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Deep red champagne colored waters swivel around your feet, small waves nibbling delightful at your toes. Below is a bottomless abyss; but somehow you are standing on the water as though it were an inch deep. You see a mysterious, cyan glow bouncing off the ripples from behind you-what could it be?

Turning your head you see a beautiful mirage of a woman; she's long, slender, and details are minimal-but a small circle of that same blue glow radiates from her forehead. She stares quietly at you; then, she runs.

Name: Caeane
Race: Aisha
Coloring: UC Grey
Age: None
Job Title: Spirit Guardian
Special Abilities: Travel to and from Fea Arda
(the spirit realm), can sense spirits,
can protect herself using energy from
water and moonlight, can speak with spirits

Caeane was born of greatness. She was always determined to become a great leader, only she did not know what she would be leading. Caeane is very mellow - she strays from fighting; and she only uses defensive magic. Caeane is extremely shy, but is very sweet. She is nostalgic, meaning she dwells to much in the past as that seems to be all she has left anymore. She has been hurt by love but has always made it through without a second thought about the pain. At an early age she lost the memories of her family, but hopes that one day she will regain them.

Caeane's job is that of a spirit guardian. She is not the only one, but only a select few exist as they are chosen based on mental stability and how well they listen - rather then speak. Spirits are very quiet beings that are the remaining essence of someone that has past on. While she can not see them until converting over into Fea Arda, she does hear them. She must guide them into the afterlife where they will go on to remain happy for eternity.

Caeane has no age since she doesn't age. Since she remains on the outskirts of the time and space continuum, she has no recollection of years as where she resides has no set time. She does have the ability to have children, but has neglected it since she has no use for them with her job.

Caeane once had a family. Her parents were not wealthy, but took her into their home as a small, burning essence. She was created from the waters once existent on the moon and now sent down to Earth where they remain hidden. She has one sister, born an essence of fire created when the solar powers of the sun ripped the forests to shreds with its stealthy flame. Caeane does not remember them anymore, but her sister's name was Endeazia. Caeane cannot be killed unless her essence burns out and is replaced. Normally with essences, she will be replaced by a daughter. Yet, since she has none she wanders the Earth seemgingly only conversing with those who have departed.

Her design is very basic, but very powerful (if you ask me). Being a spirit guardian, I figured why overly dress her up in gaudy jewels and ostentatious gold or silver, when she could look similar to her personality and background? It's not as though she is ruling a country. Her design is based of the natural unconverted grey aisha's look. Her antannae glow blue at the tips and she uses them to sense any spirit around her (whether evil or not). Her fur is dark bluish-grey, and glimmers slightly when an evil spirit is in the vicinity; this is used to mask her aura so the spirit cannot sense her. Next is that lovely mark upon her head. I actually studied different types of symbols I could use for this. The symbol I picked was very basic - it's the astrological symbol for spirit, and is two souls interlocked since her and her sister's souls have been interlocked since "birth". This symbol glows blue while she is traveling in the spirit realm as she must leave her body in the terrestrial plains to guide spirits to their resting place. Lastly, is the fact that she is unconverted. An unconverted pet is one that does not change on neo any further - basically non-aging. Caeane also does not age as she stands outside the barriers of time.

Years of her guardianship lead to her ruling her own kingdom – highly recognized for the war she fought in. What war was this, you ask? Well, the spirit world had torn apart, releasing many souls amongst the living. Some souls kept themselves sealed off from the world, refusing to abuse the tear. However, many spirits began taking over other's bodies – fighting the living creature that was within it until choking the life out of their soul (deleting the soul's memory) and taking the body.

You see, bodies are simply carcasses that hold our memories – our memories making up the entirety of our soul. A creature is born soulless, the very birth of the creature (starting the memorial string) producing the soul. Souls are weak in the young, growing furiously with age. As a body approaches death the soul begins to degrade, leaving the body weak once again like that of youngster it was born from.

A soul, refusing to allow the degradation of its own self, will kill its host body without hesitation. For this reason death exists. The soul will then travel in wait for the spirit guardians to guide it to its final resting place.

Most souls are very accepting of this process, however, some refuse and must be dragged there.

Murder is a pre-release of the soul. This is dangerous as the soul is still forming and will be weaker in the other world. A soul released through murder of the body won't be degraded – but will be weak, and will easily be consumed by other souls. The soul world is very dangerous, and the creepers that live there kill anything they can find. This is necessary, as the soul's energy needs to be rereleased so the earth can absorb it and use it for new souls.

There are two separate soul-realms. The first is Fea Arda. Fea Arda is where the good souls lay at rest, waiting for their absorption to become life again.

The other is a much darker area, where the soul will actually be destroyed to prevent future birthing of evil. Caeane's sister Endeazia is the guardian of this realm—or was until she was killed saving her son, Ace. Her daughter, Breezy, is next in line to take her job; but since she was never properly trained she doesn't realize this, and has forgone training and understanding her powers to play the game of an escort; but this is about Caeane.

The war began with the tear between the three spirit realms, Fea Arda, Caer (Hell), and Aes (the life plane). The Keeper of Caer had fallen many eons ago (Endeazia), and her lowers had began their descent into corruption. These dark spirits were cunning, swift, murderous, and most of all, they were persuasive. With the demise of Endeazia there was no barrier to the true torment these spirits could play on their keepers – eventually one broke (Sven) and released the spirits, using his powers to open each portal. The dead spirits combined their powers to his making him immensely powerful, allowing him to take over most of Ronoa. The story will begin in the beginnings of the war, going into Endeazia's death further and plotting Caeane's role. This is her history, the truth of her origins.

