Want to learn more about yours truly? Well, you've come to the right place!...

The Basics

Brroock is a sweetheart. She is very loving and kind, even though she sometimes comes off as slightly condescending because of her great self-confidence. She is graceful and energetic."

Name: Brroock
Species: Peophin
Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Hair: Red and curly
Markings: Two yellow stripes under each eye, a black outline around each eye
Unusual Traits: A feathered red tail fin, a dark blue spine running down the back, black left hoof and gold right hoof
Jewelry: Gold face plate with a ruby set in purple metal
Level: 27 hrs
Strength: 32
Speed: 30
Defence: 27
Current HP: 29
Max HP: 29
Intelligence: 218


* My Blue Peophin Plushie
* Water Items
* My Family and Petpet
* Water Faeries
* Glowing Jelly


* Heated Blankets
* Dried Foods
* Flaming Hot Foods
* Mean Jetsams (just the mean ones, mind you)
* Unnecessary Rudeness

My Abilities

The following are the ablities that I possess thanks to some grateful and gracious faeries. They are all water abilities, of course.


Bubble Shield


Water Jet

Steam Shield

Water Breathing

Water of Life

My Family

My mom, kallykat_03, fancies herself a water faerie. I haven't corrected her yet because she's such a wonderful owner, and I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. Besides, who could blame her? After all, we can't all be fortunate enough to be born with fins.

My older sister, Asterr is kallykat's first pet. She likes to visit Coltzan's Shrine each day. She is an Alien Aisha and is very intelligent. However, she can be a little strange at times... For example, she runs a "secret lab" that studies Maraquan pets, the BPIRR. We get along for the most part, even though I sometimes get the feeling that she's examining me...

Serbris is my younger brother. He's a Darigan Aisha and is extremely moody and finicky. He likes art and can be a lot of fun when he lets his guard down. He also likes exploring the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku and spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity. Don't mind the smug look.

Erametin is a lab rat so his/her species, color, and gender are constantly changing. One thing that never changes is his/her obsession with faeries, as evident by the "faerie lists" he/she keeps. He/she is also a battledome pet.

These are my brothers who don't live with me at kallykat's.
Cleese_ is a green Eyrie and the eldest of my faraway family. He is strong and good-natured.
Palin___ is a yellow Xweetok. He is quiet and quick and makes a good friend.
Idle_ is one of the newer additions to our family. He is a red Lutari who is rowdy and playful. Sometimes I take him for a swim through the ruins.
Gilliam__ is a blue Jetsam recently adopted and named after Gilliam_ who was lost during transfer. He seems pretty nice so far, but we'll see.
Tim_theEnchanter_ is a red Hissi who is very secretive and mysterious. He is currently the keeper of kallykat's adoptables as well as the guardian of the eggs.
Vexxiss is my youngest brother. He is a green Hissi who hopes to one day be painted Darigan. Vexxiss is a supporter of darkness and dark faeries. He is very dangerous.

(I also have cousins who belong to my aunts, spyrocor and celtic__faerie, and my uncle cellmate08.)


You might be wondering why I chose her as my petpet as opposed to a more aquatic creature like a Ghoti or a Searex. Well, the answer is really quite simple--I didn't choose her; she chose me. I was just swimming past Tyrannia one day when I saw a splash in the distance as something dove deep into the ocean. That's right--introducing the only swimming Airax you might ever meet! I'm not sure what exactly propelled Zephyr to take to the sea, but I'm glad she did. She's been with me for a long time now, and things sure would be boring without her. She hopes to become a Maraquan Airax one day...

And Finally...

I spend most of my time in a little inlet to the sea in one of the small islands near Maraqua, a place called "Brroock's Bay"--where you are right now! Feel free to explore the bay and enjoy the beauty of the sea any time you want.

Well, look at that! All my hard work (and good looks) are finally starting to gain some attention�¢ï¿½�¦
(Right click, view properties, and copy and paste the url in your address bar to view the full image.)

Thank you spyrocor!

There isn't enough space on this page for my Peophin Adoptables, but never fear! You can still adopt them from my brother's petpage.


*A blue Peophin swims up to you and smiles sweetly.*

Welcome, kallykat_03, to my home, the watery world of the Neopian ocean! Isn't it beautiful? Have you ever been anywhere more lovely in your entire life? Of course not! And the best part is that it's finally beginning to be appreciated. When I started rallying for "The Cause" over a year ago, New Maraqua had not yet been built, the number of pets living in the sea was sparse, and the benefits of water in Neopia were taken for granted. Now, I'm happy to announce, the undersea universe here is thriving!

I'm sure you know all about the main event that has attracted so much attention this way: the completion of New Maraqua and subsequent defeat of the evil Captain Scarblade. And you have probably done a little fishing and visited a few water faeries in your time too. But what you might not realize is the extent to which you owe your well-being to water.

That's why I'm here, to help you and others like you learn as much as possible about the role water plays in Neopia. After all, of all the Neopian elements, water is the most important! Don't believe me? Just take a look at all the amazing evidence I have here...

Exceptional Swimmers

Here are a few water dwellers who deserve some recognition. Some of them are already well-known, but there are others you may not recognize. Also, I've included a few evildoers--- just to raise your awareness, of course.

