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I. Contents
II. Writer's Foreword
III. Revision History
IV. Shop Introduction
........ A. The Pros and Cons of Having a Shop
........ B. Shop Navigation
V. Let's get to BUSINESS!
........ A. Types of Stocking Your Shop
........ B. Neopets' Shop Restocking
........ C. Timing a Restock
........ D. Restocking Finger Positions
........ E. What and Where to Restock
........ F. Pricing and Selling
........ G. How People Come Across Your Shop
........ H. Saving and Increasing Shop Size
VI. Malling
........ A. Pros and Cons of Being in a Mall
........ B. Difference Between Mallers and Shopkeepers
........ C. Finding a Mall
........ D. Tips in Malling
........ E. Mall Marketplaces
........ F. Hut Positioning Tips
VII. The Do's and Don'ts in Decorating
VIII. Awards and Screenies
IX. Final Words and Acknowledgments
X. Link Back to Me

XI. Affiliates

II. Writer's Foreword

This guide is officially made by me, bugsy_bogis, to help those Neopians out there who are having trouble in tending to their own shops. This guide will make you an absolute millionaire regarded that you follow by heart my tips in shopkeeping and saving. It may take a while to reach the million but you'll sure be at it through your shop. This guide will intensively show you the secrets of handling a good shop. I added a few touches of restocking and malling in the guide. So, dig in and have fun!

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III. Revision History

VERSION 1.0 (June 1, 2007) - Released the guide
VERSION 2.0 (June 2, 2007) - Revised the WHOLE layout. Added pictures, changed typographical errors, and shortened the guide. Deleted the Neopia's Shop System Section. Added the Acknowledgment Section which is merged with the Final Words segment. ADDED THE HELPFUL BOOKMARKS. (Thanks lassietheevilone for the wonderful suggestion) Neatened up the Contents. (Chopped down 20 chapters into 9 chapters with subchapters) Released Version 2.0.
VERSION 2.1 (June 5, 2007) - Revised a few things on the What and Where to Restock Section, and the Malling Section. Added LINK BACK TO ME banners.
VERSION 2.2 (July 23, 2007) - Changed the typographical errors and inserted new subchapter, C. TIMING A RESTOCK. Thanks to cloveapple and Der_Joh.
VERSION 3.0 (APRIL 15, 2009) - AFTER NEARLY TWO YEARS OF INACTIVITY, I HAVE FINALLY UPDATED THE GUIDE. ADDING MUCH MUCH MUCH, SO YOU BETTER READ ON. MADE MORE TIPS, MORE BANNERS, AND MORE AFFIES. Added Hut Positioning Tips, and affiliates. I changed every section of the guide so again, Read on! ^^ Put our banners everywhere! ;)
VERSION 3.0 still ( APRIL 16, 2009 ) -
Fixed a couple of typos, added more affiliates, added a shop counter, and added the 4 million NB Ads section.

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IV. Shop Introduction

A. The Pro's and Con's of Having a Shop


  • Easiest way to sell buyable (below 100k) items

  • Very slim chance of losing money

  • Foundation of money if you want to engage in stockmarkets or the trading post

  • Cons:

    • Needs to have a lot of patience.

    • Slow profits. But making 25k-50k a day just sitting there and doing nothing is cool! *wink*

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    B. Shop Navigation

    This bunch of links can be found at the top of the YOUR SHOP page. Let me give a brief explanation for each of these links. ( I will only explain the links which are relevant to shopkeeping

    • Neopia Central / Bazaar / Plaza - These are non-player places where you can RS things to sell. (Explained later in Neopets' Shop Restocking)

    • Marketplace - Shows the Neopets MAIN MARKETPLACE - to be in it is the goal of every maller (Explained later in Mall Marketplaces).

    • Shop Wizard - A very helpful place to see the cheapest of an item. However, the Shop Wizard only lists items worth 99,999 NP and under. Anything more than that must be checked either in the Trading Post or Auctions.

    • Safety Deposit Box - where your items can be placed for safekeeping. Can be used in a method of stocking a shop.

    • Notice Board - where people can advertise what they want to advertise by paying an amount of money. The highest price is 4,000,000 NP and the lowest price is constantly changing. If you post lower than the lowest price, you lose the NP's and your ads won't show. Usually NB Ads, as they are called, are used by mallers in posting their mall banners, and it brings a lot of traffic.

    The image you see here can be seen in the Your Shop page. I'll explain each link.

