welcome to laura's lending!

Hello! Well, it's been a long time. I used to run this page a few years ago, but closed down my lending when I stopped playing Neo as regularly. I'm back now, and would love to start lending again!

You can navigate using the links to the left if you'd like to see what I lend, rules etc. Feel free to neomail me any questions you have.

what do I lend?

I do frequently lend all of these items out for free, but I have had some items stolen in the past, so collat is always preferred. If you're a nice, polite person and it looks like you've put effort into your account (avatars, pets, trophies, neocash, premium, etc.) then you've got a good chance of getting lent!

If you need a refresher on the method for achieving each avatar, you can access a guide here.


Please ensure you know how to get the avatar before asking for a lend. You can find avatar solutions on the link I provided above, or alternatively Sunnyneo/Jellyneo.

Ensure you have at least 45 items in your inventory before you ask for a lend of one of the more pricey items. The horrible random events have struck my lendees in the past.

Please specify a maximum of three things you'd like to be lent per form. If you want to be lent more, please fill out a new form after your first lend. This is just for my own sanity, as it can get a bit hectic lending one person 10 things at once.

Chokato only: place the TCG card in your trades as soon as you receive it, and then refresh your inventory. You can get the avatar this way, and you won't risk the wrath of nasty random events!

Obviously, don't steal the items! Everyone who's scammed me in the past has been iced. You can pretty easily earn the value of most of these items very quickly using food club, stocks, etc. so it's really not worth it.


If you'd like to be lent anything, please just fill out this form & post on the board if you've been directed here via a neoboard i've made. If not, send me a neomail by clicking the link below.

Please remove all information in brackets before sending the form.

Avatar count:
What you would like to be lent: (maximum three per form submitted)
Account accomplishments: (avatars, trophies, pets etc.)
Collat: (not necessary for items except for icy, fqd, chokato and zdap)
Items/pets you've been lent previously:


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