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Directly. was founded in February 2015 by Shaedi. One of my favorite things to do on neo has always been coding. When i began learning to code on my own, I quickly got sick of having to Google for petpages. To make things easier for myself, I started a list. And that list grew. Just like that, Directly. was born. Directly. doesn't rank sites as recommended or favorites, simply because I feel that each site suits different folks for different reasons. If I single out certain sites as "recommended" then it leaves room for you to overlook potentially great sites!

I strive to bring you guys nothing but clean, working pages without tons of broken images or coding. If you find that any of my listings are broken, gone, or otherwise not working; please send me a neomail so I can fix it! I go through links occasionally and remove completely broken, unusable, or vanished pages. If you find that your listing has been removed, it's likely that it was not working or moved without my knowledge, please check the Most Recent page for more info!

Feel free to neomail me for whatever! -Shaedi ♡


Jan 16, 2018
+1 site
--hello lovelies!! // Just a new site added today! In other news, indirect; has been updated with a spiffy new layout if you'd like to go check it out, & get listed over there & stuff. indirect;
  • Simplified layouts section has become Mint
  • # of sites updated to 241
Update Archives

Update Archives

Jan 04, 2018
+1 site
--HAPPY NEW YEAR!! // It's 2018 everyone! :D Today we have a new/old site. One of the Photobucket Fiasco sites has returned! Woo!
  • Krazy Kute Kreations relisted -- layout & graphics site!
  • # of sites updated to 240
  • Button Request status updated

Dec 24, 2017
+0 sites
--HAPPY HOLIDAYS! // 'tis Christmas Eve! Made a few changes to the categories that i've been meaning to do for a while.

  • Moved Screenies, Comics, & Writing over to the new Art & Writing category.
  • Backgrounds section in Graphics has been moved to Resources.
  • Adoptables & Pixels have moved from Graphics to their own category.
  • Altador Cup is now Site Events

Dec 17, 2017
+6 sites
--FINALLY CAUGHT UP // Now that i'm finally caught up on my guild Holiday stuff I can focus on getting Directly caught up as well! Got a whole bunch of new sites being added right now so stay tuned!
  • +1 Pet Directory - Multi Pet/Species
  • +3 Neofont sites
  • +1 Adoption Agency
  • +1 graphics site @ pixels
  • total # sites updated
  • Button site request status updated
  • link sweep, only lost 1 site! A few closed as well.

Dec 11, 2017
+0 sites
--IM STILL HERE YOU GUYYYSS // Hey everyone! I know it's been an entire month since i've updated but i've had THE BUSIEST month ever. I've got a new shop that I still have to set up, & a new business i'm starting. I'll still be here though running Directly, indirect, & being on council in my wonderful guild. I'll be adding several new sites tonight & doing a link sweep as well since it's been a while.
Nov 03, 2017
+0 sites
--SMALL UPDATE TODAY // just updated the button requests. Blueshift is back from hiatus!
  • +1 button site back from hiatus
  • Button Request sites updated

Nov 01, 2017
+1 sites
--HALLOWEEN IS OVER, HAPPY NOVEMBER! // Welp, i never got to decorate the site for Halloween, eh well. There's always Christmas! New site listed today, i should post an ad up on Help Chat, requests seem a bit slow lately, but page count is over 4000 now -- you guys are wonderful! ♥
  • +1 customization site
  • Button Request sites updated
  • # sites updated

Oct 26, 2017
+2 sites
--HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK YOU GUYSSS // I was going to change the layout around to celebrate but i'm not sure if i'm going to have time with all the events going on in my guild & work also being super busy this week. We'll see!
  • +1 adoptables site
  • +1 pixel adoptables site
  • Button Request sites updated
  • # sites updated

Oct 17, 2017
+1 site
--We have a new Neopoint Making Dailies guide added today! // Totally just realized that I haven't updated button request sites since September! *bad Shaedi*
  • +1 neopoint making dailies guide
  • Button Requests updated
  • # sites updated