    • Marketplace Banner - when you click the image, it will lead you to the Main Marketplace, just like clicking the Marketplace link at the top of the page.

    • Shop Front - this basically lets you see your own shop.

    • Create/Edit Your Shop - this is the page were you can write the HTML codes to decorate yoru shop with. It also lets you give a name for your shop and pick a Marketplace where your shop can be in (Explained later in Mall Marketplaces). This also lets you pick a shopkeeper and its welcoming message.

    • Shop Stock - this link lets you see the stocked items in your shop, price them, or remove them.

    • Shop Till - where money goes to when someone buys in your shop.

    • Sales History - lets you see the items that were sold, on what date it was sold, who bought it and the price it was bought at. However, this only lets you see items which are sold for 1,000NP and over.

    • Quick Stock - a very useful tool to stock all the items that you have bought in a single click.

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    V. The Real Deal

    A. Types of Stocking Your Shop

    There are 3 ways of stocking your shop.

    1. Shop Wizard Stocking
    Recommended for the slow internet users. This is a very, very slow money maker for a small shop. This type of stocking is recommended for mallers. (Will be explained later in the Difference Between Mallers and Shopkeepers section).

    OBJECTIVE: Buy items which are below wizard-priced items and sell them in your shop. Basically try to BUY LOWER THAN SHOP WIZARD PRICE AND SELL AT A SHOP WIZARD PRICE.

    NOTE: SNIPING is one form of Shop Wizard Stocking wherein you intentionally search for Easy to Sell Items (such as codestones, faeries, expensive petpets, Lab Maps) by Shop Wizard. When successful, it would equate to LARGE and EASY profits!

    Christmas Paint Brushes go for around 30k. After a few refreshes, you have spotted a Christmas Paint Brush worth 1,000 NP and you were quick to buy it. Sell it in your shop at 30k. An instant 29,000 NP profit.

    NOTE: This does not always happen though. If you happen to snipe an item, you are considered VERY LUCKY. The chances are increased when you are using Premium though.

    QUICK EXPLANATION: When using the normal Shop Wizard, users are divided into groups according to the first letter in their usernames.

    A N 0
    B O 1
    C P 2
    D Q 3
    E R 4
    F S 5
    G T 6
    H U 7
    I V 8
    J W 9
    K X _
    L Y
    M Z

    This is why usernames starting with A, N and 0 go together when searching in a shop wiz. Usually, there is a slight difference in prices between groups. An effective way of maximizing profits is searching for your wizard group after a few refreshes in the Shop Wizard, and try to price your items so that your are seen at the top portion of the list. Use this knowledge to your advantage in pricing.

    2. Dailies Items Stocking - Earn a few hundreds by doing this.

    OBJECTIVE: Sell your omelettes, jellies, fish, and other "junk" items in your shop by pricing them cheapest in the Shop Wiz.

    3. Restocking in Main Neopets Shops aka. RSing - The heart and core of shopkeeping. Your profits depend on the items that you have restocked from Neopia's Shops. You can earn around 50k-100k or even much more a day through restocking. (Explained in the next section)

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    B. Neopets' Shop RSing

    Follow the screenies...

    C. Timing a Restock

    Take note: When a shop is empty, you see the statement saying that the shop restocks every 8 minutes, This is completely WRONG. The restock times are all RANDOM, so you need to refresh the shop every 10-20 seconds or so.

    WARNING: Don't refresh too much since it will lead to an RS ban. You will not be informed whether you have been RS banned. You will just not see anything from any shop.

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    D. Restocking Finger Positions

    Choose whichever you like. If you have more finger position techniques, kindly neomail it to bugsy_bogis.

    1. First is using F5 Key to refresh (using maybe your mid finger or any finger that suits you) and your thumb at the SPACEBAR key (SPACEBAR to zoom down and serves as the ENTER key to hit the "OK" button) To enter the numbers, you use the HORIZONTAL NUMBER KEYS and press as fast as you can.

    2. Second is you click on the Shopkeeper to refresh, with your left hand on the right num pad on your keyboard. The ENTER key is used when you have clicked an item. NOTE: THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THE ONES WHOSE MOUSE HAVE WHEELS. The main reason for the wheel is for faster scrolling.

