• 24 August 2018 |I'm still alive! | Requests are Closed
    one. Hey everyone! I am still alive and well. I will not be active on the Neo but I will try to check in at least a couple times a week. My neomail response will be very slow, so please be patient when expecting a response.
    I am currently working on new fonts, trying to remake some missing fonts, and I plan on opening requests soon. Keep an eye out! :)
    two. I am always accepting affiliates and listers! In addition, I am always open to any comments, suggestions, criticism, etc. through neomail.
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    Fonts R Us is a premade font and font request site run by KT (littledude61394), established on December 31st, 2012. We currently offer a total of 72 quality fonts. For a personal touch, head on over to the requests page!

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    About Us

    The name Fonts r Us was influenced by the one and only, Toys R Us! Remember the good old days when you were just a child, and Toys R Us was a second Disneyland to you? Awestruck upon entering, the infinite amount of toys wherever you walked was ineffable. Likewise, FrU strives to fulfill the same potential as our name suggests.


    one. Do not claim any of FrU's fonts as your own.
    two. You may edit and rate my fonts as much as you want, but give proper credit where due.
    three. This symbol indicates that a NB pen is required.
    Advertising fonts can be found at the very bottom of the page.


  • Valentine Chia | Paramore - The Only Exception

  • Spacerocked! | Blackpink - BOOMBAYAH

    MSPP | Spongebob

    Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb | Michael Buble - Lost

  • Petpet Rescue | Twenty One Pilots - Heathens

  • Beauty Contest | Twinkly

    Taelia the Snow Faerie | Lana Del Rey


    Hissi - Ice | Clueless

    Mootix | Star Wars

    Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb


    Scorchio - Scordax | GoT

    Skeith - King Hagan | GoT

    Black Pteri | GoT

    King Kelpbeard | GoT

    Grarrl Warrior | GoT

    Chia - Florg | Sorry

    Battleground: Awakened | Katy Perry - Firework

    Raindorf | Jingle Bells

    Babaa - Math's Nightmare

    Top Gamer | Ed Sheeran

    Fyora - Faerie Queen | Maroon 5


    Queen Fyora - Sailor Moon

    Neoquest - Wise and Powerful | Sailor Pluto

    Faerie Pteri


    Aisha - Disco | Daisy

    Faerie Bubbles

    Gelert - Starry | Peter Pan

    Queen Fyora - Powerpuff Girls

    A Day at the Beach

    Spardle | Jaymes Young - Fragments

    Battle Faerie | Valiant

    Meuka - Snotty | The Lumineers - Flowers in Your Hair

    Valentine Chia | Neon Trees - Animal

    Super Attack Pea! | Thirty Seconds to Mars - Up in the Air

    Dark Nova | Radiohead - Black Star

    Grey Faerie | Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart

    Kadotery - Mew! | Uncentered

    Dice-A-Roo | Hunger Games


    Aisha - Disco!


    Turtum | Imagine Dragons - Ready Aim Fire

    Forgotten Shore | Eurythmics

    Draik - Hatched | Kaskade

    Space Faerie | Star Trek

    Mutant Graveyard of Doom II | Fall Out Boy

    Grundo - Faerie

    Island Quiggle | Lilo and Stitch

    Lever of Doom | Star Trek

    Uni Faboo | Panic! At the Disco

    Gloomy | Mean Girls

    A Day at the Beach | Spongebob

    Grundo - Discarded Plushie | Marina and the Diamonds

    Kadoatery - Mew! | The Aristocats

    Wheel of Excitement | Disney's Pocahontas

    Grundo - Forever Orange

    Neoquest II - Devilpuss

    Must... Keep... Smiling... | The Ki.llers - Smile Like You Mean It

    Jazzmosis Elephante | Shakespeare

    Wishing Well | Disney

    Blumaroo - Fire! | Avatar The Last Airbender

    Kacheek Swim | Under the Sea

    Yes Boy Ice-Cream | Fergalicious

    Coconut JubJub

    Edna - Cackle | Wicked

    Gnome! | Travelocity

    Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny

    Falling Star

    Simple Symbol

    Rules for requesting

    One. DO NOT claim my fonts as your own. Edit your font as much as you want, but give proper credit where do.
    Two. I DO NOT take picture or block font requests.
    Three. Requests are accepted and completed on a first come, first serve basis. If you are last on the waiting list, your request will take longer to complete.
    Note: You will not receive a confirmation neomail after you send in your request. Instead, check back on the waiting list to see your request status. (This is to avoid floods of neomails.)
    For multiple requests: You may only send in a new request only after your current request has been completed.

    To request a font, use the correct form below and send it in by clicking on the envelope. For more references, visit my portfolio.

    Original: Request your very own font!
    Tailor: I will edit any of my fonts for you.


    Waiting LIST

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    Pick Up

    To avoid any misuse, requested fonts will be removed from this page to FrU's portfolio shortly after you have confirmed your pickup. If your font was removed and you did not get a chance to save it, let me know and I will neomail it to you. Please do not use someone else's requested font.


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