The Maple Tree is on Hiatus :( Well, sort of. I will occasionally open requests but other than that, I will be busy with the school year :(

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Welcome, guest, to the brand new review site, The Maple Tree! Here at The Maple Tree, I give you the most honest review possible :) Not only does the Maple Tree give you constructive criticism, you will be always offered advice and possible additions to make your site better. Your site is a growing project. The Maple Tree is here to help them grow.

You stroll down the walkway quietly. The night time peace was disturbed suddenly by a strong wind, forcing the fallen leaves from the maple tree. Blinded by the dozens of decayed leaves, you shut your eyes. As you open them, a gruff but kind looking pteri comes down from the tree and greets you warmly. He said but one sentence: Welcome to The Maple Tree.


8/24: Completed a review for two applications
8/23: Did a review for Seraphic
8/22: Did a review for Adopt Today
8/22: Did a review for Application for Tokie. Did another app review.
8/22: Did a review for Katie for Lav's app.
8/20: Did a review. Got listed at Cloud 14
8/20: Did a review for Buttton'd and became affiliates with Kraken of the Sea
8/20: Got listed at a few more directories.
8/17: Got listed at Elle's Help Guide
8/17: Created a new button.
8/17: Completed a review for: Choquii's Application and Magic of Disney
8/16: Completed a review for Lavinium's Application and The Bakery
8/16: Made two new buttons. Find them on the sitely page.
8/16: Completed a review for Application for Saphfora Also added The Maple Tree Archives
8/16: Updated rules and added a counter on the sitely page :)
8/15: Got a fan mail on my first day (fan mail page on sitely page). Did a review for A Ray of Sunshine and Miscellany
8/15: Grand Opening!!!
Started up The Maple Tree. U/C :)

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Maple Tree Review:
Just a basic review. I review your layout and overall coding, punctuation, spelling, and the overall idea of the site.

Bonsai Tree Review:
This is a short review, good if you're impatient or short on time :P. I point out pros and cons, what I like and what I don't like.

Money Tree Review:
This review is very rich and elaborate. I point out what is good and what is bad. What's a bad idea and what's not a good idea. How good are your graphics? Is your spelling bad? Is your layout messy? Is the idea good? This type basically covers all aspects of your site, but please remember that it may take a while.

The Oak Tree Review:
This review covers mostly content. If I'm reviewing content, that means that most of this review depends on your spelling and grammar. I also judge your tone and how you sound when you talk on your site.

The Cherry Tree Review:
This review is completely personalized. You get to choose what you want to be reviewed and what you don't want to be reviewed.

Mango Tree Review:
This is like a first impressions type of review. What did I think of your site when I first saw it? Do I want to stay? Am I interested? How do I feel when I see your layout? Stuff like that.

Apple Tree
This review covers mostly graphics. This includes your layout, buttons, and other graphic-related parts of your stie.


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Shrub: The Shrub extra makes me less harsh. I do like to say that I'm a bit of a harsh rater, so those who are a tad bit more sensitive than others are recommended to use this extra :)

Pavement: This makes me EXTRA HARSH. I use mean words and am completely brutally honest. I'll start a flame war and yell at you for having a terrible layout.

Fertilizer: The Fertilizer extra enables you to have the opportunity to be a featured site. Recommended for young sites who need views.

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The Maple Tree Archives

For Nicole @ Seraphic


Pros: Your layout is REALLY pretty :) Things are easy to navigate and at first sight, everything seems neat. You have great, high quality buttons. It's great how at the bottom you can automatically see if your requests are closed and what's your status, e.t.c. Everything is conveniently placed right there, so I don't have to go looking for stuff. I really like the extras part.
Cons: I'm usually used to seeing sitely at the end of navigation, not near the beginning. But that's just me. On extras there's a part that says "MALL/NOTICE BOARD BANNERS". It's not linked, which is disappointing. So is the fact that your portfolio is under revamp, but I shouldn't really take points off for that. The only real con is that your welcome message is too long.
Overall, you did great!! I really like Seraphic, the quality is great and so is the layout. You are a pretty new site, but you've done better than way older sites that I know of! I give you a 95%. Congratulations!! You qualify for a reward since you scored above 90%!! Since you did not select the Starflower extra, I can't give you the reward. Feel free to change your mind anytime.

