Hi, my name is Burlines the Yurble. I am 66453 hours old and live in Neopia with my owner smash_returns.

So what is this may you ask? Well, this is my humble little web page. It is where I have written a few little tidbits that you may be interested in about me and Yurbles in general - hope you like it!

As you may have noticed Yurbles love to find yummy things to eat. I just love it when smash_returns brings me back a creamy cake or gooey sweet from the Bazaar. My current favourite treat is a big handful of Double Chocolate Jelly Beans. They really are quite delicious, you should try them!

After all that eating there is nothing quite like going for a run. I dont have a Petpet as yet, but when I do I am going to take it everywhere with me and have so much fun! They just look so cool, although I can't quite decide what to get...

I have heard there is something called a Petpetpet too that you can get as a pet for your Petpet. That sounds really neat, but I have never ever seen one so who knows where you get one from!

Yurbles in general (so I am told) just love the outdoor life. The best holiday I have had was when we spent a week camping on Mystery Island. We saw the volcano, spoke to the Island Mystic (he is a bit odd) and went on a tiki tour. smash_returns has promised to take me to Terror Mountain this winter which I am really looking forward to. I wonder if I will see Taelia when I am there - I really hope so!

Anyway that is about all from me, smash_returns is yelling at me to tidy my room so I have to go. Maybe I will add more later. If you want to talk to me or smash_returns, why not send them a Neomessage?

Ta ta for now!

*waves goodbye*