Hello Minions! Welcome to Wazzled's one neopoint weekly trades page! Here you can learn all about what items are currently in the trades and what items will be in the next weeks trades.

Each week the trades will be themed. These themes may be one the citizens of Wazzled voted to have. Other times the theme maybe be completely random. If you have a theme you would like to see in the trades neomail Sophie by clicking here.

The winners of the trade will be picked randomly. Basically what happens is a random person in the household of Jackie is asked to pick a number between one and however many trade offers there were. Whoever, for example, number five was one the trading offer list is the one who gets accepted.

Want to Participate?

Guild Trades.


1. You are only allowed one bid per trade.

2. Begging will not be tolerated. This is completely random.

3. Do not offer more then one neopoint and a junk item on the trades. Offering more than one neopoint will not enhance your chances of winning. We believe in fair trading.

4. Do not offer more than once on the trade. One of your offers will simply be rejected.


There aren't really any requirements to participate in this activity. However you must be a member of Wazzled. You also must be friends with crowfeather_. This is the guild account and where the trades will be taking place. Simple enough right?

This Weeks Trades

The Matching Paint Brush to be in the Auctions

Next Weeks Trades TBD

Next Weeks Trades TBD

Special Random Trade


How It Works

This is a super special trade. In order to win this trade you must guess the correct number. Myself and all the council members are going to chose a number between 1-1000, whoever offers the closest amount of neopoints to our chosen number will win the prize!

What If There Is A Tie

If there is a tie, we have a simple way to decide the winner. We will give both or all of you a number. We will then ask a random guild member to chose one of your numbers (not knowing who the number is assigned to) and that person will be the one to win the trade.