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Angry Air Mote R70+ List

Air Mote
Ash Mote
Dee Mote
Dirt Mote
Dust Mote
Ee Mote
Hair Mote
Ice Mote
Lava Mote
Neopian Mote
Plushie Mote
Ree Mote
Robot Mote
Snow Mote
Weewoo Mote
Wood Mote

Chocolate Rarity 90+ Chocolate


Brussel Sprout Jelly Beans
Buzz Chocolate Bar
Candy Pirate Earrings
Charcoal Jelly Beans
Chocolate Achyfi Lollypop
ChocoBrussel Sprout Jelly Beans
Buzz Chocolate Bar
Candy Pirate Earrings
Charcoal Jelly Beans
Chocolate Achyfi Lollypop
Chocolate Balthazar
Dark Chocolate Poogle
Juppiemint Bar
Large White Chocolate Cybunny
Lemon Sherbert Jelly Beans
Mint Chocolate Kacheek
Orange Chocolate Scorchio
Peophin Chocolate Medallion
Raspberry and Vanilla Nova
Sweet Necklace


Dark Chocolate Shoyru
Jelly Bean Pirate Chest
Mint Chocolate Lupe
Mint Chocolate Tuskaninny
Ummagine Candy Cane


Chocolate King Skarl
Dark Chocolate Skeith
Fluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper
Lost City Lanes Lime Gobstopper
Mint Chocolate Blumaroo
Strawberry Fondant Surprise
White Chocolate Nova


Apple and Custard Drops
Banana Jelly Flotsam
Kau Sundae
Mint Chocolate Chia
Raspberry Chocolate Tuskaninny


Chocolate Jeran
Mint Chocolate Peophin
Large Swirly Chocolate Cybunny
Minty Choccywhip


Chocolate Dr Sloth
Graipe Gummy Slorg
Super Spicy Jelly Beans
Yummy Drops


Chocolate Peach
ErgyFruit Jelly Beans
Hazelnut Whirl
Snowflake Chocolate Advent Calendar


Caramel and Custard Drops
Creamy Choccywhip
Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
Omnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper
Spooky Flying Doughnut


Chocolate Advent Calendar


Apple Moquot Lollypop
Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
Chocolate Jelly Beans
Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper

Scorchio Haunted Weapon List

Battle Bones
Bone Sword
Cursed Elixir
Demonic Bow
Dusty Magic Broom
Enchanted Cobweb
Essence of Esophagor
Ethereal Sword
Ghostkerchief Bracers
Glowing Cauldron
Haunted Shield
Jar of Spiders
Patched Magic Hat
Pot of Darkness
Pumpkin Club
Pumpkin Stick
Scary Spider
Scythe of Eternal Darkness
Sophies Elixir
Spectral Forest Bow
Spider on a String
Spooky Rubber Axe
Spooky Slime
Staff of Impenetrable Gloom
Stale Candy Blade
Sword of the Dead
Wax Covered Candlestick
Zombie Squirt Gun

Stamp - Battledome

Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp
Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp
Attack Pea Stamp
Battle Slices Stamp
Dark Battle Duck Stamp
Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp
Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp
Exploding Space Bugs Stamp
Faerie Slingshot Stamp
Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp
Illusens Staff Stamp
Jade Scorchstone Stamp
Jewelled Scarab Stamp
Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp
Kings Lens Stamp
Monoceraptor Claw Stamp
Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp
Ring of Sloth Stamp
Rod Of Dark Nova Stamp
Shield Of Pion Troect Stamp
Slorg Flakes Stamp
Sword of Skardsen Stamp
Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp
Thyoras Tear Stamp
Wand Of The Dark Faerie Stamp

Stamp - Haunted Woods

Brain Tree Stamp
Carnival of Terror Stamp
Count Von Roo Stamp
Edna the Zafara Stamp
Esophagor Stamp
Fetch! Stamp
Foil Slorg Stamp
Glowing Brain Tree
Halloween Aisha Stamp
Haunted Mansion Stamp
Holographic Magax Stamp
Hubrid Nox Stamp
Korbats Lab Stamp
Luperus Centre Head Stamp
Luperus Left Head Stamp
Luperus Right Head Stamp
Misprint Meuka Stamp
Moonlit Esophagor Stamp
Moonlit Werelupe Stamp
Mutant Usul Stamp
Rock Stamp
Scary Tree Stamp
Spooky Gravestone Stamp
Spyder Stamp

