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**These are not all the reviews that I have done, these are just the most recent ones.

Neopets coding tips, tricks, articles from doubleSTANDARD

Pros -
  • You've got quite a few articles and coding bits to help out your visitors with any kind of CSS and HTML questions or problems that they have. Not only do you have the quantity of your content down, you also have the quality. All articles and instructions are very well written and easy to follow along.
  • At the top of the page, the "Newest" "Poll" and "Coming Up" sections are very nicely used - they are not only organized very neatly into their own little div boxes, but they also allow for more interaction with your visitors and gets their input on a lot of your ideas for the site.
  • Your layout is simple and easy to navigate - which can be really difficult since you have so much content, but with the use of the anchors and the index this layout works very nicely with the genre of your site.

Cons -

  • In your index, the title "Polls" is difficult to see since the grey of the text is same shade as your background. Maybe a color such as #68a69f would look better against the background. Or you could add a white background for your index section so the text is more visible.
  • Your link-back buttons are difficult to find unless they scroll past your initial introduction and updates (since visitors will often go straight to the index for content). Perhaps putting your link back buttons with the section where you put your affiliates and listers (since link back buttons are usually in the sitely area of a site) or put your link back buttons right underneath your initial introduction for easy access.
  • I've noticed that in your index, the section for "Quick Tips & Code Bits" has become quite long and more difficult to navigate. Perhaps putting this section into more specific sections such as "Petpage Specific Coding" and "Guild Specific Coding" for visitor convenience.
  • One thing I would recommend is possibly adding a section where you explain the difference between the Articles and the Quick Tips and Code Bits since some articles such as "Drop Down Navigation" and "Pretty Navigation Bars" would be expected to be in the section Quick Tips and Code Bits because you explain the codes in these sections.
  • I recently noticed that you color coordinated your titles to match with the section they belong to (e.g. the red(?) color titles fall under the Articles category). You should definitely add in your introduction that each section has it's own color because if you don't, it will most likely go unnoticed and the colors do allow for easier navigation (once you realize it, that is).



Comments: Double Standard is one of the top CSS/HTML sites in the site-community. With so much content, the visitor is bound to find the answer to their problem and, if not, they are able to request for it to be answered/displayed on the site. It can be difficult to organize a site with so much content, but you definitely make it work with the use of the index and color coordination. Just some touch-ups here and there will further Double Standard's visitor convenience to make it that much more user-friendly. Good job and good luck with your site!

3.5/5 Stars

My first thought upon entering your site was, "Beautiful layout!" But my immediate thought after was , "Why is the neopets banner off to the side and overlapping the image?" The neopets credit banner is a little annoying since it overlaps with your - for a lack of a better word - "banner/image" at the top of your layout. I suggest removing this code altogether and adding this credit in the credits section of your site. You can find the removal code at css for you and you can find a credit image (if you do not want to credit neopets with text) at The Lunch Box or The Lodge.

Your text is a little too close to the border of the div box making the text look squished. Adding larger margins/padding in your div box will make the text look neater. If you don't know how to add the margin coding you can check out Double Standard's article. Or just add this coding to your div box:

if you don't know where to add this coding just neomail me and I'll let you know!

The next issue that I had with your site was that the navigation overlapped the div box and some links could not be accessed because of this overlap. For example, I could not access the "Illusion Tales" story because I could not click on the link (since the navigation goes "over" this link) and I could also not go to the "Story Requests" link in the extras section. Editing the navigation settings (the width to 100px perhaps?) so the hovering effect does not overlap with your div box would avoid such technical difficulties.

Moving onto the your content, the Illusion Tales Story is fairly well written, but the first line confused me: I was just a young faerie when I found out why. Why what? This sentence just confuses readers as they do not know what you are talking about and seems to be put here for no particular reason. Also, in this story, you say, All the other faeries listened, but as I kept watching the dark faeries, especially the little one, about my age. This sentence should be, "All the other faeries listened, but I continued to watch the dark faeries, especially a little one who looked around my age."

In your most recent story, you say, Now all that's left of my family is me, a blue lupe, and my little brother who is a baby lupe. This sentence should be "Now all that's left of my family is me, a blue lupe, and my little brother, a baby lupe." Also, you say, Happy pets with their owners, and buying stuff right? There should be a comma between stuff and right?. Finally, in the second last paragraph you say:
Sneaking out of the pound is going to be tough. Throughout the pound, there are security cameras, electric fences and brick walls. It's kind of like a prison. To get out, we had to dig our way underground. When we got outside, the first thing that we needed to do was to find shelter and food.
This paragraph seems to be a little odd since you go from using future to past tense (you say "GOING to be tough" then you say "we HAD to dig..."). Make sure you use the same tense throughout the story!
Overall, this story was very interesting and I look forward to reading more when you're finished.

