Hello guest! Have I met you before? It doesn't matter. I'm Bark459536! Call me Bark, it's ALOT shorter. My owner is Lover459536 but you can call her Becky or Rebecca. She just learned how to make screenies and she is going to try very hard to make alot! I hope she does it! Purple or pink text is My mom, Becky. Brown text is me (Bark), and the blue text is my little sister, Swim. Also my little brother, xxfrittersxx or Fritter as we call him, speaks in light blue text. Don't mix him up with my sister! Luna_essence1, or Luna talks in green. Oh and in the first screenie where there is red text, that's me. For my mom, she only talked in pink a few times. She now talks only in purple. Hope you laugh!

Counter started on April 4th 2007


Oh and here's why I draw all cartoony.

OK so maybe fritter is a little obsessive over girls... but he's a BOY who could blame him when us girls are soooo pretty :)

IN ADVANCE: I am REALLY REALLY SORRY for the loading on this page, I have over 200 screenies you know. Patience is rewarded, remember that. I can't even see my own screenies that often because of the loading on this page, please wait for a few minutes and enjoy!

UPDATE: I got a new version of internet explorer so now I can check up on my screenies more often for any mistakes!

ANOTHER UPDATE: All done with editing those screenies! All screeenies that were HORRIBLY white are changed and any other screenie that I thought was not good I edited. The screenies that were horribly white are now gone and won't bother anyone anymore :)

Yet another Update(sorry for so many): I didn't pu tup screenis for a while since I couldn't figure out how to edit Bark's page with this new navigation system.( :( ) But for now I have postponed any more putting up screenies. Very complicated reason why. I switched my computer and my screenie folder is on the old computer. While I could make another folder, that would mean not being able to have all those other screenies available to me which would be a pain. If you really want more screenies, neomail me. If I get enough neomails to show anyone really wants more screenies, I will make an effort to make a new folder and add more screenies.


Random Events

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's worthless random events. Adee the chia makes me mad. All of you readers watch out for the mallets, someone besides adee could get hurt.

Good Deals/Shops/MONEY/Good Quests/GOALS

Note:Swim is now painted starry! I am sooooo happy! :) and Swim and Bark have 2 little brothers :)


If you don't understand this one then go to the most recent snowager screenie. (The one farthest down from the title.) The one where I called the snowager a stupid lizard.


ooo randomness!

NOTE: I am aware that i put the worng code in the screenie, here is the right one: http://www.neopets.com/space/index.phtml?floor=39&room=72a

Later I found out that a few months would be like a year!

Now for all the n00bs out there...

NOTE: Duh, jelly world exists, neopets has a JOKE that it doesn't. Don't beleive them. What about april fool's jokes? Do you beleive them? NO! If you do beleive April Fool's jokes, then I really can't help you.

One of my favortie screenies ^^^

Yay randomness!


FANS!!!! (and neomails)

Let this screenie be a lesson to all people who wish to neomail me, the more interesting the neomail, the more interesting the picture!

To find the best people, go to my guild :)


Wait, I got awards?

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I guess I did!

That's all I have! Come back soon and I'll have more up. If YOU want to be in a screenie then send me all your np and... Nah, I'm kidding If you REALLY do want to be in a screenie guest Then neomail me, say whatever you want, tell me if you want your name displayed or not and then I'll post it within an hour or two. ( I'm usually very quick.) That's all now! !

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People who can use it: Scoobydoorox,epythet,Aokajin ( if you ever come here you can use it but I can't tell you personally because your neomail is cut off to me!),raizen_jorad, __animeprincess__,flavegerkflav, _killerz_spree_,chiinori

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