Hello! So, introduction. As a huge fan of the amazing plot back in Y12 (2010), The Faeries' Ruin, I wanted to have a single place where I could find and enjoy everything related to this plot. Here I've gathered all the Neopian Times submissions related to TFR. Everything is organized by submission type and can be browsed using the navigation bar above. Anyways, please enjoy! ~charming_thievery

And I was happy to help everyone enjoy the best plot ever made!
I don't see why I was needed for this.
I guess people love when we answer the Editorial.
Last I looked, this wasn't the Editorial.
Close enough. And look, there's that coconut.


TFR Archives Updates

The Official Content page has been updated! (3.17.19)

The Poetry page has been updated! (2.17.19)

The Article page has been updated! (2.10.19)

The Random Contest section has been updated! (1.26.19)

The Art Gallery page has been updated! (1.20.19)

The revamped Comics page has been updated! (1.13.19)

The Short Story page has been updated! (12.31.18)

The Official / New Features page(s) have been updated! (12.28.18)

The Article page has been updated! (12.2.18)

The Caption Contest page has been added! (11.18.18)

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NT Updates

Note: This directory is split into several petpages, so there may be some lag in navigating between them. The Editorial, Comic, Series, Issue, and Other Contests pages have outdated layouts, while the Art Gallery page has a completely different layout.

Last Updated: 2.10.19

2.10.19 - Turns out I missed a couple of articles in issues 497 & 503, so I've added those in.

  • Updated articles from issues 505-496.
  • Added Honorable Mentions section to the Articles page.
  • 1.13.19 - The Comic page finally gets an update!

  • Added comics from issues 840 & 851.
  • Updated comics from issues 811-593.
  • Added 7 comics to "Honorable Mentions".
  • 12.31.18 - The Short Story section has officially been completely updated to the new format, yay! That means the link now leads to the revamped page, but a link to the old one can still be found there too.

    I'm also starting to realize that I need to clean up the updates section...it's kind of all over the place. :T

  • Updated short story entries from issues 502-463.
  • Updated links to revamped Short Story page.
  • Edited "Note" in Updates section.
  • Removed the current page link to itself and changed the font color to indicate the current page.
  • Honorable Short Story mentions:
    - Wilma and Raina (FQ event, crash of FL mentioned)
    - Heart of a Hero
    - An Old Lupe's Adventure (The Faeries' Ruin plot is mentioned by name)
    - A Present from Jhudora (fall of FL)
  • 12.28.18 - Updated Credit section to thank fansites and TNT!

    12.2.18 - As the majority of the articles are now on the revamped page (That's a lie, I'm still not half-way through...OTZ), I've changed the "Article" link to lead to the revamped page. I also added a "Jump to Issue Range" on the new Articles page for easier navigation - it also links back to the old page since I haven't finished moving articles from issues 462-505.

  • Added new articles from issues 845 & 849.
  • Updated articles from issues 518-510.
  • 10.7.18 - I mostly updated old entries to the revamped layout.

  • Added a new Issue entry (563).
  • Updated entries for revamped pages: Comics, Articles, Short Stories. Not updated on Neo though.
  • Honorable Short Story mention:
    Darkness Comes (Faerieland Falls) - Title + thumbnail image
  • 9.30.18 - Added an updates sidebar to indicate which of the many pages in this project has been most recently updated!

  • Updated revamped short stories 581-565. Added 613-565.
  • Added in some short stories from the Nox Day issue (Took place on Oct. 5th, Nox's deathday) that I'd missed (Goodness, I missed so many!!).
  • Updated Issues page with the Nox Day issue.
  • 9.22.18 - The brief sweep through the latest NT revealed one comic I can add here. Most new updates are cosmetic or simply involve the continuing process of moving content to the revamped layout (first to my own text editor off-Neo. I haven't published those here yet). And what a painfully slow process it's been, lol. But I'll see if I can make weekly updates after each new NT has been published. :3

  • Added revamped articles and comics pages (links on the normal Article and Comic sections respectively).
  • Added Hanso and Brynn neoboard smilies to indicate the story's PoV character (so while both of them may feature in the story, I choose the prominent perspective) to the revamped pages.
  • Added "→" to the "Contact" link so it's clear that it links off this petpage.
  • Added a comic from Issue 840.
  • 9.20.18 - In my excitement at seeing traffic on this project's petpages, I decided I should start updating this again.

