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Finished 3 reviews today.


Added one person to the waiting list.


Added one person to the waiting list.


Added one person to the waiting list.


I'm off my little vacation. I had fun with me relatives, but now it's down to business. I finished two reviews today and will be making awards.

Added one person to the waiting list.

Finished a review.

Added one person to the waiting list and finished two reviews, making the waiting list cleared. ^^

Finished one review.

Added two people to the waiting list.

Later: Bubble Gum had it's RE-opening! Yay!

Construction began on the reopening of Bubble Gum!

Waiting List

People awaiting a review. The site I'm currently reviewing will be bolded and underlined around it.

Report Cards

See the scores of other sites! The scores are listed from greatest score to ..er..not so good score. (:

A+ 100
A 99-93
A- 92-90
B+ 89-83
B- 82-80
C+ 79-73
C- 72-70
D+ 69-63
D- 62-60
F+ 59-55
F 54-40
F- 39-20
F minus minus 20-0

Tokyo Lights 105/100 A++
WTDMTN re-review 97/100 A
Bunny Love Pixels 86/100 B
Sublime 88/100 B+
WTDMTN 62/100 D-
Cat Eyes 48/100 F Lauren's Directori 40/100 F
UTG Lookups 34/100 F-



Layout by Exclusive, premade CSS for every occasion.

Gumball machines and strawberry jelly from Tropical Pixels.
Dancers from Kawaii Kupcakes.

Welcome to Bubble Gum!

I have decided to make this into a review site. Custruction started on Monday June 20th, 2009 at 1:17 pm.


1. Be patient. Ask when I'll review you, and you'll be moved to the bottom of the list.
2. You must have a 88x31 button to be reviewed. Don't have one? Visit my button site, Rainbow Buttons, and request one!
3. Your site must be 2 weeks old. There's no point in reviewing a new site that brand new and doesn't have much content.
4. You must have my button before and after, as well as during me reviewing your site.
5. If my inbox is full, enabling you from neomailing me, send me a piece of dung.
6. This is MY OPINION. Don't take it offensivly. I just want to help your site be better.
7. When I say bubble, you say elbbub.
8. Hate mail will not be tollerated.
9. You may come back and get another review if you get less than an 85 or lower, but you have to of done something to improve your site.
10. Have fun and enjoy!


First Impression - 10/10: First impressions are very important and usually determinds if your visitor is going to continue viewing your site. This includes you layout and content and what they think at first glance.

Layout - 15/15: Layouts are also incredibly important. Some layouts are too dull and boring while others burn your eyes. Does your layout have just the right calming colors? Is it premade or custom? If the layout is premade, did you show any effort to make it somewhat custom? Are you sections in the right place?

Content - 30/30: Content is the main reason someone comes to your site. They want to see what you provide. Show them what you got. (: Is your product creative and worth looking at or using?

Organization - 10/10: Is everything where it should be? Are the some of your affies in your updates column?

Updates - 5/5: Updates are also important to continuing your site. keep your visitors informed of what's new.

Originality - 15/15: How is your site different from the others alike? What makes your stand out? I will also include the title and theme of your site.

Grammar/Spelling - 10/10: Did you spell anything wrong? Is everything punctuated and capitalized correctly?

Link Back Buttons & Affies - 5/5: Do you have decent looking buttons or just something you made yourself that looks sloppy and unprofessional? Do you have a variety for your visitors to chose from? Are you affies decent or did you just load up on affies to impress prople who pass by? Remember quality, not quanity.

Extra Credit - 0/0: Just any other points I think you deserve.

Overall Score: 100/100 A+

Getting Reviewed

Once you have read all the rules, you may send in a form to be reviewed!

Then click the gumball machine to send it to me. *Note: DO NOT change the title of the neomail.

The Reviews

Lauren's Directori

Reviewed using Opera.

