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Hello and welcome to my portfolio! Here, you can find all the graphics I've ever made! Ok, maybe not all, because some of my old ones have been lost in the bottomless pit of a folder in my computer...basically, some of them are never gonna see daylig-er, I guess a human looking at them again! But do not worry, for it's not much of a loss; trust me, I'm the one that made them and KNOW they look pretty bad! So they are better left lost.

Anyways, so as I was saying (before my thought train derailed) you can find all my graphics here. 99% of the graphics are from my site, Buttoneer. That's because Buttoneer offers button requests (obviously) and layout requests. The other 1% are either grpahics that I made for my own use, or they are layouts I made for another one of my sites, Whale.CSS. So yeah. Those are the graphics that you will be finding here!

Oh! Before you start exploring, just remember that this page is pretty image heavy. (its gonna take a while to load!) So please bare with the page and give it time. Thanks! Happy browsing!



April 20, 2015 | Big Update
I'm back on neo now, so I'm in the process of moving new content over here. I think I got most of it, but I'll be adding more periodically.
I added a few new buttons, and once requests open, more will be on their way!
Also added layouts. Only two, but I know theres like 15 I still need to add--too lazy....


Here is where you can find all the buttons I have made! Have fun looking! And I don't link check, or even know if some of these sites are still running, so I wouldn't trust clicking on them because the pages they take you to are probably either wrong or nonexistent now :/

Newer ones at top

total count: 205

Buttons After Hiatus: 66

Buttons Before Hiatus: 139


Here is where you can find all the layouts I have made! Drag images into a new tab to see them even bigger!!! Have fun looking!

layout count: 17


Here is where I store all the random graphics I've made for neo. Most of these were never meant to be seen, but I made them, so why not display 'em (catchy motto, eh?)


All content by Thomas

Buttons link back to their creators

Layout by Thomas @ Whale.CSS