  • Added down arrows to the nav bar to indicate drop-down menus.
  • Updated links (sorry, I moved content around and forgot to change the link!)
  • Added new comic from Issue 838.
  • Added new short story from Issue 837 (revamped Short Story page).
  • Updated revamped Short Story page to include entries from Issues 620-625, 712, 810.
  • 8.10.18 - Added in issues to revamped Short Story page. (655-626)

    7.4.18 - Revamped layout (slightly) again. Pushed to Neopets - specifically /~brynnethx.

    4.3.18 - Added color and style to text in Updates & Credit.

    4.2.18 - Coded Updates & Credit sections and made them half-width.

    Stopped at Issue 462 Done with back issues!

    3.30.18 - Thanks to the special 10th collab issue (Issue 819) and its article about the history of NT collabs (included in here!), I've found a few issues that have TFR-related images in the background. (Yes, the scope of this project includes even such minor details as that, lol.)

    Also, even though I haven't even rolled out the new revamped layout officially (aside from doing it for some article entries), I've re-coded it so it's even better! Yay, no table-based layouts anymore! (I know, why was I still using tables?? Well, it was because the last time I really worked with HTML - early 2000s, folks - tables were the main way to code layouts, and I'd never really mastered them until now, lol. So I wanted to use that new-found power! xD) Anyway...yeah, so I've decided to quickly convert everything here to my new layout (I'm tired of this old one!). :)

    • Added issues from 634 & 654.
    • Added articles from 772 & 819.
    • Honorable Mentions:
      Strange Strangers: Part One - it uses the best/coolest image of Hanso as its NT icon!
      Wraithcon - Return - Wraiths are involved!
    • I worked on the editorial layout - like, the issue number square.

    3.28.18 - Worked on the nav bar, added the hover/hidden display effect, etc. I am totally estimating on the days I started.

    3.27.18 - Started building new layout. Worked on designing layout in divs for entries.

    3.24.18 - NEW ENTRIES today! And guess what? With this update, I have officially reached the first TFR-related NT issue!! *cheers* But being the first issue after the plot launched, there's actually not very many entries, which was disappointing though not unsurprising when I thought about it. Still, I wanted to celebrate this moment by making this a big deal, so! I'm boosting the submissions from 462 with tons of other entries from various issues. :D Enjoy!

    • Added articles from issues 462, 794, 811, 812, 815.
    • Added short stories from issues 769, 780, 794, 806, 808, 811. (I'm finally added my own contribution! Also, added the epilogue to "The Sorceress's Ending", part of a previous short story series (issue 780).)
    • Added comics from issues 462, 667, 803, 810, 811, 813.
    • Added editorial from issues 462, 660, 661, 662, 666, 668, 791, 793, 794
    • Added a new series from issue 819 & 820.
    • Added a new issue (623).

    (Argh! My Stories/Comics/etc. page is getting so laggy to update, so I may need to split it again...)

    1.6.18 - So I haven't been adding any *new* entries to this directory for a while, since I've been working on rolling out the new layout and adding updated entries AND new ones there. (Oh, and working on the Art Gallery part of my TFR Archives project.) I placed a link to the WIP article page on the article section here, if you're curious. :) While I've been adding entries from here to the WIP page, I've also updated the descriptions on the article page here.

    • Added a short story, article, and comic from Issue 811 (to the new page).

    12.21.17 - Small edit today, since it was adding a Part 3 to an existing story ("A Brynnso Christmas Special 3"). Definitely not done going through the issue though!

