Hey there!

My name is ButtonMaker the Ruki and this is my little space on the web. Feel free to look around at your leisure, if you have any questions, why not drop a neomail to my owner relicium?


Rukis originally come from the Lost Desert. Some people think its a very dull place, but the Lost Desert can be masses of fun. There are still many places that are unexplored and you will always find something new if you look closely enough. I try to visit the Lost Desert as often as I can although relicium thinks its a bit too hot and dry to live there.

As you can imagine having naturally tough skin can prove to be a big advantage in the Battledome. My owner relicium helps me practice a few days a week. One day I hope to have a full set of Ruki armour, but it is very hard to get hold of.
So, I bet you are wondering what a Ruki like me enjoys doing. Apart from battling, I enjoy reading (although I have a long way to go before I get a mention in the Book Club). When I can I also like to think up strange recipes. My latest masterpiece was a cheese and chokato toasted sandwich. It really was quite delicious. You should try thinking up your own recipes some day.

When I am not reading or cooking I like to go exploring with my friends. There is so much to see in Neopia its great! Last week I went to Brightvale and saw King Hagan's magnificent castle. It really is a very nice place although you would think he gets a bit lonely living in that huge building all alone.

Next week I think we are going to go to the Haunted Woods. I have been reading all about the Esophagor and the Brain Tree and can't wait to meet them. Maybe one of them will give me a quest too!

Anyway I had better be going. I think I hear relicium calling me. If you want to challenge me in the Battledome, or just want to share bizarre cooking stories, why not drop them a Neomail?

Ta ta for now!