Stamp - Lost Desert

Advisor Wessle Stamp
Coltzan Stamp
Desert Paint Brush Stamp
Desert Petpet Stamp
Fruit Machine Stamp
Geb Stamp
Golden Khamette Stamp
Grackle Bug Stamp
Holographic Coltzans Shrine Holographic Sakhmet City
Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp
Lost Desert Scroll Stamp
Lost Desert Sphinx Stamp
Lucky Coin Stamp
Midnight Desert Lupe
Osiris Pottery Stamp
Peopatra Stamp
Princess Sankara Stamp
Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp
Sakhmet Palace Stamp
Scarab Stamp
Senator Barca Stamp
Senator Palpus Stamp
Tug Of War Stamp
Ummagine Stamp

Stamp - Mystery Island

Assorted Fruits Stamp
Bottle of Sand Stamp
Coco Stamp
Haiku Stamp
Island Acara Stamp
Island Mystic Stamp
Island Native Stamp
Jhuidah Stamp
Misaligned Printer Stamp
Mystery Island Aishas Stamp
Mystery Island Chef Stamp
Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
Mystery Island Heads Stamp
Mystery Island Hut Stamp
Mystery Island Kiko Stamp
Mystery Island Kougra Stamp
Mystery Island Uni Stamp
Need a Better Printer Stamp
Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp
One Hundred Million NP Stamp
Ryshu Stamp
Tombola Stamp
Triangular Flotsam Stamp
Upside Down Island Acara Stamp
Zeenana Stamp

Stamp - Snowy Valley

Candychan Stamp
Christmas Kougra Stamp
Christmas Meerca Stamp
Christmas Scene Stamp
Christmas Uni Stamp
Christmas Zafara Stamp
Cliffhanger Stamp
Frosty Snowman Stamp
Grundo Snow Throw Stamp
Igloo Garage Sale Stamp
Negg Faerie Stamp
Rainbow Slushie Stamp
Rink Runner Stamp
Scratchcard Kiosk Stamp
Ski Lodge Stamp
Snowbunny Stamp
Snow Faerie Stamp
Snowager Stamp
Snow Wars Catapult Stamp
Sticky Snowflake Stamp
Stocking Stamp
Terror Mountain Scene Stamp
Wintery Bruce Stamp
Wintery PetPet Shop Stamp

Stamp - Tyrannian

Bone Chair Stamp
Chomby Stamp
Chunk of Meat Stamp
Discovery of Fire Stamp
Flying Korbats Stamp
Giant Leaf Curtains Stamp
Grarrg Stamp
Kyruggi Stamp
Monocerous Stamp
Omelette Stamp
Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp
Stone Stamp
Stone Armchair Stamp
Tar Pit Stamp
Tyrannian Blumaroo Stamp
Tyrannian Elephante Stamp
Tyrannian Grarrl Stamp
Tyrannian JubJub Stamp
Tyrannian Korbat Stamp
Tyrannian Kougra Stamp
Tyrannian Kyrii Stamp
Tyrannian Plateau Stamp
Tyrannia Stamp
Tyrannian Usul Stamp
Wock Till You Drop Stamp

Stamp - Virtupets Space Station

Advert Attack Stamp
Blarthrox Stamp
Commander Garoo Stamp
Dr. Sloth Stamp
Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp
Evil Fuzzles Stamp
Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp
Grimilix Stamp
Grinning Sloth Stamp
Gormball Stamp
Grundo Warehouse Stamp
Holographic Virtupets Stamp
Inverted Space Faerie Stamp
Mutant Grundo Stamp
N4 Bot Stamp
Neopet Version 2 Stamp
Purple Grundo Stamp
Roast Gargapple Stamp
Space Faerie Stamp
Splat-A-Sloth Stamp
Tazzalor Stamp
Vitupets Space Station Stamp
Zurroball Stamp
Zygorax Stamp
Zyrolon Stamp

Stamp - Queen Fyora Faerieland

Aethia Stamp
Captain of Fyoras Guards Stamp
Dark Faerie Stamp
Delina Stamp
Destruction of Faerieland Stamp
Faerie Caverns Stamp
Faerie City Stamp
Faerie Foods Stamp
Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp
Faerie Slorg Stamp
Faerie Techo Plushie Stamp
Faerieland Justice Stamp
Faerieland Petpet Shopkeeper Stamp
Fountain Faerie Stamp
Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp
Fyoras Castle Stamp
Healing Springs Stamp
Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp
Jhudoras Cloud Stamp
Library Faerie Stamp
Queen Fyora Stamp
Ruins of Faerieland Stamp
Snowglobe Faerie Stamp
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp
Wheel of Excitement Stamp