    • Added short story from Issue 810.
    • Honorable Mentions from Issue 658: "The Guide to Beating Procrastination on Neopets" (Article image is the Yurble Librarian from the Shhhhhh! plot step) & "A Beginner's Guide To Dailies" (Talks about the TDMBGPOP location on grounded FL & uses it as the article image)

    11.12.17 - So the new layout is essentially coded; it's just re-coding all the entries to fit in that's taking time. But since I can't wait for that to be completed before debuting the new layout, I've decided to share it now! xD So I was using Brackets to code it, and then moved it to Neo today - and wow! Neo has so many restrictions on coding, lol. I had to tweak it to be Neo-friendly since it broke a bit on the pet page.

    Anyway, hope you guys like the new layout! As you can see, I added the submission thumbnail and made it easier to read descriptions. And I'm listing entries in descending order now, since new submissions will now be from more recent NT issues. (Well, aside from the backlog I have still waiting to be added on here.)

    11.8.17 - Apparently I mis-categorized two short stories as articles (though one should be an article, IMO). As far as the new layout, I'm working on updating the articles first - but as there are over 100, this is going to take some time, especially since my early descriptions were a bit lackluster.

    • Articles from Issues 731 & 667 have been corrected and added to the Short Story section.

    11.3.17 - As I'm updating the new layout while reading and editing submission entries accordingly, I found out I had missed an article in Issue 676! For shame! Especially since it was the only one with a TFR picture! OTZ Edit: Turns out I missed two. Omg...

    As for the layout - yesterday I cleaned up the code, learning more about absolute and relative positioning, and float and clear. It's still going to be quite some time before I can debut it though. I may just debut one section at a time. :)

    • Added 2 articles from Issue 676.
    • Updated article descriptions (starting from most recent).

    11.1.17 - So like, it seems that going on official hiatus makes me want to work on this directory even more. -__- Yes, I have been reading stories I haven't read yet and updating their descriptions, but I've also been going through skipped editorials (and those issues' comics more thoroughly) and adding relevant new entries to my Notepad file that I keep to store additions I haven't updated here yet. There are quite a few submissions there I've got waiting for you guys. :)

    And yesterday, I stayed up half the night working on a revamped and hopefully better layout for this NT directory, but it'll take some time to roll out since I have to manually edit each entry to work with the new code. -___-

    Then today, I made a new page for the creative contests with this current layout and added previously collected entries there. Keep in mind it's still very much a work in progress (particularly the Art Gallery entries), but I'll link the new page for you all to enjoy while I continue this "hiatus". :P

    I'm telling you, I am totally procrastinating on other stuff I gotta do...OTZ

    10.29.17 - Hey, guys! Still on hiatus since I won't be adding any new entries at this time. I'm planning on enjoying my directory and reading all the stories I haven't gotten around to yet. So I'll mostly be updating descriptions for now. :)

    9.20.17 - Quick apologetic update! I'm sorry, I went on an unannounced hiatus (...they're always unannounced though...) due to eye strain problems that started right about the time I stopped updating. I do plan to update again (especially since I've actually made my own NT contribution to add here!), but I can't say when. So, this page is going on official hiatus!

    4.23.17 - Hahahahaha...It's been a month since my last update, oh, man...Well, I've got entries from multiple issues this time 'round - I'm glad there have been some recent TFR NT submissions! Let's keep the love going~ ^^ Also, I've noticed this page has gotten more hits lately, so that makes me really happy! Has my advertising in my sig on the boards actually been working?? :O

    • Added an article and comic from Issue 777.
    • Added a short story from Issue 775.
    • Finished Issue 463 (Articles, Editorial, Short Story, Comics).

    3.20.17 - Only a day or two late! I'm getting better at this! :D (I sound like the Healing Springs faerie, lol.)

    • Finished Issue 464 (Article, Editorial, Short Story, Comic).

    3.11.17 - Small update today - a short story from this week's NT, and just one comic from the issue I've stopped at, which I still have to look through. Sorry I haven't been great at updating!

    • Added a short story from Issue 772.
    • Added one comic from Issue 464.