    3. When you are using a laptop, what you can do is open the shops in tabs. (Press CTRL + T then enter the link of the shop) To refresh, click the Shopkeeper (it is faster this way than to press F5), wait for it to load. If it does not restock, press CTRL + TAB to go to the next shop, and continue this over and over again. Then, once you see something restock, click the item, press SPACEBAR (serving as your Enter Key to hit the "OK" button) and use the HORIZONTAL NUMBER KEYS.

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    E. What and Where to RS

    The numbers correspond to the number of the shop.You can notice that a shop link will lead you to a page whose address is...

    For easy navigation, just put the shop number at the end of the link.

    NOTE: The 3's, 2's, 1's in stock (which will often be stated in this part) mean the items that come in EXACTLY 3 or 2 or 1 in stock if you time a restock correctly. To check, MOST (most, not all) of the items that come in 3 or 2 or 1 in stock are priced exactly 2,500NP, 5,000 NP, or 10,000 NP.

    • Slow Internet Restockers / Beginners

    1. Bakery (#15) - Try to RS the 3's, 2's, and 1 in stocks. Usually, good ones are the ones priced exactly at 2500 NP, 5000 NP, and 10000 NP. Doughnuts can be of 100 NP profit per piece. Try to get "Sandwich", "Cinnamon Swirl", "Chocolate Cake", and "Super Sub". They come in fair quantity in the shop.

    2. Book Shop (#7) - Keep an eye for the 3/2/1's in stock, together with the ones priced exactly at 2500 NP, 5000 NP, and 10000 NP.. They are the highest profitable books in the shop. Once the low quantity books are gone, go for the cheapest books with high quantity (also called 1k books). Restock more of them to get 200-700NP profit per book.

    3. Collectable Card Shop (#8) - Try to time the restock and you may see grey, gold, or silver cards, GET THEM! Restock the greens and pinks, too. Most of them are profitable. The cheapest are the blue and the red ones, which can make you 200-500 NP per card. CHECK THE SHOP WIZARD.

    4. Faerieland Books (#38) - Check out for the books which are one's in stock first, they are mostly profitable. Check Shop Wiz!

    5. Food (#1) - First, keep an eye for the 3/2/1's in stock EXCEPT FOR THE ITEMS WHICH ARE WORTH EXACTLY 2,500NP or 5,000NP. Very weird but yes, most of the time, they are LOSSES. Next, buy the usual items which are found in the shop like Hot Cakes, Baby Food, Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, NeoColas and the like. You'll get to know which items are profitable. Try to check Shop Wiz first.

    • Experienced Restockers

    1. Bakery (#15) - Yes this shop can be both RS'ed by Beginners and experienced RS'ers. Buy the 3's, 2's, and 1's in stock. Many items which are 3/2/1 in stock will pop out when you time the restock time correctly. They can give 1k-5k profit.

    2. Food (#1) - Like the Bakery, buy the 3/2/1 in stock. A little less items with 3/2/1 in stock will pop out than the Bakery but the profits also margin around 1k-5k per piece. Again, avoid exactly 2,500NP and 5,000NP priced items.

    3. Pharmacy (#13) - Be sure to time the restock and quickly buy the 3/2/1 in stock (mostly 1 in stock) Also buy Tongue Shrinker, and Hoochie Coochie tablets. Tongue Shrinkers can gain around 2k-3k profit. Hoochie Coochie Tablets for around 500 NP per piece. And the 1s in stock for 10k-30k profit. Check the item database of JELLYNEO to see which items are most profitable. Buy the HERBAL SCRAMBLED EGGS (Wheel of Excitement disease at the moment) Each can get you 10k+ profit and they stock in bundles. They immediately disappear though.

    4. Spooky Foods (#30) - Just like Pharmacy, time out the restock and buy the 1 in stock. They go for 10k-70k profit.

    5. Collectable Card Shop (#8) - Time out the restock and buy the grey, black, silver, or gold cards. Most of them are unbuyable (more than 100k). However, sometimes, black silver and gold cards do not restock. Try to go for the profitable greens too.

    6. Chocolate Factory (#14) - Go for the mint, dark and orange chocolates, lollypops, gummy die, and the 3/2/1's in stocks. They can gain around 1k-5k and more profit per piece.

    7. Furniture / Garden (#41/#12) - These shops are the ones you need to get used to to know which items are profitable and which items are not. Try to learn them by using shop wizard and time the restock. Try not to buy first and check the items using the shop wizard. Then you'll know what items to buy and what not to. They can gain 1k-10k profits depending on the item. Usually the 3/2/1's in stock and the exactly priced 2500NP, 5000NP, and 10000NP are most profitable.

