The Lost Garden Dump

Hello! Welcome to the Lost Garden. I dump art and backgrounds and resources in general here to help the creation of pages. I realize the layout isn't quite eye friendly, so sooner or later I will change into a friendlier premade. This isn't frequently updated, especially since I lost the base for shields. (Sorry x3). Right click on top of images and select copy url to get the code, and paste it on the code shown above. Enjoy!


Copy and paste the chosen shield over the "-blocked-" section of the code. Put it inside style tags in your user lookup description.


Most of the backgrounds are from colourlovers, so you can either say its made by them or link back to this page for easy reference. For now this is a mess. Plain backgrounds are in the last box at the very bottom. Enjoy!

Credits: Layout designed and coded by The Lunch Box, with a lot of code by Bela, textures from swimchick and deviantArt | Dividers from TLB | Content by Bela & Colourlovers

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