    2.25.17 - Could it be? Have I actually updated according to my desired weekly schedule? :O Lots of comics, as always! Enjoy! ^^

    • Finished Issue 465 (articles, editorial, comics)

    2.17.17 - I am so sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I'd been spending a lot of my free time obsessing over other interests (GoT), and, well, I like to update this when I'm properly filled with TFR love (Wait. Am I not always? O_O). You understand, don't you? :D *gets pelted with stone pies* Ouch. Anyway, here's a nice load of new (not really) TFR content! Each issue now contains so many comics, goodness. :P (But I LOVE IT.)

    • Finished Issue 466 (articles, editorial, short story, comics, almost the whole shebang!).
    • Added the note at the top of this section because I still feel guilty about that lag.

    1.8.17 - First update of the new year! :D With this update, I bring you entries from two issues! The latest one and 467! (And one last entry from 468.) And can I just say that I am very excited about the newest Hanso and Brynn series that's just started in this recent edition of the NT (763)? Haven't updated the series portion in forever! I was actually pretty surprised to find quite a few TFR-related entries, as they have been rather scarce lately. T-T

    • Finished Issue 467 (articles, editorial, comics).
    • Added a story from Issue 468.
    • Added in comics and series from Issue 763.

    12.30.16 - Hello, everyone! I'm back with new updates~ ^^ And since I had stopped after having already compiled some entries that I neglected to post (probably because I had started with comics from 468 but hadn't finished the other sections for that issue and wanted to update all of 468 at the same time), this one will be a pretty large update! :D

    I had pinned several relevant articles and stories from (probably) Issue 468, but the browser I used stopped working when I updated my computer, so I lost those entries. So now I'll have to go through that issue again (and perhaps 469-470 for good measure), so Issue 468 won't be posted in its entirety yet. For now, enjoy the newly posted comics! :D

    • Added in a missed article and comics from Issue 479.
    • Added articles and the editorial from issues 469 & 470, which I'd forgotten to include last update.
    • Started with Issue 468 (comics, editorial).

    12.24.16 - Ahhh, apologies for the huge unannounced hiatus! Long story short, I was focusing on schoolwork. Updates shall commence after Christmas, starting with Issue 479, which I've discovered I skipped over. O_O Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! x)

    10.31.16 - Oops, sorry I'm so late with this update! But Happy Halloween! :D

    • Finished Issues 470 and 469. Mostly new comics.
    • Added Hanso and Brynn (and some Jazan) neoboard smilies to the appropriate entries.

    10.26.16 - And I seem to have forgotten my update schedule is on Saturday-Sunday, but never fear, I shall update then as well. :)

    • Finished Issue 471 and added an article from 753.
    • Added wraith pb neoboard smilies to the Comic section to indicate the entries that have wraiths being the main, or only, relation to TFR.

    10.22.16 - Hmm, seems like I've been updating on Sundays at midnight instead. -__- Sorry about the late posting again! Anyway, I've been considering calling this The Faeries' Ruin Archives (TFR Archives) or extending that name to the entire project that's underway (not just the NT).

    • Finished with Issue 472 and added articles from 471.

    10.20.16 - Just made some small tweaks and fixes to the Story section. Expect new entries from Issue 472 on Saturday. :)

    • Added more Hanso/Brynn neoboard smilies to more stories.
    • Improved descriptions and added missing authors for past Story entries (I read a few).

    10.15.16 - So I think I'll go for a Saturday/Sunday update schedule. Sorry, this update came late since I was actually hoping to release it earlier on Saturday (and it's technically Sunday now as it's 1:13am...)

    • Finished Issue 473 - updated Articles and Comics

    10.8.16 - The content on this page has now been distributed over two pages: /~brynnethx (Home, Updates, Article, Editorial) and /~peaches27823 (Short Story, Comic, Series, Issue, Credit), but as there is still quite a bit of content on each, there's still a bit of a lag when navigating between the two pages. So I suggest navigating through all the links of one page before moving on to a link on the other page. Sorry for the inconvenience, but editing the code was starting to just lag like crazy. D:
    I'm also considering a weekly update - I'm thinking Friday or Saturday. :) We'll see how that goes.