Oct 07, 2017
+1 site
--A new site listed today, finally. Where are all the new sites lately? I can't possibly have listed them all...almost 3900 views you guys! Wow!
  • +1 special pet directory
  • # sites updated

Sept 17, 2017
-1 site
--Link sweep today, only 1 site affected. Woo! Love when that happens. I do not like having to remove sites..
  • # sites updates
  • button request status updated

Sept 16, 2017
+2 sites
-1 site
--Now that indirect; is up and running & pretty much 99% finished, i'll be back to regularly updating here too! Finally updated the button request status. Missed a week there.
  • +1 NC trading guide
  • +1 pixel & layouts site
  • # sites updates
  • button request status updated

Sept 14, 2017
+1 sites
--indirect; is finally open! this is the second official site that makes up the directly. site family! YAYYYY.
  • +1 link directory w/ star ratings & reviews!

Sept 01, 2017
+3 sites
--I know i haven't updated in a few days but it's been for good reason. I will be opening a new site in just a day or 2!
  • +1 woodland pet directory
  • +1 transparent Aisha directory
  • +1 button/layout request site
  • # of total sites updated

August 26, 2017
+2 sites
-6 sites
--New Site added. Link Sweep today, not too bad! Removed one link directory but also got to add one from inactive to active, so yay! :)
  • +1 in depth stamp guide
  • +1 Lutari Directory
  • Luna Directory removed from inactive!
  • # of total sites updated
August 24, 2017
+2 sites
--Just a couple new sites listed today, nothing extra fun or interesting....yet!
  • +2 font sites
  • button request status updated
  • # of total sites updated

August 23, 2017
+2 sites
--Back from the eclipse adventure! Another couple broken sites have been fixed & re-listed, woo! :D
  • +1 Christmas specific wearables list @ customziation
  • +1 png site re-listed!
  • # of total sites updated

August 19, 2017
+1 site
--Going to be heading towards the eclipse tomorrow, so I won't be on for a couple days. Back on Monday evening!
  • +1 graphics request site @ buttons & pixels
  • # of total sites updated

August 15, 2017
+2 sites
--*stuffing face with carrot cake* A couple new sites today! :D One updated site from the pb fiasco has been re-listed, yay!
  • +1 re-listed comics page @ random fun
  • +1 adoptables page
  • Button Request status updated
  • # of total sites updated

August 13, 2017
+0 sites
You can rate Directly at Bardo!
--We have one new affiliate today! Site Request Status Directory, Unwound Clock! If you need to know who has requests open for what, that's the place to check! :)
  • +1 affie!

August 12, 2017
+2 sites
You can rate Directly at Bardo!
--Did some more work on the featured listing & site request sections! Almost done now, yay! :D
  • +1 request status directory w/ ratings!
  • +1 untaken pet names site w/ site names & a guide!
  • total # sites updated

August 06, 2017
+2 sites
--No lengthy updates today. Just a couple new sites listed!
  • +1 button request site
  • +1 game ratios page
  • total # sites updated

August 05, 2017
+0 sites
--Not a whole lot to update on today, be on the lookout for opening Featured Listing requests!
  • Button Request status updated

July 31, 2017
+5 sites
--New navigation style all sorted into alphabetical order! The whole thing just feels better now. Working diligently on getting the Featured Listing section back up and running this week! Also going to start taking requests for site reviews :) Still send input on the community newspaper if you have any!
  • +1 neoboard pen complete guide (NT article) @ Neofonts
  • +1 all the stores list @ dailies
  • +1 resource page
  • +1 inactive font site
  • +1 NC Value guide
  • brand new navigation!
  • # of sites updated