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My dear sister, my loathed betrayal of your trust has indeed led me to my insurmountable defeat of which I must warn you. He's taken her. My loving Breeze was torn from me and now lies in the hands of the Caer. It hates me and I fear it means to do me harm through the breaking of my heart.

Please don't take this as a beg for your help—for I will not lower myself to those hideous standards; but as a request for your assistance. My necessities lie in my own powers; but I figured you might feel up to helping me rescue her.

I cannot warn you any further for I hope this isn't what I believe it might be. If I am not to return to my throne please refer to Sven. He will have many answers that I hope he doesn't.

My warmest regards;


My hands shivered at the thought of her letter. Caer—hell—had my niece. I loved her wholesomely; but being the spawn of the murder of my heart and my untrustworthy sister, I could not oblige her request. I crumpled the sheet, tossing it to the trash can before settling into a blanket of dewy leaves and grotesquely shaped wood. It held heat well enough; but still didn't yield too much comfort. I knew Endeazia had her own powers—they were fearfully strong—yet, I worried. She was, after all, my blood that ran through my own veins. We were connected mentally—no, not twins; but spiritually bonded. I could feel her mental pain and uneasiness; but I felt no push to run into the line of danger.

I tossed my head hard against a rock accidentally, quickly recovering from the blurred vision that ensued. Endeazia didn't need my help—she surely hadn't needed my help into my love's home; however, my niece was on the line. Should I honestly let my hatred for her embezzlement of my love kill my niece? It wasn't overly fair; still, I had no wanting to rush into the pit of danger.

My powers are nowhere near as strong as Endeazia's were; I deal with the good spirits of the dead—the future rebirths. Endeazia, however, dealt with the demons and hellish creatures that sulked from the spiritual growth of humanity. Her job led her into dangers I would hopefully never accompany on the battlefield; yet, I still felt a weakness sparking in my brain.

I tore myself off my leafy mattress, regurgitating my steps across the room many more times over before finally deciding I shouldn't aid Endeazia in her battle. Caer was the worst of the three plains; humbly holding the demons of spirits passed. Endeazia's daughter would hold her own—I know she would—they'd all be fine.

Many weeks past after I decided that I was unnecessary for Endeazia's journey, continuing my own job and caring for the spirits of the departed, before I heard of the outcome. I letter inscribed to me with gold laced edges paved my doorstep as I trudged through my doorway. I picked it up on the way in figuring it was Endeazia telling me of her triumphant win.

I sliced open the royal seal and tugged out a rather large piece of parchment. It was rather dusty and used; it seemed this letter had seen some trouble in days past.


I am sorry to be bothersome about my requests. I figured the demon that stole my daughter and will be confronting him tonight.

I know what happened in the past was dreadful and it killed you inside; but I can't help whom I had fallen for. My parents were derived of royal blood, or yours were not. It is not my fault that you were not chosen as his queen—he needed true royalty to bask in the qualities of his throne.

My dear sister I throw my greatest apologies your way and hope that—pray that, you will catch them with your arm and place them amongst your heart strings. I never realized completely how important his love was to you; but if you loved him so much you should no longer be spiteful that he has found true happiness with me.

Caeane, please come see me on fleeting wings once this arrives to you—I should have dealt with my problem by then; and will look forward to hearing your voice for the first time in many, many years.

My undying love;


I creased the letter smugly, tearing a small rip into the page. How dare she believe she had every right to take my king? Had he and I not shared glorious moments basking in the brilliant array that shown from my watery abode? He promised me his heart—yet, it was a pseudo heart dressed ostentatiously in faked kisses and minuet hugs. I could not forgive him; nor could I forgive her. They were murderers dressed in gold and placated as royalty; and their children were the true offspring of Caer.

Her injustices were to smite her one day; and that day I would be smiling towards her. Her life would end before mine; and her captives would drag her bloodied soul to the pits of Caer. For now she remained a citizen of Ares; but soon—oh hopefully soon—she would feel the hell she wrought upon her own sister.

Days past—weeks even—before another rustic letter made its way to my doorstep. This time I had caught the deliverer; a young, wretched soul that seemed almost too ill to move. He smiled weakly; reaching his stubbed limb out to me as though to shake hands. I knew I would not be able to partake in his request as I had nothing I could grasp.

Young man, why do you take on such a rigorous task such as this with your stunted appeal? I questioned, removing the sack pulling down his arm.

My lady, if I may be as bold as to request why you ask me such a superfluous question? he questioned me, reattaching the sack to his shoulder blade.

It's simply quite odd to see such a man as yourself delivering letters like so. This forest is not a kind one; I doubt it has made any exception for you—so why do you partake in this notorious route? my eyes grazed over his appearance; dissecting it with every numbing bite.

My lady, appearances are quite deceiving. What you tend to believe is not always what is actually the true case. For instance, if you close one eye everything seems to distort—but you know for a fact that the world is not quite that way. You have seen the world through shaded eyes; you do not see all that is seen. I may look small and not muscular to you; but I know my own strength—and some choose to see it while others ignore it blatantly. My dear, excuse my rudeness if it has been viewed as such; but I do not see it as rude. He left the note at my step and stumbled away, the forest welcoming him willingly.