Your extras section is very neatly organized and you have a variety of story-related content to keep the visitor happy. In your Story Requests section, you get a little repetitive in one rule since you also said this at the top of your page: You can use the story for anything. Feel free to put it on your userlookup, site, application, anything. I suggest keeping it at the top of the page and removing it from the rules since it's not really a rule but more like a recommendation.

The "Credit" section of the layout seems unnecessary since you already have a credit header in your sitely section, so I suggest removing this.

Overall, your site is off to a great start. But throughout the site, I've noticed that you often go between future, present and past tenses in the same paragraphs (at the top of your sitely section you do the same - you say "you OPEN the treasure box" but then later say "it DISAPPEARED..."). Make sure you correct these errors and beware of them in the future, since, you are, a writing site! Good job and good luck with your site!

First Impression-

Upon entering your site, I noticed there is a lot of the same shade of blue. Which makes the site seem a little plain, especially since the background for the main headers are completely filled with this color as well as the navigation background (making it seem like there's more of that color than there really is). I will give you some suggestions and elaborate on this in the layout section of the review.

Your introduction is very well written (though you do have a slight grammatical error that is listed below). You acknowledge all the things you aim to do with your site and you also add a little story introduction to make your visitors interested in what you have to offer around your site.

When first looking at your site, I am welcomed by a somewhat plain color scheme as well as an interesting introduction to your site. Not too bad – it still makes me want to stay and check out your content.


As I was saying in the first impression, you seem to use the color #68AAE4 in your headers and navigation. Since the backgrounds of the headers and navigation are completely filled with this color, it looks like there's a serious lack of color in your color scheme since this shade of blue is so noticeable and upstages the rest of the colors. Perhaps using a different color in your headers such as #69B5BC (the color you have as your underlined text).

Further, your headers look a little plain since your h1s are just plain text with a background the h2s are just plain text, making them unappealing to the visitor. You want all aspects of the site to appeal to the visitor which will make them want to visit your site more often. You can find some premade header coding at Bedazzled, The Lunch Box and Eden (make sure to credit!).

I noticed that your layout looks a little odd in Google Chrome (which is a browser that is used frequently):

drag and drop for full sized image

As you can see, when I hover over your navigation, a drop down navigation appears but there is nothing on it. But when I highlighted this area, there are actually links. The link color and the navigation background color are the same, and therefore, is not visible. Perhaps changing the color codes for your navigation links in the style tags will help you:

If you enter different colors (if you erase my text where you're suppose to put the color code) and replace your original navigation link codes with the codes above, then you should be able to see the links in the navigation section of your layout.

In Internet Explorer, the drop down menu does not show up (which would be a reason why you couldn't see that visitors could not see the links in the drop down menu). But also in IE, the main navigation for your sections (Graphics, Reviews, Requests, etc.) does not "follow" you (so you can no longer see the navigation has you scroll downwards) even though your code is in "fixed" position. This can be a problem since it makes it more difficult for visitors to navigate your site since they have to keep scrolling upward to click the anchored links to visit different sections or they will have to find the section on their own (continually scrolling looking for their desired section). Since I am not a coding expert, some experienced css experts that can help you with your coding is whispwill (creator of The Resourceful CSS Guide) and Arie (creator of Double Standard). I would not recommend putting "To The Top" links since visitors using your site in google chrome or firefox do not need these links and, therefore, just takes up space on your petpage. Personally, I would not worry about this glitch since most online users use chrome and firefox rather than IE (which means I highly recommend you get either FF or Chrome!) but if you are worrying, then I suggest you get another premade layout from That Kills Me (since it says in the description of this layout that it is not compatible with IE).

Your color scheme (bolds/italics/underline/link colors) is very nice (you should definitely use more of these colors in your headers!) and matches your banner quite nicely. The colors for your links blend into your text color a little too well, so it is difficult to figure out where there's a link (specifically your introduction). Perhaps using #88c1d8 as your link color code instead of grey.

Your layout could definitely use some work; adding some more colors in your headers, fixing the css of headers and fixing your navigation should be at the top of your list!

Spelling & Grammar-

In your introduction, you say:
Be sure to look at the newly listed sites and look at the updates.
There is no need for the "look at" in front of the updates since you already use this verb earlier in the sentence (so the sentence should be: "Be sure to look at the newly listed sites and updates.")

Under "Link Back" in the Additional Information section of your site, you say:
Linking back isn't mandatory.
After saying this, you should add that "Linking back is appreciated." To encourage people to link back to your site (more advertising that way!).

Content & Quality-

Scrolling through your content, you have a fair amount of sites listed but can definitely be listing quite a few more. As a directory, you don't have to wait for people with a site fill in a form; you can also ask people if they want to be listed at your site. You can also make a board on the neoboards advertising your site/look for sites to list. You can also go to other directories and see what kind of sites they listed, such as The Shelf or Plethora.