July 30, 2017
+3 sites
--Seriously considering creating a community newspaper as an extension of Directly. I've already got some of the layout in my head + ideas. I wonder if anyone would submit things to it though? Could be anything, news, stories, comics, articles, anything within rules! Since Directly. seems to be getting pretty popular - we've had 100+ unique page views in 48 hours, that's pretty fantastic!! - I figured it may be a good time to expand soon! Feel free to neomail me any input!
  • +1 backgrounds page
  • +1 customization requests site
  • +1 purge guide
  • # of sites updated

July 29, 2017
+9 sites
--Several new sites added today, Yay! Perhaps we will recover sooner than I thought from the recent fiasco.
  • +1 font/request site
  • +1 customs UFA page
  • +1 petpage only layout site
  • +1 inactive layout site
  • +1 coding help site
  • +1 gallery directory
  • +1 PNG site
  • +1 link directory guide
  • +1 resource site
  • CSS Help changed to Coding Help
  • # of sites updated
  • Updated 'get listed' form

July 27, 2017
+3 sites
--Just some random updates today. Request sites have now been marked so you can find them faster! Working on getting the Featured Listing back up & running as well.
  • +1 affie: Dragon's Lair, owned by the wonderful KT!
  • +1 layout & button request site
  • +1 guild layouts page
  • +1 Untaken pet names page
  • Layouts updated/reorganized
  • Site Key added
  • Request sites distinguished
  • Bullets replaced (again)
  • #of sites updated

July 25, 2017
+1 site
-41 sites
You can rate Directly at Bardo!
--Uhhhh, looks like the resource page i use has broken as well :O Yay. Oh this photobucket thing has turned out to be such a disaster on neo coders, tragic really..
  • New Font site listed!
  • Link Sweep; way more painful than expected
  • Another broken counter base replaced
  • Bullets replaced
  • Button Request status updated

July 17, 2017
+1 site
--I know it's been a couple of weeks now since the PBucket issue. Really trying to wait on a link sweep to make sure all the active sites get to update everything. One more week and i'll sort through them.
  • New Current Layout site
  • Broken affie button replaced
  • Button Request status updated

July 02, 2017
+0 sites
--I waited a week and my counter base didn't fix itself, so got a new one today. I'm hoping this doesn't permanently affect some of the really useful older sites listed, it'll be sad to have to remove them, maybe i'll add some kind of "old, broken, and wonderful" category in their honor. More on that later probably.
  • New counter base
  • Button Request status updated

June 27, 2017
+0 sites
--Link Sweep today, it looks like a great many sites have been affected by something photobucket just did. Please everyone check your sites, i saw A LOT of you have broken images now, especially buttons & counter bases. I haven't & won't delete any of the sites affected by this for a while, to give everyone a chance to fix things or in case it fixes itself. Even my counter base broke.
  • Link Sweep: check most recent for more info.
  • Button Request status updated

June 14, 2017
+2 sites
--The support you guys have shown on HC lately has been phenomenal! Really. Worked all night on fixing the page to work better for everyone on 720p resolution & tablets. Thank you Jewlz for all the input, i couldn't have done it without you!
  • +1 petpage request site by Jewlz & Ashe; includes a Pet Gijinka with request!
  • +1 pet directories directory
  • button request status updated

June 13, 2017
+0 sites
--Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. Not gonna lie, been busy binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. Have a couple requests that I will add first thing in the morning! :D
June 10, 2017
+0 sites
--A few small changes + fixes today. Nothing big! (: Bit more to be added tomorrow.
  • Not updated* sub-categories sorted into alphabetical order
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Restructured pet directories page for ease of use

June 06, 2017
+1 site
  • Button site request status updated
  • +1 layout site

June 05, 2017
+0 sites
--Oh my gosh you guys, i'm totally in love with this new layout. Definitely expect some small additions and changes of the next few days/weeks. Featured listing requests will return when i finish the section! :D

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there will be info about what you get for site reviews here soon, dunno what tho.

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there will be info about what you get for site reviews here soon, dunno what tho.

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