Swimming in the rivers and streams, unseen by most, are the Water Faeries. They can be heard singing quietly at night, but only if they aren't aware that you are near. They specialise in healing and defensive powers that will protect your pet from harm." --Spell Faeries Page
Water faeries are generally known for their grace, beauty, wisdom, kindness, and their powers of healing. They are the only naturally wingless faeries in Neopia, and have long tailfins instead. They are usually blond with aqua or blue eyes and fair skin. Most water faeries are shy and elusive, but there are exceptions.
The Healing Springs Faerie
Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation. What can I do for you today? Maybe I can heal your Neopets, or perhaps you would like to purchase some of my healing potions?" --Herself
Almost every pet has, at one point in his life, received service from this loving soul. As beautiful as she is, this water faerie remains modest as she dedicates much of her time and magic to healing the sick and tending the wounded. She resides in the Healing Springs high up in a cloud in Faerieland where she runs a small shop as well as uses her magic to help all those poor pets who come to see her (free of charge!)
The Rainbow Fountain Faerie
Ahh.. the Rainbow Fountain, a place that Neopets only dream of..." --C.Card
Not many ever get to see her in all her true glory (I know I never have), but she is nonetheless a great beauty and there are many pets out there who owe her much. She resides at the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland, although she often journeys far from home looking for those worthy of taking on one of her quests. If she chooses you, you should consider yourself lucky and not pass up the opportunity, for her rewards are great indeed!
Nereid is an elusive faerie who prefers to remain hidden. If you go sailing off the coast of Mystery Island you can sometimes hear her singing softly at night." --C.Card
Nereid is not as famous as the Healing Springs and Rainbow Fountain faeries, but she has been known to pets and their owners in Neopia for many years. According to her trading card, she's over three hundred years old and still as beautiful as ever!
The Drenched
The Drenched are things nightmares are made of." --Garin
The oldest and most evil of the sisters is on the right and the youngest and least evil is in the middle, although all three are definitely very evil. Often referred to as sea "witches," they are known for their kidnap of Jacques during the Curse of Maraqua plot and for terrorizing Maraquans who stray too near their home, an undersea cave outside the city. No one knows how they became evil or understands their motives, but it's best to just steer clear altogether.
Peophins are rare magical creatures. They are very shy and don't mix with other species very often. They are rumoured to bring good fortune and happiness to those around them." --Peophin Pop-up Window
There are many native water species living in the seas of Neopia (koi, kikos, tuskaninnies, flotsam and jetsam, just to name a few) and many Maraquan pets as well, but in my humble opinion, the essence of the water is the peophin. Most peophins are quite magical though somewhat reserved, and we move easily and gracefully through the ocean. Here are a few you should make note of.
Often called the mother of all Peophins, legend has it she swam the southern seas of Neopia rescuing sailors and leading ships out of danger." --C.Card
What grace! What majesty! Now this is a peophin worthy of legend! The annals of Mystery Island abound with tales of this kind pet. You can even read one yourself if you like.
Nadia the Peophin of Love
A fine example of how beautiful undersea creatures can be. Nadia is a role model for young, spotlight-seeking pets everywhere (as well as a close, personal friend of yours truly.)
Lustra the Golden Peophin
She soars the skies and swims below the waves, always on the lookout for treacherous Jetsam." --C.Card
Another sort of protectress. Although Lustra uses her amazing golden wings to soar above the sea, she always comes back down to her home in the water when she needs to rest.
A magical steed blessed by both the Water and Fire Faerie. Only heroes with true hearts may call upon Daedelon to be their companion. You don't really ride him: you just hold on for your life!" --C.Card
Daedelon is a powerful and independent peophin who doesn't mind traveling alone when he can't find a suitable companion. He is admired by many water creatures for his strength and determination. And boy is he ever handsome!
This kind Peophin runs the Lost Desert Petpet shop where she cares for petpets until they can find good homes." --Peopatra Stamp
Although she has chosen a home far away from the sea, Peopatra has become a recognized symbol of the exotic beauty of peophins, and her kindness is exhaulted in stories throughout Sakhmet. You can visit her at the Petpet Stall where she sells the poor abandoned desert petpets she has nursed back to health.
Marak, the Wave
The courage to lead is a trait that few possess, and the ability to lead well is even rarer. Marak, the leader of a peaceful clan of Peophins, was one blessed with this ability..." --The Book of Ages
Rumored to have once been the leader of the Peophin Waveriders, Marak has used his skills as a natural leader to defend both Mystery Island and Altador. He is the only water-dweller to be included in King Altador's famous 12 heroes, and because of this, he has his own chapter in the Book of Ages, a statue dedicated to him in the Hall of Heroes, as well as his own constellation, the Wave.
Helmo Timm
Thought to be lost for the tournament after getting hurt at the end of league matches, Helmo begged the team's doctor for a chance to return after her replacement, Holbie Pinnock, went down with an injury. Sporting a cast on her right foreleg, this speedy scorer has looked surprisingly good during practices..." --Kiko Lake Line-up
Helmo, the Left Forward for the Kiko Lake team in the Altador Cup, is a brave and talented Peophin who risked her own well-being for her teammates and fans. She's a courageous pet and the idol of many inspiring young athletes!
There are many other swimmers who play an important role in Neopia's past and present. I don't have time to tell you about them all, but I will introduce you to a few that I think you should be aware of. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled though--you might meet another all on your own during your travels through the briny blue!
Underwater Chef
This poor little guy is constantly rushed off his feet. He is the only cook in a very demanding palace and could really use your help." --C.Card
Now here is a fine fellow who could definitely use some appreciation. This flotsam was once cook to the Royal Family of Maraqua (Old Maraqua, that is), but now waits upon the quite thankless Mumbo Pango. You should give him a hand. Oh, and don't mind the harsh tone--he's just a little stressed...
Otona, Protector of the Seas
Weaving around the ruins of Ancient Maraqua Otona protects lost Neopets who travel too deep." --C.Card
Not so well-known as most protectors, yet kind and noble-hearted, Otona is a hero to many pets of the big blue. (And possibly the predecessor to all Maraquan pets in Neopia...)
King Kelpbeard
I hoped I wouldn't have to shed blood again, but someone needs to stop Scarblade's tyranny." --Himself
This is one koi you have probably heard tale of before (he is a king, after all). King Kelpbeard is well-reknown for his role in the rebuilding of New Maraqua and the defeat of the evil Captain Scarblade in the Curse of Maraqua plot.
The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement... watching every move in your face. If you cheat, he will know, there is no doubt about that. Spectre is a Neopian millionaire, and only ventures out of his mansion when inexperienced players are up for a fleecing." --Cheat! Profile
This is one jetsam you want to make sure and avoid. Not only is he the Cheat! champion, but he's mighty frightening to run into when you're alone in a dark tunnel...
Here are some more names you should keep an eye out for: Isca, Caylis, Swordmaster Talek, Goregas, Elon Hughlis, Tonie Plessix, Filo Desenz, Jair Tollet, Oten Runeu, Barit Jowes, Turo Rafels, Elbin Towse, Reshar Collifey, Relle Felson, Jetsam Ace, the staff at kelp, Liandra, Plesio, Mr Irgo, Chiazilla, and the Kiko Explorer

Oceanic Items

Looking for a new toy? How about a great accessory for your mane? Or are you into fine dining? There are so many wonderful watery items available in the shops of Neopia that I've made a list to help you on your quest for that perfect item. So break out the neopoints and get shopping!

Water Faerie Related
The Healing Springs
Healing Springs (TCG)
The Magic of the Healing Springs
Faerieland (2.1-2.20) WC Piece
Rainbow Fountain Card
The Rainbow Fountain
Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll
Rainbow Fountain Burger
Flash of Rainbow Fountain Water
Nereid the Water Faerie
Nereid the Water Faerie (TCG)
The Drenched (TCG)
The Drenched Stamp
Evil Eldest Drenched Sister
Moderately Evil Middle Drenched Sister
Slightly Less Evil Youngest Drenched Sister
Necklace of the Water Faerie
Water Faerie Token
Water Faerie Token (TCG)
Water Faerie Wishes
Water Faerie Mushroom
Water Faerie Chair
Water Faerie Oven
Water Faerie Water Blaster
Water Faerie Hair Brush
Water Faerie Hair Clip
Bottled Water Faerie
Bottled Water Faerie (TCG)
Water Faerie Bubbles
Water Faerie Back Pack
Water Faerie Eraser
Water Faerie Notepad
Water Faerie Pencil
Water Faerie Doll
Water Faerie Doll (TCG)
Water Faerie Snowglobe
Luxury Beach Scene Faerie Snowglobe
Water Faerie Usuki Doll
Water Faerie Halberd
Water Faerie Apple
Fountain of Youth
The Wonders of Water
All About Water Faeries
Water Faerie Straw
Glitter Faerie Gel?...
Water Faerie Bed?...
Water Faerie Dresser?...
Water Faerie Sofa?...
Water Faerie Table?...
Sands of the Water Faerie?
Water Faerie Pearl Shooter?

Peophin Related
Nadia the Peophin of Love
Lustra the Golden Peophin
Peopatra Stamp
Peopatras Story
Peopatras Petpets
Lost Desert (3.1-3.20) WC Piece
The Wave (TCG)
Peophin Waverider (TCG)
Marak Stamp
The Wave Stamp
Harquins Day
Chocolate Chip Peophin Cookie
Chocolate Dipped Peophin Cookie
Vanilla Peophin Cookie
Cherry Peophin Lollypop
Dark Chocolate Peophin
Grape Peophin Lollypop
Milk Chocolate Peophin
Mint Chocolate Peophin
Peophin Chocolate Medallion
White Chocolate Peophin
Deluxe Peophin Burger
Refreshing Peophin Burger
Spicy Peophin Burger
Tangy Peophin Burger
Enchanted Peophin Blinkers
Gold Blade of the Peophin
Jewelled Peophin Face Mask
Mighty Peophin Blade
Mighty Peophin Flute
Peophin Bubble
Peophin Lightning Hooves
Peophin Magical Medallion
Peophin Ultra Battle Mask
Full Peophin Armour
Golden Peophin Harp
Mighty Peophin Helmet
Mighty Peophin Shield
Peophin Battle Saddle
Peophin Ear Guards
Peophin Leg Shields
Blue Peophin Morphing Potion
Ghost Peophin Morphing Potion
Green Peophing Morphing Potion
Island Peophin Morphing Potion
Purple Peophin Morphing Potion
Red Peophin Morphing Potion
Shadow Peophin Morphing Potion
Silver Peophin Morphing Potion
Yellow Peophin Morphing Potion
Baby Peophin Plushie
Blue Peophin Plushie
Blue Peophin Squishy Plushie
Darigan Peophin Plushie
Desert Peophin Plushie
Faerie Peophin Plushie
Fire Peophin Plushie
Green Peophin Plushie
Green Peophin Squishy Plushie
Grey Peophin Plushie
Island Peophin Plushie
Orange Peophin Squishy Plushie
Pirate Peophin Plushie
Rainbow Peophin Plushie
Red Peophin Plushie
Red Peophin Squishy Plushie
Yellow Peophin Plushie
Bouncy Peophin Ball
Peophin Bath Toy
Pull Along Peophin
Peophin Booster Pack
Blue Peophin (TGC)
Green Peophin (TCG)
Island Peophin (TCG)
Ceramic Peophin Goblet
Earthen Peophin Urn
Gilded Peophin Vase
Golden Peophin Urn
Purple Peophin Gnome
Bendy Peophin Comb
Peophin Bubble Bath
Peophin Fragrant Soap
Peophin Mane Brush
Peophin Nail Polish
Peophin Shampoo
Peo Conditioner
Caring for Peophins
Keeping Peophin
Dress For Success
Peophin Babies
Peophin Legends
Peophin MD
Peophin Power!
Nutz N Bolts
Poetry for Peophins
Pretty Peophins
Sad Peophin Stories
Learn to Swim
Hold Your Breath
Scary Peophin Tales
Purple Peophin Lutari Pop
Peophin Pie
Peophin Fur Spray
Peophin Tank Top
Peophin-shaped Souffle
Peophin Tail Loaf
Peophin Mane Clip
Peophin Toothbrush
Seaweed Peophin Toothpaste
Peophin Berry Bread
Peophin Desperado Mask
Peophin Desperado Scarf
Peophin Desperado Hat
Peophin Desperado Jacket
Peophin Exercise Tailwarmer
Peophin Excercise Headband
Peophin Blue Excercise Shirt
Checkered Peophin Plushie?
Disco Peophin Plushie?
Tyrannian Peophin Plushie?
Pink Peophin Plushie?
Peophin Couldn't Swim Book?...
Peophin Easy Recipes Book?...
Peophin On Parade Book?...
Peophin Destinations Book?...
Peophin Blueberry Gum?...
Peophin Orange Gum?...
Peophin Lime Gum?...
Peophin Pink Lemonade Gum?...

