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Welcome to Chains Unbound guest I'm Ulquiorras_grl the owner of chains unbound. Chains unbound has many things to pick from, too anime premade lookups, guild layouts and pet pages. I made this little site on neopets to share with all of you anime lovers just like me. I hope you fined what your looking for in chains unbound. Everyone have fun and please look around. :)


3 - 18 - 10

Something is wrong with my scrapblog account nothing is saving so I can't make anything, when I made a lot of changes to some layout requests that I'm working on they did not save so that means all the work I just did did't save, I don't know when I be able to start making anything again but once I do you'll be the frist too know!
P.S. this dose not mean I'm closing Chains Unbound ok everyone!

3 - 10 - 10

Ok everyone I got sick for a little bit. I hope to have things up and running and some requests done soon.

1 - 26 - 10

Hello Everyone it's Ulquiorra here, there is some new layout on there way, once I get some requests done. Just whated to update this to tlak you I'm not dead lols. :P

1 - 18 - 10

Hello everyone how was your new year? Mine was great I had fun with my friends and famliy. My computer as been down for sometime now, that's because of the lack of updates, I still want to say sorry to everyone for the lack of updates. Hope too have requests done and some new layout up soon.

12 - 17 - 09

Ok everyone christmas is almost here. I'm working really hard on everyone's layout that have requested one, and I'm working on a lot of new layouts and graphics I'm hoping to have them up before christmas. Thank you and marry christmas everyone!! :D

12 - 9 - 09

Everyone Christmas is coming, so I have been really busy. Because I'm helping out around the houes and I don't have time to get on neopets, that's way there is not a lot of updates so maybe once I'm done helping put stuff up for Christmas you'll see a lot more updates.


1~Do not steal any of the layouts Icons Graphics etc.

2~Do not delete the link back to my site that's with the code.

3~You can not change/edit the code/graphic's in anyway.

4~Do not say you made the Layout/graphics I put a lot of time in to the graphics here so please do not steal them.

5~I only make anime/manga themed layouts!

7~Do not take a layout pick up that is not your's if you did not request it do not take it!!


2 - 24 - 10

1 New Beast Master icon
1 New Loveless icon

2 - 19 - 10

New home page layout for chains unbound.

2 - 11 - 10

1 New Ouran High School Host Club

2 - 10 - 10

1 new D.gray-man icon
2 new Death note icons
2 new Vampire knight icons

2 - 9 - 10

New home page layout for chains unbound.

2 - 3 - 10

1 new Bleach lookup layout.


2 new user lookups, they are both Unknown anime. I don't know what anime there from so I just put them in the "Unknown anime" so hope you like them and sorry for the wait! More graphics on there way! :)

10 - 26 - 09

2 New Yu-Gi-Oh icons.


New layout for Chains Unbound.

10 - 11 - 09

I made 1 new layout it's my first Naruto layout hope you all like it! I'm still working on requests and other layouts so keep looking for more updates.

Layout by
Chains Unbound
Button(s) By Futago
Caught in the Headlights and Viridescent Music By
.::Kishi's Music Codes::.

31 Mar, 2009