The Blumaroo Directory

Hello and welcome to my Blumaroo Directory! This is the place to come and show off your blums customized or not.

About the Blum Directory

This site was created on 9/2/2017 by pootsybear. I decided to create this site out of my love for Blumaroos. I always see so many awesome Blums throughout the site and wanted to create a space where everyone could show them off and enjoy looking at other Blums. (:

About pootsybear

My name is Chelsea and I'm 25. Been playing neo on and off for about 13 years. My favorite things to do on neo is customizing my pets and trading. You can find me most often on the PC or NC boards. I currently own 13 blums and I'm still on the hunt for more. (:

Want your pet listed?

If you'd like to show off your blums please send a message here with the names of the pets you'd like listed. (: if you no longer own a pet listed please update me so i can remove it or ask the new owner if they'd like to keep the pet listed.



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