First Impression - 3/10 - At first glance, the layout seems bland. Everything looks all over the place. And I was confused at where everything was at because there's no navigation. Would I want to come back and use your directory? Most likely not.
Layout - 9/15 - Like I said, It's very bland and boring. There's barely any color. Plus it's premade. Maybe try and get something with more color and create a theme for yourself. I usually get a simple one and get a colorful layout and edit it the way I want. There are lots of tutorials that can help you with simple css.
Content - 20/30 - You don't have many sites listed. And it's nice that you have those little comments under each site, but visitors might find that annoying and unhelpful. That's very creative of you.
Organization - 0/10 - You need navigation!None of your categories are even in any order that I saw. The buttons representing the sites that are listed aren't even the same sizes, which doesn't help your site AT ALL. They should all be 88x31 buttons, even if you have to shrink them yourself. And if you are going to put comments, I'd to direct links in wording starting on the left side (no centering) and THEN write your comments. The wording is all over the place and in some categories
Updates - 0/5 - You don't even have an update box or a blog!
Originality - 5/15 - The name is very plain and traditional. You put in some effort to tell your visitors a little about the sites you listed. I'll give you points for that.
Grammar/Spelling - 2/10 - You don't put spaces between words when you making a list involving commas ( , ). You spelled these words wrong:
their, based, characters, categories, music, pixel, and shields. That's a lot of misspelled words. You also apreviated information to info. Spell out your words to be professional. You capitalized some words in the middle of a sentence multiple times.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 1/5 - Your link back buttons aren't very good. One's not a decent size and the other I couldn't read right away.
Extra Credit - 0/0 - Nothing I can add.

Final Score: 40/100 - F
And you may come back for a re-review!

When the Day Met the Night

Reviewed in Safari.

First Impression - 7/10 - I like how the colors match VERY well together. You did a good job at matching. I feel sad and gloomy because of the darkness, and everything seems crammed to the side. And the title is hard to read because some words are spaced and is distracting. In other browsers, the navigation is covering the title, which is impossible to read.
Layout - 13/15 - I do like the layout very much. The colors all work good together.
Content - 12/30 - All you have are two styles. And I know you've only been open about a month, but you should have more than two. All you did was change the backgrounds and match the font stuff (bold, underlined, etc), keep branching out and trying new stuff. I wouldn't just keep changing the colors, I'd put the color shades under each style, so the customer can easily compare each color combination.
Organization - 5/10 - Wording wise, you organized it fine and orderly. The updates box should be included in the second column and not by itself. The link back buttons should be at the top of the column, or under the affies and the 'listed at' area. Lastly,
Updates - 5/5 - You update almost everyday. Good job!
Originality - 7/15 - You have a creative name, but you don't really express it in your site. Create a layout or top banner to express it.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - No mistakes that I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 3/5 - Some of the buttons, you can't even read what they say! The blend into the background. Your affies are almost ALL layout makers. You can brach out farther than that.
Extra Credit - 0/0 - Nothing to add.

Final Score: 62/100 - D-
You may come back for a re-review!

Bunny Love Pixels

Reviewed in Safari and Opera.

First Impression - 9/10 - The layout is super adorable! I love how it's custom and cute and fun. Good job. The only thing that I don't like, is the credits are on the left side next to everything else. That was distracting and took away from the layout.
Layout - 12/15 - Super cute. Lovely. Next time you make a layout, try and see if you can make it entirely by you.
Content - 26/30 - You do a good job on all your pixels and they are shaded very well. Keep working on your varieties and come up with new items to create.
Organization - 8/10 - Your layout of everything is well done. Maybe make more sub categories if you can, in a way.
Updates - 5/5 - You update almost everyday.
Originality - 12/15 - You spoke out your title in originality through your lookup.
Grammar/Spelling - 9/10 - A lot should be 'two words' and ice cream is two words. (In your updates). Everything else was a-okay.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 5/5 - You have good homemade buttons and you have decent affies.
Extra Credit - 0/0 - Nothing to add.

Final Score: 86/100 - B

UTG Lookups

Reviewed in Opera.

First Impression - 3/10 - ..Is this a site? It didn't even look like much but a test page for css. There's a whole bunch of random colors all over and I was blinded in some spots. Would I come back? Definitly not.
Layout - 6/15 - Mainly the only matching I see is the four random colors and the navigation. Everything is stuck to the left and plain. I'm not very fond of this layout. Try and make something with two 'columns, you should still use the different boxes, just try it more orderly.
Content - 5/30 - All you did was put images together and doodle in paint. I wasn't impressed. If you're going to put images together, make them SOMEWHAT related looking and blend them so they look at least a little bit natural.
Organization - 8/10 - Everything is pretty orderly and in place.
Updates - 2/5 - 12 days without updating? And only updating three times within 14 days? Try not to go more than two days without updating.
Originality - 3/15 - I have seen sites that provide backgrounds, but I've seen more effort. Try to download some computer graphic editing programs that can expand your work.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - No mistakes that I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 2/5 - You have good buttons, but you really need to show them next to the selected text so that your vistors can see what they look like instead of searching it in their browser. You affies aren't to good. Focus on getting better quality affies. Quality reather than quanity.
Extra Credit - 0/0 - Nothing I can add.
Final Score: 34/100 - F-
You may come back for a re-review!

