love who is out in the ruined world. I think that's what happened. You'll have to ask the poem. He wrote it, not me. :3

It's Not Safe in Here

I was randomly putting together words on the bus without emotion when this poem started. The rest of the inspiration comes from my fantasies, which to save me the embarrassment, are about something that is far more than unlikely. To wrap it up, it's about how I keep imagining this over and over for my pleasure, when it will never be, and it's not safe for the heartbreak I'll have when I come to my senses. xD


This poem is just about how two people were having tea together and they started fighting, but in the end, they couldn't be mad at each other. Creative...I know. xD

The Rocky Verge

I was listening to A Mountain of Ice by Helios and I just had the urge to write a song about the edge. This poem is just about being at the edge of a mountain and looking over the edge, and all the feelings that come together.

Trapped in My Mind

This poem is about how I often feel like an escapee with no where to run. I have done a few things in this poem, so it isn't from true experiences, but often I feel stuck in this little town.


I started writing this as a short story, but I forgot about it. I came back later and realized I'd be able to finish it must better if it was a poem so I edited it and finished it. It's just about two people sitting by the stream and one person tells the other that if you listen closely, you can hear the music (acoustics) in their head. It's insanity, I suppose.


Forgive my over creative title. xD Lights is just about the sun. I got the idea when I was on the bus and the sun was so bright and when I closed my eyes, I was afraid it would be gone when I opened them.

Fears of the Forgotten

I wrote this poem when the thought occurred to me that someone I miss may not miss me at all. I may of been completely forgotten. I guess this is just all my worries in a poem.

Hide and Seek

Forgive my ever so creative title. xD This poem is just about how sometimes a lot of people don't want to admit they're in love, and this is told from my perspective. I don't want myself to believe that I actually like someone, since the idea is so crazy.

To The Where

I wrote this poem about two lovers who's homes have been completely destroyed by war and the everyday destructions of humans, and they need to run away to some where new and safe where they can be together.

Love Is Not All Around

I was listening to the piano song, Love Is Not All Around, and trying to figure out what to write. The title, emotion, and melody carried me away and just sort of told me what to write. It was really inspiring, and I'll definitely have to listen to music and write more. I was so excited to discover a new method to make my writing better. It's just about how love is so hard to find now a days.


I often write my poems late at night, right before I go to bed, and this was one of them. This is usually how I feel before going to bed, or when trying to fall asleep. My body is tired, but my mind still wants to create it's own little world. Some nights I have trouble sleeping.

The Pennsylvania Play-set

On the bus ride home everyday, we pass this beautiful field full of corn with blue skies, a few white clouds, and a faint outline of the day-time moon. I think it looks like an imaginary little farm play-set for children, it's so picturesque.

Days Have Passed

This poem is about 9-11 and how the main character had lost someone special. Although, there won't be ninety one thousand one hundred and ten days that have passed from 9-11-01 for a good few years, I was mathematically incorrect for poetry, so it's all good. :3


I was just really frustrated with everyone, and I wanted to be left alone, but no matter how much I tried, I would keep being bothered in one way or another. I just kinda wished I could turn into some giant monster and storm off to a fantasy world...

The Lagoon

This is how I imagine my mind. Champers filled with deep murky water. In the depths lurk un-known creatures. Doesn't sound too pleasant, but I think it sounds really cool. xD


Such a creative title. xD I'm not super found of this poem, although I do like some lines of it. It's just simply about my memories of someone I really miss. I had a bunch of ideas for poems on the bus ride home, but I forgot them. So, I had to improvise. :3

Realm of Darkness

You may not know, but I'm super terrified of the dark in certain occasions. Once my imagination gets a hold of the situation, I'm pretty scared. This is just about how sounds, shadows, and open closet doors scare me. xD


I was sitting in the kitchen eating oreos, when a storm was passing by. It was super windy, and we have a chime/bell hanging on our porch, and I could hear it ringing. It kind of reminded me of a ship bell in the middle of the storm. I then thought of mermaids, which I've been fascinated with ever since I was little. I incorporated both of those into this poem.