I tore open the letter ignoring the slight stress it put on my fingers; the paper was soggy and molded, carrying the wrong royal seal. It was still of Endeazia's kingdom; but it wasn't her signature. I slowly extracted the folded sheet of parchment and spread it out across my desk.

My dearest aunt;

You never showed. Not once have I seen you my entire life; but my mother has written you extraneously throughout my life. Her righteousness seemed dim when she entered her office every other week to send you her news; but I never thought too much of it. However, recently I found her journal detailing her life. It spoke of you extraordinarily; I had never seen so many references to one person. It seems as though her life has been ruled by yourself; regardless of her never encountering you.

I come with news of truth; some you may find hard to hear—but I will be at the kingdom if you need a shoulder. You remember my father—your late love?—well, he has been controlled by the darkest of the demons of Caer for the past twenty years; since my father first announced his love to my mother. You remember the day, I am sure—you rue that day, I know. This demon was bent on extracting his revenge on my mother; and he succeeded last night. He plotted the kidnapping of my sister to lure her away from the protection of her castle and then slaughtered her outside the castle gates. She saved my sister and my own lives.

Caeane—at your receiving of this parchment please make haste for the castle to join the mourning of your late sister. She loved you so much—so much so, she refused to give you a true reason as to why she took your love away.

Your loving nephew;


I clenched the paper hard in my palm, squeezing any ounce of water that might have placated its delicate edges. My sister was dead—worse yet; I had allowed her demise. I threw the piece of misery hard against the rugged walls of my house and grabbed my coat. Many questions were to be asked when I got there; but I wasn't going to allow her memory to suffer any longer. My sister—my only true love—was dead; and I was her demise.

Rain fumbled across my brow clumsily, hugging the curves of my face and tickling my nostrils. It had been two weeks since I left for my origins—where my heart lay blanketed in roses and tears. Endeazia had fallen—that I was sure. She was never one to fake a letter to chance a meeting with myself; always caring for me even in times when she'd know she'd lose me. I tugged at my cloak, attempting to hide myself from the light. What demon spawn had I become that I would allow such tragedy upon my own blood? I remember that moon swollen night when we descended from the clouds—all of us; the offspring of true royalty, the true mother of this land—Ronoa. My sorrowful folly was extreme bitterness; I knew it now—I knew it then, but I never felt the true terror is sought upon my eternality. A sword drug across my chest wounding my breathing without a mark of indecency wrought upon my bosom. True sorrow knew only my name and breathed heavily in my ear anytime I fought for life with my breath.

Two bitter, agonizing weeks past me—an eternity to proceed; and still I continued moving through that blanket of woody thorns. My ears were met with a triumphant brood of trumpeters and the melancholy sounding of drums. I heard his voice—Estaban; I heard it, screeching against my senses with horrible intensity. The droll rendition of remembering filled my heart with a pitter-patter of soulful requiems. I wanted to move far away from my demons; but that just wasn't possible. I knew nothing of the outside world—who was I to believe Estaban would find me truly fit for life as queen?—and a sensation of claustrophobia set in quickly. Millions of passerby faces glued themselves to my memory; their façade of misery was no use to me, only I felt true sadness.

I proceeded vicariously through the numbing crowd, slowly approaching the castle walls. I knew not which strangers had welcomed their own selves into the bloodline; but I knew I had to homely exchange my feelings with my new brethren—Endeazia would have wanted it. A stocky guard met me at the doorway encompassed in more platinum then I had seen throughout the town. Was it normal for the wealthy to dress so ostentatiously whilst their commoners dressed in filth? It was the first time I would feel the horrid hand royalty had slammed into place amongst this land; and I would never truly forget it.

You're name? he murmured. His breath filled with the stench of dead fish and its warm mustiness meandered across my face. He seemed to be at least six foot eight, wearing a thick, maroon tunic encrusted with gold threads. A heavy axe was strapped to his left shoulder—sure he appeared a shining beauty of horror; but with the metals that made that axe he could barely kill the dirt.

Excuse me? I am here to see Acynthus, the words rolled off my tongue; authority staining their pronunciation.

Everyone comes to see the Prince; that does not mean I will allow you passage, his words were mixed highly with a smugness that made me want to slap him.

Do you realize you I am? I questioned. Do you?

No, I'm afraid not. Please leave, he smiled a toothless grin and pulled the silver helmet back over his grease ridden hair. His dark skin was riddled with moles and hair grew from every nook and cranny his skin had to offer.

My name is Caeane. I am the sister of Endeazia.

His face struck a chord as his partner pulled him away. They whispered to each other before again meeting me with a challenge, Really now. As far as I know, Queen Endeazia ne'r mention'd she had a sist'r. This time the other spoke up. His pronunciation matched the look of the brute, but his eyes sparkled bright blue like the morning sky. His skin was clear, olive in color, and his body was well built and rugged. Unlike his friend, his gaze gave you a calm you never knew—but his weaponry would tear you to shreds before you muttered his name.

Ask Acynthus and Estaban—they will know me. Go, now; I demand you.

Once again the men contemplated my statement before deciding one would go whilst the other remained watching me. It was my luck the dangerous one remained in place. A scar that had forgone my noticing appeared to me; it was long, grotesque, and marked his neck and the bottom of his chin. It was like none I had seen before; but I could feel the power that prospered in its marking.

Where did you get that scar? I asked, placing my hand against it. It was rugged and worn; years had seen this scar and still it remained unhealed.

It's none o' yer bus-ness, he pulled his face away. Whether he had wanted to tell me or not, I knew he had been seen by a demon.

