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Welcome to Kylee's Directory of Altador Cup related links.

As of now, this is the LARGEST AC directory on Neopets.

Not only is it the largest, it is also the oldest. It has been around since the first AC was announced back in '06. Many of these petpages are original Altador Cup I pages.

This directory includes Help Guides, AC Graphics, Team Fan Pages and more.

All I ask of you is to please not steal anything from any of these pages. The people worked hard on them. And also, don't steal anything that I've done. I'll hunt you down if you do.

If you would like to become affiliated (don't care if it's a word) with this page, please neomail kyleewazhere with the topic "Affiliate" and a link to your AC related (or not) petpage or guild.

Link To Me? Please? :)

Thank you so much, zombiesrock1991 for my kickbutt page banner and link-back button.
Please visit her Faerieland petpage: Faerieland

Since June 1st, 2006


June 4th, 2009: (11:49 pm EST) Hello. It's that time of the year again. The Annual Altador Cup. As you can see, this page is under major construction. And once again I would like to remind anyone with an AC related petpage, to please send it to kyleewazhere and I will add it to this page. What to become an affiliate? Just neomail me with the details and I will add your link and all you have to do is add my link or banner to your page. It helps you get views. What's there to lose? Nothing.

This page will take about a week to be up and running. I have to go through all of the dead petpages and whatnot. But I hope that this petpage will be bigger and better than it has ever been.

July 22nd, 2008: (10:07 am EST) Roo Island is now the new Altador Cup Champions defeating Krawk Island in the finals (booooooooooo! :[) haha nah I'm just kidding. Congrats to Roo Island. We'll get'em next year Krawk :[ I haven't played a lot this year or last year, and I'm sorry. I've been very busy.

As since the AC is now over until next year, this page will not be updated until May/June of '09. If your page is on here and you would like to keep it on here next year, then do not remove your page over the coarse of the off season. If you are an affiliate, you will have to reapply next year. Thank you guys for all of the comments and support of this petpage! See you again next year! And watch out, Krawk's coming back even stronger for '09 :]

June 26th, 2008: (3:15 pm EST) Yes, I know. I haven't done anything I said I was going to. Well sorry. Haha. But it's because I've been working on a new layout that would include a nav bar to the left. And I'm having problems with the page anchors. None of them work properly :/ So I'm still fixing that. Oh and I also want to add that if you don't have an Altador Cup related petpage but would still like to become affiliates, please neomail me anyway. I'll except non-AC petpages from now on. And also, if you would like to add this page into your petpage, as in maybe you have a directory of other petpages, by all means go ahead. Just be sure to tell me :)

June 18th,2008: (1:25 am EST) I've decided to add links that lead to websites with AC related content that are off of the Neopets' domain. Please be reminded that if you go to that website, then YOU WILL BE LEAVING NEOPETS. I'm not going to put websites that are not trusted, but it's just so you know. I'm also going to start added the time to my updates. Don't know why. Just felt like starting it. I'm also going to be reorganizing the other sections. It took me like 3 hours just to do the affiliates but it's because my laptop is starting to spaz out. It sometimes won't let me right click (darn you Vista!) So this might end up taking a while. But on a brighter note, there are now 128 links in this directory and there's 21 affiliates! yay ^_^

June 17th, 2008: (10:18 pm EST) I'm reorganizing this page. If your link seems to disappear from the affiliates, general, graphics or a team section, have no fear, it wasn't deleted. I still have it and I should have it back up in a jiffy.

June 12th, 2008: There are now over 100 links on this petpage (107 to be exact). So yea. Congrats to me?

June 6th, 2008:
Be there...
Or be here...
Whatever you like better...

June 5th, 2008: There are now 89 links to petpages and guilds about the Altador Cup in this directory! hooray! :) That's like 20 more than the last year's top and the first AC's top! Keep sending in the AC related links.

June 1st, 2008: I'm redoing this entire page for the third Altador Cup. If you have a page you would like to be added, please neomail kyleewazhere.


Pages I'm Listed In

If you haven't guessed, it's completely written in Japanese, but I love Japan and Japanese culture, so I don't care ^_^


Affiliates Count: 31


All about
Altador Cup!

geniusy2k's Altador Cup III Page

Off Neopets Websites

Off Neopets Sites Count: 4

An Altador Cup Blog:
^This kid also has a petpage with Altador Cup Banners:


General Sites Count: 38

All about
Altador Cup!

^Made by a Krawk Islander^


Which team will be crowned 2008 champion!
AC III peace banner 2
*It's like the Treaty of Altador from last year if you remember, so please sign up and keep the peace in AC this year*

*Third Year I've been on the list for KI ^_^*

AC3 - Secrets to Unlocking the Madness
Supporters List
geniusy2k's AC III Results Page

^I'm pretty sure you guys would like this one haha^


Graphics Sites Count: 32

Oh! My Jurples! It's Xinned's Animated Altador Cup Graphics!

