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Faerie Quests

Hey, TNT! I was refreshing the news page every so often all night on Monday, waiting for the news to appear so that I could find out what was going on with this faerie quests thing. The problem is, I'm from the United Kingdom and eventually the time was 11:30 and the news STILL hadn't gone up, so I went to bed. I logged in on Tuesday - the next day, according to Neopian Standard Time - to find out what was going on with faerie quests. A lot of my American friends had completed one quest while I was in bed, and were completing another one on Tuesday, too. Does this mean that I missed out on the first day of quests? Will I still get the prize at the end? It's not my fault that I went to bed - that was later than I usually go to sleep, too! Think of all the people in Europe who might have missed out on Monday! D: Thanks! ~garinawk, Issue 481
No worries. Since the first day was only a partial day, it doesn't count against you as far as the final prize. Just continue to visit every day and you should get your reward. :) ~TNT
Hi, TNT! Hypothetical situation here involving two good imaginary friends of mine, Sally and Bob. Sally gets a Fountain Faerie Quest. She already has all of her dream Neopets, however, so she has no need for it. Bob has never received a FFQ before and Sally wants to donate her FFQ to Bob as a gift. Would it be allowed for Bob to send his Neopet to Sally's account, where Sally would use her FFQ on Bob's Neopet and then transfer it back to Bob? I'm getting confused about this because it isn't allowed with the Lab Ray, so I can't work out if it would be allowed with a FFQ. Please let me know! ~zemzii, Issue 483
While giving away your hard-earned lab zap or FFQ pass is a nice gesture, we don't allow this because Bob should be earning his own Lab Map. Bob should complete his own FFQ (if he were lucky enough to receive one) in order to get a pass to the fountain. First and foremost, Neopets is a game. Bob should be using his own progress in the game to achieve goals and reap the benefits, not someone else's. ~TNT
Dear TNT, I (along with many others, I'm sure) have been wondering: WHAT IS THE FOUNTAIN FAERIE'S PROPER NAME? Does she even have one? If not, could you please make up a name for her, or come up with a small Neopedia article giving us a hint as to what it could be? I simply must know! Thank you for the consideration! ~midnight_star411, Issue 482
Her name is Naia. :) If you'd like to know more about the faeries, you can visit this page. ~TNT
Hi, TNT. :) I was lucky enough to get a Fountain Faerie Quest now that the faeries are back, but I've noticed that the color transparent doesn't seem to be an option at the Rainbow Fountain as yet. Any chance it'll be included there soon? ~mortimae, Issue 482
Yes, we'll be adding that colour to the Rainbow Fountain soon. Hooray! ~TNT
So... is the Crafting Faerie going to be just like any other faerie after the event is over? Will she just randomly appear and give us a quest, or is she going to be like the Snow Faerie? ~anonymous, Issue 483
Yes, she'll be like the other Random Event faeries, so you'll never be sure when or where she'll pop up and ask for your assistance. ~TNT
Hi, TNT. :) My question is about the Faerie Quest event. Now that the event is over and we will return to regular Faerie Quests, this means the reward for completing a quest will not be applied to our active Neopet and we cannot choose which Neopet receives the reward from the Faerie Quest, right? Could you please think about that? It's so hard and expensive to train a Neopet; it would be an enormous help to all who are training only one Neopet, yet have more than one. Thank you! ~anonymous, Issue 483
All Faerie Quest stat rewards are applied to the active Neopet. That's a permanent change. It won't go back to the old way once the event ends. ~TNT
Aloha, TNT! I have a question about the Faerie Quest event that's currently going on. Toward the beginning of the event, I got and completed my very first Fountain Faerie Quest and painted my Koi island. My question is this: are all the users who participate in the quest event destined to get one of Naia's quests, or did I suddenly have an extremely rare burst of miraculously good luck? ~sqwertybug93, Issue 483
The same method of determining the quest that you get when you receive a Faerie Quest Random Event was used during the event. In other words, it was completely random. So, yeah, you had a stroke of good luck. :) Congrats! ~TNT
Hello there, TNT! Thanks for giving us a chance to get a Fountain Faerie Quest during the current event; it was very thoughtful of you guys. :) *showers you all with plushies* Now, on to my question... say we received one of these miraculous FFQs, would the option to complete it remain after the event was over if we couldn't fulfill it before then? Also, if we did complete the quest during the event, would the Rainbow Fountain be open for as long as we needed to decide on a colour? ~jewelyanna, Issue 481
You can hold on to the quest for as long as you like, but keep in mind that you cannot accept any other faerie quest while one is still incomplete. You can, however, turn the item in to Naia (the Fountain Faerie) and complete the quest, but then paint your Neopet at her pool at a later date. ~TNT
Dear TNT, Are we allowed to do faerie quests on our side accounts? It seems that the rewards are mainly stat boosts, and since it's a non-transferable item, is that alright? Some of us have Battledome Neopets sitting on side accounts that are harder to train because we don't have enough space on our main accounts. :( Thanks! ^-^ ~vsmartdonkey, Issue 481
Right now the faerie quests are giving away Neopoint items for visiting the page, so we request that you refrain from visiting them on side accounts for the time being. Once the event is over and the faerie quests go back to being truly Random Events, you're once again welcome to complete them on side accounts if you happen to get one. ~TNT
Hey, TNT! Hypothetically, if I were to get a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) and complete it, then get another FFQ and complete it, would the number of times I get to use the Rainbow Fountain be cumulative, or would I only get to use it once? ~nodesofranvier, Issue 481
No, you won't be able to complete the second Fountain Faerie Quest until you use up the reward from the first one. ~TNT
The Crafting Faerie is permanent, right? Even after the 24th, she'll still be around to give out quests (randomly across the site)... right? :P I just want to clarify whether the items she's giving out are retiring or not. Thanks! ~st4bbedrozes , Issue 481
Delina the Crafting Faerie will be sticking around Neopia, but over time she will eventually change her requests and rewards. ~TNT
I'm a bit confused; could I please get some clarity? In the FAQ for the faerie quest event, it says that we are not allowed to participate on our side accounts. It then says, however, that we can participate in the Neocash faerie quests on our sides if we get one there. Of course, we can't know if we're going to get a Crafting Faerie Quest before we participate, which you have said is not okay! ~_undead_whisper_, Issue 481
For the duration of the event, you may only participate on your main account. After that, though, you are free to complete any faerie quest (crafting or normal) on your sides.