Child Among Men

This poem is about my neighbor who is mentally challenged, or something along that line. He can't drive, so everyday he walks to the bar, which is quite far away. Instead of beer, he drinks Coke. It's about how he'll always act like a kid because of his disability.

Mind's Skies

The first line of this poem came from me randomly singing along to one of my favorite songs. I sung some more, but it wasn't the best, so I didn't use it. xD This poem is basically about me destroying the world in my mind and reuniting with someone I miss. ^__^


The first stanza was me rambling on about some random stuff, just because I didn't know what to write about. I was about to delete it, but I actually really liked it and the idea. It's just about watching the sun rise.


This poem was about a girl who's heart was ripped apart, and she couldn't find anyone to 'sew' it back together again. So she decided instead of waiting for someone to fix her problem, she would do it herself. I love the message of this poem. xD

Autumn Dance

This poem was inspired by pesare. (Again.) xD It's about a man who is in love with a rabbit (a human-like rabbit of course!) He has to ask her to dance before the snow comes. He won't be able to see her when the snow falls because of her white fur.

Shadowing Love

Inspired by pesare, once more. I really need to think of ideas myself. xD Anyways, this one is about a creepy monster shadow who falls in love with a human. However, it isn't happy unicorn and butterfly love, he wants to eat her. ^^ Very romantic. 0__o

Mechanical Locket

This poem is just about a mechanical locket, not too much to it. The boy gives the girl the heart shaped locket. It's supposed to symbolize his heart. Since they were in love, when the heart stopped working, he started to fade. In a way, he was part of her, so a bit of her disappeared.


Reverie is about someone I really, really miss. I've been dreaming about him quite a lot. I don't think I'll ever see him again, although seeing him next year is a possibility, but only for a week. This one is just about me missing him and the insanity and heartbreak it's bringing me. This is the first raw emotion I've had for quite some time, so its one of the few first person narrations I've wrote in a while. :3

On the Dock

This is another one of pesare's works. (He's quite inspirational!) Its about a stream that leads up to the sky. Everyone believed that they should follow it to the sky. Only one man realized its true purpose, to fish out the forgotten dreams that lay below the surface.

The Knitter

Also inspired by one of pesare's works. This is about an old woman who knits her memories. She knits a fine summer day and she remebers her first love. I like this poem. At first, I couldn't get it to sound right, but I didn't give up, and I like the end results.


This marks history. This was the first time I ever cried when writing a poem. This is about a father who abuses his daughter. She is hiding from him and he wants to hurt her. The thing that made me cry was that I realized that this isn't a fantasy. When I was writing this, I realized that there is probably a little girl going through this right now. I imagined the pain, fear, and awfulness. I know I'll never fully understand it, but from what I do understand, it sent me into tears. Just think about it? Aren't you tearing up a bit?

Home isn't in Dreamland

This is about a boy who is sailing in his dreams. He's trapped and he can't get home. There isn't really much too it. It was inspired by Where Home Awaits by pesare at DA. Check out his other works! pesare.deviantart.com

Origami Escape

I'm not sure how I got this idea. But this poem is about a minature person (like Tumbalina!) who gets a love note from someone she misses saying that he wants her back. She then takes the note and turns it into a paper airplane and flies to him.

Wind-up Toy

My favorite of the night! You can see I started to die after a few stanzas, but I really love the concept. The little toy (I imagine him as a toy solider) is supposed to resemble a human. We're born spotless and ready for life, but all the obstacles come and wear us down.

Love of Ashes

This one was inspired by a manipulated photograph, and in the photo was a burning journal. Here I made up the little backstory behind it, where the boy leaves the girl for another girl, and she burns the journal he gave her.

Forest of Melody

In the same drawing that inspired Rosy Blue, there were butterflies made out of music sheets. The whole poem was supposed to be about butterflies, but it took a turn and ended up being about a musical forest. I kinda like this one.

Wind Kissed Cheeks

This one is about a boy whose lost love is the wind. It's really quite a nice concept actually, although I think I could of written it better.