Boiled Sea Serpent
Clam Chops
Coral Beef
Coral Cake
Coral Salad
Coral Sponge Cake
Fish Eggs
Fish Special
Fresh Oysters
Frozen Fish Gel
Kelp Gazpacho
Kelp Samosa
Maraquan Cream Broth
Ocean Delight Salad
Ocean Platter
Octopi Souffle
Pate A La Kelp
Peachpa and Stramberry Shell
Scoop Chops
Sea Pineapple
Seaweed Sandwich
Seaweed Sandwich on Coral Bread
Seaweed Surprise
Stripey Urchin
Stuffed Sea Cucumber
Triple Chocolate Shell
Maraquan Victory Mini Muffins
Maraqua Victory Sponge Cake
Maraquan Kau Cake
Super Deluxe Maraquan Victory Cake
Maraquan Pillar Cake
Scorchio Seaweed Cake
Seafood Pasty
Seaweed Krawk Cake
Squirming Squid Pasty
Transparaberry Hot Cross Buns
Bursting Water Muffin
Water Burger
Water Cake
Water Ice Cream
Chocolate Seashell Sculpture
Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper
Gummy Fish
Pitcher of Water
Tut Trout
Baby Bloater
Baked Fish
Black Caviar
Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream
Bottle of Water
Clam and Meatball Pizza
Crusty Clam Surprise
Double Stuffed Guppy
Fishy Sandwich on a Stick
Fish and Chips
Fried Fish
Fried Shrimp
Fruity Seafood Delight
Gnorbu Sushi
Goldfish Sandwich Snackers
Headless Horsefish
Inferno Mollusk
Koi Seaweed Sundae
Small Giant Squid
Large Giant Squid
Titanic Giant Squid
Lesser Spotted Fish
Mega Tuna Sandwich
Oyster Obsession
Prawn Delight
Rainwater Negg
Seaweed Bacon
Seaweed Bacon Jacket Potato
Seaweed Flotsam Burger
Seaweed Wrapped Cake
Shark Sandwich
Shell Burger
Shell Lollypop
Shiver Me Shrimp
Slithering Squid Surprise
Squid on a Stick
Stuffed Eel
Sushi Rolls
Tentacle Cupcake
Tin of Sardines
Tonu Tonic Water
Tuna Sub
Two Bottles of Water
Warm Transparaberry Cocktail
Anchovy Loaf
Fish Pop
Chocolate Coated Fish Pop
Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop
Lemon and Lime Fish Pop
Blueberry Fish Pop
Bluna Burger
Cheese and Eel Burger
Chili Prawn Juice
Chocolate Fish
Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake
Eyeball Sushi
Fish Flavour Ice Cream
Fresh Clam Jam
Fresh Seaweed Pie
Iced Fish Cake
Jellyfish Sundae
Octopus Ice Cream Platter
Pickled Leeches
Salmon Fishwich
Salmon Mousse Tea
Smelly Sardine Wrap
Swill Pudding
Fresh Sushi Cone
Fresh Sushi Roll
Koi Kelp Wrap
Salt Water Hot Dog
Seafarers Hot Dog
Watery Hot Dog
Orange Jelly Fish
Kiko Lake Cookie
Cup of Water
Smoked Meridellian Fish
Stone Soup
Water Pizza
Deluxe Water Pizza
Transparaberry Slushie
Small SAlmon Sherbert Smoothie
Large Salmon Sherbert Smoothie
Mega Salmon Sherbert Smoothie
Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce
Spectral Shrimp
Chilled Seaweed Cone
Chrysaberry Seashell
Famous Crab Burger
Fish Doughnutfruit
Fishy Nibbles
Fresh Lobster Tail
Fresh Shark Fin
Frozen Prawn Delight
Kelp Lasagne
Kelpcakes with Green Sauce
Lime Starfish
Lobster Bery Surprise
Lobsterclaw Salad
Maraquan Gumbo
Minty Shrimp
Oyster Salad
Pickled Eel
Scabergy Seashell
Seafood Twist
Seaweed Lasagne
Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce
Squirming Salad
Star Fish Sandwich
Star Fish Sundae
Strawberry Salmon
Stuffed Fish Head
Vegetarian Sea Taco
Little Fishy Omelette
Blue Oyster
Dino Snapper
Evil Blancmange
Mollusc Surprise
Trilo Bite
Tyrannian Water Negg
Sparkling Bog Water
Urchin Surprise
Sushi Platter
Negg Noodles
Tigerbuggle Sushi
Galactic Water
Seaweed Rock Stick
Eyrie Sushi
Fried Fish
Calamari Jacket Potato
Jelly Oyster
Catsup Caramel Squid Delight
Shell-Topped Cupcakes
Mega Seaspin Smoothie
Small Seaspin Smoothie
Large Spirulina Smoothie
Dried Squid on a Stick
Ink Pasta
Squid Sauce
Fish Pie
Sushi Hot Dog
Coral Delight
Sea Cocktail
Fish Egg Basket
Starfish Cake
Chocolate Cowry Shell
Chocolate Murex Shell
Chocolate Scallop Shell
Chocolate Starfish
Salmon Cream Cheese Dip
Coral Pizza
Rainbow Kacheek Water
Poogle Sushi
Fried Trilo Bites
Fishy Cheese
Goldy Crackers
Small Spirulina Smoothie
Tyrannian Water Beans
Fancy Seafood?...
Lost Desert Stew?...
Seared Tuna Steak?...
Seared Salmon Sub?...
Anchovy Pizza?...
Grilled Fish?...
Seaweed Salad?...
Kelp Slushie?...
Squid Slushie?...
Goparokko Fish Surprise?...
Tako Taco?...
Chiazilla Quesadilla?...
River Tea?...
Fish Jelly?
Fish Negg Stew?