Neopian Times

When an account is frozen, are NT contributions removed? What about if the account is purged? ~anonymous, HC
Nope. I had an article published with my first account which has long since purged and it's still there. ~TJ [TJ has more tips at her Neopian Times guide.]
Say there are two very popular comic series in The Neopian Times. If the two artists decide that they want their characters to meet in some sort of super-spectacular comic strip special, would they be allowed to submit their comics? This is assuming, of course, that they give credit where credit is due, and it's obvious they collaborated because they both have their own versions or something containing the characters of the other artist. ~cosowarrior
Our NT queen has confirmed that this is just fine. We are eager to see what you come up with! ~TNT


*throws frustration* Hi, TNT! I was wondering: why do you have to save art pictures as lowercase gif or jpg? (If you don't, something's not working for me. D:) The program I use doesn't save as lowercase, so I can't send my "beautiful" pieces of art in! Please help. D: ~pauluna4, Issue 484
The Internet hates file names with caps (or, at least, our submission page does). Even when you save and are prompted with a filename, you should be able to change it to .jpg or .gif just by typing it. If not, you can also change the file name after you have exited the program. ~TNT
Hi, TNT. *tosses a Meowclops* I recently noticed a change with the submissions in the Art Gallery and was wondering if the criteria for being eligible have changed so that only pictures with full backgrounds are being accepted? (please remove my username!) ~anonymous, Issue 484
Nope! No changes have been made. It may have just been a coincidence. We'll keep that it mind, though, and try to be more mindful of finding a wide range of images. ~TNT
Hi, TNT! *tosses cookies* Will "a red Scorchio tail" ever be the answer to the Mystery Pic? ~loheugene35, Issue 482
Haha. We actually did make that the answer once for a good laugh, because there were always about six people a week who answered with that. x_X ~TNT
Hiya, TNT! I've been working on a story in which I portray my yellow Blumaroo as being Halloween (since I don't have enough Neopoints for the paint brush yet). If I do this, will my submission be rejected because my Blumaroo really isn't painted? Please clear this confusing issue up for me, as it's making my head spin. Thanks! *throws cookies* ~horsehannah_2_2_2, Issue 482
That's just fine. :) ~TNT
Update: We also realised that we made an "oops" in the last Editorial. For the purposes of the Beauty Contest, your Neopet does not have to be the colour it's represented as in the image. Sorry for the confusion! We threw the person responsible for the error into the Meepit-pit. It shouldn't happen again. ~TNT, Issue 483
With regard to entries for the Gallery Spotlight, please make sure there are no extraneous items in your Gallery. This is because, when a Gallery is spotlighted, ALL items are shown at once. So, if you have a spork Gallery and then one section of unrelated Neocash items, it will disqualify your Gallery. Also, before entering, select to view your Gallery with "show all" enabled so that you can see how it will look to the judges. You may want to organise it to make it look nicer and improve your chances of winning. :) ~TNT, Issue 474
How exactly do y'all come up with SOOOO many different and impossible Lenny Conundrums every week? Do you have geniuses locked up in your office somewhere or something? I mean, it's hard enough to try and figure them out, but to come up with one week after week just blows my mind! ~catastrophye, Issue 475
We have one poor, unfortunate soul that can actually do maths well enough that we force him to come up with new Lenny Conundrums every week for you. You should send him cookies. He's been doing it for nearly seven years now. He deserves them! ~TNT
Hey, TNT. Do you accept collaborations between two or more users in the Art Gallery? ~anonymous, Issue 478
Sorry, we do not. There's no way to communicate along with your entry that you worked with another player to produce the art. We only see your username and the submitted art. ~TNT
I noticed that practically all of the Art Gallery winners are images created with computer programs. Does old school art even have a chance at winning? ~_x_bjork_x_, Issue 477
Indeed it does. The Art Gallery competition welcomes and encourages art of all kinds. Less than 2% of our submissions are created using traditional mediums, however, making it seem like we prefer digital art. ~TNT