Uni Clothing Rarity List


Blue Cap
Carrot Chia Costume
Feepits Win T-shirt
Green JubJub Cap
I Love My Mutant Faellie Shirt
Jubjub T-shirt
Lord Kass Halloween Costume
Lucky Fishing Boots
Lucky Fishing Hat
Meepits Win T-Shirt
Orange Cap
Red Cap
War Chia Top
Yellow Mortog T-Shirt

Rarity 81

Gooseberry Chia Costume
Greedy Kadoatie T-shirt


Gormball Gloves
Green Marbleman Tshirt
I Love My Mutant Symol Shirt
Lucky Fishing Trousers
Sproing T-shirt
Triangular Sunglasses


Lucky Fishing Shirt


Gormball Sports Shirt
I Love Captain Scarblade Shirt
I Love Turtums T-Shirt
Nightsteed Badge
Nightsteed T-Shirt
Studded Collar


Red Marbleman Tshirt
Straw Hat
Dr Sloth Halloween Costume
I Love Fyora T-Shirt
Balthazar T-Shirt
Jazan Costume


I Love Kayla T-Shirt


Leather Jacket


Blue Boogie T-Shirt
Blue Khonsu T-Shirt
Erisim T-Shirt, Hasee T-Shirt
I got taxed by the Tax Beast T-Shirt
I Love Buzzer T-Shirt
I Love Chezzoom T-Shirt
I Love Faerie Cadro T-Shirt
I Love Hornsby T-Shirt
I Love Kadoatie T-Shirt
I Love Khamette T-Shirt
I Love Lyins T-Shirt
I Love Scarabug T-Shirt
I Love Selket T-Shirt
I Love Splyke T-Shirt
I Love Spyder T-Shirt
I Love Tenna T-Shirt
I Love Wadjet T-Shirt
Krawk T-Shirt
Pinceron T-Shirt
Pink Blooky T-Shirt
Pink Flosset T-Shirt
Pink Kadoatie T-Shirt
Pink Walein T-Shirt
Yellow Avabot T-Shirt
Yellow Buzzer T-Shirt
Yellow Kookith T-Shirt
Yellow Moltenore T-Shirt
Yellow Ramosan T-Shirt
Yellow Sunutek T-Shirt
Yellow Zebba T-Shirt


Solitaire Champion


Seasonal Jazzmosis Hat
Woolly JubJub Hat


Aisha Scarf
Blue Blumaroo Slippers
Darigan Rules T-Shirt
Decorated Tree Party Hat
Furry Party Hat
I Love Mince Pies T-Shirt
Lucky Green Boots
Mask and Snorkel
Medieval Shirt
Meridell War T-Shirt
Moehawk T-shirt
Poets Hat
Purple Chia Cap
Purple Chia Slippers
Scorchio Scarf
Spotty Stripy Party Hat
Super Smart Party Hat
Tombola T Shirt
Tree Motif Party Hat


Disco Aisha Cap


Disco Aisha Glasses


Disco Aisha Gold Chain


Jhudora T-Shirt


Angelpuss Socks


Babaa Bobble Hat

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Special To The Neopian Enquirer

While many in Neopia frugally save up their hard earned Neopoints, working tirelessly day after endless day in order to purchase a completed Secret Laboratory Map and then - despite the moanings and whimperings of their beloved Pets at the mere thought of being zapped by the Lab Ray - religiously visit the dreaded Secret Laboratory in eager anticipation of the next colour or species change, not to mention the odd (indeed!) gender bending and jerking around of stats, as well as the most welcome and sometimes totally unexpected Secret Avatar that can be had from such changes, here in Faerie Galaxy we have our very own Pet's Rights Advocate and Activist known affectionately to many simply as Dee.

Dee was a relative newcomer to Faerie Galaxy when she discovered, to her great horror and dismay, the atrocities to which many Neopians zealously subjected their poor Pets. Being shocked and outraged at the callous disregard for the safety and alarming lack of tender loving care she believes all Pets deserve, she immediately made it her personal mission to rid Neopia of all such zappers.