    • Split site between two petpages.
    • Added Hanso and Jazan neoboard smilies to Editorial to indicate which issues contain a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover.

    10.6.16 - I've had my page listed on Directly. under the Neopian Times directory. I'm very excited about that! Also, since this page loads so slowly, I'm seriously considering splitting the sections into two pages. The only thing stopping me is that I really love how quickly the navigation works once everything is loaded. I'll lose that if I split everything. T-T

    • Finished with Issue 474.
    • Started adding the original author description for stories as well.
    • Added Hanso & Brynn neoboard smilies to certain stories to indicate which character a story is mainly about.

    10.5.16 - WOW, there are a lot of comics during the plot!

    • Finished Issue 475 and added comics from 474.
    • Started adding the artist's description, since that often enhances the humor of the comic.

    10.4.16 - Officially debuted the new layout to /~brynnethx (I had coded separately and tested on another pet page prior). I also edited the main page to look more like a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover. So I added the tilde and my username after the welcome paragraph to emulate an Editorial question and added mr.coconut (and modified Hanso's dialogue to reflect mr.coconut's appearance). Ta-da! So now their dialogue actually makes a bit more sense! :D ...Ugh, I miss Hanso and Jazan's cameos in the Editorial....T-T

    (Initially written below mr.coconut) Haha, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. I love mr.coconut (I miss him! D:) and just realized the main page looks like the format of a Hanso and Jazan Editorial Takeover (I mean, aside from the very intentional use of Hanso and Jazan in the first place). I suddenly felt so inspired, lol. (10.4.16)

    • Finished with Issue 476!

    10.3.16 - I revamped the layout so that it looks cleaner and has fewer kinks. If I hadn't been taking an online HTML class, I probably wouldn't have updated the layout for a looong time. xD I also decided that keeping a backlog of updates is a good idea - I only wish I'd done it from the beginning. Anyway, I'm currently working on adding the rest of the entries from Issue 476 - I'll probably be doing an issue per update or two since there will be more TFR submissions now that we're closer to/around the time during the plot.

    10.2.16 - Apparently I had not been thorough enough and missed a few entries in Issue 638, an NT Collab with the theme being The Oracle Games. (I only stumbled upon it because I wanted to reread "Falling", haha. The short story entry for The Oracle Games was a very enjoyable read. :D Updated Articles, Short Stories, and Comics for 638. Also added entries from Issue 476.

    Older, Non-Dated Updates:

    • Woohoo! We're starting to get to the good stuff! xD (meaning, time during plot; Aug-Sept 2016)
    • I've reached Y13! Almost to the time during the plot! 8.2.16
    • I haven't yet completed looking through all the NT issues - still on Y14! So I've got a long way to go! (sometime in 2016)
    • *I probably started working on this page in early 2016 (or maybe even late 2015?). I believe I added the first layout on 4.28.16.*


    First, I'd love to thank all the wonderful writers and artists who created these lovely articles, stories, and comics for all of us fellow TFR fans to enjoy! You guys perpetuated the lore of these beloved characters so they wouldn't fade into mere memory. :) Thank you! I've enjoyed reading these entries, and other readers have as well. ^^

    Layout coded by yours truly. :)

    Thank you also to the amazing fansites! I would specifically like to thank The Daily Neopets for their Advent Calendar archives, which proved extremely helpful for my AC section. Thank you also to SunnyNeo for the news update about the Jazan/Hanso smilies. And thank you, Jellyneo, for the Random Events information and the April Fool's Day 2013 info.

    And last, but not least, THANK YOU, TNT, for creating such an amazing plot and characters! You've ruined me forever!


    If you find an entry that I've missed and think should be included here, please feel free to me! Same deal if you see an error on any entry (wrong title, issue number, URL, etc.) On the other hand, if you are the creator of one of these entries and would prefer if yours were not listed, please let me know and I'll remove it (I'll be sad of course, but I will respect your wishes).


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