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Total layouts: 70

rule one Do not remove the credit. Theft will be reported.

rule two Do not alter or edit the graphics.

rule three Do not redistribute or claim my work as your own.

These are some additional notes for the layouts.

  • Editing the coding is of course allowed, however no matter how much you alter the layout my credit must remain.
  • Each layout has additional notes. Be sure to read them before editing.
  • If you have any questions or there is a problem please contact me.
  • Layouts are designed to fit a 1368x768px screen resolution. They go up to 2000x1000px and look best in chrome.

  • Drag and drop the image to the address bar for a larger image.
    You will find the layout code in the textbox beneath each layout preview image.

    anchored layouts

    Alien Pumpkin Patch

    Autumn Splendor

    Elephante Disco

    A Golden Sunrise

    Night Skyline

    Nightlight Garden

    Graveyard mash-up

    Glittery Forrest

    Candy land

    blue carpet spotlight

    Astro Bruces

    shenkuu new years

    pink tea party


    white blossoms

    spectrum castle

    gypsy camp

    icy draik

    spring blossoms

    snowy sign

    amongst the flowers

    OHSHC Honey Senpai

    beautiful gazebo (duo BG's)

    starry night(duo bgs)

    fancy button house

    pink anime girls

    picnic portfolio(duo bgs)

    Dark Lutari

    spring farmhouse vs.2

    balloon party

    Air faerie

    beach sunset(duo bg's)

    Pirate Meercas

    yona: dragon bro's

    autumn night sky

    faerie pteri's - lite

    faerie pteri's

    tale as old as time

    naia- the fountain faerie

    Hannah's Envy

    Space Walker

    Warrior Pose

    Blue Bird Fly

    Elephants in Fall

    Cotton Wardrobe

    autumn leafs

    hassee free fall

    sweet candy love

    the nimmo pond

    faerie kiko

    autumn gates

    shenkuu petpets

    Bejeweled Original

    scrolling layouts

    White Blossoms Vs 2

    fiery moltenore

    Altador cup tournament

    Anime bad boys

    stunning moonview

    Castle Garden

    abandoned laboratory

    garden patio

    kaylas potions

    lab jellies

    everything glows- mushrooms

    everything glows- nightsteed

    everything glows- scarabug

    everything glows- astronaut

    everything glows- jhudora

    everything glows- spelunker

    everything glows- elephante

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