Hello! So, on the Neopian Pound boards, people often create boards about "losing a Neopet in the Pound," like when they try and fail to Pound transfer their Neopets to another account. Would it be considered harassment to post the name of the Neopet that you "lost," or the name of the person who "caught" your Neopet? I've heard from some people that it is and from others that it isn't. Personally, I think it could be considered harassment, because other people may feel the need to take it upon themselves to Neomail the new owner and harass them into giving the Neopet back, but I'm not sure, and I don't think I've seen anthing in the rules about it. Thank you! ~anonymous, Issue 482
We can't think of any legitimate reason why you would name the person that caught your Neopet in the Pound, except to have others socially pressure them into relinquishing the Neopet that they got in a fair snag. Therefore, please, leave their name out of it and deal with them directly. ~TNT
Hey TNT, I was hoping you could settle something for me. I was asking around if it would be okay for me to give some of my Neopets to my sister for a bit and then expect them back later. Someone told me this was petsitting, and therefore, against the rules. I have always been under the impression that petsitting was giving someone your fuzzword so they could log onto your account and take care of your Neopets while you are away... which, I know, is a big no-no. What about transferring my Neopets to my sister for a while, though? Is that okay? Thanks for clearing this up! ~anonymous, Issue 481
The concept of neopetstting that entails allowing someone to have access to your account (always a dangerous no-no!) is, indeed, against the rules. Transferring your Neopets to be under someone else's care for a while is just fine, as long as it's made clear to them that it's a temporary arrangement. Also take note that, if you use the Pound to transfer your Neopets to another account, then they're fair game while in the Pound, so be careful!
I know that if you adopt a Neopet it doesn't have any wearables on it, but I was wondering: is there a way to reset this [to get paintbrush clothes that were omitted from the pounded pet], or would I have to paint him again? Thanks. :) ~another_note, Issue 477
Sorry, you'd need to repaint him to get the clothing. ~TNT
This has been bothering me for a long, long time. In past Editorials you've said that trading Neopets shouldn't involve paint brushes, Neopoints, etc. So now my question: is offering a custom against the rules? I know things such as royal customs or unlimited customs are really popular, but since paint brushes are used... I would really appreciate if you cleared this up, thanks! ^_^ ~anonymous, Issue 476
As long as the painting is done before the trade, that's fine. No items / Neopoints / additional Neopets can be traded along with the Neopet. ~TNT
Hi, TNT! I've noticed that some members on the Pound Chat stopped advertising other people's Neopets being up for trade without them there for a little while (sadly, it seems to have started again) and when I asked about this I was directed to an old Editorial. I was wondering: is it against the rules to advertise someone else's Neopet as being up for adoption? Obviously you would get permission first, but since you said it wasn't okay for trading I was wondering about adopting. Is it not okay at all, or okay in some situations? Like, if I list someone else's Neopet in my hypothetical agency of UFA Neopets, or if I link to someone else's agency? Thanks! ~luv_my_pets_666, Issue 477
Adoption agencies are still fine, as long as there are no extreme application processes going on. If you have permission from a player to assist in adopting out their Neopet, then it's fine to post about it. The reason we allow this is that the person seeking the Neopet has nothing much to lose, except for a reasonable amount of time and effort spent explaining why they would be a good owner to the Neopet. ~TNT



Hi, TNT! *throws extra Green Tea Custard* I have a question about that nifty Lunar Cape pictured as a prize from the Lunar Temple. I haven't seen any Neopets actually wearing the cape, and though I've gone to the temple every day for a little while now, all I ever get is Green Tea Custard or moon combs. I can't even find people selling the cape in shops. Is this a super rare prize, and if so, is there some special way of obtaining it? ~ladybarzahd, Issue 484
It is quite a rare prize from the Lunar Temple, so just keep at it. Right now it's too expensive to be found in shops, but you can find it on the Trading Post. ~TNT
Do you think you'll ever make some of the cures for diseases wearable? I think my Kyrii would look fabulous wearing a Sore Hand Wrap, for example. :) ~ninna10_3_3_3, Issue 476
Cures don't work that way. D: There are a couple of wearable hand wrap items on the site, however. We'll see if we can get more variety scheduled for the future. ~TNT
*hands you some Neggs* When I was looking at my page, I noticed that one of my Neopets had been replaced with a cogwheel. Is there a way to fix this? ~njrafaelnj, Issue 484
We recommend either booking your Neopet for a stay in the Neolodge or customising them to get rid of the cogwheel. :) If that doesn't work, please send in a bug report so we can fix it. ~TNT
Now, during the Halloween trick or treat bags this past year, the Elegant Princess Amira Cape was released and everyone really loved it. You guys then recalled it, saying that it hadn't been intended for release! What are you guys doing with all of those gorgeous capes? Don't you think all of us deserve to dress up our Neopets in them, as well? ~christian_ashley, Issue 482
Don't worry. We're already considering another way to release the Elegant Princess Amira Cape. :) ~TNT

NC Mall

My Neopets miss having their circles behind them from before they were converted. Maybe if you made a background that looked like the old circle they would feel better? ~katrab285, Issue 481
There's already one, actually. It's sold at the NC Mall, in a secret section that only players with older accounts can access. ~TNT
It seems that a lot of people have started to believe that the Attic Aisha for users with accounts that are three years or older is actually a male. I figured you would be able to easily settle this (very) small dispute. ~magic_s74, Issue 480
It's okay, the Editorial addresses things big and small. :) The ghost is a she. The original flavour text written for the Almost Abandoned Attic is below. It was never added to the site, and only ever appeared in our emails discussing the shop, so enjoy!
Walking down the streets of Neovia, you notice the howling wind has blown open the door of an abandoned old house. Curiosity gets the best of you and you nudge the door slightly and peer in. It's dark, but you think you see a faint light coming from upstairs. Perhaps another visitor has taken shelter from the approaching storm? You make your way upstairs and find a stairway to the attic where the light seems to be emanating from. Entering the spacious attic you are surprised to find boxes and boxes of items piled all around.
SCORE!" you shout, rushing over to dig through this treasure. You grab an armful of items. Most of them seem pretty rare.
Hey, you'd better pay for those!" a voice shouts. You whirl around to see a ghost hovering beside you (so that's where that glowing light came from!). Her arms are crossed, and she's looking pointedly at the items in your arms. You sheepishly hand over some Neopoints and she beams. "Thank you! Come again!