    8. Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop (#37) - Try to time the restock and go for the 3/2/1's in stock. They are all profitable. They go for 1k-10k profit. Also keep an eye at the magical chia pops as they go for 500k-millions in the trading post, especially the Pea Chia Pop.

    • 1337 Restockers

    1. Magic Shop (#2) - The renowned Kauvara's shop is known for its morphing potions which go for 200k-millions in the trading post. They go fast though as this shop is crowded with 1337 Restockers.

    2. Battle Magic / Defence Magic Shop (#9/#10) - Like Furniture and Garden Shops, you need to get a bit of knowledge of what items are profitable and what items are not. Try to use the Shop Wizard first before venturing in this shop. Most of the restocked items here are unbuyables. For the Defence Magic Shop, go for the Full Armors for pets.

    3. Plushie Shop (#98) - Try to time the restock and go for the uniquely colored plushies or the character plushies (Like Neoquest II Plushies). They go for 10k-millions in the trading post. (The known ZDAP or the Zafara Double Agent Plushie sotcks here. The plushie that can get you a Sneak avatar.)

    4. Stamp Shop (#58) - Go for the 3/2/1 in stocks. All of them are profitable and some are unbuyables.Try to go for the exactly priced 2500NP, 5000NP, and the 10000NP. They go for 5k-millions in profit. Keep an eye out for the 1 NP stamps. You need to get to know them first. These stamps were given out by Tarla which led to its deflation.

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    F. Pricing and Selling

    Pricing is definitely the soul of shopkeeping. If you do not know how to price, your business may break down. So it is very important to know the standard measures in pricing.

    • Small Shop Size / RSing to make fast profits - Be sure to sell your items the cheapest in the shop wizard. If you found an item which is lower than your Shop Wizard group, buy it first then sell both, if reasonable.

    • Small Shop Size / Shop Wizard Stocking - Find good deals at the Shop Ads boards or by searching for the Shop Wizard and sell at a price where you can be seen at one of the top portions in your Shop Wizard group. (explained before in Types of Stocking Your Shop)

    • AT LEAST Spooky Marketplace size / belonging to a mall, make sure that one or two members in the mall are already shops 300/400+ so as to increase traffic in your shop. Price the items at AVERAGE PRICE or 500NP-1k higher than the wiz. Bring the price down when the sales are slow and bring the prices up of the items which are always being purchased in your shop. IMPORTANT: Keep a handful of items by Shop Wizard - this lets you get more traffic.

    • Belonging to a Main Market Mall, make a mark-up of at least 1k-2k for items (this depends on how good the mall you are in is). Try to keep a steady stock and increase gradually the items which are always selling. To keep an organized record of this, I strongly recommend using NEOMALLERS PORTAL. This portal allows you to copy and paste your Sales History and it will give you the profits you had for the day, your sales, and show you the returning customers. It also tells you which items are Out of Stock. Now, search for it. ;)

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    G. How People Come Across Your Shop

    • People looking at your userlookup can visit your shop by clicking the link to go to it.

    • If you have a link of your shop to your petpage, pet description and gallery, people can go to your shop when they view your pets and galleries.

    • Advertising in the Shop Ads board.

    • Through the Huts in the Marketplaces. (explained later in the Mall Marketplaces Section)

    • Through the Shop Wizard if you have one of the cheapest items there.

    • Through the Notice Board.

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    H. Saving And Increasing Shop Size

    This is the key to the success of every rich Neopian... SAVING. Increasing Shop Size is also important for a shopkeeper. Follow these tips in increasing your shop size and saving. (NOTE: Only follow these tips when you are still not marketplace size) Tips for increasing sizes when marketplace size will be explained later in the Mall Marketplaces Section.

    • Try to think of an amount, say 1 million NP, and put it all in the bank. And that is your safe money which can be used when you spent all your money in hand. This also makes sure you don't go bankrupt. Try to think that if ever you have an amount below your safe money, you won't be allowed to spend something unless you gain that back. Discipline, people. ;)

    • After that, think of a certain amount of money in hand - like for example 100k or 200k, and earn it. That will be your cash in hand. This will be used for buying restocked items in your shop.

    • If you have made your cash in hand, the extra money that you get will be your Shop Size Increasing Money. That money will be used to increase your shop size. Continue increasing your shop size until the ideal shop size is accomplished.