The sections that you have divided your listings in are a little disorganized. Though I acknowledge that you may not have enough sites to fill up spaces for individual categories like Adoption/Trades, that does not mean you won't have enough sites to fill that category in the future. I suggest adding categories such as Adoptions/Trade, Adoptable and Pixels, Coding/Design, Neoboard Fonts and Untaken Names. I strongly oppose to putting the Adoptables/Pixels section in the Creative Arts section because Adoptables/Pixels have more graphic-based content, whereas Creative Arts implies more writing and artwork content.

I noticed that you had a "request" pixel that indicates which sites take requests but scrolling through your content, I found that you did not use this pixel at all. Seeing as you do not use this pixel you should either remove it or start adding this symbol to your site (since putting it in your legend but not using it will confuse visitors). I highly recommend that you add this symbol throughout the site since it lets visitors know if a particular site takes requests even though they may not be a typical request site.

That being said, some sites that were seen in a variety of categories made me confused. For example, Bedazzled was seen in multiple sections of your site, even though it is a graphic site (typically, sites that offer graphics and premade layouts are classified as graphic sites). By adding this site to the graphic section only, you can also add the request pixel next to it since Bedazzled also offers a multitude of requests. The same concept with sites like The Lunch Box.

Further, some sites that were not even recommended on your site were ranked. Which seems a little odd since, if the site is not even recommended, why would you rank it? Don't put sites in the ranking sections just to fill up space, but sites that you truly believe have the highest quality content to offer the visitor. For example, Take the Stage is not a recommended site but it is ranked.

Another quick note, is to remember to capitalize the titles of the sites! Sites such as Did You Have A Bad Day? should be capitalized (it is in lowercase on your site).

Under the "Get Listed" section of the Additional Information Header, the neomail me link, links back to your userlookup. It would be much easier if this was linked to your neomail (neopets allows this now) so visitors will find it easier to neomail you the link to their site. Here is the link if you are unsure:

Also, for your drop-down navigation at the top of your site (as mentioned previously in the layout section), the links you have there do not link to the different categories of your site. Looking at some anchoring tutorials such as .css {for you} and The Resourceful CSS Guide will help you link within your page.

Here are some updates on some of the links on your site (dead/inactive/back from hiatus/moved):

Sitely & Links-

You have a fair amount of listers and affiliates, but remember to link to your neomail when directing people to neomail you to become an affiliate/lister. Also, I would not put Asura as a lister since this site is more of an advertising site rather than a site who lists all sites. Perhaps adding an "Advertised At" section where you can put this site button.

You have a good amount of link back buttons, some seem to be high quality except for a few:

This button has a lovely image and beautiful animation. But the color of the font looks a little odd against the dark purple background. Both these colors clash since purple and light purple don't look particularly attractive together, especially since the transition between the text and the background is a bit abrupt because the text border is difficult to see. Adding a slight glow around the text may have eased the transition between the text and the image.

This button is very well made, the colors go very well together. But the font used is very wide and can distort certain letters such as the "m" and "n" in moonless. It is very difficult to see the text borders of the m and the n (like the middle part of the "m"), making it difficult to read.

This button looks fine at first glance, but when looking again, the "e" in Moonless looks more like a "c" because of the glow effect. Making the glow effect lighter would have made the text easier to read.

Here are some great button sites to request from (when requests open): Euphoric, Open Eyes and Saranghae.

One thing I do recommend is getting a counter for your site in order to track how many visitors your site gets on a daily basis. A counter can also add to your achievements (for example, when you reach 1000 views or 10,000 views, etc.).

Upstage is now closed to you can remove the link from the button or remove the button altogether in your "Reviewed at" section.

As for your updates, you seem to update regularly and your sitely sections are organized neatly, good job!


Your site offers classifieds such as Newly Listed and Recently Closed Sites. This can be very helpful to those who want to check out newly created sites or see which sites have closed. But I noticed that even though you did a link sweep recently and removed 9 sites, you didn't update your "recently closed" section. Remember to update your classifieds section regularly to keep up with the sites you remove so you don't have to dig out these sites later.

Having a small "advertising" section where site owners can post updates about their sites/other sites would be a nice addition to your directory. This way, visitors can not only find a variety of sites in your directory, but they can also be updated in what is happening to these sites on a daily basis.