I knew better then to continually question a survivor of a demon's attack, and left my conversation hanging. Time edged on slowly before the other guard arrived back with his King. I looked from the grotesque figure to their highness—no, not mine, I was more to him then that; I could tell, his eyes would not lie.

Caeane… my beautiful Cae he whispered, grabbing my hand and laying his head on mine. Apparently I hurt you.

I snagged my hand away from his, pulling all of myself away—distancing myself. Sir, I have no heart for you any longer. You may do as you wish; but leave the past where it is. How ironic I sounded—having allowed the pass to destroy every part of my soul that I held dear. I followed the past; I even mingled with it occasionally—and here I was telling the origins of my problems to ignore the past. Hah! I sounded so hypocritical. He smiled lightly at me with faint eyes and guided me through the gates. His guards bowed at his leaving—it was odd; but I felt no inclination in my entire life to bow to any other life form—that included "royalty". Bring me to Acynthus.

Why do you wish to see my son? he perplexed, eyeing my wish wistful suspicion.

He is the one whom beckoned me here—not you—and I wish to speak with him immediately, I mouthed automatically. I had no desire to remain alone with this devil in gold any longer; he was the bane of my existence; my evil.

Cae, please speak with me. You know I had nothing to do with the demon—don't you? It was not I whom married your sister; it was that thing dressed in my skin. How could I have been so unintelligent as to leave you alone in the forest? I loved you, his words sounded almost rehearsed—as though he had planned them for this day years ago.

I cannot believe that—you are the demon; you were not enveloped by one; you simply are the man-eater ostentatiously parading as a good king.

My dearest Cae—

Don't call me Cae! That name shall never stain your tongue again—I thrust my trust out the door to plague those who were dull enough to believe it were more than a façade; for I was ill to allow such fathoms of a just heart to endow me with young love jolly.

He rubbed my ear softly, tugging my shoulder harshly into his chest. Cae—I love you; I always will should I be struck down now for my lies.

If she ought to strike you down now I should not be near you, I pulled away, twisting my body in an agonizing rage. As I was about to scream utterances not appropriate for the small ears, Acynthus was beckoned into the room.

I assume this is my aunt, he purred, caressing the floor with each step he took, How nice to be acquainted with thou. He approached me nonchalantly, callously grazing the gold, ribbed stair railing etched in fine ivory décor. Everything about my nephew seemed so easy; so suave—he reminded me of his father. White drapes lathered with a shimmering thread graced his broad, yet elegant, shoulders. A loose, ivory robe fell from his neck, lined in gold and cinched at the waste with a gold band. Black thread pulled a tight fabric around his arms, leaving a diamond shaped space along the fronts of the arm. His pants extended from the gold belt in tight white, with those same black embroidered diamonds going down the front and backs of his legs. Tall black boots inched up to his knee, these also fit snuggly. His hair matched his fair cloak in its paled beauty. Strands hung messily in his face and across his eyes. He shook these strands from his smooth skin and looked at me—looked through me—with bright crystal white eyes. His skin was the foil to his pallid appearance—dark, tanned.

I stood my ground, edging forward to take his hand politely, My nephew Acynthus. It is quite a pleasure to meet you.

He tugged me into a hug happily. Dear Aunt! We are family, why so formal?

It was odd to be touched by someone considered "family". What was a family but more than a soul-tied bond? I felt the emptiness in his meanings of family—yet his face showed no sign that he was rather displeased with me.

You are to meet Breziegh soon, but first we must make haste to the funeral, his mask cracked, revealing an altered face of dimmed hope. He stood taller than me already; but his age was given away in the unmanliness of his demeanor—he must have been around 13. Memorial services here are not like most areas you may visit—we celebrate the loss of a loved one as we understand their suffering has ended.

His words were honest, true, and just. He sounded just like me in thinking and he acted similar—Esteban never did escape me—did he?
Who might I ask is Breziegh? I let the small words escape my mouth; true curiosity brimming from my lips.

Oh, she is my sister, Acynthus lulled, his vocals softly numbing my spine, She is quite the character.

Will she be at the services?

Yes, of course, it's her mother!—you'll meet her there. My aunt, please head upstairs quickly and robe into something more suited of the royal air, he pushed me up the stairs laid in ivory stone and turned himself quickly, speaking briefly to a servant who then began following me.

Excuse me; I do not believe I need an escort? I spoke blatantly, Why do you have one following me?

Oh, she is not following you—she is guiding you to your room and robes, Acynthus smartly replied before frisking himself down a long hallway guided by his father.

Hello m'lady, my name is Aeon, her breath was light and sweet, I was one of Endeazia's ladies in waiting. Please follow me to your quarters.

I followed her up the snow colored architecture rimmed in gold and patches of ebony. Twisting spires held immense staircases higher than the ceilings while carvings detailed every patch of untamed molding. Wild white doves meandered through the hallways cooing love songs out the many high windows. Each window allowed some of the sun to breach its crevices making the ivory tire glitter like the gold that laced this kingdom. My room was near the end of the fifth floor, a painted black door allowing me access to the area. The ceilings were high for this altitude, adding to the awe the castle inspired. Aeon nodded a head at the bed where an outfit had been picked out for me to wear, Have a lovely day.