For Ixan @ Rhiskers


Your splash page is dramatic and dark, so I am assuming you are applying for a dark evil kind of pet.
Introduction: Your introduction story was interesting to read. It was ominous and made Rhiskers sound like an evil genius.
Chapter 1 The part where you quote someone saying "Oh ho!!" try putting actual quotes around the phrase or separate it from the story so it's less confusing. There's a part that's confusing: "and it made my nose sniff out of discomfort, though I could not smell anything in particular." The "sniff out of discomfort" is awkward wording. Find a different way to word it. Then another part: old chair that screeched across the floor". As far as I'm concerned, the person sat in the chair. She didn't slide the chair across the floor and sit on it. The ending of chapter 1 is ominous and scary.
Rhiskers: There's a spelling mistake here: This voodoo doll would be 'aimmed' at whom ever the possessor thought of. You misspelled aimed. I think the overall idea that Rhiskers is a voodoo doll is very creative.
Application: You messed up here: Rhiskers is my dream pet, in all honesty it is why I'm applying, I think you mean Rhiskers is my dream pet and, in all honesty, it is why I'm applying. Typos make you look careless, so cut it out. Your "about me" is more or less disorganized. Put your other accounts in a list.
My pets: Some of your descriptions are long and boring. Keep the stories, just fix some of them up so maybe they're less long.
Overall, you did pretty good. You have plenty of spelling errors and things like that, but you were very thorough and dedicated. Putting those two together, I give you an 80%

For Hanna @ Adopt Today


Before we start, I just think it's sweet how you use your own lab ray to zap unwanted pets and find them loving homes! Gold stars and millions of points for that c: Content: Short and sweet introduction :) I need to add something for your navigation: Try ordering it a little bit more. For example, put it like this:
My pets
Others pets (put Other's pets instead)
Add your pet
Special links
Important notes
Link back
That would be better. I'm used to seeing credits and link back at the very end of navigation.
Your updates are neat and organized :) Rules are neat, no mistakes in them. For your pets that are UFA, consider putting pictures of them.
Pros: You are to the point. Welcome, rules, pets and done. Everything is easy to navigate and things are quite neat. It's cool how you have a page for pets that have found homes.
Cons: NO CONS!! :o :o
Overall: Based off your cherry tree style review, you did very good on your review. There's hardly anything that you can change. Things are just nice and organized. I give you a 90%. You qualify for a reward!! Don't forget to link back.
For Hanna @ Application for Tokie


Content: I didn't find any mistakes in your welcome. Everything seems good in the accounts area. In about me, you seem to talk mostly about your job and stuff. It was interesting to read. Consider adding just a little about stuff that a little bit more personal. Talking about your agency makes you seem impressive. You sound hardworking and active in the other goals area. Your customization area is very organized!! I love the little blurbs next to the backgrounds and stuff as well. I like how in Character you speak as though Tokie himself is speaking. In family, it's great how you give each pet their own personality and what role they play in the family. On your "why me" part, it's great how you say you can relate to the owner about trying to find the right owner for Tokie. Every app says they won't trade their pet, but you somehow word it so it sounds really really believable. The poem was fun to read as well :)
Pros: Your app is fun and easy to read, nothing is too long and you word things perfectly. You make everything seem so real life when you talk about Tokie or when Tokie speaks himself. Nothing is boring and I can tell that you have a lot of dedication.
Cons: Sometimes I feel you unnecessarily bold a few things. However, the bolding is good in most places because it makes important parts stand out. Other than that, There are NO cons!
Overall: Everything is super organized. You give both Tokie and your other pets a voice in this app. Your app is NOT boring. It's fun to read and it's not too long. Based mostly off content, you did excellent!! I give you 95%!! You qualify for a reward, but since you did not ask for the Starflower extra, I cannot give you the link. Feel free to change your mind though.
For Katie @ Lav's app