Kitchen Quest Plushie
Caylis Plushie
Caylis Usuki
Caylis Balloon
Caylis Music Box
Caylis Wind Up Toy
Isca Balloon
Isca Music Box
Isca Pull Along Toy
Isca Usuki
Isca Yoyo
Talek Plushie
Swordsmaster Talek Balloon
King Kelpbeard Balloon
King Kelpbeard Plushie
Engraged Maraquan Mob Lupe Plushie
Enraged Maraquan Mob Mynci Plushie
Enraged Maraquan Mob Korbat Plushie
Goregas Plushie
Goregas Balloon
Goregas Keyring
Grand Commander Plushie
Maraquan Blade Specialist Plushie
Maraquan Charger Plushie
Maraquan Chef Plushie
Maraquan Foot Soldier Plushie
Maraquan Lancer Plushie
Maraquan Sergeant Plushie
Maraquan Shieldmaiden Plushie
Plesio Plushie
Jetsam Ace Action Figure
Jubble Bubble Ball
Gulper Print Beach Towel
Gulper Float Ring
Sea Shell Print Beach Towel
Arkmite Plushie
Dartail Plushie
Dartail Bath Toy
Dartail Toy Cap
Fish Negg Plushie
Flishy Plushie
Flishy Paddle Game
Goldy Plushie
Fire goldy Bath Toy
Ghost Goldy Bath Toy
Wite Goldy Bath Toy
Yellow Goldy Bath Toy
Leeble Plushie
Bouncy Leeble Ball
Leeble Rubber Ring
Wind Up Leeble
Maraquan Anubis Plushie
Maraquan Kau Plushie
Maraquan Ixi Plushie
Maraquan Bruce Plushie
Maraquan Techo Plushie
Maraquan Skeith Plushie
Plushie Clam
Plushie Peo Plushie
Sproing Plushie
Sproing Bouncy Ball
Turdle Plushie
Turdle Balloon
Underwater Turdle Usuki Set
Advanced Fishing Set
Super Fishing Set
Basic Fishing Set
Fancy Fishing Pole
Basic Fishing Rod
Surfing Elephante Squeaky Toy
Baby Buzz Squirty Toy
Blue Chomby Float Ring
Green Hissi Float Ring
Diseased Mechafish
Tyrannian Mechafish
Frozen Mechafish
Glistening Mechafish
Golden Mechafish
Spooky Mechafish
Hand Crafted Fishing Rod
Kelpflake Beach Ball
Maraquan JubJub Ball
Maraquan Shoyru Float Ring
Maraquan Shoyru Push Toy
Maraquan Skeith Piggy Bank
Maraquan Skeith Yoyo
Maraquan Gallion Pull Along Toy
Maraquan Moehog Music Box
Maraquan Quiguki Set
Maraquan Ixi Squirty Toy
Maraquan Blumaroo Squirty Toy
MSPP Squirty Toy
Orange Fishing Pole
Orange Nimmo Music Box
Quiguki Mermaid
Reject Wind Up Maraquan Draik
Rubber Duck
Sharky Skateboard
Squirty Selket Toy
Surzard Flippers
Surzard Goggles
Surzard Inner Tube
Surzard Oar
Uniocto Bath Buddy
Uniocto Racquet
Uniocto Usuki Set
Wave Print Beach Ball
Wind Up Maraquan JubJub
Wind Up Nuranna
Fire Jetsam Bath Toy
Flotsam Bath Toy
Green Jetsam Bath Toy
Koi Bath Buddy
Red Jetsam Bath Toy
Blue Bubbly Koi Balloon
Green Bubbly Koi Balloon
Poogle Bubble Blower
Scorchio Bubbles
Beach Fun Usuki
Fly Fishing Usuki
Maraquan Usuki
Rainy Day Usuki Set
Swimming Champion Usuki
Usuki Bathing Beauty Set
Usuki Dream Jetski
Usuki Dream Pool
Usuki Scuba Diving Play Set
Usuki Sushi Play Set
Usuki Surfing Play Set
Usuki Water Ski Set
Gelert Yoyo
Maraquan Golf Club
Blue Koi Inflatable Bath Toy
Purple Koi Bath Sponge
Orange Koi Squirty Toy
Starry Koi Wind Up Bath Toy
Green Hissi Float Ring
Altador Cup Maraqua Keyring
Maraquan Kyrii Plushie
Advent Calendar Snowglobe
Festive Maraquan Snowglobe
Buzz Paint By Number
Worm Squirty Toy
Gag Bowtie
Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe
Gallion Bath Toy
Jetsam Fishing Game
Quiguki Surf Set
Quiguki Beach Set
Bucket of Sand
SS Primella Ship Building Kit
Blue Acara Swim Toy
Broken Gulper Float Ring
Broken Uniocto Racquet
Broken Wind Up Nuranna
Broken Sharky Skateboard
Isca Plushie?
Isca Kite?
Jetsam Float Ring?...
Plushie Gormball?...
Snowickle Squirty Toy?
Jetsam Ace Plushie?
Reject Mermaid Usuki?

Iscas Wand
King Kelpbeards Blessing
Kitchen Quest Chopping Board
Gold Spectre Battlecard
Silver Spectre Battlecard
Spectre Battlecard
Spectres Battledeck
Goregas Tooth Spear
Maraquan Commanders Helm
Tears of Caylis
Taleks Chest Piece
17-Pound Trout
Battle Duck
Dark Battle Duck
Fiery Battle Duck
Seasonal Battle Duck
Maractite Battle Duck
Icy Battle Duck
Battle Plunger
Bruce Fish Slingshot
Cheap Water Ring
Coral Koi Slingshot
Fish Bone Bruce Sword
Flotsam Seaweed Lasso
Flotsam Shell Sword
Flotsam Water Flame
Hydro Hammer
Water Sceptre
Legendary Water Sceptre
Improved Water Sceptre
Island Attack Fish
Kacheek Plunger
Kiko Water Cannon
Maraquan Aisha Bow
Maraquan Draik Dagger
Meerca Squirt Bottle
Mystical Fish Lobber
Pink Squirt Flower
Runed Maractite Bow
Swift Maractite Darts
Umbrella Shield
Usul Waterballoon Attack
Vile Swamp Water
Water Muffin
Water Scarab
Wet Snowball
Bubble Beam
Level 2 Bubble Beam
Ultra Bubble Beam
Bubble Blaster
Chia Bubble Gun
Pearly Koi Bubble Net
Pearly Koi Bubble Wand
Ultra Bubble Gun
Bubble Mote
Water Mote
Leaded Water Vile
Scroll of the Sea
Coral Orb
Flotsam Ice Shell
flotsam Shell Helm
Flotsam Shell Shield
Koi Seaweed Amulet
Maractite Warriors Shield
Maraquan Draik Cloak
Super U-Bend
Mega U-Bend
U-Bend of Great Justice
Seaweed Necklace
Shiny Shoal Shell Shield
Thyoras Tear
Turdle Helmet
Water Jelly Shield
Dehydration Potion
Freezing Potion
Aquatic Gem
Downpour Bottle
Maraquan Acara Morphing Potion
Maraquan Gelert Morphing Potion
Maraquan Korbat Morphing Potion
Maraquan Meerca Morphing Potion
Maraquan Mynci Morphing Potion
Maraquan Techo Morphing Potion
Pressurised Water
Water Spell
Wet Snowball Wand
Enchanted Maraquan Necklace
Finned Maractite Helm
Frosty Maractite Bow
Glowing Maracite Wand
Lightweight Maractite Spear
Maracite Shell Shield
Maractite Battle Hammer
Maractite Cord
Maractite Mace
Maractite Throwing Net
Ornate Maractite Dagger
Reinforced Maractite Shield
Swift Maractite Boomerang
Swirling Seaweed Orb
Bucket o Water
Flask of Clear, Odourless Liquid
Meerca Water Mine
Marrow Tonic Water
Orb of the Water Faerie
Seaweed Paste?...
Soggy Scroll?
Coral Cutlass?
Superior Battle Plunger?
Water Sword?
Improvised Seaweed Weapon?
Clown Chia Flower (n/a)
Clown Chia Seltzer (n/a)
Clown Chia Umbrella (n/a)
Commanders Battle Sabre (n/a)
Foot Soldiers Sword (n/a)
Foot Soldiers Shield (n/a)
Garins Stolen Dagger (n/a)
Goregas Loose Tooth (n/a)
Makeshift Coral Club (n/a)
Maraquan Blade Masters Dagger (n/a)
Maraquan Brick (n/a)
Maraquan Lance (n/a)
Maraqun Sergeants Spear (n/a)
Maraquan Shieldmaidens Blade (n/a)
Taleks Ornate Scimitar (n/a)
Maraquan Chargers Helm (n/a)
Maraquan Shieldmaidens Helm (n/a)
Chefs Uniform (n/a)
Meerca Brothers Water Pistol (n/a)
Koi Warrior Helmet (n/a)
Seaweed Shield (n/a)
Koi Warrior Watergun (n/a)