*No longer has userlookups*

Will's Altador Cup 2007 Premade Fonts

*Towards the bottom*

pixalation's Altador Cup Banners
silent_conversation's Altador Cup Banners
slady_gryphos's Altador Cup Adoptables
batmantha_x's Altador Cup Lookups
riddle_twins's Altador Cup Lookups
riddle_twins's Altador Cup Animations
Premade Altador Cup Fonts


Team Sites Count: 65


Altador Team Sites Count: 3

Gladiators of Altador
Altador Graphics Unlimited


Brightvale Team Sites Count: 1


Darigan Team Sites Count: 10

Darigan Supporters Unite
Llanweylln's Darigan Citadel Banners
Darigan Supporters
The Darigan Citadel Team Song!


Faerieland Team Sites Count: 1

Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods Team Sites Count: 3

Offical Haunted Woods Devotees
The Haunted Alliances

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake Team Sites Count: 2

Kiko Lake Fans
The Official Kiko Lake Supporter Board (KLOWNS)? haha CUTE! :)

Krawk Island

Krawk Island Team Sites Count: 15

*Banners at the bottom*

Krawk Island Supporters


Kreludor Team Sites Count: 1

Kreludor For the Cup (KFC)

Lost Desert

Lost Desert Team Sites Count: 5

Lost Desert Lovers (LDL)


Maraqua Team Sites Count: 5


Meridell Team Sites Count: 2

Knights of Meridell

Mystery Island

Mystery Island Team Site Count: 5

Mystery Island's Famous Dancing Coconuts
The Mystery Island Support Wearables List
Mystery Island Yooyuball Professionals (MIYP)

Roo Island

Roo Island Team Sites Count: 1

Roo Island Buttons


Shenkuu Team Sites Count: 7

Shenkuu Official Supporters (There are actually three):
The Board Club
SOS List (07 & 08)
The Guild Webbie
(The Guild is private, so you'll have to be invited by a member)

Fact: These are Shenkuu Graphics from i_am_miranda_mugger
Shenkuu Scoreboard
Shenkuunese Rehabilitation Center

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain Team Sites Count: 2

Terror Mountain Team Ranking Page


Tyrannia Team Sites Count: 1

Tic-Tac Tyrannia for the Cup


Virtupets Team Sites Count: 2
Thanks to bye_cool (Erin) for informing me about these two Virupets team sites:

Virtupet Avatars
Vipz Fonts


Dude's, I'm gonna answer your questions. Be happy.

Where did you get the idea for this petpage?
Well, it started out back in 2006, when the first Altador Cup was announced and people started making petpages with AC graphics, help guides, team support pages, blahblahblah, and someone asked on the boards if there was a petpage with a bunch of AC links and there wasn't, so I made one. The End.

What team do you support?
Krawk Island baby. Three years now. I'm an original. I've been on KI since the very begining. The quiz thing told me I should join Mystery Island. And then I saw Krawk Island with their Pirate stuff and I said "HECK YES!
HA! Take that bandwagon jumpers! :K

Would you consider joining Mystery Island, Shenkuu, Faerieland, *insert other team names here*, blahblahblah?
No. End of story.

Because, what other team could I possibly say "Party like a Krawkstar on?" Exactly. None. KI has so many fun sayings and stuff like that.

Like what?
Since when did this FAQ become about Krawk Island? Anywho. There's...
We Will Krawk You!
I remember when a kid first said that on the Altador Cup boards. haha Good times. And then everyone had to rewrite We Will Rock You. haha I had one of the best, I might say.
Party Like A Krawkstar
Came out last year. haha There was a group of Krawk Island Supporters that were called the Krawkstars. And I do believe I was on it :D

What are some of your favorite memories of KI?
Probably the first year, on the boards, we were having a silly fight (we weren't being mean or rude or anything, just goofing around) between KI and I think it was either RI or DC. (This goes on for a while just so you know but it's quite interesting). And someone from the the other team was like
Well, my team's better because blahblahblah.
And I'm like
Well, my team's sponsered by McDonald's.
And they're like
My team's sponsered by Ruby Tuesday's
And I'm like
My team's sponsered by American Eagle Outfitters.
And they're like
Our team's sponsered by JC Penny's!
So I went
Our team's sponsered by Bill Gates and Microsoft!
And they said
We're sponsered by the guy who created Apple!
So I said
You mean the guy who no one knows his name?
And they said
Yuppers :D and not only that but we're sponsered by UNC!!
So I said
We're sponsered by Duke University!!
And the person said
And I said
We're also sponsered by the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers!!
And they're like
Well we're sponsered by Disney Channel!!!
And I said
And they then said
Wow...I can't beat that.
Now at the time of our little tiff, the other people are just cracking up. They had told other people on other boards to come and watch this. And in the end someone on KI said we that someone should make a banner that says
Krawk Island is sponsered by...
and then have the logos of all of the things I said on it. And I said
Ok, give me 10 minutes.
So then after I made it and put it and the coding on my lookup, I told the other KIer's to put it on theirs. And throughout the rest of the tournment that year, everytime I went to a KIer's lookup, there that banner was staring at me
The End :D

Wow. Thank you for sharing your Krawk Island memories with me.
Not a question, but YOU'RE WELCOME :D

Anyways. Back to the actual FAQ. I wasn't trying to hook you guys into to Krawk Island or anything...*wink**wink*

Why is there no (or very little) petpages for my team?
Well, either find a petpage for your team and tell me about it, or MAKE ONE! Don't yell at me.

