7/25/11- 6 more neopets lookups as well as 14 Faerie lookups

7/23/11- This page added. Stay tuned for more! :D

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None right now, please. I will simply delete your neomail without responding. Suggestions, however, are always loved. :)

Again, not accepting custom requests right now, I don't really care if you think you can 'bribe' me, one it's against the neo-rules and two that's just wrong...
Well I always thought this would go without saying but lately I've received lots of questions about it so I guess I'll address it:
Please do not, for any reason, edit/change/alter my coding. I worked hard on this coding and people seem to assume that since it's out there on the interweb anyone can take it; not true. TNT takes coding/image theft very seriously and I would like to not have it go that far. This includes changing the image (I made the layout a certain way for a reason, please respect that), 'borrowing' parts to add to your own coding (there are plenty of lovely sites out there that give good bases and allow altering the code), and anything else that makes it look different from the thumbnail below. Please don't think that taking my coding and changing the image/colors/fonts is 'ok' because you 'altered it so that it looks nothing like the original' without my coding, that lookup would not exist. To the users who have changed the font itself, that is fine. I try to make them more basic with fonts so they look the same to everyone, if you like Helvetica more then arial then go for it. ... wow this makes me sound super mean/angry, but I promise that I'm not. It's just upsetting when people don't respect something that someone else has taken time to create. :) So yeah, on with the lookups!

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