Comments: Although Moonless has a lot of work to do, there is also a lot potential seen throughout the site (through classifieds, keeping up with updates, etc.). I'd highly recommend spiffing up your layout through the headers, addition of colors, or, if you feel comfortable, getting a new layout compatible in IE (but many people no longer use this browser). You could also fix up your site by creating new sections for your links (such as fonts, pixels/adoptables, etc.), keeping up with your classifieds section and adding more links (try to list at least 10 per day that way a constant new batch of sites are continually being listed). Just as a little side note, it would be great if you finished off the plot to your introduction at the end of your site (perhaps at the end of sitely or the credits). Good job and good luck with your site! :)


Your layout is very simple - the colors are very calm and neutral. The images used are also simple but blended very well and match the colors of your layout.

The lyrics/words on the side look out of place since they are placed off to the side (not really near any sort of images or the main content box) - the words are just kind of there. Perhaps putting them closer/on top of the clock image near the bottom right of the layout or underneath the content box would have looked better since it would look like it was a part of the layout rather than some text off to the side.

Overall, your layout is very well made - the colors are nicely used throughout the layout (in your headers, bolds/italics, etc.) and the images go very well with the theme and are blended nicely in the layout. The navigation is also easily accessible for visitors to use. Good job!

Spelling & Grammar-

On your homepage, you say:
As such, in the Transfer Hall all those of magical blood can take a potion which will let the drinker to pass through to the Wizarding World.
You do not need the word in (in between the words "drinker" and "pass").

One of the rules in the premade layout section says:
Please do not move the credits
It would be more grammatically correct if you had said, "Please do not remove the credits" since moving the credits would refer to actually moving the credits from one area of the petpage to another, which should be acceptable since the user is still crediting you.

Another rule in the premade layout section says:
Should you have any problems, concerns or questions about the layout please tell me.
The word layout should be plural (i.e. "layouts") since you offer more than one layout on your site.

I did not go through your recipes section for grammar/spelling errors since you got them from another source

Content & Quality-

You've got quite a variety of different icons! It seems that you have organized them into alphabetical order (which is great for visitors who are looking for a specific kind of themed icon) but, if you have put the icons in alphabetical order, Sirius Black should go before the Text Only Icons link (since "s" is before "t").
Moving onto your icons itself, many of them were nicely edited. But the following icons did not seem to be as well edited as the rest:

The following icon is too dark and it is difficult to read the bottom words on the icon. Brightening it slightly will allow the words to be more clear and visible.

The icon's overlay does not match this icon. It looks quite awkward since you can see it most clearly near Dumbledore's shoulder: (here is an visual for what I mean). The colors look very nice but the text that is part of the overlay looks off since it is so clearly visible. Perhaps lowering the opacity or removing it altogether will make the icon look better.

The image cropping is not the best since one of Hermoine's eyes seem to be cut off while the other one can be seen. Cropping this image so both her eyes can be seen while cutting off more of the bottom part of the image may make the cropping look less abrupt.

This icon looks a little odd since the bottom part of the icon is a solid color. The division between the image and the solid color is very abrupt. Perhaps using a gradient rather than a solid color would help the transition between the division.
Finally, the following icon is seen twice in your "Harry Potter" icon section:

Your petpage layout is very nicely done - the image and the colors go amazing together (it really emphasizes that "glow" effect). I also really like how the image and navigation are in the fixed position which makes for easy navigation and pleasing to the eye (since the image is constantly seen).
Your petlookups seem nicely done (since I can't test it out because of the coding problems) - the colors and background go very well together. The little emblem of the Hufflepuff house is also a nice touch as well as the little description of the characteristics of a Hufflepuff. I also really like how you have two sets of the same petlookup - one with the petpet and one without. Perhaps actually taking a screenshot of the petlookup with a pet for the user to see will give them a better idea of how the lookup will look on their pets (I know you can't use the coding now but this is just a suggestion for when you get the coding back up).

The "Transfer Hall" section is well-thought out, especially since it has a "non-story" part as well as a "story" part. The storyline in the Transfer Hall section goes really well with the Harry Potter theme of your site and is quite enjoyable for the visitor (to get a feel of going through the wizarding world). Displaying and promoting other Harry Potter sites/graphics is a great way to help the visitors find a specific Harry Potter related graphic they are looking for. The same with your site rankings - it encourages visitors to visit a different variety of sites that you enjoy. The recipes displayed are also great for the overall theme of your site.
But throughout this section, I noticed whenever I pressed the "back" button, I went back to the story version of the "Transfer Hall" page rather than the non-story version (when I was navigating the non-story version). This can get a little annoying when visitors want to navigate the Transfer Hall using the non-story version, but have to constantly go back to the main Transfer Hall link then to the Non-Story Version link. I recommend having two separate back links - one to go back to the story-version and the other to the non-story version. This way, visitors who want to navigate the extras section by the story version will be satisfied and the visitors who want to navigate the extras section by the non-story version will also be content.