Kitchen Quest Cookbook
Flotsam Work Recipes
Life After Cheat
What Me Cheat
The Spectre Legacy
Famous Flotsams
The Jetsam Ace
Kiko Lake Happenings
Game Guide: Jubble Bubble
Game Guide: Tubular Kiko Racing
A Maraquan Menu
Acara Aquatics
Aisha Sea Life
Avatar Collector Guide
Book of Sea Spells
Bubble Power
Buzz Gourmet
Caring For Your Slugawoo
Deep Underwater
Deep Sea Explorations
Every Shoyrus Handbook
Fishing For Techos
Fishing For Zafaras
Fishing Made Easy
Flotsam Swimming Lessons
Flotsam Style
Gone Fishing
Guide to Maraquan Krawks
Guide to Maraquan Myncis
Hook Line and Sinker
Hooked on Fishing
Koi Collector
Legends of Maraqua
Maraquan Bed Time Stories
Maraquan Faerie Tales
Maraquan JubJub Adventures
Maraquan Kau Poetry
Maraquan Kougra Stories
Maraquan Skeith Book
Murky Waters
My Life At Sea
Neopian Encyclopedia U - Z
Nimmos Pond Guide Book
Nutty The Turdle
On Gelert Pond
Quiggle Swimming Guide
Secrets of Maraqua
Shell Hunters Guide Book
Slugawoo Adventures
Slugawoo Art
Something Fishy
Spotting Seaweed
Tales from the Deep
Tear Jerker
The Great Slugawoo Mystery
The Magic Whirlpool
The Old Mynci and the Sea
The Missing Koi
Underwater Tour
Usul Stories for Rainy Days
Waterlogged Book
Zafaras Rainy Day
The Rainbow Pool
Dark Battle Duck Notepad
Dark Battle Duck Pen
Maraquan Acara Back Pack
Maraquan Acara Note Book
Maraquan Acara Pen
Maraquan Acara Eraser
The Water Mote
Maraqua Colouring Book
Maraquan Messenger
Maraqua Altador Cup Media Book Bori Rainy Day?...
Bucket Book?...
Offensive Mopping?...
Mop Display?...
Rainy Day?...
Riding Rivers?...
Natural Wonders?...
Acara Aquatic Sports?...

Baby Blu
Maraquan Anubis
Maraquan Meowclops
Maraquan Cobrall
Maraquan Spyder
Maraquan Snarhook
Maraquan Babaa
Maraquan Gallion
Maraquan Grackle Bug
Maraquan Spardel
Maraquan Hasee
Maraquan Noil
Maraquan Turtum
Maraquan Kadoatie
Maraquan Slorg
Maraquan Swabby
Maraquan Mazzew
Maraquan Warf
Maraquan Babyca
Maraquan Buzzer
Maraquan Gruslen
Maraquan Flowper
Maraquan Carma
Maraquan Harris
Maraquan Weewoo
Maraquan Quetzal
Maraquan Ghostkerchief
Maraquan Albat
Maraquan Floud
Aboogala Water Bottle
Clawed Petpet Bath
Disco Petpet Bath Tub
Feepit Petpet Bath Bucket
Glowing Petpet Bath Tub
Rainbow Petpet Bath Tub
Spooky Petpet Bath Tub
White Petpet Bath Tub
Wicker Petpet Bath Tub
Grumblebug Water Bowl
Mortog Water Bowl
Navibot Water Bowl
Symol Water Bowl
Starry Symol Bathtub
Purple Ona Water Bowl
Ona Water Bottle
Rock Water Dish
Yullie Water Bottle
Food and Water Bowl Mat
Maraquan Geb?
Maraquan Snowickle?
Maraquan Sludgy?

Caylis Pedestal Chair
Caylis Lamp
Caylis Poster
Isca Pop Art Poster
Covered Isca Themed Bed
Fluffy Isca Rug
Primella Stained Glass Window
Golden Water Lily Bowl
Hand Painted Water Jug
Ornate Watering Can
Striped Ornamental Water Jug
Dark Faerie Tub
Earth Faerie Sink
Faerie Kitchen Sink
Light Faerie Toilet
Bath Tub
Brick Sink
Brick Toilet
Bubble Play Pen
Cloud Bath Tub
Cloud Sink
Cloud Toilet
Coconut Bath Tub
Coconut Sink
Coconut Toilet
Coral Tree
Disco Bath Tub
Disco Sink
Disco Toilet
Fancy Bath Tub
Fancy Sink
Fancy Toilet
Glowing Bath Tub
Golden Fish Fountain
Green Jetsam Bath
Grey Bath Tub
Grey Toilet
Jade Fountain
Lillypad Door Mat
Maraquan Decorative Banner
Maraquan Door Mat
Maraquan Kau Painting
Mop and Bucket
Plain White Bath Tub
Plain White Sink
Plain White Toilet
Pumpkin Sink
Purple Kacheek Sink
Quiggle Wall Fountain
Rainbow Bath Tub
Rainbow Sink
Rainbow Toilet
Rebuild Maraqua Poster
Red Brick Bath Tub
Red Bucket
Rubber Duck Cot
Rubber Duck Toy Box
Ships Anchor
Snow Bath Tub
Snow Toilet
Speckled Bath Tub
Spooky Bath Tub
Spooky Sink
Spooky Toilet
Tiered Stone Fountain
Wicker Bath Tub
Wicker Sink
Wicker Toilet
Bubble Bean Bag
Bubble Chair
Bubble Sink
Bubble Table
Wooden Mop
Blue Paradise Pond
Cascading Gold Fountain
Corrupted Pond
Curved Pond
Darigan Seaweed
Dr Sloth Pond
Fishing Jetsam Gnome
Fishing Kiko Gnome
Fishing Meepit Statue
Floating Ball Fountain
Bronze Noil Fountain
Light Faerie Fountain
Tiered Rock Fountain
Koi Fountain
Giant Brown Kelp
Giant Green Kelp
Giant Red Kelp
Goldy Garden Umbrella
Goldy Picnic Bench
Goldy Sun Lounger
Goldy Swinging Chair
Grey Sea Fern
Grundo Statue
Happy Poogle Fishing Gnome
Happy Yurble Fishing Gnome
Kookith Padding Pool
Magic Crystalline Kelp
Mini Waterfall Pond
Pastel Perfection Pond
Pink Fountain
Prismatic Sea Fern
Plushie Fungus
Quiggle Statue
Rainbow Brick Pond
Red Rock Pond
Refreshing Kyrii Fountain
Scorchio Water Carrier Statue
Sea Anemone
Shimmery Seagrass
Slorg Padding Pool
Snorkle Paddling Pool
Sparkling Flotsam fountain
Spongy Algae
Starry Sea Fern
Stone Waterfall Pond
Straining Aisha Fishing Gnome
Stylishly Simple Pond
Swimming Flotsam Statue
Techo Fountain Pond
Tiered Pond
Tropical Delight Pond
Turdle Padding Pool
Unlucky Usul Fishing Gnome
Void Plant
Wooden Border Pond
Amber Coral Coffee Table
Aqua Coral Pillow
Bubble Bean Bag
Bubble Chair
Bubble Sink
Bubble Table
Coral Fireplace
Coral Toilet
Floral Shell Curtains
Grey Coral Table
Kelp Window Blinds
Lemon Coral Chair
Magenta Coral Lamp
Orange Coral Bed
Orange Coral Chair
Orange Coral Shelves
Orange Coral Table
Orange Coral Wardrobe
Padded White Shell Chair
Pink Coral Coat Rack
Pink Oyster Shell Chair
Purple Coral Bean Bag
Purple Coral Chair
Purple Coral Sculpture
Purple Coral Table
Rose Coral Rug
Seaweed Rug
Seaweed Sofa
Shell Mirror
Sunset Coral Armchair
Sunset Coral Bed
Sunset Coral Lamp
Sunset Coral Wardrobe
Wiggling Seaweed Plant
Yellow Shell Table
Gravestone Bath Tub
Dung Bath Tub
Dung Sink
Dung Toilet
Orange Jelly Toilet
Furry Bath Tub
Furry Sink
Furry Toilet
Stone Sink
Stone Toilet
Roo Island Bath Tub
Roo Island Toilet
Pink Slorg Fountain
Water Rock Garden
Seaweed Drawers
Seaweed Hammock
Shell Stool
Shell Table Lamp
Maraquan Kacheekers
Golden Grundo Bath Tub
Green Grundo Fountain
Bubble Curtains
Bubble Bath Tub
Bubble Toilet
Bubble Mirror
Indoor Disco Fountain
Indoor Icy Fountain
Indoor Tyrannian Fountain
Indoor Meridellian Fountain
Dive Into Kiko Lake Poster
Maraquan Parasol
Coral Arbor
Shell Fountain
Coral Patio Table
Faerie Koi Mobile
Faerie Koi Play Pen
Speckled Bath Tub
Bubbling Swamp
Esophagor Bath Tub
Maraquan Zafara Fridge
Shell Wall Art
Shell Foot Rest
Seaweed Pillow
Seaweed Curtain
Purple Garden Coral
Beware of Squid Sign
Inflatable Squid
Squid Sprinklers
Squid Tentacle
Stained Glass Shell Window
Two-Ended Water Pot
Bronze Birdbath
Gravy Pond
Island Kacheek Fountain
Maraqua Flag
Space Station Bath Tub
Blumaroo Sink
Stained Glass Pirate Ship Window
Fyora Bath Tub
Fyora Sink
Fyora Toilet
Nimmo Lily Pond
Stagnate Puddle of Water
Maraquan Trapdoor
Golden Clawed Bath Tub
Rainbow Fountain
Eye of Jhudora Fountain
Hover Sink
Coral Salt and Pepper Shakers
Coral Sink
Bubble Stove
Bubble Rug
Chomby Sand Statue
Tonu Sand Statue
Skeith Sand Statue
Elephante Sand Statue
Anubis Fountain
Purple Sink
Purple Toilet
Purple Bath Tub
Jelly Garden Fountain
Chilli Bath Tub?
Jelly River?
Pteri Fountain?
Squirt Flower?
World Challenge Poster Maraqua?
Kitchen Sink?
Jacuzzi Bathtub?
Mud Hole Tub?...
Shower Bath Tub?...