Where do I go to assemble the petpet lab map? ~common question, HC
First, be sure you have the regular lab map. Then go to the treasure maps page to assemble both. ~Summer [Check Dekasin's Lab Map Guide for more information about zapping.]
*tosses cake* I have heard that there is something in Neopia (even though it costs a fortune) that makes your Neopet's gender change! It's called the Strange Potion. I was wondering, if you had a royalboy or royalgirl Neopet, what would happen if you changed the royal Neopet's gender? If it is a royalgirl and is changed to a boy, would it change to a royalboy? Sorry if this question has already been asked! ~kittinz008, Issue 484
It would only change the gender of your Neopet; it won't repaint your Neopet into the colour associated with the gender. For example, you'd have a Neopet that looks like a royalboy but is actually female. ~TNT


Hey, TNT! I have one small question: on a recent quest to find the perfect Petpet for my adorable chocolate Kougra, I sauntered past the Petpet Puddle, only to find that there were no chocolate Petpets listed! Of course the Chocolate Petpet Paint Brush doesn't exist, but those chocolate Petpets certainly do! Is there a reason they aren't listed? Have they all been eaten? ~shonnie666, Issue 483
Chocolate, as well as ice, jelly, strawberry, and gold (with some exceptions) are all Lab Ray-only colours. Therefore, they do not show up at the Petpet Puddle. Despite the rather misleading name of "All Petpet Colours," the Petpet Puddle is there to show you what colours your Petpet can be painted, not what colours exist for that Petpet, which is why you won't find Petpets such as the Yooyu there. ~TNT
I've heard a rumor that The Neopets Team might be working on a Valentine Paint Brush. Is this fact or fiction? ~baby_panda26, Issue 481
Sorry, that's just a rumour. D: ~TNT
When you write a Neopet and its color, is the color capitalized as well as the Neopet's species, or is the color not capitalized? I know that the Christmas color is definitely capitalized, but for "red," "shadow," "striped," etc. I'm not sure. I know I've seen them without capitalization and on occasion capitalized, so... ~faerierainbow3, Issue 474
Ahh, the fun of Neopian capitalisations! Only the species name is capitalised, unless (as you mentioned) it's a proper noun like "Christmas" or "Mystery Island," etc. Also, it will be capitalised if the entire thing is a proper noun, or it is the name of an existing Neopian item. Some examples would be:
a shadow Usul" / "the Shadow Usul
the Snow Faerie" / "a fire faerie" / "this Bottled Dark Faerie
paint my Krawk magma
use my Blue Paint Brush to change Harvey1238232 into a blue Lupe"
Why doesn't Fyora sell Faerie Paint Brushes? Does she not want Neopets to be painted that color? ~catcat5969, Issue 479
They actually used to be sold in the Hidden Tower years ago, but Fyora eventually stopped stocking them. Luckily, we found a hidden cache of Faerie Paint Brushes when Faerieland crashed and put them all in the Faeries' Ruin prize shop for everyone! ~TNT
Back in Editorial #180 you mentioned it was possible to feed Chias chocolate items to have a chance of turning them chocolate. After reading that, I thought, "I wonder if it works for other species?" And so I started my adventure. However, 1,500 chocolate items later (yes, that's two zeroes!) my Bori still has not turned chocolate. Is it just that rare, or does it only work for Chias? My poor Bori is sick of all the chocolate. D: ~0o0slytherinpride0o0, Issue 475
x_X Wow. We salute your dedication. However, we regret to inform you that it only works on Chias. D: ~TNT
I noticed in the news that today's theme is Maractite Day. Does this mean that you will only release new Neopets in Maractite on this date? ~luckyace3456789, Issue 479
No, it was just a randomly themed day, not a reoccurring annual holiday. You can look forward to seeing more Neopets available in Maractite during the upcoming months, as well. :) ~TNT


Hey, TNT! I thought of this scenario today and wanted to pick your brain about it. If I used a morphing potion on my Kougra to change it into a JubJub, then my Kougra would turn into a JubJub. Let's say that, in the future, I wanted to paint my JubJub. If I did, would it turn back to a Kougra or would it stay a JubJub? ~dplover13, Issue 476
It would stay whichever species it was currently. (In this case, it would stay a JubJub.) ~TNT


Happy New Year, Neopia! I have a question: how exactly did you choose the Neopets that would be auto-converted? I like to think that you lost half of the original art files for the royal and Halloween Neopets, etc. Others like to say that you drew names from a hat. Then there are those who say that it's because they fit in the customization -blocked- Please solve our debate of almost three years. How did you decide? Thank you for 11 years! ~lilangel, Issue 476
We went through each unique Neopet and determined how big a change we were making to it. If we felt the change was really extreme, we allowed it to have the option of remaining unconverted. Of course, we're sure some of you may disagree with some of our choices, and to be sure there were a lot of tough calls, but it was something we had to do. We were actually planning to eventually convert all of them after people'd had ti
Dear TNT, *throws some REALLY old kinds of food at you* I've heard some commotion on the Pound Chat (PC) with regard to the question of a mass conversion of Neopets. They say that, since you allowed Facebook (which you said wouldn't be allowed), you might allow a mass conversion of Neopets, which would disappoint all of the Neopians who have unconverted Neopets! Not being an owner of a UC myself, it doesn't concern me, but still... I worry for those that do. Please tell us you won't convert them! Thanks for reading, and please remove my username! ~anonymous, Issue 483
Long ago we also thought we'd never have ads on the site, but now we do. Neopets has been around for over a decade (a long time for any game!), and we survive by having wonderful, loyal players, and by trying to keep up with the times. Over the course of the site's life many things have changed, and so we've changed our minds, too. We've learned to never say "never" because, down the road, you don't know what will happen and you don't know what circumstances will arise that necessitate a change. All we can do is tell you our thoughts on the matter now; with regard to UC Neopets, we still don't have any current intention of converting them. ~TNT
me to adjust, but--stop panicking, guys! For now, after seeing the efforts you guys have gone through to procure unconverted Neopets, we are not planning on doing that anymore. ~TNT