Good to see you got your layout fixed :) It's just got one major problem: the "extras" part in your navigation is half hiding. Again, consider decorating the banner part that says "Lavinium is Love". You wanted me to be harsh on your content, so here goes.
In your intro: You say "Hello there ilovekatsanddrpepper". Instead, say "Hello there, #visitor" except put the visitor part in all caps. Now another part doesn't make sense: Lavinium is my best neofriends newest member of her neofamily I don't understand what you mean. Fix that. It took several re-reads to understand what you mean.
About me: Everything makes sense on this page. Explaining your goals is pretty smart, I think. Well done. However, I think you should add some real life facts about yourself in this page.
Why Lavinium: This page shows some dedication and shows how much you love Lavinium.
About Lavinium: I really don't understand the purpose of this page. The owner of Lavinium can find all this out themselves. I think you should give Lavinium some personality, like his likes and dislikes, a little about Lavinium (acting as if you are his owner) and maybe even a quick story if you would like. Otherwise, this page is entirely useless.
Why me: I found a mistake here: I will keep his as happy as he could be and never lonely. . I think your mistake is pretty obvious here. The content here is okay, I guess. You could add some stuff though, because quite frankly, you're just promising and begging. Now, that's all right if you add some more like actual reasons why you are a great owner for Lavinium. Like "I know I am the right owner for Lavinium because I go actively on neopets, e.t.c, e.t.c". State some facts that would make you seem like a better owner.
Plans for Lav: I see you did the likes and dislikes thing on that. That DOES NOT fit on the Plans for Lav page. Put it on the About Lavinium page. Try centering the petpets on your page and making the white background transparent so it doesn't look to tacky. Since you don't plan to change customization, show yours plans for Lavinium like where you would take him, what would you do when he's sad or something of the sort. I suggest looking at other applications (not neccesarily apps for Lav) to get some ideas.
Meet the family Consider just putting "family" when you write on the navigation because it turns into two rows of text and it bumps down the extras part. Center everything on the meet the family area, including text and pictures of your pets.
Extras You have plenty of vouchers. The art shows your dedication. I don't see any buttons though, so if your not going to make any remove that part.
Overall, you had a few mistakes. There's some stuff you can fix, but you definitely did better than last time. I give you an 80%
For Anna @ Application for Techlia/Dance


Layout: I always think that's it okay to have a premade, as long as you use it right! However, you are using it to apply for a UC faerie techo, which makes it less okay :( I believe you said you were planning on changing the layout, but the deadline is soon, so good luck!
Content: I'm a little confused. You are applying for a faerie techo, but the application is all about Dance. I think it's nice how you talk about your passion for dancing and the draik you want is named "Dance". :3 I didn't find any mistakes in your about me area :) The story about Dance is interesting as well. On the likes area you say "Summers rain from her bedroom window". It seems a little awkward. Try fixing it. I love your story! It's so moving and beautiful and I didn't find any mistakes in it :) On Dance's family, consider putting pictures of Dance's family. Some descriptions are too long and a little boring. On plans, I like the way you say you will crosspaint :) Make sure to center the clothes (like desert draik wrap, desert draik tail ring, e.t.c). Add "border="0" after each image to make sure no unwanted borders show up. The art is nice and shows your dedication. In "why" you say Since, I'd kept my dancing to myself.". That's awkward as well so say "Since then" instead. You did pretty good, I guess. You could improve in several places. I give you an 80%
For Black Fox @ Vudc's Art Requests!


