The Basics

Name: Bethany
Age: 24
Timezone: NST+21
Main Account: not

Guild involvement

Member since: 2/12/2011
Faction: Masterminds
Rank: Leader
Gems collected: 00


On Neo: Earning trophies for my account, earning neopoints through the stock market and occasionally reselling, collecting RW/RN pets to make into color-combo's that suit.

Other interests: Reading, going for long walks in the sunshine, coding, spending time with my family and other half, games (board games and computer games), pokemon, DBZ. And not sure if this counts as a hobby, but I work as a cosmetician and I love spending time enjoying skincare.

About The Girl

My name is Bethany, I am a 24 year old, avid member of the Neopets community. I live in the wonderful New Zealand with my family; we emigrated here in 2000 from England. I own a wonderfully bright rescue Blue Heeler named Axel, he's two. We sadly said goodbye to Oliver the Red Heeler at the ripe old age of 14 in 2014. I studied Psychology and Philosophy at university, and graduated at the end of 2012. I was working full time as a cosmetician in a big department store the year after I graduated, but am now employed as a legal secretary.

I am an avid reader and purchase all my books. I have a large bookshelf in my room, and I enjoy re-reading books I've already enjoyed. So they don't go to waste! My favourite author is Diana Gabaldon who writes the Outlander series. I'd love to meet another fan!

My partner, Scott, and I really enjoy games - board games and computer games. We spend a lot of time playing Pokemon monopoly, Hive and a whole assortment of card games. Currently we are enjoying playing Pokemon SoulSilver and Warcraft. Another of our hobbies has been watching the DBZ series. The two of us have been friends since I turned sixteen, and he became my partner after seven years of friendship.

The neopet you see in the background is the wonderful stomp. When I returned to in 2011 I traded for him - and he's been my constant neo-companion since then. He was born two months after first launched. So, he's quite old n_n

Top Three Goals

Fill a fifth row of trophies

Invest 3mil in the stock market

Increase the size of my gallery

My Trophies

I absolutely love collecting trophies for my neopets account. It started with only one or two, but now I am determined to fill even more lines of trophies up!

Currently Completed:
4 lines

These are the trophies I am hoping to achieve at the next high score reset day

Extreme Faere Cloud Racers

Upgrade Kookia

Usuki Frenzy

These are the trophies I am currently working on


Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

Gallery Spotlight

Investment Record

I am really interested in increasing my accounts funds through a variety of means. I thought it would be fun - and potentially useful to other interested Neopians - to keep a record of which avenues of earning I am using. I am newly interested in the Food Club, and will be recording my winnings here.

Bank Interest: 6,500 NP


Food Club:

NOTE: I will edit my bank interest total each +/- 500NP, and my invested total by each +/- 100,000NP

Food Club Records

I'll record my bets and winnings here, and will update my overall total above. This way you can see each individuals days profits/ losses, as well as the overall success or failure of my Food Club bets. I am currently using My Food Club Bets to make my bets.

Day 12
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 100,000NP
Profit: 50,000NP
Day 11
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 60,000NP
Profit: 10,000NP
Day 10
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 0NP
Profit: -50,000NP
Day 9
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 40,000NP
Profit: -10,000NP
Day 8
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 120,000NP
Profit: +70,000NP
Day 7
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 180,000NP
Profit: +130,000NP
Day 6
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 60,000NP
Profit: +10,000NP
Day 5
Won: 90,000NP
Profit: +40,000NP
Day 4
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 260,000NP
Profit: +210,000NP
Day 3
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 60,000NP
Profit: +10,000NP
Day 2
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 0NP
Profit: -50,000NP
Day 1
Bet: 50,000NP
Won: 70,000NP
Profit: +20,000NP


Stock Market Records

I'll record here when I sell a stock that I have invested in. As long as I log in, I always invest 15,000NP every day. There's no point recording each daily purchase. If there is a stock at 15NP that I have already invested in, I will always choose to re-invest in the same stock. By dating the entries of my wins, you can see how long it takes me to sell a stock. I sell my stocks at 280% currently.

Paid: #####
Sold For: #####
Profit: #####
Paid: #####
Sold For: #####
Profit: #####
Paid: 15,000NP
Sold For: 46,000NP
Profit: +31,000NP

Good luck to anyone else investing their NP!

