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The King of All Petpets is sleeping: Can your petpet wake him? The answer to that question is yes! People have claimed for ages that the hour of Waking Turmaculus is random. I assure you it is not! Vande had been tracking the Turmaculus since September 2004, although it seems much longer. You no longer have to try every single hour to wake him!

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15 January, 2019

Since there have been a few little hiccups in the jumps lately, I'm going to post more possible jumps even though they should not be expected.
Once in a while an unexpected jump is caught by someone and posted on the boards, but those aren't always reported to me.

Daily Due Up Times
If the AM hour has passed, but both are still listed, it means I haven't been able to update yet.
Check the boards for that hour for announcements, and try to wake him during the PM hour if there are none.

Click here to go to the Turmaculus!

Thu, Jan 17th 2019: Awake at 10am NST

Fri, Jan 18th 2019: 3am or 3pm NST(if 5 hour jump)
or 4am or 4pm NST (if 6 hour jump)

Sat, Jan 19th 2019: 8am or 8pm NST
or 9am or 9pm NST

You can neomail me with questions or comments any time.
  • Awake: If Turmy is awake during his due hour
    (just 1 button below him after you've tried to wake him,
    even if he doesn't wake up for you)
    use this neomail link: Turmy Awake.

  • Asleep: If Turmy is asleep during his due hour
    (2 buttons below him after you've tried to wake him)
    use this neomail link: Turmy Asleep.
Please let me know if the direct neomail link above isn't working for you,
and I will switch it back to link to my lookup as I had it before.

Past Times of Waking
Both the current month and last month's times are listed here.
The previous times are useful in calculating the current month's jumps.
If you need older times please neomail me.

January 2019
1) 1am 2) 6pm 3) 11am 4) 4am 5) 9am
6) 2pm 7) 7pm 8) 1pm {6} 9) 6am 10) 10pm {4} 11) 4pm {6} 12) 9am
13) 2am 14) 7pm 15) 12am 16) 5am 17) 10am 18) 19)
20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26)
27) 28) 29) 30) 31)

December 2018
1) 11pm
2) 4am 3) 9am 4) 2pm 5) 7pm 6) 12pm 7) 5pm 8) 10am
9) 3am 10) 8am 11) 2pm {6} 12) 7am 13) 12am 14) 5pm 15) 10am
16) 3am 17) 8pm 18) 1am 19) 6am 20) 11pm 21) 4am 22) 9pm
23) 2pm 24) 7pm 25) 12pm 26) 6am {6} 27) 11pm 28) 4am 29) 9pm
30) 2pm 31) 7pm

Turmaculus Theory
There is a simple calculation for figuring out when the Turmaculus will wake up. It's called the Five-Hour Jump. Whatever hour he has woken up today, plus five hours, will be the time he wakes up tomorrow. Note that this method only tells you the number of the hour, not whether it will be AM or PM (this is random).

As an example:
DAY 1: Turmy is awake at 12 am NST. DAY 2: Turmy is awake at 5 pm NST. DAY 3: Turmy is awake at 10 pm NST.

On a fairly regular schedule the Turmaculus will not wake up at his usual 5-hour jump time. This is known as the 6-Hour Jump, and it normally happens every 12-14 days, but it has happened on days 10, 11, and 15 too.
The first 6-hour jump of the month is a little different.
The first jump will be 1-3 days earlier than the first jump of the previous month.
(When it falls on the first day of the month it technically isn't 6 hours from the last time,
but I will still refer to it as a 6-hour jump.)

Occasionally Turmy will go into a 6-4-5 or 6-4-6 pattern as well, like this:
Day 1: Turmy wakes at 12 am. Day 2: Turmy wakes at 6 pm (6 hr jump). Day 3: Turmy wakes at 10 pm
(4 hr jump). Day 4: Turmy wakes at 3 am (5-hour jump) or 4 am (another 6-hour jump).

Rarely, there will be a 6-hour jump that doesn't match any established pattern. These often seem to be glitches where a day is simply missed, and there is no way to predict when they will happen.
It never hurts to check an hour after a predicted jump if he didn't wake up, just in case!

At the start of every new month, we have a Start of the Month Jump. The first day's waking time is 7 hours (normally) from the first day of the previous month.
As an example:Month 1: Turmy wakes at 12 am NST, Month 2: Turmy wakes at 7 pm NST, Month 3: Turmy wakes at 2 pm NST.
Every 6 to 8 months the first 6-hour jump falls on the first day, making it 8 hours
from the first day of the last month.
At the start of a New Year the first jump is only 2 hours from the first day of December.

The AM/PM schedule for Turmaculus' waking times is entirely random!

Waking Turmy Up
During his waking hour the Turmaculus will not wake up for everybody!
You can tell if he is awake or not during the hour by how many buttons there are underneath him after you have tried to wake him. If there are 2 buttons (Try again??, and Oh Well. Back to Meridell) he is sleeping, if there is 1 (Back to Meridell) he has the potential to be woken, but not by you.

You can try to wake him any time during his waking hour (if it were 12 am NST, you could wake him anytime between 12:00:00 am NST and 12:59:59 am NST). You can try to wake him once every hour but he will only wake up one hour out of every day.

Possible Ways to Wake the Turmaculus: (the method you choose makes NO difference) Hit Him with a Stick, Ring a Bell, Kick Him, Sing to Him, Tap Dance For Him, Blow your Nose, Sneeze, Dump Cold Water on Him, Scream, or Bang Pots and Pans.

This avatar is awarded to you when your petpet is eaten by the Turmaculus.
Having your petpet eaten is entirely random.
The Turmaculus will eat ANY petpet, including cardboard ones, or those zapped with the lab ray, or petpets in Grave Danger. If he eats your petpet, you will get him as a battledome challenger as well as receiving the avatar!

Items and Rewards
If the Turmaculus is awoken by your petpet he might give you 100 NP or 350 NP,
raise your petpet's level, fully heal your pet, or increase your pet's strength. Or he might give you one of these exclusive items:
New Prizes!

Turmaculus Plushie

Robot Turmac

Wind Up Turmaculus

Turmaculus Mug

Turmaculus Claw Keychain

Meridell Toy Shield

Round Table Poker Coins

Giant Turmac Omelette

Potato,Potato and Potato Salad

Bullseye Candy

Old Prizes

Sword Bush - approximate value: 30 - 50 NP

Axe Shrub - approximate value: 45 - 75 NP

Poets Hat (Wearable) - approximate value: 100 - 170 NP

Beef Jerky - approximate value: 90 - 100 NP

Sausages - approximate value: 70 - 100 NP

Turkey and Potato Dinner - approximate value: 750 - 800 NP

Book of Swords - approximate value: 1800 NP

Guide to Knighthood - approximate value: 1400 NP

The Tournament Handbook - approximate value: 1100 - 1300 NP

Lucky Green Boots - approximate value: 15 - 25 NP

Medieval Shirt - approximate value: 15 NP

Toy Sword - approximate value: 10 - 40 NP

Neopian Times Question
This is Neomyotismon's question that was published in the Neopian Times.

Me: Can we have a trophy for how many Petpets the Turmaculus has eaten? *begs please please please, grovels, etc.* :)

TNT Reply: Why would anyone WANT the Turmaculus to eat their poor Petpet? That's just wrong and we can't condone that type of behaviour, so sorry, no trophies for that!

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