Bellein Custom photo BelleinCustomization-1.png


-Pink Willow Tree Background [x]

-Floating White Ona [x]

-Faerie Dust Shower [x]

-Kacheek Pyjama Gown [x]

-Kacheek Pyjama Slippers [x]

-Kacheek Pyjama Cap [x]

-P2: White Ona [x]

-P3: Veespa [x]


-Name: Bellein

-Pronunciation: bell-een

-Nickname: Belle

-Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

-Eye Color: Blue

-Birthday: February 11th

-Age: 11

-Special Traits: Can control her dreams, Always dressed in pink pajamas

-Likes: Sleeping, Pajamas, Night time, Yume her White Ona, Nature

-Dislikes: Morning time, Winter

-Fears Bugs, Drowning, Small Spaces


Her Story:

Sleeping has never been a problem for me. When you can control your dreams, sleep comes easy. It's almost as simple as breathing. However, it took some time before I realized what I could do.

As an infant, I never woke my parents in the middle of the night. They were concerned for me but the doctors assured them I was a perfectly healthy child. As a toddler, my dreams were filled with silly things such as dolls and candy. Now I have grown to understand the opportunity I have. I have taken it into my own hands to use my power to improve myself. I have created an entire world of my own where I can do this. Alternia.

In Alternia, everything is surrounded by a thick forest of willow trees. Their branches covered in pink leaves hang down to the ground, providing an enchanting shelter. Deep in this forest is a town named Elm. Here is where I face my fears.