When questioned about it during one of her visits to the Faerie Galaxy Guild Board, Dee was visibly upset, and in her own words had this to say: "This zapping is getting out of hand. People are getting thrills out of zapping their little Pets... I can't believe all this is going on and everyone is just turning their heads to it... and now trophies to show for it... where is it all going to end?"*

She went on to relate, "It's scary what I have uncovered. And to those that enjoy this I really mean it... JUST SAY NO!!! Redemption and the release from the evils of zapping will come with extensive therapy. It's not too late to stop this insanity, this criminal passion that is trying to take over Neopia. Just keep practicing (JUST SAY NO) and the therapy will work.... and after each and every zapper has suffered the number of zaps they have put their little Pets through, believe me it will be a zap free zone."*

Dee continued, "Several people have been openly telling me they need therapy, so this thing is spreading. The number of confessions is rapidly growing, but as the special agent for ASPC it is a good thing they are reaching out to me for help. I will add these people's names to my list; it will go easier on you if you just confess to me. I might have to alert more agents to keep this under control.

*"The ASPC is building a bigger building so when everyone is finally apprehended, that is if they refuse therapy and learn to JUST SAY NO, they can have an area to zap, sorry I didn't mean zap (he hee) but they will eliminate all zapping in Neopia."

Dee added, "When you finish therapy and ya'll are put through zap oops wrong word he hee shock treatment then we will truly know how the Pets felt and look and I will take care of all of you and build your stats back up and feed ya so you never have to worry again and be afraid... never ever again. I will rid Neopia of this problem."*

After much discussion of this perplexing and distressing dilemma on the guild board, Dee informed us, "I have also discovered another among us who has confessed to me on this board that she is in need of joining the group for zapping therapy."*

That one was none other than dabachick, former head of the Second Guild Council for Faerie Galaxy, and newly selected as a member for the First Guild Council. Being of similar age and life/heart experiences, daba and Dee quickly formed a friendship based on mutual trust and understanding, so it came as no surprise that daba became the first person to voluntarily sign up to undergo this special shock treatment.

However, something went dreadfully awry.

We asked Veronica what took place that fateful night.

She started, "My understanding of the situation is this," quickly adding, "but nobody really knows for sure what went wrong."

Veronica swallowed hard; "It was Friday night when the special agents apprehended daba at her home. Up to that point I hadn't really taken any of this too seriously, thinking that Dee was just trying to entertain us all with her satirical sense of humour, and as the Lab Ray is a completely sanctioned instrument in Neopia, nobody was breaking any laws."

She composed herself, and continued, "So we were all shocked when special agents actually showed up at daba's house and dragged her off.

*"Apparently these special agents transported daba to a secret laboratory and began her shock treatments. At least that is what had been promised to those confessing and willing to give up zapping their Pets, but instead of receiving shock treatments, daba was zapped.

*"It could be that there was some misinformation given to these special agents, or perhaps some wires got crossed during the actual therapy process. Maybe it was due to the full moon that night... who really knows?"

Veronica continues, "We can hardly say that we were not warned. However, in this condition, as daba can no longer speak for herself, we can all only hope and pray that she did not subject her own Pets to very many zaps, as we know from what Dee has told us that any who undergo this treatment will receive the same number of zaps they gave their Pet.

*"Thankfully daba can still type, but as she is currently being held in some hidden special secret laboratory and is allowed very limited access to the outside world, we have had to rely solely on the stealth activities of a close friend of hers who was permitted a short visit. We can only be grateful that she does look happy."

Do you still love me?

Dee assured us that daba will soon be restored to her former self, yet a subsequent picture taken only hours later revealed this:


Veronica says, "It appears those special agents are allowed to zap more than once a day. Not only do we have cause for great concern because obviously some mutation is starting to happen... see that second mouth? But what worries us even more is the fact that daba has chosen a colour other than pink or purple to frame herself in. This in itself is very disturbing, and does not bode well."*

To be Continued...

Part Two

*"Guess what, guess what?" Barely able to contain herself, legossi fairly shrieked as she came running and skipping onto the Faerie Galaxy Guild Board. "Daba's been zapped into a raccoon!"

Veronica turned a skeptical eye in legossi's direction, and choosing her words carefully asked, "And this is good news because???"

*"Oh but you should see her, she looks so cute!" Despite the fact that legossi did not have her skipping rope, she was by now definitely jumping up and down.

Veronica was taken aback. "You mean you actually saw her? I thought only that one friend was allowed visitation rights."

*"Oh, no," legossi gushed, "that guy was not her friend, he is the special agent in charge of her case, Dee helped arrange a visit for me but I could not speak to daba and I wasn't able to be in the same room with her but..."