She left with a soft thud of the door and I began to rummage through the room. Semi-transparent pallid drapes folded from the awnings of the bed, caressing the floor softly. A closet connected itself through another ebony door that was decorated with white flowers. These white roses laid petals across the soft carpeting leading to a huge array of them around my -blocked- My window was large with a black seat. It cut out like a balcony; but did not allow the freedom a balcony did. I soft breeze cascaded through the opening rustling the roses at its entrance. Beauty plagued this hellhole—that was for sure. I pulled the gown off the bed—wouldn't you guess it?—white. It was definitely fit of royalty—it draped down off the corseted mid section beautifully, protruding out into somewhat of an upside down cup shape. The bust was loose material sewed in a rectangular shape that fell in somewhat at the arm pits before creating a small poufy sleeve. Out of each sleeve was more tight material that laved down with that same black lined diamond holes that Acynthus had worn. Yes, the dress was stunning; but it was not my type. Still, I wore it at the request of my nephew.

I peered out my window at the soft sky view—still afternoon—before pulling myself up and walking out the door. Aeon was there—dressed in white also; but not nearly of my caliber—and she grabbed my hand and pulled me back in the room, Dear, your hair, it isn't right.

What is wrong with my hair? I asked, pulling the strands. I had left it how I always did: undone and wild. It hung across my shoulders lovingly, blockading my slender neck from view.

She sat me down and began pulling strands up wildly, tossing them into this messy bun—of sorts—and pasting white roses throughout the strands. One small braid hung off the side of this nest, snaking past my bosom. There.

As she finished a voice approached at the door—it was Esteban. She casually slithered over to him and bowed; walking from my room as if she owned it.

You look beautiful, he smiled, uncrossing his arms and putting forth his hand, M'lady Cae, please walk with me to Endeazia's funeral. His slick blond hair hung roughly in his crystal blue eyes. His jaw was squared, covered in a five o'clock shadow. He wore gold rimmed, square glasses that made his jaw even more masculine.

I've fallen once and I do not plan on it happening again, Esteban, please, refrain yourself from calling my Cae, I pushed his hand away and strutted out the door. He followed me helplessly; I almost felt his breath—hot—against my neck.

It had been hours since my arrival into this city and now I was seated in my sister's chair awaiting her burial. Sadness had begun calling my name once more; and I knew it, I felt its icy hand playing my heartstrings. Acynthus sat to my right while Esteban sat to my left. He often tried to hold my hand, but I would refuse him quietly and listen to the man preaching of my sister. No one knew my sister well—not even I; for if I had cared for her before I may have taken the time to know her. However, fate played its cruel game again and pulled my sister's hand from my grasp. There was one face I did not see, however, and her name was Breziegh.

The crowd began to sing as the fires erupted around my sister's body—this was the easiest way to reintroduce the body to the soil and send the spirit to Fea Arda. Her white hair—like mine—burned softly with her skin. She and mother earth had become one that day; they now breathed together, saw together, spoke the same words. It was as though you could hear her voice serenading the wind as they white ashes stumbled into the breeze.

How can so much white have planted itself on so much darkness?

It had been days since the end of my sister's body. Her ashes still hovered in the air and hearts of each of her citizens. They didn't like me—those citizens—they believed me to be here only for my sister's seat. How crude of them to believe that horrid accusation. I cared less about the kingdom than even the smallest fungi. Every day the castle had played me in something else white to wear; yes, that awful color that stained my dreams. The white drove me crazy; it was a terrible fairytale I could not escape. On the outside it seemed stunning; but on the inside it scratched at my soul. I still had not met the infamous Breziegh; but I heard her name spoken often. She must have been as well loved as her mother.

Today was a bright morning placated in the white sun's rays. My bronzed skin craved the outdoors again; I was not used to being so cooped up indoors—so I decided I should go for a walk. No, not through the botanical gardens, I cursed at Acynthus. He had become so worried about me the past few days—I didn't blame him though; my name hung evilly in the mouths of all the peasants.

But aunt, you know these people hate you—why allow them a chance to kill you?

Acynthus… listen to me, I am well aware of my abilities to put off these locals; they honestly could not touch me. Please don't take me as delirious.

Auntie… please… his normally suave demeanor was cracking under the pressure of trying to keep me here.

So I decided to stay. I didn't even leave the walls of my prison. Acynthus had gleefully played on my heart; it seemed everyone had done that. Esteban had been void of the castle for days now—thankfully—however, I was curious to where he'd run off to. A castle without a king sounded simply ridiculous. It seemed he had been gone since our untold moonlit conversation the night of the funeral. He spoke so much that I simply couldn't bare it. My heart ached with his words, like little needles they would sting until I relinquished any love that I had felt for him. Love dies too; everything does, I should know—I am in the business.

Unfortunately my aching had not ended because my love still ran rampant. I should have known them—those arrows of Cupid—would continue to pester me even after they had done so much damage to my heart. I knew he hated me now; especially after last night—which was a good thing since he still stunk of demon blood?

Or was my own judgment on him clouding my view as to if he truly stunk of demon? Ronoa, strike me down now should I have been so dumb to his true nature. Esteban was no longer his demonic self—he was the old Esteban; the one who swore love to me—I knew his scent well. I cried demon so my heart would stay barred but he spoke words that told me his truths.

You see, Esteban had been consumed by a demonic soul—or so I thought—and his true nature buried under this demon's rage for Endeazia. The demon sought revenge against my sister; and what better way than to marry her, father her children, and dispatch her sister entirely? He was dumb to believe my sister would have allowed such a trap to befall her so he used her children and maternal instincts against her. Esteban was non-the-wiser. I do not believe he ever loved his Queen since he never truly knew her; he'd been asleep for almost twenty years. Once he awakened he was back into himself and still dolefully in love with the girl he called Cae. Little to his awareness this woman did not exist in his life anymore and would never again allow herself to be hurt the way he had done her in.