This has been bugging me for some time. The coins / scarabs from the Coin Shop say Kiko Lake Coin in their description and item type. Why is this? Was the shop originally supposed to be in Kiko Lake, or is this the doing of some deranged Meepit? Could you please put this to rest once and for all? ~waterdragon386, Issue 483
Yes, the shop was originally planned to be in Kiko Lake, but that was changed at the last minute. We'll see if we can change the type name, maybe to something like "Coins and Collectables" so it's more clear. (We'll try to change the seashells one, too, while we're at it. :P) ~TNT
Konnichiwa, TNT! *throws green tea at you* So, yesterday when I read my Neopet a book, he asked me how many there were in Neopia. Well, I couldn't really answer that, could I? Therefore, I would like to know: how many books are there in Neopia? Please answer quickly so that I can read them all to my poor Neopet. :) Please leave my username out. ~anonymous, Issue 484
Right now we have 2,740 items listed as books in our database. We can't guarantee that they're all available, but at least that can give you a rough idea. :) ~TNT
So, I read my Neopet a book, and for some reason it didn't disappear. Would it now be against the rules for me to sell it? ~silverslider61, Issue 484
Nope! Go ahead. One of our Veteran User Perks is that there's a small chance that a book won't be consumed upon reading it to your Neopet, so enjoy! ~TNT
In the news, you mentioned that Dr. Sloth was auctioning off old stamps. Where can we find these auctions? I have been seeking the last stamp for my Lost Desert page for ages and I want to see if he's selling it. ~philodox, Issue 483
The auctions are done through the dr_sloth account, but this month's auction has already come and gone, removing a terrific amount of Neopoints from the economy in the process and funding the reeducation of many Grundos! (Congrats again to the winner!) The good news for those who couldn't quite afford the stamp's auction is that the sudden flurry of players selling off items in an attempt to get the pure Neopoints to bid actually caused quite a few other things to become slightly more affordable! ~TNT
First of all, *throws a stamp at you* thank you for releasing the stamps (slowly but surely) and trying to make them more available. I feel like it won't make a big difference, however, because the richer Neopians will always win the auctions. They will then either a.) use the stamps themselves and therefore they'll be gone forever, or b.) sell them for their own price, which would be around the same price to ensure them a profit. So, as much as I appreciate you guys trying to do something, do you really think this will help at all? ~xmidnightdreamzx, Issue 482
The issue with the old r101 stamps that were given away through competitions like Lenny Conundrum and Better Than You is that, since stamps are placed in albums and basically consumed, they are nearly extinct in the economy. Players can save up for them for years and still never see one for sale at all. We understand that stamp avatars are among the most difficult ones to acquire, and we salute those who have managed to get them as they are certainly not cheap or easy acquire, and one cannot borrow them for an avatar, either. It was with that in mind that we decided to have them auctioned off. If we gave them away through the Lenny Conundrum contest again, that would be like rewarding players with countless millions for answering a single math question. While part of the game is occasionally getting that lucky item worth millions that tumbles into your lap, we'd rather not just give them out like that. It would also devalue the stamp for those who have spent tens or hundreds of millions to purchase them already. This way, it's an effective Neopoint sink (which, remember, will make your Neopoints worth more when there's less NP in the economy) and it does not devalue the stamps, but still puts them into the economy. We've thought about the best way to do this for a very, very long time, and we feel confident that this is the best solution. Also, we're keeping a close eye on the auction. If we find that the player who wins the stamp is a cheater, their account will then be frozen and we'll auction the stamp again, since our intention is to get the stamp into the economy or, preferably, the album of a stamp / avatar collector. :) ~TNT
Hiya there, TNT! *hands you a gluten free cookie* Well, I love the new Gluten Free Snack Basket, as I myself am allergic to the stuff. I was curious as to what your inspiration was? Can we expect other hypo-allergenic / lifestyle choice items in the future? Thanks for the great item! :D ~dragonblimp, Issue 480
Several of our staff lead a gluten-free lifestyle due to their own needs or those of their families, so we occasionally like to add items to the site for them and for players who also have to deal with food allergies in their life. We'll see what other items we can add, since they seem to be appreciated. :) ~TNT
In the news for February 1st, you said that the Collectable Sea Shells shopkeeper found an entire treasure chest full of ancient Maractite coins! Well, since they are coins, shouldn't they be stocked in the Collectable Coins Shop? ~10millsy0, Issue 480
It seems both the Collectable Coins shopkeeper and the Maraquan seashell vendor have been expanding their wares lately. Both were only stocking items for a single album page, which just wasn't enough to keep business going. The Collectable Coins shopkeeper recently diversified his stock to include collectable scarabs, so we didn't want to leave the seashell vendor in the dust. We considered putting the Maractite coins in the coin shop, but for balance reasons we decided they should stock in Maraqua, since it does make some sense considering Maractite itself comes from that area of Neopia. ~TNT
Hello, TNT! How do we get the items that are not sold in the Hidden Tower anymore? For example, the Everlasting Apple. Oh, and is an Everlasting Apple a food or a weapon, or... ? If it's a food, does it really last forever no matter how many times my Neopets eat it? ~erlin2002, Issue 474
Well, the Everlasting Apple is still available in the Hidden Tower, so that's not a great example. Other items that were previously in the tower but have since been retired would have to be purchased from players who bought those items while they were still in the tower. Also, yes, the Everlasting Apple is a food item, and it lasts forever, regardless of how many bites your Neopets take from it. :) ~TNT
If items are retired, is there a chance their rarity will ever be changed to something else again? ~jamespottertje, Issue 475
Highly unlikely. We don't change the rarities of existing items very often (except to r180 to retire an item). ~TNT
Hi, TNT! I just bid on a Secret Laboratory Map piece, but the title seems to be in Spanish. It's called Mapa de Laboratório Secreto. This translates back directly, and the item is no doubt a Secret Laboratory Map piece. I was just wondering: does the fact the item doesn't seem to be in English affect how it works? I'm just curious because I've bid about 100,000 Neopoints. :/ ~coffie_krazy , Issue 480
Nope! It just means that particular map piece is owned by a player who has their language set to Spanish. The item is exactly the same. :) ~TNT