Veronica interrupted, "Hang on a second legossi, calm down and have a seat. Please start over and from the beginning this time."

*"Okay," legossi demurred as she settled into the chair Veronica so thoughtfully pulled up out of the Neo ethers for her. "Well, yesterday after we all found out about daba's abduction into zapping therapy, I asked Dee if I could go to this special secret lab place to visit her there, and Dee agreed. She personally knows the agent in charge of the case, and he arranged my visit!"

Veronica asked, "What about daba's friend?"

*"Oh, that guy in the other picture was mistaken for daba's friend because daba has been hypnotized and she believed that's who he was, but he's not."

*"Okay, so how did you get there? Where is this place?"

*"I don't know, because I was blindfolded for the whole trip since they are afraid if people knew where they were they'd get burned down or blown up or something."

*"So how did you see her then?"

*"They allowed me to view her through a one way mirror; they said if daba saw me it would be too upsetting for her at this time, they had her in this room they said was made to look just like her own living room, oh but she is so cute!"

*"Okay, slow down, slow down! So they have hypnotized daba and she is still being zapped and she is not allowed to see anyone but we can see her if we want?"

*"I don't know if anyone can go to see daba, you have to talk to Dee about that, all I know is she is a raccoon right now and she looks so cute!"

*"Legossi, you keep saying that as if it were good news."

*"Yeah, but Veronica, you have to admit that raccoons are a whole lot nicer to look at than donkeys or pigs, plus I remember daba saying she had pet raccoons when she was younger, so I think she would be more comfortable being an animal she relates to than a stupid ol' donkey! And now we won't have to listen to her 'hee haw' on the board any more."

Veronica conceded, "You've definitely got a point there... make that two." Legossi and Veronica momentarily shared a giggle, a welcome respite from their worrying about daba. But Veronica pressed on. "How many more times are they going to zap her? When will we have our daba back?"

Legossi shook her head sadly. "I don't know."

To be Continued...

Part Three

The guild members quickly gathered around faerie_galaxy, anxiously jostling for position in order to get a better look at the photo she was holding of dabachick. Cries of "Let me see, let me see!" echoed throughout the guild board, followed closely by a chorus of distraught "Oh, no!!!" as the picture was passed from hand to hand.

*"How can they do this? How can they turn our daba to stone when even here in Neopia, Stone Paint Brushes are outlawed?" wailed legossi, beginning to question the logic of Dee's decision to turn daba over to the special agents.

*"Can she even think any more? I mean if her brain is now igneous rock..." Veronica allowed that question to trail off as she pondered the implications, and hoped that the bird wouldn't bloop on daba's head.

*"At least she has her own eyes back," chimed in Julie.

*"Yeah, but look at them, they're freaky!" responded Hannah, and then adding with a whistle, "Check out that uni-brow.

Julie laughed and said, "Never mind the the uni-brow, get a load of those teeth!

Legossi could not resist adding, "My, what big teeth you have!

Veronica sighed. "Well, at least she is still smiling."

You lookin' at me?

To be Continued...


*"I'm DeeDee, aka ASPC agent, if you have read daba's editorial you will know who I am."

After a busy weekend of interviewing guild members for their reactions to daba's therapy, this was how Dee introduced herself to me when I caught up with her on the faerie galaxy guild board. At that time I asked how she felt about what was happening to her friend.

*"I'm glad to see Daba survived, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that she is showing our fellow guild members and Neopians the effects of this evil taking over. I told ya'll what this continuous zapping would do and now I am afraid for the others on my list... so please take your therapy seriously and JUST SAY NO.

*"As you can see I am encouraging people still and I have a new plan. I am going to go undercover to expose more culprits... I will have to disguise myself, so ya'll don't know me.

*"Let's not forget that I am on a mission that has become of great concern to me, and as the ASPC agent that I am (under cover now) I am striving to stop people openly zapping their pets... and I might add out-right enjoying it. It is to the point where they are eagerly waiting to see the look on these poor babies faces... remember long ago daba posted, 'Dee you should see the looks on all their little faces cause they don't know which is going to be zapped.' We must protect the innocent. I have to get them all in therapy."

I asked Dee to comment on the waves of alarm rippling throughout the guild board in response to daba's results.