Kitchen Quest T-shirt
Wellington Boots
Yellow Ramosan T-Shirt
Pink Walein T-Shirt
Mask and Snorkel
Sproing T-shirt
Maraquan Print T-Shirt
Lucky Fishing Hat
Lucky Fishing Trousers
Lucky Fishing Shirt
Lucky Fishing Boots
Flishy Hat
Tiny Umbrella
Water Umbrella
Snot Umbrella
Wooden Umbrella
Moisturising Cream
Goldy Back Scratcher
Goldy Bath Scrubber
Goldy Bath Sponge
Bubbly Goldy Soap
Goldy Hair Brush
Blue Scallop Mirror
Coral Comb
Seaweed Bow
Starfish Brush
Superstar Bubble Bath
Sparkling Kyrii Bubbles
Baby Aisha Bubble Bath
Krawk Bubble Bath
Pea Bubble Bath
Yurble Bubble Bath
Snowbunny Bath Puff
Cloud Grundo Bath Sponge
Checkered Grundo Bath Sponge
Pink Grundo Bath Sponge
Green Grundo Bath Sponge
Tropical Swim Trunks
Purple Eyrie Bubble Bath
Gormball Gloves
Gormball Knee Guards
Gormball Mask
Gormball Jersey
Squid Slippers
Squid Hat
Squid Scarf
Large Giant Squid Shirt
Jubble Bubble Bath
Koi Shell Lei
Koi Shell Tiara
Koi Seaweed Ensemble
JubJub Bath Sponge
Quiggle Swim Trunks
Quiggle Swim Goggles
Maraquan Exploration Tank (neocash)
Maraquan Exploration Suit (neocash)
Maraquan Exploration Helmet (neocash)
Acara Swim Mask
Acara Swim Fins
Shipwrecked Techo Kelp
Gormball Necklace
Shell Faerie Wings?

Mystery Island Chef Stamp
Underwater Chef
Misaligned Printer Stamp
Otona, Protector of the Seas
King Kelpbeard Stamp
King Kelpbeard (TCG)
Garins Redemption (TCG)
Jetsam Shark (TCG)
Jetsam Ace (TCG)
Thyoras Tear (TCG)
Thyoras Tear Stamp
Swordmaster Talek (TCG)
Swordsmaster Talek Stamp
Tears of Caylis (TCG)
Caylis Stamp
Isca (TCG)
Iscas Necklace (TCG)
Isca Stamp
Something Will Happen (TCG)
Maraqua (2.1-2.20) WC Piece
Goregas (TCG)
Goregas Stamp
Tooth of Goregas (TCG)
Mr Irgo Stamp
Golden Mr Irgo Stamp
Mr Irgo
Maraquan Defenders Stamp
Maraquan Troops Stamp
Chasm Beast Stamp
Maraquan Charger Stamp
Maraquan Blade Specialist Stamp
Kiko Explorer
Bubble Gun (TCG)
Faerie Dishwater (TCG)
Acara Treasure Seeker (TCG)
Stone Soup (TCG)
Turdle (TCG)
Green Quiggle (TCG)
Yellow Zafara (TCG)
Fish Negg (TCG)
Shell Acara Totem (TCG)
Gulper (TCG)
Ramosan (TCG)
Techo Fisherman (TCG)
Wishing Well (TCG)
Take a Dip (TCG)
Baby Blu (TCG)
Monsoon (TCG)
Primella (TCG)
Slugawoo (TCG)
Chasm Beast (TCG)
Maraquan Chomby (TCG)
Maraquan Krawk (TCG)
Maraquan Scorchio (TCG)
Maraquan Paint Brush (TCG)
Rainbow Pearl (TCG)
Black Pearl (TCG)
Maraquan Harp (TCG)
New Maraqua (TCG)
Old Maraqua (TCG)
Pollution (TCG)
Screal (TCG)
Trunkard (TCG)
Whirlpool (TCG)
White Pearl (TCG)
Maractite Trident (TCG)
Mutant Peo (TCG)
Underwater Discovery (TCG)
White Primella (TCG)
Coral Bracelet (TCG)
Coral Fruit (TCG)
Ghoti (TCG)
Maractite Armour (TCG)
Maractite Axe (TCG)
Maractite Shield (TCG)
Maractite Sword (TCG)
Maraquan Jellypops (TCG)
Peo (TCG)
Ring of the Deep (TCG)
Sea Anemones (TCG)
Seaweed Omelette (TCG)
Water Mote (TCG)
Flooding Chamber (TCG)
Sakhmet Oasis (TCG)
Wocky Sewer Cleaner (TCG)
Blue Jetsam (TCG)
Red Jetsam (TCG)
Baby Jetsam (TCG)
Green Jetsam (TCG)
Yellow Jetsam (TCG)
Flotsam Raider (TCG)
Island Flotsam (TCG)
Blue Flotsam (TCG)
Green Flotsam (TCG)
Red Flotsam (TCG)
Flotsam Hunter (TCG)
Ghost Koi (TCG)
Red Koi (TCG)
Blue Koi (TCG)
Faerie Koi (TCG)
Koi Plushie (TCG)
Red Acara (TCG)
Yellow Acara (TCG)
Wishing Well Stamp
Rainbow Pool Stamp
Super Bright Rainbow Pool Stamp
Dark Battle Duck Stamp
Maractite Dagger Stamp
Seaweed Necklace Stamp
New Maraqua Stamp
Garin To The Rescue Stamp
Rainbow Pool Coin
Tangerine Trumpet Shell
Pink Curly Shell
Rainbow Coloured Shell
Glossy Blue Shell
Purple Scallop Shell
Green Clam Shell
Blue Spiral Sea Shell
Green Smooth Shell
Crimson Spotted Shell
Matching Pastel Shells
Brown Spotted Shell
Faerie Wings Shell
Golden Shell
Purple Spiral Shell
Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell
Spiky Shell
Shiny Purple Cowry Shell
Sparkly Green Scallop Shell
Camouflage Scallop Shell
Spiky Orange Murex Shell
Blue and Gold Tube Shell
Camouflage Scallop Shell
Spiky Shell
Tiny Golden Shell
Purple Twirly Shell
Deep Sea Shell
Royal Orange Cowry Shell
Jelly Bed
Neopet-Eating Carp
Carved Sea Shell
Fish Negg
Maraquan Paint Brush
Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush
Maraqua (1.1-1.20) WC Piece
Broken Fishing Pole
Giant Bath Plug
Rotting Driftwood
Maraquan War Token
Kha Key Ring
Nem Key Ring
Maraqua (3.1-3.20) WC Piece
Shell Acara Totem
Mystery Island Shell Necklace
Vial of Pure Water
Maraqua Team Pennant
Maraqua Team Hand
Maraqua Team Jersey
Maraqua Team Water Bottle
Virtupets Team Water Bottle
Tyrannia Team Water Bottle
Terror Mountain Team Water Bottle
Roo Island Team Water Bottle
Mystery Island Team Water Bottle
Meridell Team Water Bottle
Krawk Island Team Water Bottle
Lost Desert Team Water Bottle
Kreludor Team Water Bottle
Kiko Lake Team Water Bottle
Haunted Woods Team Water Bottle
Faerieland Team Water Bottle
Altador Team Water Bottle
Darigan Citadel Team Water Bottle
Brightvale Team Water Bottle
Altador Cup Team Background - Maraqua
Maraqua Team Pompoms
Maraqua Team Beanie
Maraqua Team Seat Cushion
Maraqua Team Megaphone
Maraqua Team Poster
Negg Noodles Stamp
Shenkuu River Rush Winged Talisman
Rainbow Fountain Background (neocash)
Altador Shores Background (neocash)
Exploring Maraqua Background (neocash)
Mystery Island Summer Background (neocash)
Maraquan Exploration Superpack (neocash)
Gormball Field Background
Janitor Bucket
Underwater Fishing Background (neocash)
Lost Desert Oasis Background (neocash)
Shenkuu River Background (neocash)
Conch Instrument?...
Maraqua Background?
Kiko Lake Background?
Water Organ?...
Seashell Bracelet?