Trading Post

As I was browsing the Trading Post trying to grab one of the Faerie Paint Brushes I noticed that, when I offered more than 800,000 Neopoints on an item, I received an error saying that I cannot bid more than 800k. I feel the need to point out that I had 1.4 million NP on hand. Is this a glitch, or has it always been like this? Thanks. =) ~a_meepit_of_doom22, Issue 479
The most NP you can offer on a Trading Post lot is 800,000 NP, and it's been that way for a very long time. :) The cap used to be 600,000 NP but that was many years ago. ~TNT
Why do we have to include an item in a trade, rather than just Neopoints? ~ciara7862, Issue 474
Because, if you were just offering Neopoints in exchange for an item, you might as well use the Auction House or shops? ;D All joking aside, we know how the Trading Post is used -- often with the offer being Neopoints and a worthless item. It's still the Trading Post, though, so you'll always have to trade something. ~TNT
Hi, TNT! *gives you cookies* :D I was wondering something. Have you noticed that, when someone on the Trading Post types a long message in their wishlist (such as "1,000 NP pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee"), it stretches the page sideways? Could you make it so that the extra letters drop to the next line instead? I was just wondering if you were aware of this, or if there was anything you could do to fix it, as it's quite annoying to the rest of us. :) Thanks! ~la_la_93_1992, Issue 482
We agree, that is rather annoying. We've talked to the programmers and this is a change you can expect to see. ~TNT


Since quite a few of us rely on the news to update us on when a particular Pet Day is, would you please synchronise Neopet-themed updates moreso with the actual Pet Day? For example, Wocky Day was on December 12th. It wasn't advertised in the news until December 14th, so we missed out on the free training. Could TNT please look into synchronising Pet Days in the news better so that users don't miss out on free training? :) ~katsuroma, Issue 475
Alas, we have to put up the news when we do because of our work hours and taking the rest of the world into account. If you don't want to miss out on Neopet training, you can check the Neopian Calendar and set up some automated reminders for yourself. That way you'll be sure to never miss a free training day. ^_^ ~TNT
While scheduling, we need to play a constant mini-game of resource management. If a week has too much content in it, our artists may have to rush to get it all done. We like our Neopet days done with care, so if one week is too crowded (or we'll get better results by having a Neopet day late instead of early) it's worth it to us. :) ~TNT (Issue 474)
If there's a machine that can combine multiple dubloons into a single coin, why isn't there a machine that can give us change? ~werewolf_of_London, Issue 479
Those inhabitants of Krawk Island can be a shifty sort. They want to make sure you have to purchase something from their shops to make change for you. ~TNT

General Rules

Can we refer our own side accounts? ~unnilennium, Issue 480
Nope! There's just too much leeway for some massive cheating by allowing that. Sorry! ~TNT
Dear TNT, I am pretty sure it used to be forbidden to give your account to someone else when you decided to quit Neopets, even if that person happened to be your real life sibling. I have tried to find that rule recently, but couldn't. Is it still forbidden? If the answer is no, can you tell me if it ever was forbidden, or if I am imagining things? ~anonymous, Issue 474
Sharing an account is not allowed. You can find it under section 10 of the Neopets Terms and Conditions. We'll repost it here and save you the wear and tear on your mouse button:
10. Do Not Share Your Account. You shall not share your account with anyone or allow anyone else other than you personally to access or use your account, other than your parent(s) or guardian(s) who have rights to access and manage your account if you are a minor. You will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on an account registered to you. ~TNT
So, I've been told by many players that you get kicked off the site once you have a few million Neopoints in the bank. Is this true? I'm getting close to "the magic number" and I really don't wanna lose my account. ~anonymous, Issue 477
Sorry, our first mental response to this was: o.O? We will now offer the more informative response that no, we do not kick you off the site for having too many Neopoints. There are players that have literally hundreds of millions of Neopoints in the bank and they're still here. :) So, no worries! ~TNT
Hi, TNT! I was on a board when someone said that they'd left a weight on their Refresh button all night so they could try to create a Neopet. I, along with a few other people, linked them to an Editorial that said this was against the rules, but someone else said that Editorials are out of date and, therefore, not to be used as reference. So, um... is placing a weight on your keyboard's F5 button still considered cheating, and should we be abiding by any of the rules that the Editorial clarifies? Thanks! ~shade_the_great, Issue 478
Placing a weight on your F5 button is considered cheating, which is a freezable offence. Also, please consider what's in the Editorial as a clarification of the rules, until such a time as the site's Terms and Conditions or a newer Editorial updates information to trump that rule. ~TNT
The cure for my pet is too expensive!/ Can my pet die from *insert disease here*?/ Will you sell me *insert cure here* for a more fair price? ~common questions, HC
There are many things you need to know. First, your pet cannot die, no matter how long they are sick. Also, just because a price is high does not mean it is unfair, as Neopian economy is mostly driven by supply and demand. But most importantly, visit the Healing Springs every half hour – for free – to possibly be cured. Be sure to keep the sick pet as your active for best results. ~Summer [Check The Complete Newbie Guide's section on healing your pet.]



