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Welcome To My Guide

Welcome to my guide guest! I, over the next few minutes/hours of you reading my Guide, will try and teach you all I know about Skies Over Meridell. From what you can gather so far you may have worked out this is my favorite game in all of Neopia. I now invite you to read on in hope you will build a similiar liking to the game and maybe, if you practise lots and have a little luck, you like me will be able to earn a Shiney Trophy. I'll tell you more about gaining trophies a little later on.

@_@ SHINEY @_@

The Story and The Aim

In the game you take the place of a young pilot just starting out in one of the most challengeing and exciting sports in all of Neopia in the present day. The game envolves you pitting your self against other competitors who like you are trying to knock there opponent out of the skies over meridell. Armed with a slowish plane and a 'pop gun' it is your mission, or destiny to become one of the greatest "fighter pilot" in all of Neopia!

Getting Started

To be taken to the game right now click HERE. I just know your itching to have ago as soon as possible!

Here are some important points to know when playing Skies Over Meridell so you can become a champion or simply to score 240 points to earn 1000nps each turn.

  1. The left and right arrow keys are the two main controls. The left arrow key turns the plane ANTI-CLOCKWISE. The right arrow key turns the plane CLOCKWISE. This will come second-nature after a few games practice. To complete the maneuver above I would have tapped the right arrow key before holding the left arrow key to complete an anti-clockwise change in direction.
  2. Hold your finger down on the Shoot Button for the whole time, this works best for me. This being either (m) or the comma (,) or the full-stop (.)
  3. The Golden Rule I play by is to always be behind my opponent
  4. Only collect power-ups when you judge it is safe to
  5. LIVES are the most important thing when going for a high-score. It is FACT that no one is perfect so the more lives you have in reserve, the further you should get.
  6. HAVE FUN, this game is so fun to master, you will actually enjoy cruising around the sky in no time!

The Power-ups!

  1. EXTRA LIFE - this is probably the most useful power up as since you only have three lives to start with. Try to grab these ASAP without to bigger risk taking. adds +5 points
  2. INCREASED NUMBER OF SHOTS - a good power up but not important, don't go out of your way to grab it. adds +5 points
  3. EXTRA POINTS - this has no benefit to your fight against your opponent but grab a few of these throughout the game and it will bump up your score considerably. grab it with out taking risks. adds +10 points
  4. INCREASED SHOT DISTANCE - you will benefit from this but do not take risks to obtain it adds +5 points
  5. INCREASED SPEED - can work against you or for you, can be come hard to control. does not come in to affect until you lose a life. Quite useless. adds +5 points
  6. INCREASED TURN ABILITY - is quite useful, especially in the later levels. Still though, don't take great risks to obtain it. adds +5 points


Each Opponent is QUICKER than the last

Player Number of Kills comment on speed
2 very slow, careful not to run into the back of this opponent
3 quite slow, do not lose early lives
5 starting to get a little quicker, beat this level to avoid embarrassing low scores
8 medium-fast many people lose here, practice hard, master this pace
10 quick though easily containable (my favorite level)
12 little quicker than last, goes up and down a lot so can be completed with minimal lives lost
13 This guy is Very quick, a lot of experience, practice and lives are needed from now on
15 lightning quick requiring quick thinking and complex maneuvering, you will lose lives
17 this level like the last is lightning quick, not many have reached it, a Lot of Luck is needed, 17 kills on this guy may as well be called impossible
??? I only know of Duke, I have never versed The Duke

Summing Up

Always remember the golden rule! ALWAYS STAY BEHIND YOUR OPPONENT! As with everything, practice will make perfect. The game is one of the most under-rated games in neopia. I urge everyone to tell your friends about it and you could even set up a game challenge with your friends by following this link:

Send Challenge
World Challenge


High Score Table

When high score tables are reset: You can usually obtain a trophy with a score of 700+ One extra thing: To see a demo of skies over meridell, click the sun in the menu window!

To see a demo of Skies Over Meridell, click the sun in the menu window once the game has loaded!

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and continue to enjoy playing Skies Over Meridell for a long time to come
~Brent (piratebrentos)


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