Marine Resorts

If you're looking to take your own underwater trip or just feel the need to see the sea, try these great oceanic dives.
  • The Beach might not be the most exciting location in Neopia, but it is a great place to go for a walk or swim or just to relax and cool off in the sea breeze-- especially if you are a kacheek. ;)
  • Of course, traveling anywhere in New Maraqua is bound to be delightful, but I reccomend the restaurant "kelp" for the finest dining in all of Neopia (provided you can afford it, that is). There are several wonderful shops you'll want to visit, including Maractite Marvels, Maraquan Petpets, and Collectable Sea Shells. Also, you can stop by and check out the lovely underwater realty available at Maraquan NeoHomes. So much to do!
  • Just down the way is Old Maraqua, the ruins of a once-proud city. While you'll want to avoid the giant sea slug that lurks there, don't make the mistake of passing up the opportunity to comb the ruins. Make sure to take a look at any strange statue you might find there, and stop by the Bubbling Pit for a real treat. There you'll get a chance to view a whole school of maraquan creatures of many different species. Also, you can test your luck and skill at the Underwater Fishing Cavern where you might come away with some food, an avatar, an aquatic treasure, or just some old junk. And don't forget to take a picture or two to color when you leave.
  • For a little peaceful sightseeing, you can travel to the Docks of Altador to gaze on the beauty of the sea and watch the ancient ships coming and going. The view is splendid and the sea-sounds calming. Some say the waves off the coast of Altador are magical, but you'll have to decide for yourself...
  • Alright, so it's not really the ocean, but if what you want is a freshwater resort, you can try Kiko Lake. It's the only place in Neopia where you can take a glass-bottom boat tour (for a change of perspective). You can also do some souvenir shopping in either Kiko Lake Carpentry or Kiko Lake Treats. And there are pretty pictures to color too!

Nautical Entertainment

Get your fins wet with these great games. You can brush up on your swimming skills and maybe even earn a watery trophy at the same time.
  • The oldest water game currently available is Raiders of Maraqua. In this game, you play Karpoh the Koi and collect treasure to impress your pirate bosses. It's not really my cup of borovan, but you should give it a try anyway. Who knows? You might even swim away with a new avatar!
  • In the game Jubble Bubble, you play the Maraquan Shoyru Kelby who needs to blow bubbles that will cushion the landings of his freefalling Maraquan JubJub friends. You can also catch shells and dubloons in your bubbles, and the JubJubs fall faster and faster as you play. Hurry, save the JubJubs!
  • If you prefer staying afloat, you can try Tubular Kiko Racing. Help Kavi the Kiko navigate his inner tube through all manner of obstacles and past enemy Kikos trying to stop him. Hmmm...there seems to be a lot of junk floating around in the water-- someone should do something about that...

Aquatic Avatars

There are so many Maraquan, water, and peophin avatars available in Neopia, it might be difficult to choose just one to show off your love of the sea. This list will help you find the perfect aquatic avatar for you. (My owner has the ones in bold.)

To get this avatar, you must have a kacheek as your active pet and then go to the beach.
To get this avatar, feed an aquatic petpet to your jetsam.
If you want this beautiful avatar, simply visit the pet lookup of a purple Peophin.
To get this one, you must visit the lookup of a Maraquan Chomby.
To obtain this elite avatar, you must eat at "kelp" and get to take leftovers home.
This avatar requires you to go to the pet lookup of any faerie peophin.
Visiting chapter five of the Curse of Maraqua plot will get you this avatar.
This little avatar is obtained by going to the lookup of any pet with a goldy petpet attached.
If you can catch a titanic giant squid at the Underwater Fishing Cavern, then you'll be rewarded with this avatar.
To get this avatar, go to Caption Contest page 664 and view the source code. Then search the code for "buzz1", attach the URL to neopets.com in your address bar, and hit enter.
To get this one, you need to have a quadrapus attached to your pet for at least 60 days.
You can obtain this avatar by having a Maractite Marvels weapon in your inventory and then viewing the King Kelpbeard trading card.
To get this avatar, take one of your pets on a tour of Mystery Island.
This avatar requires you to go to the pet lookup of any darigan peophin.
This avatar is retired. You get it if you fought as a warrior in the Curse of Maraqua War and then view your user lookup.
To get this one, you must score at least 800 points in Raiders of Maraqua.
You have to go to the lookup of a maraquan krawk in order to get this avatar.
You can get this avatar by visiting the lookup of any pet who has a slugawoo petpet attached.
This avatar is retired. You get it if you worked as a supporter in the Curse of Maraqua War and then view your user lookup.
This avatar isn't difficult to get at all. You already have it listed in your Chat Preferences. How fortunate!
The same goes for this Nereid avatar. Lucky you!

Deep-Sea Images

There are far too many water images to display them all here, but clicking on the links below will allow you to view a wide array of them. These images are all made by TNT and can be used on your petpages, shops, and lookups so go ahead and take one!