Velvet Dress

This is my least favorite poem that I wrote that night. It's supposed to be like the story Velveteen Rabbit, with me as the rabbit and the prince as the boy. It turned out a bit different though.

Rosy Blue

This was inspired by a picture on deviantart (my new obsession) and partly by the rose in Beauty and the Beast. I don't remember what that rose does, but its in a vase, so it works, right? xD Anywho, this poem is really just about trapped roses that are eventually freed.


This poem has has a really stupid concept. But, I think the way that I wrote it makes it seem amazing. It's basically about smeared mascara and eyeliner from when you cry. I really like this poem though, because the mental picture I have is beautiful.


This poem was part of Smudge (above), but I decided that it was a bit off track, so I made them two different poems. This one is about a girl who claims she loves a guy, but then she denies him, because others made fun of her. Her life goes into termoil, and she wonders where he was. He said that she didn't want him.

Berlin Wall

On my class trip to D.C, one of the museum's exhibts was the Berlin Wall, which was used to seperate West and East Germany. I imagined what it would be like for lovers to be on the two different sides, with no way to get to the other.


Welcome to the Chasing Violet Extras page! I've complied all sorts of fun little poetry bonuses and put them here! You can read tips about writing poetry, find inspiration through pictures, and read poetry quotes. You'll a page where I've put poems and lyrics that I find inspirational, so you can find even more poet's works to read. ^__^

Poetry Quotes
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Poetry Tips

I have a big list of poetry tips here, some from others, and a few for me. If you just need help writing a poem or two, the simple tips by others are probably better for you. ^__^ If you really want to have the title of poet, I suggest reading all of them! =D

By Others

Just write out everything you're thinking, don't try to make it too poetic or anything. Pick out your favorite lines that get the point across and compile them together in a more poetic form.

Be rash and creative and then later go back and take out the 'good' parts and compile them.

Don't be afraid to say anything; just pour your soul out into it.

Read it out loud and make sure it sounds natural and flows well.

Don't force rhymes. That includes structuring phrases in a weird way to make the rhyme work.

If it takes longer to edit the poem than it did to write it, it's not going to get any better and you are best to abandon it.

Develop your voice. Get comfortable with how you write.

Learn to say things in a different way.

If you don't have rhyme, and you are doing free form, have some kind of rhythm to create flow. There's nothing worse than a broken disjointed poem (unless that is what you are going for).

Lines should sound strong and confident, unless you're specifically trying to sound unsure.

Be consistent.

By Me

Always keep your mind open to new ideas. There is inspiration lying around everywhere! On the bus ride home, I love looking out the -blocked- I find so much inspiration for new poems! You'd be surprised by how much inspiration you can find when you try to look for it.

If your stuck for ideas, just start to write random jibberish. That's how my poem, Rise, came to be. If you like, turn on your favorite song and sing the first things that come to mind. But don't stop to think about it, try to keep singing. That's how I wrote some of Mind's Skies.

If you do decide to write randomly, make sure that everything comes together to make sense. You don't want random words slapped together to form a poem.

If you have a poem that seems to turn away from the topic, split it into a new poem. You want to keep everything relevant to one subject.

Learn poetic words, and use them! There are certain words that I just love to use whenever I'm at a loss for words or need a synonym. They instantly make anything sound poetic. Try creating a list of all your favorite words. They also give your poetry your own signature touch.

Only show other's the work you're truly proud of, and take pride in your work.

If you don't want to worry about types of poems (like haikus and the such), don't! I don't. xD I just write free verse. I think that writing poems where you are forced to rhyme or have a certain amount of syllables just stifles your creativity.

The most important tip you'll ever hear: Write every single day. At least try anyway. I've written a poem and then waited a few weeks to write another one. And let me tell you, it is hard to write if you haven't in a while because you start to run dry. Refresh your skills by trying to write every day. You don't have to show anyone else if you think it's a bad poem, you can just call them practice poems and store them away where no one else can see. xD Once you write every single day, it gets easier and easier.
I can only write when I feel like it. But, if I try to write every single day, I can break those bad habits. Even if you are having a hard time thinking of things to write, just keep on doing it, it'll get easier. I promise.