Uni Gallery Wishlist

Baby Uni Candy Box

Baby Uni Morphing Potion

Baby Uni Plushie

Battle Uni Stamp

Blue Uni Morphing Potion

Blue Uni Pillow

Bottled Uni Essence

Brown Uni Lollypop

Brown Uni Morphing Potion

Brown Uni Yoyo

Chocolate Uni Plushie

Christmas Uni Morphing Potion

Cloud Uni Latte

Cloud Uni Marshmallow

Colourful Uni Folder

Darigan Uni (TCG)

Darigan Uni Plushie

Deluxe Blue Uni Plushie

Disco Uni Multi-Coloured Custard

Eventide Uni Plushie

Faerie Uni (TCG)

Faerie Uni Morphing Potion

Faerie Uni Plushie

Full Uni Armour

Halloween Uni Morphing Potion

Halloween Uni Plushie

Hobby Uni

Island Uni Morphing Potion

Island Uni Stamp

Lifestyles of the Royal and the Uni

Lucky Uni Charm

Lutari Uni Stamp

Milk Chocolate Uni

Mint Chocolate Uni

Model Uni

Mutant Uni Plushie

Pink Uni Morphing Potion

Pink Uni Tail Bow

Purple Uni Morphing Potion

Rainbow Uni Morphing Potion

Rainbow Uni Plushie

Red Uni (TCG)

Red Uni Horn Polish

Red Uni Ice Cream Cone

Red Uni Morphing Potion

Royal Uni Kite

Running Uni Binder

Shadow Uni Morphing Potion

Silver Uni Boots

Silver Uni Helm

Silver Uni Kite Shield

Silver Uni Wing Guards

Sour Uni Cake

Speckled Uni Cheese

Speckled Uni Milkshake

Speckled Uni Pen

Spotted Uni Plushie

Starry Rocking Uni

Starry Uni Glue

Starry Uni Guitar

Starry Uni Morphing Potion

The Brown Uni

The Cloud Uni

The Groovy Disco Uni

The Mighty Royal Uni

The Speckled Uni

The Uni Trilogy

Tyrannian Uni Plushie

Uni and the Uniocto

Uni Attack Pods

Uni Battle Steed (TCG)

Uni Beauty Manual

Uni Body Armour

Uni Booster Pack

Uni Breadsticks

Uni Care

Uni Carrot Cake

Uni Charm

Uni Charm (TCG)

Uni Chokato Cake

Thanks Diana

Uni Cycles

Uni Day BLT Sandwich

Uni Day Chokato Sandwich

Uni Day Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Uni Day Jam Sandwich

Uni Days

Uni Elixir

Uni Eraser

Uni Face Shield

Uni Foot Stamp

Uni Gnome Making Kit

Uni Healing Crown

Uni Hoof Magnet

Uni Horn Wand

Uni in Wonderland

Uni Lemon Cake

Uni Myths

Uni Notepad

Uni Orange Cake

Uni Parfait

Uni Pops

Uni Races Usuki Set

Uni Recorder

Uni Salad

Uni Shoe Game

Uni Shoe Throwing Game

Uni Spinach Sandwich

Uni Spying Wand

Uni Transmogrification Potion

Uni Triple Scoop Rainbow Sorbet

Uni Veggie Wrap

Uni Veggie Yogurt

Uni Veggiewrap

Uni Wheat Cookies

Uni Wing Harpsichord

Uni Zither

Uniquely Uni

Usuki Uni Lover Set

White Chocolate Uni

Woodland Uni Morphing Potion

Woodland Uni Plushie

Yellow Uni Morphing Potion

Yellow Uni Sugar Cookie

Bone Gallery Wishlist

Battle Bones


Bit O Bones

Bleached Bone Staff

Bone Axe

Bone Breastplate

Bone Chair

Bone Chair Stamp

Bone Chandelier

Bone Detail Bed

Bone Detail Dresser

Bone Detail Sofa

Bone Dining Table

Bone Dog

Bone Finger Necklace

Bone Fireplace

Bone Flyswatter

Bone Foot Rest

Bone Legged Table

Bone Mace

Bone Necklace

Bone Piercings

Bone Sceptre

Bone Shelves

Bone Soap

Bone Soup

Bone Sword

Bone Trombone

Bone Walking Staff

Bone Window

Bone Writing Desk

Bone-Chilling Bacon



Book of Bones


Buried Bone

Caged Skeleton

Caged Skeleton Pawkeet

Carved Bone Sword

Charcoal Bone Pencil

Chocolate Bonebread

Chomby Prehistoric Bone Necklace

Crossbone Mask

Crunchy Bone Sandwich

Draik Skeleton (TCG)