*"I am so involved in this board I don't see things around me except zapping that is, so don't get no ideas ladies... you know I am a mom, I have eyes in the back of my head and everywhere, I always know what is going on; keep daba in mind. My eyes are watching and my ears are listening; I'm everywhere. I think I need to clone myself for this job!"

Julie had previously confessed to having used the Lab Ray on another account, although she also admitted to not having use of one presently, as she was seen to post, "Shh... Don't tell Dee... But I remember on my old account that I would get so excited to go to the lab ray and see what my pets would turn into next. It's also kind of crazy that I get excited by getting avvies, a trophy, and special days where you get cool things."

Not only that, but we see Legossi is collecting Lab Map Pieces in preparation to begin a zapping free-for-all on her Pets. We asked Dee to comment on these and similar occurrences taking place within Neopia.

*"Zapping a little or zapping, you are still scaring or would that be scarring your precious pets... Look at the results to daba, I have tried to warn people, they refuse to listen and all I wanted was to save my friends from being subjected to the same thing they do to their pets, quite willingly and it appears with much pleasure on their part. I have asked for volunteers for therapy which will help stop things like are happening to daba from ever having to happen again, but everyone is taking it lightly.

*"I know you have the lab map pieces and will join the forces of zapping taking over Neopia, but please take a moment before each zap and look at what has happened to poor daba. Not that she doesn't make a beautiful donkey (can't say the real word), but keep in mind: the results of over zapping can be detrimental to your health, or should I say looks. You're young my dear, it's not too late to save yourself from this. Therapy is the answer..-blocked- me in being a happy Pet owner¡¦ stop the insanity and JUST SAY NO.

*"I apologise before hand when they come to take you away too... I have tried to stop this insanity but it seems to have gripped Neopia around the throat. Oh, how I hope Neopia survives when the agents invade! All I'm telling people is to JUST SAY NO."

Please don't eat me!

Jess is relieved. "Looking at this most recent photograph of daba, I can tell she is laughing and looks pretty happy... in fact I see one smile for each zap she has undergone! I do hope she is happy..."

To be Continued...

Part Five

Jess had been too polite to say anything about it at the time, so was glad that daba's daughter was now addressing this particular part of her visit to see her mom.

Yeah, it was weird, but not as grotesque as the rockhead eyes," Shannon was saying. "Mommy had to keep three sets of eyes closed all the time because there were multiple views of everything! Actually at first it was a little disorienting and difficult for her, but because she was a strawberry head all day she eventually got the hang of it, and by the end of the day it was no problem at all.

Feeling a little less shy, Jess ventured the question, "You mean she saw stuff sort of like flies do?"

*"Yeah." Shannon confirmed what Jess had wondered as soon as she had seen that last picture. "Not only that, but even though we were in separate rooms, the smell of strawberries was really strong.

*"You mean you didn't actually get to be in the same room as your mom?" Veronica was starting to think these special agents were very mean to keep a mother and child apart like that.

*"No," Shannon maintained, "but it was a good thing she was under heavy guard, because I swear I could have just helped myself!

*"Didn't your mom think it was weird that you were in another room and couldn't see you?" asked Jess.

*"Oh, mommy didn't even know I was there, we were just talking on the phone. I told her I couldn't come over because I was staying at my friend's place for the weekend.

*"Did you get to see any of the rest of this place, or the therapy session?" The seedlings of a rescue plan started to formulate in the recesses of Veronica's mind.

*"No, when they took me there I was blindfolded just like legossi, since they are still very concerned about security, and I had to leave when it was time for mommies' next session.

*"Is she all right? When are they going to be finished with all this zapping?" Lindsey swallowed hard and tried not to tremble at the thought of being zapped into anything other than what she was.

*"She seemed fine." Shannon didn't want to upset anyone further, but she felt she owed it to her fellow guild members to tell them what she knew. "They have her on some kind of sedative, and have been administering Sodium Pentothal in a desperate attempt to discover the exact number of times she zapped her own Pets.

*"She still thinks she is at home, so obviously she is a little confused about what is really happening. But she does know when she is going to be zapped, and told me she finds that it really helps to do some relaxation and deep breathing exercizes before each therapy session. She assured me that she does not mind undergoing all this because she is very curious about the whole procedure, and believes it is for a good cause.

Shannon finished with, "She does miss her cats, though."

Where dem kitties?

To be Continued...

Part Six

After being cooped up all day with dabadog chasing her tail around in circles, the special agents decided that fresh air would be a good idea, and since there was no possibilty of daba running away, a day of sunshine was granted.

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