If you do write every single day time after time, you might pull 'your writing muscle', so make sure you take a day to stretch every once in a while, but not too long, or it'll be hard to get back on track. I wrote a poem everyday for a week straight, and I planned to take a break for one day, and I never went back to writing every single day. xD

Related to the tip above, become obsessed. If you have a dream to be a poet, the only way you can make it happen is to be obsessed. The excerpt bellow is from a journal entry by pretty-as-a-picture.deviantart.com. I found it really inspiring.
*I've learnt that to make dreams come true, you have to be obsessed. truly, utterly obsessed. I think of obsession as passion squared, and if you have passion for something people will see that. If you go through an entire day without doing something towards your dream, you're not obsessed enough to make it happen.*

Pictures of Inspiration

When I'm out of inspiration, what I like to do sometimes is just browse around deviantart.com and draw inspiration from drawings and photographs. I love how art inspires art, and whenever you're feeling dry, be inspired by the creations of others. It's what makes art beautiful.

By pesare.deviantart.com

By roux-s.deviantart.com

By lpdragonfly.deviantart.com

By cartoongirl7.deviantart.com

Poetry Quotes

I love reading quotes about poetry, people have such gorgeous words to describe such a gorgeous form of writing. :* I hope you find them just as interesting as I do. ^__^ If you search poetry quotes with a search ending, I'm sure you'll find so much more, but here are just a few for you.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.
Robert Frost

A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.
W. H. Auden

A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman.
Wallace Stevens

A true poet does not bother to be poetical. Nor does a nursery gardener scent his roses.
Jean Cocteau

Children and lunatics cut the Gordian knot which the poet spends his life patiently trying to untie.
Jean Cocteau

Everything one invents is true, you may be perfectly sure of that. Poetry is as precise as geometry.
Gustave Flaubert

Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.
T. S. Eliot

He who draws noble delights from sentiments of poetry is a true poet, though he has never written a line in all his life.
George Sand

If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the inquisition might have let him alone.
Thomas Hardy

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Poetry is a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away.
Carl Sandburg

Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.
Robert Frost

Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life.
William Hazlitt

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
Carl Sandburg

Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.
Charles Simic

Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.
Leonard Cohen

Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.
Rita Dove

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the x-pression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.
T. S. Eliot

Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.
Paul Engle

Beyond Me

If your looking for more poems to read, here are some suggestions. They are poems I enjoy, and if you like them, you can check out more poems by the author.


By cheyennevanstrange.deviantart.com

Crow's wings,
An inky black,
Then a crimson red,

A hushed whisper,
A silent cry,
Agony unspoken,
War that ends to die.

Battles lost,
Victories won,
All is the same,
For all is one.

Death until rebirth,
A new start for every man,
Carried into bliss,
Thrust into doom,
There is no escape.
Metallic slashes,
Feathered plucks,
Explosions like fire;
Chaos is born.

The caw,
A raven's call,
The end of another bloody fight,
Lost souls astray,
Carried deep into the night,
Upon blackened wings,
The terror of fright,
Screaming their anguished cries,
The only end;
Morning's light.

Other good poems by the author:
A Winter's Lullaby, Rain, and My Frozen Angel

Where the Play Unfolds

By dokuneko.deviantart.com

The girl's body
was a golden cage
filled with robins
and melody

Notes whispered into deaf ears
The boy was a rose
Alone in his vanity
Beauty meant to live a short life
and wither

Heart blind to Melody
The Lock and the mismatched Key
The Grand Ballroom
in colours of passion
and candle light
the eternal drama unfolds

Take your seat
Milord, Milady
Among the masked audience
prepare to witness

another beautiful Tragedy

Other good poems by the author:
I've Always Liked the Rain, Insane Wonderland, Insane Alice, We'll Have the Night Instead, and Enjoy the Ride

Romance Is


You're three sides of my excited circle
Two lovers juxtaposed with your ways
Broken window frames color her eyes in with black lines Let it all run down

It's one way to afford a horizon and in my opinion
It's one way to say we're abandoned and we don't belong here at all

There's no explanation or forewarning, underneath all the crimson linings
We approach the streets with a clear conscience we'll survive
Let it all fall down

It's one way to afford a horizon and not to mention
It's one way to say we're abandoned and we don't belong here at all

And romance just is...