    • If you unfortunately run short of cash in hand, stop increasing your shop size for a while and earn that back through your shop. When you have gained it back, continue increasing your shop size.

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    VI. Malling

    This word is the DREAM of the aspiring shopkeepers out there. Let me give you some brief explanations of malls.

    • A mall is made by shopkeepers with very large shop sizes linked together by a mall banner.

    • As soon as you reach a certain shop size you will soon belong to a marketplace/world. Since the marketplace itself is an advertisement for your shop, this will serve as an attraction to your shop. Click the following to view the lowest shop size you need in order to be seen in the marketplace (SPOOKY MARKETPLACE, ISLAND MARKETPLACE, MAIN MARKETPLACE)

    • Malls are designed to have high prices. The reason for this is that you need to keep your shop intact and full. If you just keep them at shop wizard prices, the items in your shop will be sold out every day that it would be too hard for you to restock again. Just think of having a shop size of 300+ with 1000+ items, and every day, an average of 300 items would be sold out. It would take you a whole day to fill his/her shop once again. Another reason for this is to compensate for the ever increasing shop size fee.

    • Mall members sometimes are needed to participate in the Notice Board Ads by paying a certain amount of money to the treasurer or leader of the mall. (Depends on the mall, really, whether they want to participate in NB Ads or not.)

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    A. Pros and Cons of Being in a Mall


    • Being in a successful mall, you would earn hundreds of thousands a day on average.

    • You will be known.

    • Many will ask you to become their Neofriend or bookmark so they can get back to you in times of Faerie quests.

    • Very high traffic especially if you are teamed up with people who are already in the Main Marketplace

    • Your shop would be admired by baby shopkeepers.


    • You would be constantly explaining to people who are saying, " YOU HAVE HIGH PRICES!!!!!11 WAHT TEH!!!11111"

    • It's hard to find a successful mall.

    • The ever increasing shop size fee.

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    B. Difference Between Mallers and Shopkeepers

    Mallers and Shopkeepers are identical, synonymous, analogous, the same, not different? Guess again! :)

    NOTE: The mallers that is referred here are the ones who are dedicating their full time to malling and have a small or NO time alloted for RSing.



    High-priced items (as explained earlier)

    Wizard-priced/Fairly-priced items

    Favorite page is the SALES HISTORY

    Don't care about the SALES HISTORY

    Needs to have a high shop size

    Small shop sizes are fine

    Use Shop Wizard Restocking most of the time (for the normal maller, that is - although some mallers can still RS to maximize profits)

    Use Neopets' Shops Restocking most of the time


    • Mallers have high priced items so that they would not have a hard time restocking their shop and to compensate for the shop size fee. Shopkeepers usually price their items at a wizard price/ a bit higher than the wizard price because they do not have a very high shop size to be seen in the marketplace. Both can advertise in the Shop Ads Boards for more hits.

    • Mallers' favorite page is the Sales History for easy restocking (used in the NEOMALLERS PORTAL - effective way of tracking sales, profits, returning customers and out of stock items - explained earlier). Shopkeepers have little importance in the Sales History Page and cares more about the SHOP TILL page. *grins*

    • Mallers need to have a high shop size to belong in a marketplace. Shopkeepers doesn't need to have a high shop size the cheap price of their items serves them their traffic. The Shop Wizard somewhat "advertises" their shops.

    • Mallers usually use the Shop Wizard Restocking method to stock their shop. Shopkeepers earn money through RSing. They need to be constantly RSing to make money. However, mallers can also RS to maximize profits.

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    C. Finding a Mall

    This is the hard part in malling. YOU NEED TO HAVE A MALL! If you have a small shop size, I discourage creating your own mall banners and hosting the mall because firstly, it would be hard for you to find members; second, the small shop sizes can't be seen in the marketplace and this lessens your advertisements. It would be better to join malls when you are in Main Marketplace already.

    QUESTION: Where to find?

    • The first place to look for vacant spots is in the Notice Board Ads (Click the Scroll Icon in the Neopets Shop toolbar). Hover upon every button and look at your status bar if every spot has a person. If you found one, ask the member who is the leader and ask if you can be accepted in the mall.

    • Through a random neomail. Malls with vacant spots usually look for people with high shop sizes. Sometimes, you would be neomailed by Mall owners to be part of their mall. If your business is smoothly running, then you've found yourself a successful mall.

    • Through the Battledome Chat Board. This is the place where you can find Main Market Malls with vacancies looking for members.

