Hello there, and welcome to Abstruse Guild Reviews! My name is Katy & I am also owner of Cafeberry. I opened this site back in December 2009 hoping to help guild owners improve their guilds. I'll point out your flaws, yes; but I'll give you pointers and advice to fix them and improve your guild.

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Updated the layout and finished a review.


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Waiting List

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Grading Rubric

1. Impression/Layout 25 points

2. Grammar 10 points

3. Guild + Website Content 25 points

4. Activities 20 points

5. Members 20 points


  • 1. Please be patient. Some reviews may take longer than others.

  • 2. Feel free to ask any questions about your review, however negative feedback/complaints/excuses for certain things is rude. Please refrain from doing so.

  • 3. Please attempt to make some changes to your guild, little or large; I take time out of my day to join, look at your guild and write a review.

  • 4. I only accept review requests from council members- members, please get permission before requesting or have your leader do it.

  • 5. Please link back somewhere on your website or somewhere visible to others after I finish your review.

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