Two nights ago Esteban had come to me speaking his words that he used over and over again; attempting to gain my hand in marriage once more. He missed me—this I was sure; and wanted me more than the kingdom itself.

Cae… my love, my heart, my home; please come with me. I do not need a kingdom anymore, I will leave upon your command should you wish me to, he had wrapped me up in his arms, tears streaming down his jaw, Cae… I love you more than anything; please don't end it. I thought we were to be married soon.

I pulled away. The night air was crisp and longing; romance truly was in the air. You could feel your mind slip as words strung together in iron held us tightly together. Esteban, you may not completely understand this; but our life together ended twenty years ago. It died the day that demon scorned your body and took my sister. You may have felt like you were sleeping; but you weren't. You have two children now and a dead wife.

He then grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. I remembered feeling this—his heart beating gently in my ear, the woods we used to dance in came to life around me. I could feel the light reflecting off my spirit pool smothering us in beautiful irony. His breath was moist and warm; it clung to my neck sending a shivering down my spine. He held me like he did those twenty years ago; and I did not want to return to the present.

Esteban… I must leave soon. I cannot be with you ever again. Our lives were never meant to mingle and we were punished because we tried. I heard a great deal of a sorceress whom can relinquish my feelings of longing for you. I will be seeking her out. You should do the same or get over me, my words clutched the air; hanging there for a brief second before being allowed escape. This is the end.

Love has no end; and no amount of magic can deplete your lust for someone entirely, his face hardened as he spoke.

Yes, it can. At least until I am far away from you again. Then I can deal with it myself, I refrained from kissing him, Let my sister be the last to stain your lips in love.

With heavy remorse I left him standing there. Since then he'd been gone from the castle walls. I traveled up the stairs to my sister's room to reminisce in the horrors she'd been through marrying her demon; hopefully something she had written in her journals would put me on the path to finding this murderer and killing him myself. Endeazia never knew my love; but I hoped she felt it now in spirit.

People remembered my sister—they loved her even. Everything that draped this town had been soaked in my sister; even my own heart was bleeding for her. Her books were covered in the times that had past them by without a single hand laid upon them. Each scripture held secrets of the past that plagued the curiosities of mankind; yet, Endeazia hadn't laid a finger on them. Had she known the secrets that held those few pages together? Had their worlds entwined themselves with her own allotting her thoughts to mingle with their telling? My sister was definitely one that held intellect well; but I could not believe she had gained all these stories without having read one. What had Endeazia been hiding?

Papers scattered themselves across the walkway in front of me, leading me to a table enhanced by bottles of different sorts and colors. Small amounts of liquid still teemed at the bottoms of these fragile glasses, a lively bunch they seemed in the dim room. I tugged at some loose parchment on the table, grasping a possible cause to the enchanting table. It was very strange that this table was void of the dust that kept itself quite quaintly throughout the rest of the room. What had Endeazia been doing?

Endeazia was my sister—should I not have trusted her after all she had put herself through to save me from Esteban?—or, what Esteban was? Or should I indulge myself into her secret life that cascaded off the page that hung so boldly from my fingers?—I choose to read.

The date had been smudged, and most of the writing stained with age and chemicals. The page traversed through dialogue of which I had no recollection of Endeazia ever knowing. Its foreign air planted itself into my brain—what was she reading?—maybe her son might know?—no, not possibly. This language was ancient; a beautiful relic of what was before. It radiated with spiritual residue as though a soul itself had been attached to the paper. Could it have been possible—had she really delved into the world of the dark arts?

I pocketed the parchment and continued sifting through items that had served my sister through her prior life. Strange vials of even stranger liquid plagued the shelves; demented glass sustaining the lives of these waters. Endeazia was indulging herself into the dark arts; but the question was: why?—did she need them?—or had she simply become manipulated by power?—CRACK!—what was that?—a vase?

A mist permeated through the walls of the room, gathering amongst the liquid that scattered the floor clinging to broken shards of white glass. The translucent scarlet hue illuminated the darkened room, staining my candle light. My body shivered—it was sickening, this feeling—it was choking me—I can't breathe!—muffled screams filled my lungs; what is wrong with me?

I felt my body laying dead against the floor; no, I wasn't dead—I'm immortal—I can still feel the heat in my fingertips; I was paralyzed. By what, I wasn't quite sure; but I knew the danger this mist represented. The heavy blanket of smog thickened, clenching my throat. The pain was immense; had it not been for my immortality I'd be dead. Unfortunately, I wished that upon myself now with increasing strength.

Dear, sweet Cae… a sinister hissing began, you stupid witch! She coddled your name every night; she begged for your voice to fill her ears!—you never came she cooed; no—she moaned! I felt a sharp slam against my face. Such an idiot she was. Why should you; a selfish, insolent witch come to her rescue? We knew this; we slaughtered her… Yes, her dumb, little brain—filled with emotions—trapped by my spell, the voice condescended my sister.

I dug my fingers into the tiles of the floor, you don't know anything about me and my sister!

Oh, but our lovely, little doll—we do. We're bred from the emotions she drained herself of every night you failed to heed her call. We feel her entrapment in the relationship that she took to protect you.

I knew more than anyone the powers emotions held—they were our souls; our whole beings; they could destroy us as well as build us up. This thing was Endeazia's soul.