If you've not had time to start a Habitarium, will the items from the Advent Calendar on the 21st still be waiting for you in your Habitarium when you do start one? ~scifi_crazy, Issue 475
Yes, the items should be waiting for you when you have time to start your adventures with your Habitarium. ~TNT
Hello, TNT. I realize that the Habitarium is a fairly new addition to the site, but I was just wondering if, eventually, you guys are planning to have a spotlight for all of the great Habitariums out there? ~neodarling11, Issue 480
This is the plan... eventually. :) Right now, there just aren't enough items available to create a sufficient variety for individual Habitariums. As we continue to add more items - both functional and decorative - Habitariums will start becoming more and more unique. Once we feel like we won't be selecting Habitariums with the same items rearranged every time, we'll definitely start up a spotlight. ~TNT

Daily Dare

People on the Daily Dare Neoboard have been debating the new rules for Daily Dare trophies, so could you pretty please clarify? Some say that the rules and FAQs make it clear that you will get a gold trophy by beating AAA in every challenge, regardless of whether you do it on release day. Others say that, since the top trophy in past years was based upon beating him on release day, this is actually still the case. So, could you please put a stop to the debate? Which is it? ~butterfly_girl_22, Issue 484
The gold trophy will be awarded to players defeating AAA at all the challenges, regardless of the day on which it is done. This year, instead of having multiple trophies for such things as beating the challenges on their release days, there are bonus prizes each day for completing the challenge on the day it's released. ~TNT

Other Games

I saw a trophy for the "Tower of Turnips" on someone's User Lookup and was curious. What is it, and why can't we play it in the Game Graveyard? ~shaneli100, Issue 478
That game went a bit bonkers and had some serious glitching, so it was removed from the site. Also, it wasn't a Flash game, which is why it doesn't appear in the Game Graveyard. Good news, though! Since it was a mildly entertaining game (at least by the standards of local Meridellians), we're going to attempt to fix the coding and re-release the game in the upcoming months. Hooray! ~TNT
Hi, TNT! I was just curious: are you allowed to play Deadly Dice on side accounts? There aren't any Neopoints involved, so I would assume it's okay, but I'd rather not chance it. Thanks! ~tiketot4, Issue 476
Speaking of Von Roo! Hmm... we've discussed this among ourselves and, yes, as there are no Neopoints or items awarded, it's fine to challenge Von Roo to a game of Deadly Dice on side accounts. ~TNT
Why is the game called Black Pawkeet Slots when the game features green Pawkeets? ~xaliaz, Issue 474
The Black Pawkeet is just the name of the ship. :) ~TNT
Hey, TNT! I love the new Shenkuu Warrior 2! On Level 4, you get these weird lantern thingies. What are they, and what do they do? This has been bugging me for some time. Thanks! ~mbfanaa667, Issue 482
The balloons allow the princess to make an inflatable ledge by hitting the spacebar. Each balloon can make five ledges.


Coding (Petpages, User Lookups, etc.)

Hey, TNT! I noticed the coding change, which is going to be, uh... fun to get around. x) I just have a question: why ban aligning images to the left / right of text? It never hurt anyone. D: Also, the ban of text areas, where us kind Neopians (and the mean ones with a sudden nice streak) can share our art / codes with people? Are those Meepits eating up the filters again while the coding Myncies sleep? ~punkkitten468, Issue 480
Textareas are coming back, so fear not. As for aligning images, the filter has been updated for the latest coding standards, so deprecated HTML is no longer allowed. In other words, old attributes like 'align' in IMG tags are no longer supposed to be used, so we removed their use on the site. You can still align images; you'll just need to use CSS to do it. (CSS is wicked awesome. Do not be afraid!)
Also, we assure you, we do not change filters to just torment you guys. D: There are always those players that are constantly working to exploit code. We do our best to adapt the filters on the fly to allow you the freedom to be creative but also keep your accounts safe. The other option would be to disallow custom code altogether, and we definitely don't want to do that, so please try to be patient with us whenever we make updates like this (especially when we don't have time to tell you about it beforehand). ~TNT
Why can't I update my profile? ~common question, HC
Log out and log back in, then try updating your profile. If this doesn't work, notify TNT. ~Summer
Hey, TNT! I must say that I've grown somewhat fond of the new filter's automatic formatting concept, but I don't see why so many codes are blocked by the filter! I don't understand how you guys could possibly block opacity. Could you talk to the programmers about adding support for opacity, as well as many of the new CSS3 properties while they're at it? :) It would be great if we could use all of the new webkit codes and more! ~styled, Issue 482
According to our programmers, we're going to be adding more CSS3 properties and HTML5 elements in the future. ~TNT