Tokyo Lights

First Impression - 10/10 - Your site is amazing, the colors, the shading, the layout. Fantastic. (:
Layout - 15/15 - I love the colors and how you incorperated it into the background. The blending top image is great as always. I've always loved your layouts.
Content - 30/30 - You buttons, icons, bases, etc are great. you make really cool buttons and find the greatest images to make em with.
Organization - 10/10 - You're very organized.
Updates - 5/5 - You update everyday or every other day. Keep it up. (:
Originality - 15/15 - Very original. You definetly stand out from other graphic sites.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - Nothing I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 5/5 - You buttons are adorable. Your affies are good too.
Extra Credit - 5/0 - I'm speechless! Your site is just fantastic!

Final Score: 105/100 A++
Amazing site. Keep it up. : D


First Impression - 9/10 - I live how I get a warm, comfortable vibe from the colors you have selected. I love the choices, good job. The top image is simple, yet creative. The only bad thing I wasn't a fan of is how cluttered everything looked. At first there was just a bunch of words everywhere. It was just a first impression, nothing to sweat, you're very organized.
Layout - 14/15 - It's a nice, simple, two column layout. Nice. (:
Content - 20/30 - I love the colors that you picked out and the backgrounds of your layouts. Try adding more columns or making the styles different. Mix things up. ANd I also see that you use someone elses base coding. Why not use your own?
Organization - 10/10 - You are very organized.
Updates - 4/5 - You update sorta-almost everyday. You tell your customers what's up and in detail. Just try and update more. (:
Originality - 12/15 - There are A LOT of graphic sites out there. You're is very good compare to most. You know what you're doing and showing it.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - Nothing wrong that I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 5/5 - I like your link back buttons, they're adorable. You affies are good too. (:
Extra Credit - 3/0 - I liked being in your site and I would come back. Plus we like a lot of the same bands. Right on, right on. ;D

Final Score: 88/100 B+
Great Job! Are best score yet!

WTDMTN (re-review)

First Impression - 8/10 - At first it's a little bright at the top, but nothing to sweat over. As I move over more towards the right, where all your information is, it's very warm.
Layout - 14/15 - I love the layout. The only thing I would say is move the content of the homepage over to the left more. Other than that, it's amazing.
Content - 30/30 - You deserve full credit for showing such effort to make more and different styles. They look very good.
Organization - 10/10 - Everything is organized and neat. Keep it up.
Updates - 5/5 - You update pretty much every day. Good job! (:
Originality - 12/15 - You show your originality in your layouts, even though there are a lot of other petpage sites.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - Nothing I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 5/5 - Get 1 or 2 more buttons, because it's amazing what button makers come up with. Your affies are good.
Extra Credit - 3/0 - Way to improve. (:

Final Score: 97/100 A
You got an award! You may take the 95-100 award.

Cat Eyes

First Impression - 5/10 - I see this yellow, bland layout. I can't read the titles very well.
Layout - 7/15 - Bland. Get a better color scheme.Tan, yellow, and lime green? Can it get worse? For cat eyes I see green, black, and gray. O: That would look amazing. Try that with a patterned background. (:
Content - 7/30 - You don't have very many sites, plus they're all over the place. Get more people listed and maybe switch to links indtead of buttons.
Organization - 0/10 - There's no navigation or anything! You need navigation to have a successful site. None of the titles for the site 'organization' are alphabetical. It's all jumbled up as well as your awards and sidebar. Also, the sites you listed all have various sized buttons. That is a HUGE no-no for directories. Make sure that each button you take is 88x31. Clean things up a little bit.
Updates - 5/5 - You update everyday.
Originality - 12/15 - Your site is very original, but hard to get anywhere. Expand to make your site well known.
Grammar/Spelling - 10/10 - Nothing I saw.
Link Back Buttons/Affies - 2/5 - You affie's buttons aren't very good, which don't make you look as good. Get good affies, it helps your site. Truthfully, the only link back button I like is the last one by Bay. Get better buttons like the one Bay made.
Extra Credit - 0/0 - Nothing to add.

Final Score: 48/100 F
Improve your site and you can come back for a re-review.







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