Pros: You don't seem to have any spelling mistakes, e.t.c. The quality of your work is nice!! I like it a lot.
Cons: You have a premade, but that's okay! Most sites I know often have premade layouts. You don't have that much requests. Your site is hard to navigate. I click makeables and I get the rules. I don't quite understand that. You have a little mistake in the rules where you say "the real page can be found by clicking the work makeable/adoptable below". I think you mean above :) I don't understand the "Art Dump" Consider renaming it to sitely. About Vudc page is cool! Your layout is simple and I usually like that, but it's a little bland. You get a 60%. Since you scored under 70%, you can retake the review after you fixed your mistakes.
For Brooke @ Button'ed


Layout: Your layout is good, I guess. There are some flaws in it. The bar at the top (the one that says pet, games, homepages, chat, instant messaging, and much, much, more at overlaps the layout and is centered so it makes your layout look off. I like your color scheme. Things are pretty clean and neat. There's no crazy background or anything. However, your banner part of the layout (snowbunny) is a little boring. Based purely on your layout, I would give you around 85%.
Your content is good. Since you're a fairly new button site, I would say that the amount of requests are pretty good as well. Your updates are neat. Most people cram their updates somewhere and ruin the layout. On the request page, the only problem I had with it was the font styles area. It took me a while to find the font name, like font 1 font 2 and font 3. Your waiting list is good, but try adding spaces before and after the @ sign. Your not listed at that much directories and your fanmail thumbnails are a little too scrunched up for my liking.
Button quality: Your earlier buttons seem a little amateur (I feel bad criticizing anyone's buttons since I am TERRIBLE at making buttons myself :P) but otherwise, your buttons are quite nice! I love how you have unique button shapes. Not that many button sites have that. I like your site, and there were minor mistakes and things you can improve. Therefore, I give you an 85%.
Rocks @ Choquii App


When I first see your layout, it's refreshing, it's cute, and it's neat! Your layout is very nice. Your about me was fun and interesting to read and it didn't take long. You just listed things, yet you didn't sound robotic! I find myself feeling sympathetic towards you for losing empty paper. You have a little mistake in your about me part, which is "It was a horrible experience to lose the my Aisha family that I loved so much. I was never able to recover Emptypaper." Be sure to fix that up. I need to mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your headers. In about me, it's cool how you're totally honest and admit you got a warning before. Your "to the future" is both humorous and thorough. Not only to you speak of Choquii, but you also involve your other pets. I think it shows your dedication. On how it started, there's a little bit that's confusing: "There was a cat and their owner who was a little girl." Just put their own was a little girl. Choquii's character is fun to read because not only do you include Choquii's point of view, but yours as well. I also like your art. The Prince's father, the King, Had died from unknown reasons. Uncaptilize the "h" in had :) The prince became King since Uncapitlize the "t" in "the". King and the new Queen had awoken the morning after they had their first child, a baby girl, She had turned into a Jackal. Uncapitlize the "s" in "she". choquii, He was her closest and first friend. Captilize the "c" in "Choquii" and uncaps the "h" in "he". Chowquii gained many imaginary friends Choquii, not Chowquii. After that, uncaps the t in "thing". I loved your story and I loved the fact you had a "spoiler alert". What I love the most: Your Choquii doll!!! No one every does that! I can tell you worked hard on this layout. I give you a :90%. You would have won an award if you had selected the starflower extra :(. If you still want your reward, feel free to ask.
interl @ The Magic of Disney


I don't quite understand your layout. Either it takes an hour to load, or it's just unfinished. I assumed that to the left of the princess would be a contet box and all of your text would be on top, but it only reaches about a quarter way. If I were to give your layout alone a rating, it would be a 70%. My next problem is that it's pretty hard to navigate through your site. everything is just crammed onto there, into little textareas you have to scroll through. It's very uncomfortable. One of your affiliate's button says " this image or video has been moved or deleted." I think it's time for you to get rid of that button. Same with the very last "button" on link back. Your about me and F.A.Q seems very organized, despite the fact that it's in those little scroll boxes.AGAIN, at the end of each F.A.Q, Listed at, and Affiliate Request, there is a messed up picture that says "this image has been moved or deleted". Your only listed at 3 directories, so unless your up to making boards every day advertising your site, I suggest you get listed at more places. You have this image has been moved or deleted at the end of EACH texarea On the other hand, in terms of content and quality, I think that you have plenty of content and that your layouts are very nice!! I have problems with navigation again. Your problem are those scroll boxes. Everything is terribly messy and confusing. Your layout is a major factor in this review. Your site would have been great if things were more organized. I give you a 60%. Remember that since you scored under 70% you can request another review after you have fixed your mistakes
For Madame Red @ The Bakery