My dear, sweet Cae… the mist wrapped around me, warming my bones thoroughly; then—slapped me across the face. Her DEAR… SWEET… Cae…

Cae, I loved you more than the moon cares for the sun—I needed you more than the heart needs blood. My thirst for your love lay unquenched; and, you still never came.

I'm sorry, Endeazia, I never meant you to die!

You believed my death to be my only redeeming fact!—why could you not trust that I took this marriage for your own good? We don't care for our own heart; we care for only the likes of you!

I felt a pain—where?—I can't determine.
Cae… it swooned, Endeazia swooned. Was this truly Endeazia? The memories contained here should not have known of their own body's demise. This couldn't be Endeazia's soul—this was something else. I clutched the rug—my heart stung with an oppressed feeling—this thing may hold some of my sister's soul; but this was not Endeazia.

Who are you? I stuttered, pushing myself up. The pain radiated through my bones shaking me until I felt myself falling once more. What are you?

It does not matter, m'dear Cae… I felt the energy wrap me up in a longing hug. It won't be long anyways.

The mist filtered itself through the crevices in the doors and walls; freeing itself from its forever imprisonment. My energy slowly reverted itself back into my muscles; twitching, allowing me to stand. What was that that had consumed my sister's soul?

A knock at the door plunged itself into my brain scaring away any thoughts of what had just occurred. I felt my body dusting itself off to hide the incriminating stench that fouled my body now. Who is it?

Caeane? M'lady Caeane?

Yes? Is that you Aeon? I beckoned, allowing the body behind the door entrance. What is wrong? You seem upset.

I was worried; you were locked in there for a very long time. That door has a history of sticking shut and suffocating the person inside, she hugged me, I didn't want you to die too.

Why are you so attached to me? I stunted, pulling away. Love had been void of my life for so long that I could not understand that hugs were merely affection wrapped up in someone's arms—not a sign of Love.

Caeane… that is what we have been meaning to explain to you; please, come with me. Acynthus has something to tell you, she purred. Her white-blond hair flicked the wind as she turned to leave, her movements urging me to follow her.

Why can you not just tell me Aeon? I followed, my breath grasping the wind. Life filled me; I had almost forgotten this feeling—it seemed like centuries that I had been trapped in that small, dank room.

Aeon lovingly grasped my palm and lead me eagerly forward down the hallway and into Acynthus's chambers. Esteban was there, his hung swung in shame. Acynthus clung to the royal chair that draped itself in white and black, stained only by gold ropes and stitching. Auntie, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance again. We have been waiting for you.

Aeon bowed to me before exiting to the left, taking a seat next to Acynthus. Acynthus kissed her hand lovingly then allowed his father a seat to his right. Acynthus, are you king? Is that what you have called me here for?

Auntie, I have many reasons for calling you here. My most specific is the introduction of Breziegh—Breezes? he stood, helping Aeon out of her chair. Aeon nodded to him and motioned her way to me before grabbing my palm once more.

Good day Caeane, my name is Breziegh.

I thought you were Aeon? Why would you lie about something as serious as to my relations with you? I pulled my hand away, backing further from this ostentatious scene.

Auntie, we needed to be assured you were the true Caeane. Esteban has not seen you in twenty-something years; we could not expect him to make an accurate identity of yourself. So we used Breziegh to see if you were who you truly are, Acynthus stated, descending from the ivory steps into my presence. And you truly are Caeane of my mother's letters.

Esteban followed his son's steps to my right, pulling me into a hug against him. Cae, we love you so much. Please don't take our deceit as who we truly are. Apparently he had forgotten our little nightly mishap some nights ago. Cae, we have a letter from Endeazia— he paused, rummages through his pockets before producing an envelope, No one has read it, but it was found among her things—addressed solely to you.

By this time Aeon—or Breziegh—had made her way across the room and tugged away a red cloak off the wall before leaving. I must be off, she whispered before disappearing from the room.

I groped the letter a little before finally tearing it away from Esteban and ripping it open. The waxy seal peeled apart easily showing its age. I am sorry, but I am leaving to my room; do not send any other spies with me please? I sarcastically bellowed before strutting from the room. All I heard behind me was a few words exchanged and I saw the nodding facades of my "family".

I ascended the white stairs ignoring the railing—I had no time to consider the consequences of a fall; I had a letter that might explain my earlier encounter. I tore through the hallways and intruded the entrance of my doorway before slamming the door shut and locking it. This is it, I muttered, silencing myself to my bed. I unfolded the parchment, careful to not tear the delicate edges.


If you have received this letter, chances are I am dead. I knew this might happen; Sven has been plotting my demise for weeks now; he has probably found some of my soul. Listen my heart, Sven needs to be destroyed. He is leading a revolt of corrupt Caer Guardians and the most demonic spirits known in Caer and intends to rip open the barrier between Ares and the Spiritual Plains.

I have planted some of my soul in my library; you will be able to view the room in its full destruction, but others will see only a dusty library. If that piece of me is corrupt I am sure Sven has begun releasing the souls of Caer. You must assemble an army to save Ronoa; or else all hope will be diminished and life will be destroyed completely.

My heart, please, you know my truths now. Take my last; Sven was my lover. He owns part of my soul which is why he can corrupt it; don't allow him this chance!

With fleeting wings go!


So this was it; Endeazia had single handedly destroyed the world.