I did not mention this in the above, but I would recommend some "back" links for the Layouts section (since you now have both petpages and petlookups available) and it is such a hassle for the visitor to go back to the main "Layouts" page in order to look at a different set of layouts. But overall, you have some great content that ties into your Harry Potter theme flawlessly (e.g. the different graphics/sites that you promote as well as the recipes). Just a few minor adjustments here and there and your site will be ready to go!

Name & Originality-

Through the recipes, other Harry Potter sites/graphics section as well as the storyline that you incorporate throughout the site - I find that your site has that extra oomph that makes me feel drawn to it and want to come back to visit. The name also has a relation to the Harry Potter world - but although I know what it means, other visitors may not. I recommend adding a mini dictionary for all the Harry Potter terms you use around your site so the visitor understands what is what and can follow your theme along much better.

Comments: Overall, you have a lovely site. The content is great (you have quite a variety of icons and I suspect you are adding to your premade layout section) and high quality. Just some minor changes such as adding those "back" links to your premade layout section as well as fixing some of those grammar mistakes, will make your site much more pleasing to the visitor. Great job and good luck with your site!

First Impression-
Upon entering your site, the Halloween theme really draws me in. The use of different objects related to the Halloween theme that make up the site name is not only creative - but allows the visitor to have an idea of your graphic abilities.

Just quickly going through your site, everything is laid out very well; the color scheme is very nice and everything is neatly organized.

Overall, when a visitor first enters your site, they are welcomed by organized content, a great theme, and layout – making them want to stay to check out your content!

Your layout goes really well with your site theme - as I said in the previous section - the way you spelled your site name with different objects that relate to your theme is really well-thought out and very creative. But, the last letter ("n") in Eden looks a little odd since the font fill seems to be the same color as the image behind it. Possibly a different color would have looked better (such as orange) since right now, it looks like an overlap of the same color.

The background and color scheme really fit into the whole "Halloween" theme but at the same time, the colors aren't too dark and overwhelming. You still add enough color that the visitor isn't intimidated by your site and have the urge to leave.

Overall, your layout is very lovely - the colors, headers, background and theme are all great. The only thing is the "n" in the title "Eden" on your layout looks a tad off, but other than that, everything else is good!

Content & Quality-
The doodles are absolutely adorable – they are well shaded, well drawn and definitely well thought-out. To ensure user-convenience, you should label your doodles (perhaps with the hover text?) since your visitors may not necessarily know what a particular doodle is. For example, the following doodle:

What kind of salad is this? Is this even a salad? If not, what kind of food is it? As a visitor, I may ask these questions since it is not directly stated. Continuing, I noticed that you had a "Coming up" page to this section of your site, allowing visitors to see the kind of content they can look forward to. But I was unable to get back to the doodles section without going to the content page first. Back links are a definite must for users to easily navigate your site. You can find some great "back" signs from The Lunch Box, Bedazzled and Dark Light.

Moving on to the pixels; your pixels are very well made and very well shaded. But as I said before, labelling your pixels will allow the visitor to know exactly what that pixel is instead of just assuming what it is. For example:

This pixel is very well made but the user may not necessarily know what kind of dessert this is and, therefore, are less likely to use it. I definitely noticed that lack of variety compared to your doodles, which isn't a bad thing, but something that could use some work. Maybe during the time that you don't have your tablet, you can create more pixels for this section.

The Do It Yourself section is very creative and it allows you to reach out to visitors who may want to try to color a doodle for themselves. Very well done (although possibly labelling some of your images couldn't hurt as explained above).

All your icons and textures are great; the contrast, cropping and selection of the icon images are very commendable. The textures are excellent – the colors compliment each other very well!

In the premade layout section, I noticed that it brings you to another petpage – which is fine, since premade layouts and coding take up a lot of room – but perhaps letting the visitor know they are going to be redirected would allow them to prepare to have to wait longer for the page to load. Putting a symbol such as {*} and letting your visitors know that links with this symbol bring you to another petpage may be the best way in letting the visitor know they are being redirected. Other than this, your premade layouts are great! They are easy to navigate, the div boxes are neatly spaced and the images that go with each layout attract the eye. One thing regarding your petpages, is that for each preview it says Site Name as the title for each layout. This kind of title implies that these layouts are more specific for site use as to regular petpage use. In order to encourage more people to use these layouts for everyday use and not only site use, I suggest that instead of making the title to these layouts Site Name you could replace this with Title Here or the name of this specific coding (e.g. Exclusive names each css coding). Just a side note, when I was on your premade section petpage – the come hither link on the side did not work on this petpage (it would not bring me to the "about the owner" page). Just fixing the link there should do the trick (putting /~marlbarrow#chokato instead of /~aidenxii#chokato).