Home page: Your welcome message is okay, I guess. It sums things up pretty much, but there's not that much kick. The transition of welcome to story is pretty awkward as well. "Now this is what happened..." That's no good. The intro to the story is quite frankly boring. Only halfway through am I interested. You have two mistakes in your story: This part that says "you blink "An what do you have?. I don't understand what you mean when you say that and those mistakes ruin the story. You have a mistake at the ending as well: "She answers wnd runs to the next table.". The story overall seems like it was put together in a rush.
The menu: You didn't spell conveniently correct in the raisin muffin review part. Another part says "How is the quality of what you offer?", which doesn't make sense and it's awkward wording.
blueberry review type: "Did it look like I expected?" what the heck does that mean? Sloppy wording, totally unacceptable. Yet again, you misspelled conveniently. You misspelled introduction on the content part. Yet again, you used "how is the quality of what you offer".
Red velvet torte: AGAIN. You misspelled conveniently TWICE. Use a dictionary when writing or don't write at all.
sugar cookie: you do the same exact mistakes all the time. Again, you said "Did it look like I expected?" and "how is the quality of what you offer".
Guild special cupcakes and custom cake are the only parts that doesn't have any mistakes. It's pathetic.
order: I need to point out that I click order and it says "rules" which makes absolutely no sense. It makes the requester confused. Rule 2 doesn't make sense. So not do any big changes to the site during the review Rule four makes you sound extremely rude. When you're talking to a requester, don't type in caps. In rule 7, you misspelled reviewing. Your ordering is fine and so are your waitresses. About me: When I see it, I assume that there's going to be a lot of writing mistakes, which is not a good sign. You misspelled similar. You jump from NeoStars magazines to pets. You don't know how to transition from one idea to the next. "I absolutely love those adorable pups and kittens, when I was little we had 8 cats and 4 dogs, cats were sold when we moved and 3 of the dogs were either lost or passed away very recently.". You need to add periods after "love those adorable pups and kittens". Add a period after "4 dogs". Then say "THE cats were sold when we moved and 3 of the dogs were either lost or passed away very recently." Another part that doesn't make sense is: "sites like Soroptimist only on this account in 2010.". Try re-wording it, I have no idea what you mean. You need to add a comma in this area: " I also enjoy running my sites and trading, buying and selling items.". Add a comma after buying. Saying "From the food" doesn't make sense. Try saying something like "My favorite foods are...." but be sure to add a reasonable transition. (Psst, I love pelmeni too!). Don't add the and before saying "I dislike mexican food." Capitlize the M in Mexican and the C in Chinese.
Overall, based off content, you have too many mistakes in spelling and writing. Most of your review depended on that, so you get a 65%

Katie @ Lav's App


Layout: Lots of major problems. Still not aligned probably. Banner is not aligned with content box. Your text is also a little bland, try switching up your font style at the very least. The banner part that says "lavinium is love" is a little bland as well, try changing that. The rest are minor problems. Like in the greeting, you mention your own username. Also, on those petpets try making the white background transparent. Your major problem is just the layout. The rest is fine. Your content and spelling is excellent. Be sure to see other apps to see what your up against. The layout doesn't have to be amazing since your applying for only a spotted tusk. Just make it good. If you can't, use a premade. Your pros are that you have lots of vouchers and art, which shows your devotion. I give a 69% Since you got under 70% you can get better and re-take the review

For Towen Idhairmn Toomn @ Miscellany


Let's start on your layout. I guess it's okay, but it could be better. My main problem with your layout is that the text is way to close to the border. It's just scrunched up there. Consider using cellspacing to let your text breathe. I think that the welcome and the navigation header should line up more. If I were to give a percentage for the layout, it would be around 70%. I like your two buttons, but there are only two and they are from button sites, so 80% for that. You hardly have any affiliates so 70% in that area. Your content is much much better. Everything is easy to read, despite the theme is bright orange and yellow. However, you don't have much of a variety. Consider just calling yourself a request site? Then make a place for "premades". Then extras for banners and icons. Otherwise, it's just messy. 70% for that. Good, but could be better. I give you a 69%