Dug-up Bones Wheelbarrow

Fancy Bone Pillow

Fearsome Fish Bone Staff

Fiery Bone Bow

Fish Bone Bruce Sword

Fish Bone Delight

Fuzzy Bone Rug

Gelert Squeaky Bone

Gelert Throwing Bone

Geraptiku-themed Bone Sculpture

Giant Jaw Bone

Glazed Bonebread

Gnarled Bone Wings

Golden Lupe Bone Sword

Halloween Acara Mug

Halloween Acara Pencil Sharpener

Halloween Acara Plushie

Halloween Angelpuss

Halloween Antwerph

Halloween Bori Morphing Potion

Halloween Bori Plushie

Halloween Chomby Plushie

Halloween Dandan

Halloween Elephante Tusks

Halloween Eyrie Morphing Potion

Halloween Eyrie Plushie

Halloween Goldy

Halloween Hissi Morphing Potion

Halloween Hissi Plushie

Halloween Kau Plushie

Halloween Krawk

Halloween Lizark

Halloween Navibot

Halloween Tapira

Halloween Tapira Cake

Halloween Zafara Gnome

Halloween Zafara Puppet

Heart and Crossbones Handheld Plushie

Island Mystic Halloween Negg

Lucky Bone Necklace

Lupe Bone Cake

Marrow Bone

Menacing Halloween Goodie Bag

Muddy Bone

Mummy Bone Scroll

Mystery Island Kyrii Nose Bone

No Bones About It

Nurse Skeleton Bobblehead

Orange Bonebread


Peanut Butter Bone

Petpet Bone

Petrified Bone

Pile of Bones

Rock and Bone Sculpture

Rotting Skeleton Stamp

Rubber Mozito Bone

Sarcastic Skeleton Plushie

Skeleton Wocky Plushie

Skull and Bones Sword

Skull-n-Bones Pasta

Spooky Bone Candle

Surplus Bone-Testing Kit

Tail Bone

Tofu Bone

Traditional Bone Throne

Transparent Elephante Comb

Transparent Elephante Morphing Potion

Transparent Korbat Morphing Potion

Transparent Lenny Morphing Potion

Transparent Skeith Morphing Potion

Transparent Wocky Morphing Potion

Tyrannian Bone

Tyrannian Bone X-4000

Tyrannian Usul Bone Tail Tie

Vinyl Halloween Hissi

Wind Up Icy Skeleton

Wishbone Delight

Wooden Chomby Skeleton

Wooden Grarrl Skeleton

Needed Avatars

I need 49 avatars to finish off my list!

Babaa - Maths Nightmare

Escape from Meridell Castle


Freaked Korbat

Avatar Collector

Extreme Potato Counter

Stamp Collector - MI

Stamp Collector - Virtupets

Stamp Collector - Tyrannia

Stamp Collector - HW

Stamp Collector - Lost Desert

Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!

Neoquest II - Devilpuss

Caption Contest - Funny

Raider of Maraqua

Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny


Neopian Times Star

Meerca - Chase

Freaky Factory - Yoinked

Kadoatery - Mew!


Snowager - Rawr!

Aisha Scalawag

Ice Cream Machine


Neopian Times Writer

Typing Terror

Volcano Run

Extreme Herder

Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley

Carnival of Terror

Stamp Collector - The Battledome

HT Richer

HT Richest

High Roller



Battleground: The Sway

Battleground: Thieves Guild


Battleground: Seekers


Stamp Collector - Faerieland

Kiko Pop

Beauty Contest

Site Spotlight


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Who are you?
My name is Bethany, I am a 24 year old Neopian who has played this site for many years. I studied psychology and philosophy but am currently employed as a legal secretary. I love spending my time on neopets, but also enjoy spending time with my partner playing all sorts of games. We love board games (chess, backgammon, hive, monopoly - I made our own version, too!), and video games (Borderlands, DotA, Final Fantasy, and more!). We can also be found spending our time playing pool, trying new foods, and watching anime (Naruto, Death Note, DBZ). I like to convince myself that he also likes listening to me enthuse about neopets - but as of yet, he's not been convinced to try it out! He is represented by my pet Scot.

