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Jun 07

I'm Amina and welcome to my super informal graphics blog! Every week or so, I post about graphic-related content, ranging from quick tutorials to site resources. Posts are not strictly related to graphics however, so you can expect a few about just artsy things in general. Or completely irrelevant rants. Whatever I feel like doing basically.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them through this link. Ctrl + F if you're looking for something specific. Here's my button request site:

Absolutely no credit is necessary for anything I share on this blog! Though it's highly appreciated ;)

Wow, I haven't updated in a month xD. Well here's a quick button tip: blur your borders! I've noticed that MANY buttons being made lack solid borders, and thereby lack a functional frame. Here's an example with a button base I decided not to use for a request:

See how distracting the border is? There are waayy too many gaps! It detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the button.

There are several solutions to this, but the one I use most frequently is the use of gaussian blur. Simply alpha to selection the outer border (I usually leave the white inner border alone), and apply a 10.0 - 30.0 gaussian blur. Here's the same base used above, but with this technique applied:

Note the vast improvement! In some situations, you may have to further darken the border to achieve that ideal, solid frame, but the blur technique is a good first step!

Hey all! I had a bit of spare time this week to design a cute new layout for Pandora! I'm not sure if I'll end up coding and using it, but here's the visual:

Let me know what you think!

Popping in for a quick, delayed update on my activity! School has been more hectic than expected, and thus I'm afraid that I'll be posting less frequently. Anyways, to somewhat compensate for my inactivity, I will acknowledge some sites that have sprung up these past two weeks!

Unwound Clock is up and running again, along with Route 10! I was sad to see Malisha's sites inactive upon returning from my hiatus, but now I'm overjoyed to see them revived! Great thanks to Malisha for bringing them back!

On the topic of returning sites, Bisou has come back from its inactivity! Ashe's art is iconic in the site community, and her coming back definitely is welcome.

I'm delighted by all the new graphic sites sprouting up! This particular site, BBK (or Buttons by Kelly), immediately caught my eye. Kelly's buttons seem to have this charm about them that's greatly appealing to me. BBK is definitely a site to watch, despite being so new!

Finally, I present to you a site that I'm extremely excited for, Civoon! Geared towards site making, Civoon offers reviews and custom layouts. Personally, I think the community needs a site like this. I have no doubt in my mind that Moose's efforts will help cultivate new sites.

I finally got around to making some buttons to link to this blog. I wrote up a quick tutorial on a technique used in the Brynn one, so I'll release that sometime soon when I have time. Life's busier than usual with all of the exams in the next coming weeks so x/

Hey guys! For my first post, I'm going to be sharing my set of round bullets! I actually have a whole stash of different bullet varieties I made a while ago. I'll release each set in separate weekly posts. For now, enjoy! c:

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