Your doodle and button requests are perfect for those who did not find the doodle they want or need an extra link-back button. Looking through your portfolio for both, most of your buttons and doodles are very well made. Two link-back buttons caught my eye:

I know these buttons were made previously, but I'd like to point these out for future reference
First of all, the first button is very well made, but the word Riley(?) is very difficult to read since the font is so thin and the color is so bright. Perhaps bolding this word, making it slightly larger or even using a different font would look much better and not be so hard on the eyes. The second button is nicely made, but the w in Sweeter's looks very odd since the lines of the w are not clearly defined and it looks more like a dot than a "w". Possibly using a different font for this button would have been best (such as 04B03). Other than this, your request section is neatly laid out and the rules are fair – but don't forget about the "back" link buttons here (especially navigating your portfolio section since you divided your portfolio into three other sections).

Moving on to your &c. section (extras); the rankings section is a nice touch to your graphics site since it gives the visitor a chance to visit some sites that you recommend (especially if they like your graphics, they will more likely visit these sites). The Chokato is also a very nice touch to your site – though it has no relation to your genre of your site, it still adds a fun, quirky side to your adoptables/graphics /request site. Finally, the tutorial that you have on your site is very informative, and I really like how it's laid out and animated so the user does not have to constantly drag and drop each step in order to learn how to make a graphic. For this section though, I would like to suggest that you put what these links actually include on the main extra page (since right now the names for these links actually have little relation to what the content actually is). Perhaps in italics beside the link, hover text or even rename all the links.

Overall, you offer wonderful content at your site. Labelling your content (pixels, doodles, etc.), adding "back" links as well as little changes in your premade section will allow for more users and encourage navigation throughout your site.

Name & Originality-
Throughout the site, you definitely add that touch that makes Eden, Eden. Through the DIY doodles, the format and style for your premade layouts, your icons, and doodles (e.g. the tamagotchi doodles), a lot of your ideas for your content are very original. I also can't wait to see what you have to add to your content since the themes for your upcoming doodles are very unique as they haven't really been incorporated in any other site.

The name of your site is very simple and easy to remember (since it is so short). The little section where you explain the name of your site is very helpful as the visitor gets a sense of who you, the sitemaker, are. The name Eden is fits perfectly with your site since your site has wonderful content that matches with the name and it shows off a little bit of what you like as well. Great job!

Comments: Well Lola, it's honestly been a real pleasure to review your site. Your content and layout are all great. Your site is well formatted and organized, allowing the visitor to look through the site effortlessly. One thing I would like to suggest is to add labels to your doodles/pixels/DIY content since the visitor may not know exactly what the object is, and adding "back" links at the end of each section. Overall, the way you present your site is great, good job and good luck on your site!

*Newest on the bottom

Private Reviews

Gosh, why isn't anything here? Because these reviews are private, that's why!

02.09.13 | Standard

First Impression-
Upon entering your site, the colors of your layout really welcome me. All your navigation links are easy to access and for visitor convenience, you've added link back buttons to the side of the layout. The "More?" link underneath the buttons are difficult to see since it has a similar color shade as the tree behind it. Possibly bolding it or added a background color to the link would make it easier to read (below is the coding to bolding/adding a background to the link and if you have any questions about where to put it please feel free to neomail me):

Looking at your introduction, I found a grammatical error that I will explain further in the "Spelling/Grammar" section of this review. The beginning of your introduction is fine and straight to the point about your site as well as what your site's goals are. But the last part of your introduction: I hope your days, like mine, are filled with sunlight and vibrant colors. May the fruit of your mind flourish and ripen. Happy requesting! doesn't really have any relation to any information about your site and seems kind of out of place (since you were previously talking about your site and you begin to use greetings). Since it does nothing that really to contributes to the description of your site (which is what introductions are meant for) perhaps taking one of the sentences out (possibly: I hope your days, like mine, are filled with sunlight and vibrant colors.) Also, you should refrain from italicizing and bolding random words in your introduction, but rather, words that have more significance than the others (since you've bolded and italicized words such as "Vibrant Colors" and "Flourish and ripen".)

Your homepage is organized somewhat nicely, but it can be difficult for the visitor to know exactly where your updates box is since it blends in with your other text (there is no headers or border around your updates to indicate to the visitor where your updates are). Perhaps switching where your "Recent Buttons" and "Updates" section is since the recent buttons section is much wider, so the visitor will more likely notice it, or putting a border/header where your updates are.

The image of your layout is nicely cropped where your main content box lays in the center of the trees. The colors are also nicely incorporated into your color scheme.

The background for your layout looks a little odd since it's purple while the main colors of the image is green and brown. Perhaps recoloring the background to a brown or green color would go better with the colors of the image. You can go to 49 Days to get the background recolored.