My petpage was on here last year (or the year before), but it's not on here this year. Why?
Because every year, before the start of the "team-joining ceremony" (don't know what it's called), I go through the entire petpage and organize the petpages into two groups, "dead petpages" and active or "still up" (as in the page is still up, but it has not been updated since years past) petpages and then I organize the ones that are still up and then I redo the petpage. If when I go through this petpage and I see that your petpage is converted back to default or now has something other than AC realted stuff, then I don't put it on the redone petpage.
How's that for an explaination?

Didn't this petpage used to be on "weeeeeee_llama" last year? or Didn't this petpage used to be on "Kylee334" in 2006?
How did someone possibly remember that? haha Yes in 2006, when I first started this page, it was originally on my Kau's petpage "Kylee334" and then for some reason, I moved it to my Gnorbu's "weeeeeee_llama". And then for this year, I moved it to it's current page, my Shoyru "BabyBooBooBearisMine", because my Gnorbu's petpage wasn't letting me edit it. So I switched it. This page originally had my screenies, which hadn't been update in about a year, so while I updated those, I put the AC directory on here. And hopefully it'll stay here.

Hey!!! I had an Altador Cup Directory first! Take yours down right this instant!! I'll report you for stealing my idea! My page has 90,000 views, which is more than yours!
blahblahblah. I get this one a lot. Alright firstly, no, you most likely did not have the first AC directory. If you did, I would've heard of it. Secondlyish, whether you had the first directory or not, yours is not a very good one because either:
1. You have almost no links.
2. Your layout is horrible.
3. Most of the links are dead or just don't work.
4. Most of the links are the same ones from my page.
5. The links are all over the place.
6. Your directory has almost nothing to do with the AC or Your directory has other links to non-AC related pages, which does not make it an AC Directory.
Thirders, your "directory" stinks so bad, it actually gives off an odor through my computer. And last, just beause your page counter says 90,000 does not mean you have 90,000 views. It means, you went to, made a counter and started the counter off at 90,000.
In Conclusion:
You are depriving some poor village of its Idiot. ^_^

BOOO! Kroct Islan stinks!!1!11! Darign is soooo much better than KI! DC FTW! YEA! WHOOY! *Crowd Rowars* YAY!
First of all, just to state something and so that everyone knows, this was actually a neomail I got on June 9th, 2008. I'm not going to say who sent it, but I will say that it was a obviously newbie. Their account was 3 days old. This was obviously their first account. And obviously their first time in the AC.

So in response to this person:
First, it's KRAWK ISLAND. There's no O, C or T in Krawk Island, and there's a D in it...
Second, get a life and stop acting like a noob.
Third, KI does not stink.
The end.

Do you realize that you've used "dude", "The End" and "blahblahblah" how many on this page? haha I'm not complaining or anything, just wanted to make sure you knew ^_^
Thank you for informing me this. haha I already knew that. But some people might become annoyed by it, so I guess I'll start using "bruh" instead of "dude" Ok? haha

Keep asking questions. It's fun to answer them.
But be warned:

- If you ask me a question, do not become mad at the answer I give you.

- If your question gets asked by many people or is really a general question, chances are I won't put your username up. As in most of the questions in the FAQ now are general, except the ones about Krawk Island. The person wanted their username withheld.

- If I give you a mean answer and if it seems like I'm mad at you for asking it, chances are I'm not mad at you, so don't take anything I say personally.

-If you send me a question, unless you state that you do not want your username or question posted in this FAQ, then I will do it. Do not become mad if you ask a rude question and then you come on here to find your username, rude question and my rude response posted on here. That was your own fault.
Although, if you neomail me and politely ask for your username/question to be taken down, I will.
Think before you send!

Send questions to kyleewazhere.

Other AC Directories

My AC directory not doin' it for ya? Then please check out these other Altador Cup Directories:


Thank you lovekillsme and winkerpeson for the CSS layout.

Thank you Jake from Jake's Krawk Island Graphics for the background.

Thanks to 12bt for the team logos that I kind of stole from your petpage. Sorry ^_^

And also thanks to spitfirz90 for the Kreludor team logo that I stole from your page. haha Sorry ^_^

css by lovekillsme edited by winkerperson
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