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A toolbar for the up Coming Website!

LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT IS: Graphaneo.ourtoolbar.com

Beat up Kasuki Lu in the Battledome!

Difficulty : 38
You get him by looking at his collectible card.
Weapons he has:

Exploding Pizza Pasty | Ice Scimitar | Kasuki Lu Chucks

Kasuki Lu Sai | Kasuki Lu Sword | Life Giver

Red Clockwork Grundo | Trident Of Poseidon

Go to idb.finalhit.org for the stats of these weapons.
Pet & Petpet Laboratory
Buy a scratchcard
2 & 1/2 hour wheel and other
About me!!
More neopets stuff and coming soon


Grab some Free Omelette (one per day)
Neopets Fruit Machine Free Spin (one per day)
Get a Free Tiki Tack Tombola Ticket (one per day)
Grab some Free Jelly from the Giant Jelly* (one per day)

Test your skills at the Lunar Temple (once per day) Guide

Feed your pets at the Sultan's Tent (once per day per pet)
(currently available to Canadian members ONLY)

Low in neopoints? Get free food at The Soup Kitchen
Get NP and gifts with Freebies For You (once per month)
Scare a Slorg to get NP in the Shop Of Offers (once per day)

Get a Free Christmas Gift (once per day during December)
Click here for an Advent Calendar Item List by lek01042005.


Read the New Features (every day)
Check out Today's Weather (every day)

Collect daily interest in your National Neopian Bank account

Check your Stock Market Portfolio and Bargain Stocks
Check out dark_shadow202020's Stock Market Guide.

Heal your pets in Healing Springs (every 30 minutes)
Approach Coltzan's Shrine (every 12 hours?) Stats Project

Contemplate the daily Neopian Haiku
Have your daily fortune told by The Mystery Island Mystic

Cheer up Grumpy Old King Skarl (twice per day)
Share wisdom with Wise Old King Hagan (once per day)

Need more NP ? Try garmfay's Miscellaneous Links.
Click here to check out my Avatar Guide.

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Mad Tongue Murphy Journal
Journal to the Lost Isle Adventure (comic)

Guide by majacal_daze
Guide by snow_leopard_4
Guide by princessgirlygirl11
Guide by taxrelief

Need any help ? Please use the Journey to the Lost Isle NeoBoard.


Can you save the city of Altador ? Please make sure that you finish the plot before it's too late !

Plot Guide by glenstew.
Plot Guide by jibbles691.

If you've saved the city of Altador from certain doom (i.e. finished the plot), you may want to go back and visit its King.
Click on King Altador in the Council Chamber to collect your prize(s).
Return to the King every day for more prize(s). (once per day)

NOTE - If the King link provided above takes you to the Hall of Heroes, then you have not finished the plot.


Play Hard To Find Games for neopoints (3 each per day, 5 each from Nov. 15 to Nov. 21)

Play today's Featured Game for double neopoints (3 times per day, 5 times from Nov. 15 to Nov. 21)

Due to several requests, the following sponsor game is listed below :
Spin the Wheel of Slime and win Neopoints (every 8 hours)

Solve today's Faerie Crossword Guide
Try to Guess the Weight of the Marrow (once per day)
Count the potatoes in Potato Counter (3 times per day)

Donate and make a wish for an item at The Wishing Well
Try to get free stuff, or make a donation, at The Money Tree
Try to find some exciting stuff at The Meridell Rubbish Dump Guide
Try to catch free stuff in the Underwater Fishing cavern (at least once per day per active pet) Guide

Try to wake up Turmaculus with your petpet (use at risk !) Guide
Try to steal some treasure from the Snowager (use at risk !) Guide Stats Project
Investigate the Mysterious Symol Hole with your active pets petpet (every 60 minutes)
Investigate the Lost City of Geraptiku's Deserted Tomb (once per day) (use at risk !) Stats Project

Pay ??? NP for a bargain in the Igloo Garage Sale
Pay ??? NP for a mystery item in Tarla's Shop of Mystery
Pay ??? NP to fix broken items in Donny's Toy Repair Shop

Pay 50 NP to spin the Wheel of Mediocrity (every 40 minutes) (use at risk !)
Pay 100 NP to Test Your Strength (every 6 hours)
Pay 100 NP to play Coconut Shy (20 tries per day)
Pay 100 NP for a Neopian Lottery Ticket (new draw every day)
Pay 100 NP to spin the Wheel of Misfortune (every 2 hours) (use at risk !)