I noticed whenever you hover over a link, the text spacing changes. Though this is a nice hovering effect, it can often distort the text and make clicking a link more difficult. For example, in your credits section, when I hover over the link "Pastry Pixels" the hover effect distorts the text and makes it more difficult to click (since when hovering over the word "Pastry" the link "spasms" because the text is too long and tries to take a line break). I suggest removing this effect altogether.

Spelling & Grammar-
In your introduction you say, Welcome to Fruit Wonder, a button request site created in June 2012.
The correct wording should be "Welcome to Fruit Wonder, a button request site created on June 2012." since you are talking about a date.

In your introduction, you say, My goal is to provide good, fast service and the best quality I can.
The sentencing sound odd (since the word "quality" is used but no noun is present). Perhaps re-wording it to, My goal is to provide good, fast service with the best quality buttons possible.

In your rules, you say, Make sure you fill in all parts of the form that you want.
The sentence sounds choppy and does not flow. Perhaps rewording this to, Make sure you fill in the form as tailored to your preferences.

In your rules, you say, Link back! You can link the button back to me, or have a separate credit that links back.
This sentence is odd since you are repeating yourself (saying that you can link back to you OR link back to you). Perhaps you meant to say Link Back by keeping the link on the button or crediting me in your "credits" section.

Content & Quality-
You have quite a variety of animations and borders for the visitor to choose from. Great job! But the following borders where not very pleasing to the eye:

The first three borders were not very pleasing to the eye because of the outlines on these borders (they are dark pink) and they rather make the button look odd since the outlines are solid and creates a weird transition between the image of the button and the color. For example, the following button uses border 3:

The transition between the image of the button and the thick outline of the border is very odd and very choppy.
The last border is fairly nice, but using this border will create less space for the text and could potentially make a button look squished (from lack of space for text and a image that is divided into three separate pieces).

The above button is nicely made - the image is cropped nicely and the text is perfect. But the inner border line is a little too bolded and takes away from the overall appeal of the image. Lowering the opacity for the inner border of the button would allow for the visitor to admire the whole button rather than noticing the inner border line right away.

This button is fairly nice - the colors go together very well and the image is cropped nicely. But the text is too large and it's difficult to see the image of the button. Perhaps making the font slightly smaller so the trees of the image are more noticeable. Also, the "F" in "Four Seasons" is difficult to see (since the middle line in the letter "F" is very bright/small and cannot be seen very well). Editing the brightness or contrast would make the outline of the letter look more like an "F".

This button's text color does not match the overall colors of the button. Since pink is not one of the outstanding colors of the image, it looks odd against the blue background. Making the text white or a "washed out white" would have looked more suitable for this button.

I like how you are playing around with more fonts on your buttons, rather than continuously using the same font (as you did previously):

Looking through your portfolio, I can tell that you're improving very much - keep up the great work!

Finally, you should link your buttons to the site that you have made the button for, for visitor convenience. It allows visitors to go to different sites and check out the newly created ones.

Sitely & Links-
Your sitely section is organized quite neatly, but the div boxes that go around each "section" is very narrow. It does not allow you to utilize a lot of the space (since the width of your div box is so small, there's too much space around the div box that can be used). Try making these boxes 10px - 20px greater in width - this way you use all of the layout space (and there's less scrolling).

Some of your link back buttons need improvement (as described below):

The above buttons have text that is too small. The space of the button is not being used, especially since the text is near the borders of the button. For example, the last button has almost half of the image to be used as text but the text "Fruit Wonder" is laid out as a very small font in the very corner of the button. Try utilizing the space of the button more, so your text doesn't look squished.

The above buttons use scan lines. But these scan lines are too noticeable and takes away from the image. Lowering the opacity of the scan lines would look much better and allow for the image to stand out more.

The above button uses a gradient for the border of the text. The gradient colors are very bright (particularly the blue color) and is hard on the eyes. Perhaps making the blue color slightly darker.

Like the first set of buttons, the text on this button and too small and does not utilize the space that is given. But also, the text-border for the word "Fruit" is very light and makes the text difficult to read. Perhaps using black or even darkening the white border slightly to make the text more legible.

All links are fine, good job!


Comments: Overall, your buttons are steadily improving! The most pressing issue that you have with your content is not utilizing the space of the button (though you've improved on this very much). I really like how you have a variety of animations and borders for your visitor to choose from when requesting. If you need more button making tips, be sure to check out Apartment Nine and A Button Collection!

02.24.13 | Standard

First Impression-
Upon entering your site, I notice that the image of your layout doesn't seem to give off that bright, cheery feeling that you aim to give off. The image itself is nice, but the editing is poorly done because it is so dark. Adjusting the brightness of the image or using light textures would make the image look more light and welcoming. Though the layout overall is organized neatly, it is not the highest quality when first entering (but I will explain further in the "Layout" section).