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[WaterFaerie] [Nadia] [Peopatra] [Marak] [Waverider] [Peophin] [Otona] [Kelpbeard] [Kelpbeard2] [Kelpbeard/Garin] [Talek] [Isca] [Isca/Caylis] [Isca/Garin] [MaraquanPlot] [MaraquaWarriors] [MaraquaWarriors2] [MaraquaWarriors3] [MaraquanCupTeam] [JubbleBubble] [TubularKiko] [EatAtKelp] [MaraquanAisha] [MaraquanScorchio] [MaraquaAcara] [MaraquanKyrii] [MaraquanMoehog] [NewMaraqua] [ShipAtSea] [Fishing] [Fishing2] [Surfing] [Goldy] [JetsamLookout] [OceanSunset] [PalmIsland] [River] [Pond] [PetpetsSwim] [UnderwaterFlotsams] [FireWater] [GreenWater] [Beach] [Coral] [Splash] [Slugawoo&Kiko] [SwimParty] [SurfingRapids]
Tiled: [WaterFaerie] [FaeriePeophin] [MaraquanEyrie] [Gormball] [RidingTheRapids] [WaterMotes] [Slugawoo] [Searex] [BubbleKoi] [WaveJetsam] [SwimTuskaninny]
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[PeophinDay06] [PeophinDay05] [PeophinDay04] [PeophinDay03] [PeophinDay02] [MaractitePeophin] [ElonHughlis] [Isca&Caylis] [Caylis&Pirates] [Caylis] [Talek] [Isca&Caylis2] [RaidersOfMaraqua] [kelp] [RainOnKougra] [LutariSwim] [CyodrakesGazeAtSea] [WaterDay] [Fishing] [MaraquanMynci] [MaraquanAcara] [MaraquanBruce] [Goldy] [Slugawoo] [JubbleBubble] [TubularKiko] [SplashKoi] [CloudyWater] [OldFountainFaerie] [WaterFaerie&Friends] [GiantSquid] [FlotsamWaves] [TropicPool] [KikoDay] [RainOnGilly] [MaraquaWorldChallenge] [NimmoPond]
[FlotsamSwim] [KoiSwim] [WaterMote] [TuskaninnySwim] [KikoDive]
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[MarakConstellation] [PeophinsGalore!] [PeophinWelcome1] [PeophinWelcome2] [PeophinWelcome3] [GreyPeophin] [DariganPeophin] [MaraquaBlumaroo] [MaraquaJubJub] [MaraquaShoyru] [MaraquaLupe] [MaraquaKyrii] [MaraquaMoehog] [MaraquanHissi] [MaraquanUni] [GormballBurst] [Paddling&Mine] [Plesio] [BubblyKoi] [WaterSkiTecho] [SplashTuskaninny1] [SplashTuskaninny2] [SplashTuskaninny3] [SplashTuskaninny4] [JetsamBath] [PondNimmo] [SwimNimmo] [BubbleKiko1] [BubbleKiko2] [BubbleKiko3] [BubbleKiko4] [FishNegg] [Arkmite] [BabyBlu] [Bubblebee] [Darpinch] [Darpinch2] [Sandpoint] [Peadackle] [Goldy1] [Goldy2] [Goldy3] [Nupie] [Yoakie] [Meturf] [TurdleWalk1] [TurdleWalk2] [TurdleWalk3] [TurdleDance1] [TurdleDance2] [Smiley] [Marafin] [Orp] [SlugawooSwim1] [SlugawooSwim2] [SlugawooSwim3] [SlugawooSwim4] [SlugawooDance1] [SlugawooDance2] [SlugawooDance3] [SlugawooDance4] [SlugawooSpin1] [SlugawooSpin2] [SlugawooSpin3] [SlugawooSpin4] [Quadrapus] [EttaphantSpray] [PortholeSquid] [TitanicSquid] [LargeSquid] [SmallSquid] [BlackSquid] [Raining] [JetsamBubbles] [FishingKiko] [MaraquanGruslen]
[TheDrenched1] [TheDrenched2] [TheDrenched3] [WaterFaerie1] [WaterFaerie2] [Venuquin] [PeophinNewYear] [PeophinMissYou] [PeophinLoveYou] [PeophinHoliday] [PeophinJapanNewYear] [PeophinNewBaby] [PeophinHoops] [PeophinCongrats] [Isca] [MaraquanAcara] [MaraquanHissi] [MaraquanKyrii] [MaraquanShoyru] [MaraquanChomby] [WaterSlide] [KikoLake] [SplashPool] [Slugawoo] [Uniocto] [FishBones] [BottleAtSea] [Surfing] [GreyReflection] [LutariBubbles] [RainClears] [RainFriends] [RainWindow] [MessageInBottle] [RainPuddle] [Beaches]
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[826SurfingRapids] [824RaftAtSea] [821CoralReefFlotsams] [813FiloDesenzEtc] [810Marafin&Koi] [809MarquanMoehog] [799DubloonDock] [795Beach] [778Tubing] [746MaraquanEyrie] [738kelpWaiter] [737BubblesPetpet] [735SwimmingHole] [725WaterFight] [724FishingCavern] [716kelp] [700MaraquanCybunny] [683MaraquanPetpets] [669Kelpbeard&kelp] [664MaraquanBuzz] [632Talek] [611Frillabons] [581AquaticFestival] [578Fishing] [576Pond] [574MaraquanPets] [567Fishing] [556SwimmingLessons] [552kelp] [543Isca&Caylis] [539MaraquanPets] [537Slugawoos] [535MaraquanAisha] [524MaraquanAcara] [476JetsamBubbles] [474MaraquanKau] [464FloodedPool] [461RainbowPool] [448Goldys] [444WaterFaerie&Peophins] [429WaterFight] [418PetpetPool] [405MaraquanAisha] [404MaraquanPets] [394MaraquanPets] [379MaraquanMynci] [340DesertRiver] [328Spectre] [304Peophins] [298Swimming] [296MaraquanAcara] [295MaraquanAcara] [290Gulper] [285RedPeophin] [265RainbowPool] [261Slugawoo] [209Coast] [194Fishing] [180Uniocto] [164Surf&Fish] [159FlotsamChef] [142Fishing] [141RedPeophin] [129Diver] [126StripedPeophin] [122Well&River] [117RedPeophin] [105Fishing] [98Peophins] [95SpiltWater] [85Tsunami] [77Bubbling] [72JubbleBubble?] [61WaterFaerie] [49WaterFaerie&Peophin] [43RedPeophin] [21Fish] [17Fish] [4Surfing]
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MSN: [Isca] [Caylis] [MaraquanUni] [UnderwaterKoi] [MaraquanCharger] [MaraquanBladeSpecialist] [UnderwaterFlotsam] [BubyBlu] [Marak] [GreyPeophin] [JubbleBubble] [MaraquanJubjub] [Fishing] [Breadfish] [WaterFaerieDoll] [Droplets] [TubularKikoRacing] [MaraquanGelert] [MaraquanHissi] [UnderwaterKoi] [TuskaninnySwim] [FlotsamSplash] [NimmoWaves] [Darpinch] [Nupie] [MaraquanEyrieSwim] [MaraquanEyrieSplash] [MaraquanPteri] [MaraquanMynci] [MaraquanChomby] [WaterMote] [RiverSurfCassile] [RiverSurfBowe]
AIM: [Nereid] [RainbowFountainFaerie] [Screal] [Peo] [Pfish] [Primella] [Gulper] [Isca] [Caylis] [MaraquanDefender] [MaraquanWarrior] [FlotsamWaves] [BabyPeophin] [PlushiePeophin] [MaraquanBlumaroo] [MermaidUsuki] [WaterFaerieSplash] [TitanicGiantSquid] [Waterfish] [MaraquanJubjub] [MaraquanBuzz] [MaraquanShoyru] [WaterFaerieDoll] [TubularKikoRacing] [GetWet] [BubblesKoi] [Marafin] [Smiley] [MaraquanMoehog] [Sailing] [MaraquanKorbat] [RainOnMynci] [WaterMote] [MaraquanLupe] [RiverSurfCassile] [RiverSurfBowe]
[WOKWaterFaerie] [OldBDWaterFaerie] [UberFaerie] [OldUberFaerie] [WaterFaerieDoll1] [WaterFaerieDoll2] [KacheekSeekMaraqua] [KacheekSeekKikoLake] [SquidShield] [DraikShield]
Check out: Raiders of Maraqua, Acara Bubbles, Peophin Dive, Dark Depths, Maraqua, and Altador Constellations (for the Wave)
Look for: Peophin, Arkmite, Maraquan Petpets, Jetsam, and Flotsam
Look for: Mermaid Usuki and Fly Fishing Usuki
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Also, here are some NT articles, just in case you're looking for more information:
Peophin Spotlight! by RyokoMasaki202
The Only Guide to Peophins You Will EVER Need! by haahaa113

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