Pay 150 NP (0 NP on Nov.15, 75 NP on Nov.16) to spin the Wheel of Excitement (every 2 hours) (use at risk !)
Pay 300 NP (150 NP in Nov., 0 NP on Nov.15) to try to find Black Pawkeet's Buried Treasure (every 3 hours) Guide
Pay 400 NP to pick your own berries at Meri Acres Farm (once per day)
Pay 500 NP to spin the Wheel of Knowledge (every 24 hours) (use at risk !)

Pay 1,250 NP to buy a concert ticket at the Ticket Booth (one per day, limited quantities) List of Dates
NOTE - If you have the correct ticket in your inventory, you can see today's concert at the Concert Hall


If you have already found and assembled all of the nine different Secret Laboratory Map pieces,
you can go to the Mad Scientist in The Laboratory! (one pet per day) Guide

If you have already found and assembled all of the nine different Petpet Laboratory Map pieces,
you can go to the Creepy Kookith in The Petpet Laboratory! (one petpet per day) Guide

You can assemble your maps by having all of the correct map pieces in your inventory,
then go to the Neopets Treasure Hunt, and then click on the Laboratory or Petpet links.

IMPORTANT - You must completely assemble the Secret Lab map before you can assemble the Petpet Lab map.

WARNING - Severe damage may happen to your pet and to your petpet. Use both laboratories at risk!

Check out the Map Placement Guide by _perpette_.


Pay 500 NP for a Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk (every 4 hours)
Pay 600 NP for an Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk (every 6 hours)
Pay 1,200 NP for a Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcard Kiosk (every 2 hours)

You may purchase one scratchcard of any type, if you have not purchased any scratchcards within the displayed time period.

Note - You can redeem a scratchcard by visiting the kiosk that it came from.

Note - A new page will be opened when you visit the Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk from this page.

Employment Agency

Mystery Island Kitchen

The Brain Tree

The Esophagor

Snow Faerie Quests

Witch's Tower

Illusen's Glade

Jhudora's Cloud

For help with quests check out Guide 1 and Guide 2 and Guide 3.

CAUTION - Not all quests are worth completing.

NOTE - After starting a Brain Tree quest, you must then complete two Esophagor quests for the Brain Tree answer.


Pay 100 NP to spin the Wheel of Monotony (every 24 hours) (use at risk !) Guide

This click will open a new page because the wheel can take up to two hours to spin to a stop.
While you wait, you can use a different page for other Neopet stuff.


Purchase a cheese at the Cheese Shop and run it down a hill in Cheeseroller.
If you manage to get down the hill in under a minute, you get to keep the cheese! (three tries per day)

Current list of cheeses that can be used :

Spicy Juppie, Smoked Snorkle, Triple Mustard, Honey, Big Beefy, Purple Spotted, Brain, Alkenore, Mutated,
Bubbling Blueberry, Tyrannian Dung, Quadruple Fudge, Peppermint, Gooey Snot, Overgrown, Brick, Furry Chocomint,
Fragrant Ummagcheese, Warty Blue, Heavy Bark, Mummified, Nimmo Tube, Space, Angelpuss


Mix ingredients in Jhuidah's Cooking Pot.

For help with recipes check out Guide 1 and Guide 2.


Challenge Count Von Roo to a game of Deadly Dice (midnight to 1am NST)

Win (or lose) a game to increase (or decrease) your active pet's level.

WARNING - It is possible to lose several pet levels with this game.

Note - This game can be played at any time on October 31.


If you have installed the Neopets Tool Bar, once in awhile there is a flashing alert (a blue orb that flashes yellow).
If you are fast enough, you can click on the flashing orb and Tarla will have a FREE surprise for you.
You can only receive one prize per day.

Xoe's Guide to Tarla (includes list of past giveaway items)

How to fix the Tarla Alert bug in Firefox

This section is for information only.
As always, please get your parent's permission before installing any programs on your computer.
To install this tool bar, go to your Quick Stock and click on the Neopets Tool Bar.