The sky seemed moody the next morning after I had discovered my sister's secret- who was Sven but a betrayer like Esteban? I did not even know the man; but I hated him—I loathed his very existence. My sister had entrusted her heart—her soul—to a man who determined to use it to destroy her. You see, every soul is formed more thoroughly through the conjoining of two souls; and all souls are interrelated. A soul that has fallen in love with another will begin to merge with it as they share their histories with one another—essentially sharing their memories. Once a soul has interwoven itself with another; the souls will be able to build each other up or tear it apart. This is why Esteban's leaving me was able to control me so detrimentally; and why I could feel Endeazia's pain—we were all connected in the love with shared. Endeazia had now destroyed herself upon merging her soul with her lover's.

Rain began to trample the earth as the sky heaved a sigh. The heavens knew of their own demise and still they pitied us; the truly fallen. We laid our hearts into a world that was slowly corroding our very existence and remained ignorant to the whole ordeal. I pushed against my bedroom door and headed into the main hallway to inspect the breakfast we had prepared for us and to tell Acynthus of my departing. I understand, he would say; but I know it would not be true.

I knew my departing would wound Esteban the worst; I had grown a soft pity for him—but it was not enough to convince me to stay with him. I had torn my soul apart attempting to rid myself of his soul before I had arrived here; and I had no intention of allowing a repair to be made. I knew my place and I knew my job; I must stop the release of Caer. Souls without bodies will attempt to destroy the souls of bodied entities to control their form; especially those of Caer since they are sent there to be destroyed. I had no idea how to explain this all to Acynthus when I approached him this grayed morning; but I tried as I could to explicate my leave.

Auntie… you know I don't want to see you disperse into the forests again… you know I will never see you again?—how would that make you feel?

Acynthus—my young one—you must understand that my leave is for the best. I lived alone my whole life and the few people I had come into contact with were dirtied with the sorrows of fools—or so I thought; and that lead to my own mental corrosion, I hugged him softly; assuring I would not fully let myself into his heart. I will miss you while I am away, but I may one day bask in your presence again. Take care of your sister; and let Ronoa bless your father.

But Auntie don't you think it's— I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

Until we meet again my limb, I whispered softly into the breeze allowing it to mount his ear. He smiled weakly, turning to pull the black mare for me to ride.

Night-stalker is a good horse; she's sturdy and assured of her talents. She will do you good on your journey, he passed me the guide rope.

I bowed my head and gripped the reigns to ride in to the brush—a perfect day to leave; one where the villages (whom detested my name) would be locked in their huts to shelter from the oncoming storms. The flimsiness of these huts was nothing compared to Ronoa's wrath; but I felt softness in her touch as she cried those broken tears. Kit-kitt, I left.

Chapter Six

Caeane's only got a small amount of family members; They're not close to her, but she still makes an attempt to be with them.

This is her family. Do not confuse them with acquaintances or enemies that happen to remain on my accounts with her.

no pet lookup or petpage
Endeazia is the late sister of Caeane. It was not until after her death that Caeane understood her sister's life long betrayal and cursed every second she forwent giving her sister her love and devotion.

Endeazia and Caeane have been connected since "birth", Caeane being the one of the guardians to the spirits returning to Fea Arda, and Endeazia being one of the guardians that sent evil spirits to Caer to be destroyed. Endeazia's death unlocked a series of events that lead to the Spiritual War, a war Caeane holds a huge part in - and she knows it.

Endeazia was a grey aisha I had pre-conversion. She was one of my favorites - but, me being dumbly trustful, I lent her out to people so they could get the avatar. However, after 10 successful lends someone stole her from me and they were frozen with Endeazia by TNT. This is why she has no petpage or pet lookup, and why she is dead in the story.

lookup | petpage
Acynthus is Caeane's nephew and Endeazia's son. He carries the same charm his father does without the maturity a king should hold. However, he is not of age to be considered mature being only the age of thirteen.

Acynthus likes to be called Ace - and frequently flirts with any women around but gives his heart to a girl by the name of Cloud. Ace is an image of coyness and considered one of the most handsome of the royal bloodlines - but his comical snaky flair allows for a strange but alluring demeanor. He gets along with Caeane, but being King does not feel the need to listen to her and sometimes comes off as rash and dimwitted; regardless of the fact that he is one of the most intelligent people in all of Ronoa.

Acynthus is a baby aisha I have residing on the account with Caeane. He is the only pet I read books to because his intelligence is high. His petpage hosts my art tutorial.

lookup | petpage
Breziegh is somewhat of a spoiled brat. She's extremely rude and antisocial, but she coy and sophisticated. Breziegh is extremely vane, her beauty astounds all of Ronoa and she's had many suiters come to her castle walls for her hand - but none have made her their's. She is a little bit of a flirt without having any intention on acting on anything she says.

Breziegh is strange, she ostentatiously dresses in many colorful robes and wears heavy makeup when on the outside of the castle. No one truly knows what her face looks like-at least, no one can put her actual face with her name. She often times mingles in coffee shops and the likes at night with commoners. She enjoys fiestas and being surrounded, but doesn't want to know anyone closely.

Breziegh is the newest Guardian of Caer. She was given the gift of fire manipulation and protective magic along with being able to take down the creatures of Caer. Breziegh still does not know of her abilities, but they will make themselves apparent as time progresses.

Breziegh is a yellow aisha on my side account; she doesn't get much done with her minus customization.

Oh so you're leaving? she nodded towards you, smiling a little. It was nice to meet you, maybe I will see you again? She pushed you through the gate sending you back to Ares; the "human" world.

Until we meet again...

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