Your introduction is very nice and the story is well laid out. The sentence that you say You say, "Give me anything that you think I'll like. does not flow and is a little choppy in the context of the paragraph since it seems a little forceful. Perhaps saying something like, "You tell the girl to give you anything since it is your first time here." You also have a grammatical error that I will explain in the "Spelling and Grammar" section of this review. In your introduction you should link to your username when you refer to yourself (so the visitor has a better idea of who you are and can check out your userlookup).

Overall, everything is very organized when I first enter and the introduction is very interesting. Though the impression of the layout was a little shaky (as explained in the section below).

As I said in the introduction, the image of the layout needs to be brighter in order to give off that cheery vibe that you are going for. You can also find some lighter textures at Details and Bedazzled.

The text on the image is very plain and doesn't pop out at me visually, but at the same time, against the image, it looks too dark and sticks out - taking away from the image. First, you should lower the opacity of the text slightly, this way, it will still be visible but not overtake the image. You should also change the font of the text to something more visually appealing such as Burst My Bubble or Cinnamon Cake (you can find more fonts at Bedazzled and download them at dafont).

The navigation of your layout comes off of the box that is designated to your navigation links as shown below:

Drag and Drop for full size
By making your navigation links smaller (decrease the size of the line-height, font size or font itself) or making your navigation box larger would fit all the navigation links much better.

For your layout, I would suggest putting borders around each box that holds your content (your main content box, your updates box and your navigation). This is so the transition between your background and content boxes are not too abrupt and look odd (especially since you have a pink background but the content boxes are white). Perhaps light pink borders would look the best (maybe #FFD6E7 ?).

Spelling & Grammar-
In your introduction you say, "The bells tinkle merrily as you walk through the door, you are so in awe you don't realize a young girl, wearing curly pigtails, steps in front of you"
Steps should be stepping.

In your description for your "Vanilla Frost" request, you say, "These are generally quicker for me, and can turn out better because I have some space to play around."
It would sound more professional if you had said, These are generally quicker for me, and can turn out better because I have more creative freedom.

Content & Quality-
Looking at your "premade" cupcakes, they are shaded very oddly:

The color of the wrapper on the outside looks too dark in contrast with the inner color - making the cupcake look odd. This was the problem with a lot of your other cupcakes as well. Perhaps using a lighter shade of brown as your outer shading or adding a few more "layers" of shading (from dark brown to a lighter brown to an even lighter brown then to your inner color shade). This also applies to your icing shading. Some shading tutorials can be found at Sugarrush, Vewoxi's Tutorial page, Aesthetic and Flamboyance.

The size of your cupcakes is a little on the small side, perhaps trying to make them larger since the user can always resize the image to be smaller but the cupcake will look distorted if the user tried to make them bigger. Of course, you can always keep the size of the cupcakes but make another batch that are slightly larger for other users.

The above cupcake was nicely made but the bow-tie was too light and could not be seen very clearly because of the color and because of the thinness of the bow-tie. Perhaps making it a little thicker and changing the color so it would not look overly bright against the bottom of the cupcake. The wings of this cupcake are also not symmetrical with one another, making it look a little odd (one wing more angular than the other). Try to keep your cupcake as symmetrical as possible!

In your "Order" section, in the introduction you say, Oh! I almost forgot! Sometimes, the head chef says we can offer custom cupcakes, and today it's open! When you say "today it's open!" it gives off the impression that your requests are open, when in fact, the Vanilla Frost Orders are not open. You may want to remove this whole sentence or that particular part where it says, "...and today it's open!".

Sitely & Links-
Your sitely section is organized very neatly. Looking at your link back buttons, you have a good amount and most high quality. The link back button that wasn't up to par with the others was:

The text "cupcakes" is too difficult to read because of the thinness of the font and the white border. The image of the button is also very dark. Perhaps making the text border pink like the "It's Raining" text and making the font slightly bigger will make it look much better. Adjusting the brightness of the image would also make the button look better. Some good button-making tutorials are A Button Collection and Cloud Nine (in the extras section), since I believe you created this button (since it's not linked to any button request site).

Everything else is nicely organized, but I would suggest putting "back" links at the end of every section. Though the visitor can always just go to the "takeout" link to go back to the main page, it is much more convenient if the "back" button was right at the bottom of that section.

Overall, your sitely section is very nicely organized!


Comments: Your layout and shading need a little work. Though your layout overall divides your content neatly, the visual is not very appealing to the visitor. Brightening the image and fixing your navigation would be a good start to fixing your layout. Your cupcakes are steadily improving, but your shading needs to be improved. Especially for the "wrapper" part of your cupcakes - more layers of shading are needed in order to give your cupcakes that "life-like" vibe. Good luck with your site!

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