I own a beautiful rescue Blue Heeler named Axel, he is two years old. He is very intelligent; everyone warned us that it would be hard to train a two year old dog - but he knows a lot of commands already including sit, stay, down, steady (walk by your side), focus (look at you and not pay attention to what is going on around him - great for when bikes ride past us on walks), and up (sits on back legs). He is just very afraid of anything he's not seen/ heard before. But, we have only had him for six weeks, so we hope to help him overcome all his fears.

What accounts do you have on here?
My main account is not. My sides are: replicate, replicates, expects, and excuze.

What do you do on neopets?
Gosh, there are so many elements to this question. I am a big fan of improving my account: avatars, trophies, gallery, neopoints. And as a result I actively engage in a wide variety of the features on this site (games, stock market, food club, reselling). I won't go into the details of those as you'd probably fall asleep ;P

The thing that takes up the most of my time and fills me with pride is Covert. Covert is my guild. We are a Secret Society themed guild that was opened in February 2011. So, we have been around a long time now. Covert has many elements that are updated/ hosted weekly: games, member collections and achievements, 1NP auctions, and the news. We also have monthly activities: games, member of the month, club of the month. Covert operates within an overarching storyline that members advance through as they rank up in the guild. You can get more of a feel for Covert here.

Another major element of my life on neopets is my pets. I put a lot of time and effort into finding real word names that I can make into the perfect colour/ species combinations. A lot of my pets have names that relate specifically to my life (Bermuda is where I took my first steps, Bop was my nickname as a little girl, Fraser is my favourite book character, Hewison was named for my dad and the species/ colour was chosen by him, Scot as you heard above is to represent my partner). Others are dream pets that I found perfect names for (Spine the Transparent Uni, Famish the Zombie Krawk, Contort the Jelly Uni, Horsey the to-be Woodland Uni), and others still are names I adopted (both around 3-4 years ago - Horsey, and Musket). Then there is stomp who I'll talk more about below ;D

Who are you applying for? Why?
Rewind! Rewind has a lovely real word name that would fit in wonderfully with my growing neo-family. Rewind would be a pet that represents my childhood (his name makes me think of rewinding old VCRs, or our music tapes and as well as the more obvious connection in terms of rewinding time).

I am still toying between two different species/ colour combinations for Rewind:

Shadow Krawk - Krawks were my favourite neopets since way back when I was a young girl refreshing at the Fungus Caves hoping against hope that you found them there *laughs* So it would be fitting to paint Rewind my favourite Krawk colour!

Plushie Peophin - A complete change from the Shadow Krawk idea. But the Plushie Peo makes me think of my childhood not only because of the adorable plushie-ness (they have socks for legs!) but also because the mane on the Plush Peo reminds me vividly of the childhood show I used to watch called Rosie and Jim. They were ragdolls.

How many does what how that cat happen?
happen the cat can, many times.

Favorite movie?
Going to have to go with the original Terminator. Have been a fan a long time and have always watched the movie with my dad. It's followed closely by Die Hard. I'm also a huge Disney fan (owning a fair few Disney soft toys) and love the original animated movies.

What pet are you most proud of?
This would have to be stomp. He was born on 17th January (Y2) - so he is one of the oldest active pets around. He has been with my since I made this account my main account. I traded a UC Dari Hissi for him and still believe I got the best deal of my neo-life. Together stomp and I have earned three silver BC trophies, 811 HSD, 179 fishing sk-ill, 177 jobs completed, and he has been a vast array of colours (currently he is purple to support Kreludor in the AC).

stomp started my love of real word pets, and of Unis - and generally got me motivated to improve my account in every way.

Thank you for your time!





Random Flamingo

Random Emu

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