Slow it all down, the damage is done
Play the music loud, don't make a sound
Let's raise a toast to a sad story
In a dirty cup, in a dirty cup
You made it, you made it hurt so bad
You made it hurt so bad

With a little poison we can burn this whole place down to the ground again...

Other good lyrics by the author:
The Last Thing On Your Mind, The Listening, Quiet, and White


By geobyte.deviantart.com

What threads this soul to this skin,
sewn seamless against hatred flowing in.
Eyes shut tight, deflecting.

(Eyes open with violet lenses)

What hails down upon this flesh,
bruising the surface, unrelenting.
What tries to pound its way inside
to infect a heart's oasis?

(Ears open with a forceful prying.
Mouth slams closed, filled with silence.)

What binds this soul to this skin,
loose threads that never seem to mend.

The hatred pours on in.

(Eyes shut with violent visions.)

Other good poems by the author:
Silence, Somewhere, Neurosis, Doubt, Beautiful Things, and Childhood Escape

Broken Doll

By poeticallypure.deviantart.com

There once was a child I knew,
Her world was all colored in blue.

Upon her face there was a gleaming smile,
There now is a frown that can be spread for a mile.

This little one use to twirl out in the grass so green,
Now she sits alone at home and stares out the window's screen.

The gleam in the angel's eyes are no longer there,
You can see it in her face, body, and hair.

A tattered doll sprawled out on the bed,
No trace of a smile, her thoughts full of dread.

The tears leave a stain of grief and depression,
She will never have someone answer her this single question.

Is my existence a gift or a curse, will things get better or will they get worse?'

Other good poems by the author:
A Positive Fear, Shades of Grey, Expected, One Single Tear, Ruined Chapters, Bird Cage, Foolish, and Solidfy

Wait it Out

By Imogen Heap

Where do we go from here?
How do we carry on?
I can't get beyond these questions...

Clambering for the scraps in the shatter of us collapsed
That cuts me with every could-have-been

Pain on pain on play repeating
with the backup, makeshift life in waiting

Everybody says time heals everything
but what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in between
are we just going to wait it out?

There's nothing to see here now,
turning the sign around
We're closed to the earth 'til further notice

A stumbling cliched case,
crumpled and puffy faced
Dead in the stare of a thousand miles

All I want, only one, street level miracle
I'll be an out and out, born again, from none more cynical

And sit here cold, we will be long gone by then
In lackluster, in dust we layer on old magazines,
fluorescent lighting sets the scene
in the one life that we've got

And sit here
Just going to wait it out
And sit here cold
Just going to sweat it out
Wait it out

Other good lyrics by the author:
2-1, Swoon, Let Go, Canvas, and Half Life

City of Blinding Lights

By U2

The more you see, the less you know
The less you find out as you go
I knew much more then than I do now

Neon heart day-glow eyes
A city lit by fireflies
They're advertising in the skies
For people like us

And I miss you when you're not around
I'm getting ready to leave the ground

Oh you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

Don't look before you laugh
Look ugly in a photograph
Flash bulbs purple irises
The camera can't see

I've seen you walk unafraid
I've seen you in the clothes you made
Can you see the beauty inside of me?
What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

And I miss you when you're not around
I'm getting ready to leave the ground

Oh you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

Time, time, time
Won't leave me as I am
But time won't take the boy out of this man

Oh you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

The more you know the less you feel
Some pray for others steal
Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel...

Other good lyrics by the author:
Bad, Beautiful Day, One, Original of Your Species, Running to Stand Still, and Lemon


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