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    D. Tips in Malling

    • When you have found a mall and are given a spot, stock your shop quickly with the said items in the Neopets Shops and the Shop Wizard. Jellyneo's Item Database can greatly help you in stocking your shop.

    • Keep track of your Sales History. Have a Shop Wizard page open together with the Sales History Page, and copy and paste every item in the Sales History Page to the Shop Wiz, and buy them. Clear your Sales History once you are done. Keep track of the mostly bought items and slightly increase their price. (This step can easily be done using the NEOMALLERS PORTAL - and yes, I'm advertising this over and over again. lol.)

    • Always keep your shop in stock. Try to have at least 5 pages of stock (They say that the more stock, the more profits you can gain). Of course, Paint Brushes, Neggs, Coupons, Training, and other categories are an exception to this.

    • Try to keep the top row of your shop cheap. This will tend to make people think that you have a shop filled with cheap items. (from Mallers of Neopia tips)

    • Try to price things using cheap-looking numbers like 0, 1, 2, 4, and the like. An item priced at 2,999 seemingly looks expensive than one priced at 3,001. (from Mallers of Neopia tips)

    • Try to keep a few items in Shop Wizard price. Not only will it increase your sales but people who see you by the Shop Wizard tend to buy things which are marked-up too.

    • Don't foolishly think that if you are in a mall, you can mark up 10k for more than the item is worth. Price reasonably! You are not helping the mall at all if you super-overprice. This will create an impression that your mall - including your mall members - all have expensive things to sell.

    • Update your mall banner immediately when you are told to.

    • Contact the mall advisers/leaders if you are having problems with sales.

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    E. Mall Marketplaces

    Mall Marketplaces are the very means of earning traffic in your shop, because the thousands of newbies in Neopets go to the Marketplace Page to search for the items that they want or need.

    There are three Marketplaces:

    As said earlier, in order to be seen in a marketplace, you need to achieve the proper shop size. Click the following to view the lowest shop size you need in order to be seen in the marketplace (SPOOKY MARKETPLACE, ISLAND MARKETPLACE, MAIN MARKETPLACE) If you are lower than the shop sizes that were seen on these links, you won't be seen in the marketplace.

    The Marketplaces are your main advertisements for your shop because your shop will be shown in one of the huts when you met the requirements. People would go to the marketplace, click a hut (probably the hut you are in) and go to your shop. One hut in the marketplace contains ten people whose shops are shown. Be sure to change the world/marketplace that you are in at the Create/Edit a Shop link.

    The target of every maller is to be at the Main Marketplace because that is the main page that people use to find the things they need for a quest or just when they feel spending a lot. You can find it at this link below.

    You can view the other two marketplaces by visiting the Haunted Woods - for the Spooky Marketplace, and the Mystery Island for the.. uh.. Mystery island Marketplace. lol.

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    F. Hut Positioning Tips

    When you are in the Spooky or Island Marketplaces, your only goal is to be at the top of your hut. First, find the hut you are in in the Marketplaces, and check your position.

    The shops are arranged in such a way that

    • According to SHOP SIZE. The shopkeepers with the higher shop sizes are seen at a higher position in the hut.

    • If people have the same shop sizes, they are arranged According to DESCENDING ALPHABETICAL ORDER. This means for example, bugsy_bogis and i_cant_think_of_any_usernames_now both have shop sizes 1000. By descending alphabetical order, i_cant_think_of_any_usernames_now wil be at a higher position than bugsy_bogis.

    NOTE: People on the top portions of the hut (first or second) gets the most traffic for the hut.

    With that knowledge, try to inspect your hut for a day - this is because huts consistently move. If you upgrade too much and tried to be on the highest spot in the hut (not knowing that the hut you are in has a lot of movement), you might be the lowest spot in the next hut. (See what I mean?)

    For example, I am at the top of my hut. And then, a user suddenly decided to move to the marketplace I am in and for example, I found him coincidentally the same hut as mine. And so, he gets to be in my hut, and I will get bumped to the lowest portion of the next hut.

    So after a day or two of inspecting, you see that the shops stayed put. Now, try to go and upgrade your shop so that you can be at the first or second spot in the hut.

    If you cannot be on top or second, try to pick the hut next to your current hut. Check to see how many sizes you need to upgrade to be at the top of that hut. If you can afford it, then upgrade to that position. If not, try to save NP until you can upgrade to that size.