Katie @ A Ray of Sunshine


Your layout is nice. I especially like your banner. I think it's strange that the place where your content is completely transparent, but I guess it works. All your links work. 80% for your layout. Your textarea is way too thin. I know you can ctrl+A, but it's still awkward. Points off for that. Your navigation is very bland and not really that pretty. Same with your link back, which is sort of awkward as well. It would look nicer without a black border. 70% I have a feeling you went for a simple, calm look but it didn't work very well because a look like that needs to be clean and your layout doesn't strike very clean to me. You have plenty of affies and are listed on lots of directories, so points. Good content, everything is nice and thorough. You are organized as well, nothing is messy. Your site is very good, but I've definitely seen better. I give you: 85%

Elisse @ Application for Saphfora


I like to start the same way with Money Tree Reviews: the layout. I like your layout a lot. It's clean and neat. Everything is very organized and easy to read, unlike other apps with things all over the place and overcomplicated stuff. There are two minor problems: the bar at the top that says "and much much more at". The layout covers part of the bar and it's a minor annoyance. The second thing is that it's a premade. However, even though it's a premade, it's a really nice layout made by Cosmopolitan, who makes amazing layouts. Your layout would get a 90%. Everything here is refreshing. All your links work. I have a problem with your images. Some of them have white backgrounds which mess with the slightly transparent content box. Find a way to fix that. I am also reviewing this in firefox, and I don't know if it's my browser or whatever, but the part that says "I have customization planned out for Saphfora, the Ghost Gnorbu, Rizair, and Nightglade:", there's two images underneath and they only show up halfway. Your petpet, Zoop, is not aligned with the text properly. Center some of your images that are aligned to the left. Like the pictures of alien aishas on "story". This includes other images like that as well. Your content is good. Everything is thorough and informative, as well as easy and somewhat interesting to read.A pretty cool app for an alien aisha I give you a: 80% Just fix the images and alignment and you'll have a cool app.


Pick up your reviews here :)Want to see all the reviews ever done? Go to The Maple Tree Archives!!
For Cici @ Adoption Application for Takler


I have to say that I'm not a big fan of your layout :( I've seen a lot worse, but I feel that the quality should be better. Consider getting a premade. I know lots of good premade sites, so feel free to ask me. I have some problems with your navigation. One, you don't actually have that type of "anchored petpage" that more professional layouts do, and two, I mistake the "future lookie" and other stuff for the actual navigation, like Takler's story and other stuff that the reader will care about. The image on the side isn't exactly the best quality either. However, all your links work terrificly :)
In your introduction, you don't have a header. Consider putting a header saying "welcome" or something of the sort :) When you put up ANY image that has a white background, consider making the white transparent. The white square doesn't clash nicely with your background. Your story is good, just add a space before the here when you link to the rest of the story. It's great how you show the future customization. Your about me is fine, I suppose and your art is great.
Overall, you had plenty of mistakes. There's lots of room for improvement. In some parts, I'm not sure if you were very thorough and in some parts, I got a little tired. I give you a 65%

For Anna @ Application for Techlia/Dance


layout: Your layout isn't BAD, but I think you should consider a different background. I believe that the background is the main problem. Above, where it says "Dance, like your life depends on it", the text is a little too simple. Try decorating it or removing it all together. Navigation is a little awkward. The only part I don't like is the spaces between each letter. Also, you need to center everything on EACH page. Everything is aligned to the left.
content: Like I said earlier, center all your text. Also consider decorating it. Now, I'm not saying make it bright orange with curly font :P, just change the font style. A simple calibri would be fine. Again, on other content like the story and the likes and dislikes, decorate the font a little. Also add an extra space between the story and the likes and dislikes on the dance page. For links and bolds, consider decorating that as well.
You seem to have fixed all your mistakes. Your content is excellent. You just need to work on your layout and the overall physical appearance. I give you a: 85%

For name @ site name


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For name @ site name


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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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