Welcome to Rocanola, a graphics site run by Hannah and Chev, existing purely to give us an excuse to mess around with GIMP and make graphics dedicated to our latest fan obsessions. We offer icons, banners, and more for your viewing and use. Please feel free to look around, and don't forget to check out our DeviantART page, more info about which can be found in the sidebar below at left. If you'd like to suggest graphics for a specific anime or band or whatever, feel free to drop us a Neomail. Thanks for stopping by!~

New Stuff and Other Miscellanea.

March 6th, 2014: Whoop Whoop

We're slowly adding more music icons! Florence + the Machine has a decent category now, and Chev is planning on re-organizing the Vocaloid icons by Vocaloid, so it would be easier to find a specific character. (: Lana Del Rey and general pop artists like Lady Gaga will have their own icon categories very soon!
➪ If you have a movie, television show, musical artist, or video game you'd like to request a banner or icon for, Neomail Hannah or Chev!
➪ [Layouts by Chev] is still open for layout requests! Feel free to check out the page and shoot him a neomail~

+1 Pokémon Icon
+1 Muppets Icon
+6 Florence + the Machine Icons
+2 Vocaloid Icons

February 22th, 2014: Weekender Girl~

Yup, it's the weekend... woo-hoo! We've been putting up some more icons... maybe someday we should make other graphics than icons, lol. In addition, I made us a new link back button. Now, the big ish: I'd like to get more practice with web design, so I'm currently taking layout requests!! I have a page set up here: [Layouts by Chev] Finally, do you have any feedback for us? Suggestions? Random ish? Go ahead and Neomail Hannah or Chev!

+4 My Chemical Romance Icons
+4 Minecraft Icons
+2 Vocaloid Icons
+7 Ace Attorney Icons
+2 Doctor Who Icons

February 12th, 2014: A Phantom in the Summer

What's up, long time no see, Rocanola.
This place will definitely more active now, since Chev and I are making a new entrance into Neo. Seriously, how could we have forgotten this site existed?! New graphics are coming too, starting with a new sub category, Music Icons. /ooh, shiny/ We'll try to cram as much stuff in before college starts!~ :)

+5 My Chemical Romance Icons

October 6th, 2013: Bow ties are cool

Four new Vocaloid banners? Sheesh, it's an obsession. I've spent so many hours over the last month editing the Wikia that it's just stupid. I coulda been doing graphics, yeah... heh. I can code Wikia tables now, though! My coding's not that rusty yet. Additionally, I finished Black Butler, and Hannah and I have started watching the eleventh Doctor episodes of Doctor Who. Fun fun ^_^

+2 Doctor Who Banners • +2 Supernatural Banners • +4 Vocaloid Banners

August 15th, 2013: Tell your world~

We've both been making graphics, so... update time!! Graphics are so fun to make. So are wiki articles. Both fry your brain if you do them too much. Oh, this is Chev again, by the way. Hannah and I both got haircuts recently, before we go to our grandparents' house... again. Otherwise our grandma will try to cut our hair with her death scythe.

+1 Kuroshitsuji Icon • +1 Doctor Who Icon • +1 Doctor Who Banner • +2 Sherlock Banners • +1 Vocaloid Banner

August 5th, 2013: Yoda loves you

YES YES YES an update. Hannah got the stuff uploaded a few days ago, and I still can't believe I made that many Vocaloid banners. It seemed like only a few. -.- Vocaloid is taking over my life, I swear. That and Zelda... of course. Always. Wind Waker HD was delayed until October yesterday; Nintendo never releases anything on time, haha. We're still watching Dr Who (about two episodes a week), and River Song just came in, so Hannah's quite excited. And they picked the actor for Doctor #12... and Rose is going to be in the Christmas special... and I like rollercoasters.

+1 Zelda Icon • +1 Disney/Pixar Icon • +1 Kuroshitsuji Banner • +1 Mario Banner • +2 Doctor Who Banners • +3 Sherlock Banners • +7 Vocaloid Banners

June 4th, 2013: Luka Luka Night Fever

So... another update. I've taken three trips since the last update, thus the long time frame. Hannah's made some banners, and I've made a few things too; however, I've been spending way too much time playing StepMania and listening to Vocaloid. And it's green out!! Woot! So anyway, not a lot of stuff to update about... but the slow pace is what makes this site so fun and easy to run. Rocanola, I love you.

+2 Disney/Pixar Icons • +2 Doctor Who Banners • +1 Sherlock Banner • +1 Vocaloid Banner

May 5th, 2013: Ugga Wugga Meatball

We're leaving on another trip tomorrow (grandparents this time) and over the past few days I've had so much fun with GIMP that we have... more icons. (How'd you guess this was Chev?) And a banner. And some tex... oops! Forget about that. I'm surprised I've managed to be so industrious during those mid-day periods between schoolwork and StepMania (my newest obsession!!) I don't think Hannah's made anything recently; Tumb|r, Psych, Doctor Who and Stepmania are more than enough to keep her occupied, lol. Oh, and I have discovered Wordle. The world is not prepared.

+2 Disney/Pixar Icons • +2 Doctor Who Icons • +1 Mario Icon • +2 Vocaloid Banners

April 14th, 2013: Moisturize me!

We're going on vacation in two days, so I (Chev, yeah, hi there) decided to update. I Neomailed a few directories recently that got Rocanola listed (finally) and just today discovered the joy of making bokeh textures. Also, I've created several Neoboard fonts in the last few days; I hadn't done in since I consolidated my font site into Rocanola a year and a half ago. We've also been making some new graphics (of course), which happens to be mostly BBC Sherlock stuff. Oh, and another new Mario icon, of course... one can never make enough Mario graphics (*fanboy squeal*).

+3 Sherlock BBC Icons • +1 Mario Icon • +1 Sherlock BBC Banner • +3 fonts

March 30th, 2013: New Layout!

Taa-daa! Rocanola has been re-vamped with a brand sparkly new layout! :D What do you guys think? Also, we re-did a few navigation aspects- instead of being taken straight to the Icons page when you clicked the above Graphics link, we fixed it so you're redirected to a little mini-nav instead. All of our credits are also on the new nav page, instead on the Sitely page. The Fonts page will eventually be re-booted to an Other page, with tutorials and resources as well as the fonts. And lots of new content (for us at least), so be sure to check that out! :D

+2 Disney/Pixar Icons • +2 Mario Icons • +4 Doctor Who Icons • +1 Kuroshitsuji Banner (Sebastian & Ciel) • +1 K-pop Banner (Block B) • +2 Pop and Rock Banners (Florence + the Machine, Florence + the Machine [Rabbit Heart]

February 2nd, 2013: A wild update appears!

We have some new banners for you! :D Hannah had a few she made and I made a few gaming ones, so I uploaded them yesterday and here they are. I've given up on the whole concept of this-many-graphics-per-week or that-many-icons-per-day because it just makes both of us burned out. So now it's just make-a-graphic-when-you-feel-like-it, because we end up with more consistently timed updates that way. Plus it's funner. I know there are graphics sites that make 20 icons a day, but that's just nuts. I personally cannot do that; I do not have the time nor do I have that RPG-esque grinding mentality. On a random note, I've been playing Okami recently. It's amazing. If you have a Wii or PS2, BUY IT.

+1 Games Other Banner (Okami) • +1 Zelda Banner • +1 K-pop Banner (Block B) • +1 Pop and Rock Banner • +1 Kuroshitsuji Banner