    Now everything becomes different in the Main Marketplace. There are now huts which are better than others. Now try to view first the map of the Main Marketplace. Look for the huts which immediately catches your eyes and makes you want to click them. They are the huts you are looking for. Using the tips above, try to upgrade to that hut. When you found your comfortable hut, ahhh, you are good and can stay there for as long as you like. Try to keep your position at the top of the hut to maximize traffic.

    When you want to upgrade to another hut wherein you think it is better than the hut you are in now, stay at your current hut (while still trying to be on top) and save money enough for you to jump to that goal hut immediately. This lets you maximize the traffic since the hut you are in is a good one. You get to be on a good position so saving is a alot faster. Then, jumping to that goal hut will let you experience more traffic.

    Let me explain the maximizing of traffic, AGAIN, by letting you guys choose. So let's picture that you are in a good hut already in the marketplace. But you see a better hut and you need to upgrade in order to be there. You can:

    1. Upgrade day by day, unsure that you will be at the top of the hut until you reach that dream hut of yours. Of course, this would mean lower profits at some days because you are not in a good hut and you are consistently switching huts - and you are in a random position in it (probably middle or lower, or if lucky, at the top portions).


    2. Stay at your hut for as long as you can until you can, maximizing your profits, and save enough money until you can jump to that dream hut immediately and experiencing more traffic, which means more traffic.

    Get what I'm saying?

    But I have to leave you with this final reminder. If your mall are filled with slackers, and you are the one who really CARES about hut positioning - then you'll do no good.

    MALLING is a group effort. I'll say it again with a larger font, centered orientation, make it bold, and a color red and underlined for emphasis.


    Always keep your shop stocked, tidy up your codes, always try to be top of a good hut. This is the only key to successful malling. With the proper hut positioning strategies, your mall can do even without the NB Ads, and still get large profits. ;)

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    VII. The Do's and Don'ts in Decorating

    Here are a couple of reminders when decorating your shops.


    DON'T: Use images or backgrounds from yahoo or google to decorate your shop. Also, never put animated backgrounds. Most people are annoyed with that. It takes very long to load. NOTE: It is against Neopets rules to make the background of your shop the same color as the font of your shop (prices, Item names, etc.) TNT sees this as scamming and will lead to your account getting frozen. For example, you have black font for your prices, etc, and you pair it with a black background. That is definitely a NO-NO!
    DO: Use the tiled backgrounds from Neopets under the Shop Blogs link. It has faster loading time. Or better, don't have a background at all. The white background is neat and easy to load.


    DON'T: put music at all.


    DON'T: Put links that are scattered everywhere on your shop.
    DO: Put them in a Shop Blog to make your shop look neat. Shop Blogs can be found here.


    DON'T: Overcrowd your shop with images. It just lengthens the loading time, put off customers, thus preventing some sales.
    DO: You can put images but be sure that your shop looks neat. Presentation is a very essential key to sales.


    DON'T: Put very long introductions and speeches because it makes your shop look boring, because the people can all see that CHUNK of text.
    DO: You can put those long introductions in a Shop Blog, together with the links that you've got, to save space.

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    VIII. Awards and Screenies

    Thanks for the awards! Love y'all!

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    IX. Final Words and Acknowledgments

    I hope that you all learn something from this guide and make sure you know by heart this knowledge in shopkeeping as this can take you to reaching your Neopian ambitions. Remember, shopkeeping isn't as fast a moneymaker as reselling at the Trading Post or engaging in the stock market but it can also lead you to earning a constant amount of money EVERY DAY, thus making it as a foundation of money.

    NOTE BY THE AUTHOR: If you found anything that's not right, misspelled words, grammatical errors, anything that you feel is wrong, feel free to express yourself by neomailing me, bugsy_bogis, and I would gladly make revisions. Thanks for all your help! Link back to me!

    SHOUTOUTS: My former guild, Fortune's Footpath! Thanks to Otto for encouraging me to make this guide and to all the council out there in Fortune's Footpath. :) To my Neofriends, thanks very much for supporting me. My former guildmates for ever supporting and for awaiting my guide. To edithtom for giving me my first ever award. :) And to everyone who have read this guide, thank you very much.

    SPECIAL THANKS: cloveapple, Der_Joh, to neopianwriter13 for pointing out an outdated part in my guide (Faerieland Books in the Restocking portion of the guide), and all the special unmentioned.

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    ~bugsy_bogis aka Nathan

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