Hello guest, welcome to my screenie page! I'm constantly updating, so keep checking back! It's always nice to hear feedback, be it good or bad, so let me know what you think. ^__^
22 / 08 / 08
I've got exams in a few weeks, so screenie making has taken a backseat to my biochem notes. D= Trust me, I feel WAY more pain than you at this news... Anyhoo end result is I can't update properly for a few weeks. I apologise in advance, but I'm keeping all fan mail in a special folder so I can post them when I get the chance. And now, enjoy! =)

First, the ever popular board screenies!! =D

I worry about the people on the newbie boards sometimes.... 0__o
I got bored and decided to create a screenie board instead of waiting for someone else to make something interesting!

And then the begging started, most people gave up after one, but this user kept sending them!

Someone directed me towards this board when they heard I was screenie hunting! (Very last post, she let me keep her name in!)
Another attention seeking n00b... Sigh!

Random events screenies, showing off my good luck (or lack thereof) throughout my travels in Neopia!

Dailies =)

Fan mail!!! XD Didn't think I'd get any of this!! And awards! Wasn't expecting to have to add this XD Feedback of any kind on my screenies is appreciated. =)
I was well chuffed when people said they liked what I'd done so far, so much so I captured it on screen and immortalised it here!!! Thanks for the ego boost!!! =D


I got this one from grimsgirl137, she gave me a 10/10 rate! ^__^
Links and affies!
She made the pwnsome link to advertise me! Thanks! Also her screenies + Graphics = awesomeness, check her out!

Link back to me?

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