Hello, TNT! *offers cookies* First of all, thank you for this amazing site. :D Now, I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time. I know it is against the rules to access your account from multiple computers, but could you please explain why that's the case? For example: if you are traveling, is it okay to use the hotel's computer to check on your Neopets? Also, let's say you access the site from your computer, but eventually you buy a new one and start using that computer to come to Neopets. Would that be against the rules? Please answer so I can get a new computer! XD ~anonymous, Issue 482
... o.O Huh? You're more than welcome to access your account from multiple computers. Just please be cautious using public computers; always be sure you log out of your account and make certain that your fuzzword isn't saved. ~TNT
Hey, guys. I logged onto Facebook and found that someone had sent a request accusing me of purchasing Neopoints from a site that I have never been to! Not only that, but they said I could get the points for half the price. I wrote in with some feedback so that you guys might be able to find and ice the responsible party (as you should), but figured you guys might like a chance to remind everyone that purchasing Neopoints for cash is against the rules for clarification. Please? Thank you! (I value my account too much to do this, so therefore I don't mind if you show my username!) ~silentnite_alchemist, Issue 484
Please be cautious when enjoying other sites, as there are always plenty of people out there who prefer to prey on others to make a quick buck. Purchasing Neopoints or other services and visiting websites that offer other such illegal things puts your account and computer security at risk, in addition to us additionally freezing your account for cheating. ~TNT
Would it be against the rules to get around the profanity filters on the Neoboards if we were using the word in a legitimate way? Like, say, if I were to find a way to get around the filter for a certain word, but I was only using it as part of the phrase "(blank) mole rat." Would it be a reportable offense? Thanks for answering; this has been bothering me for a while now. ~cany230, Issue 479
No offence to the (blank) mole rats of the world, but if a word is in our filter, then it's notto be used, even if your conversation is legitimately in regard to the mole rats of the world (for example). Attempting to get around our filters may result in a warning / silencing for your account, even if you felt that what you were trying to communicate was not offensive. ~TNT
People will often say something like "BOARD CLOSED" if they're either being flamed or are just done with the board. I see it all the time, but was never really sure if it counts. So, if someone says that, do you actually have to stop posting there? Isn't that a power left to TNT, to lock threads? Thank you for answering! ~liveitup48, Issue 474
Only TNT monitors have the right to decide what can and cannot be posted on boards. Requests, rules, and other instructions made by the posters on a thread have no authority (though it is polite to respect the request). A related reminder: spamming or harassing someone is never allowed. ~TNT
Hi, TNT! I'm always hearing about people getting suspended or frozen for discussing politics on Neopets. I have a backstory for one of my Neopets that involves politics. Nothing with specific countries / political parties / whatever, just saying that he ran for office and found it wasn't as great as it had seemed. Is this against the rules? Thanks so much!!! ~anonymous, Issue 476
Neopian politics is fine, as long as it doesn't relate to real life politics or hot topics in any way (or is used as a way to get around filters). For example, it's okay to say, "Who would you elect to be ruler of Lutari Island? Sloth, Queen Fyora, a Neocola Machine, or a basic Campfire?" Don't, however, say something like, "Fyora would totally support *hot topic real world issue*" or "Did you guys see what Sarah (the Zafara) said about Obama?" ~TNT


I was wondering about Neotitles on the boards. Some people have titles like "Team Diamond" or "Queen of Customisation." Is there an accomplishment you have to complete to get one of these? ~valkyrieshadows, Issue 478
There are some Neotitles that you can't get until you have been on the site for a longer period of time. Other than that, there are no accomplishments that you have to complete to get these. ~TNT [For more information on Loyal User Perks, please check this guide.]


The Wishing Well

TNT, I have to admit that I am becoming rather suspicious about the Wishing Well avatar. Is it just a Neopoint sink? Does the avatar even have ANYTHING to do with the actual Wishing Well, or is it a red herring like the Bonju one, where everyone was mixing stuff in the wrong place? I THINK IT IS ALL AN ELABORATE HOAX TO GET US TO SPEND OUR NP ON NOTHING!!! Care to respond to this allegation? XD ~plasticrose, Issue 479
Oh, it's a Neopoint sink, no denying that. It's a fairly straightforward one, though, with an avatar reward (not much unlike the Lever of DOOM). We really thought you guys would have had it by now. D: ~TNT
Does the Wishing Well give out retired items? Thanks. ~chuckie_the_clown, Issue 476
Nope! ~TNT


Hello, TNT! ^_^ I've heard rumors about being able to lose avatars while apple bobbing. I wasn't sure if people were joking or not, so could you please clear this up? ~anonymous, Issue 481
Never fear! Apple bobbing only gives an avatar; it doesn't take any away. :) ~TNT
I've heard it's possible to lose an avatar that you'd already earned by, for example, playing some avatar game or doing a daily again. Is it really possible to lose a once-earned avatar (not counting the Emo Usul), and if that happens, is it a reportable bug? ~tramiel, Issue 476
The only avatars we're aware of that you can "lose" are the Emo Usul avatar and the Count Von Roo avatar (oh, and the Premium-exclusive Space Faerie avatar). If avatars other than those disappear on you, please contact our Support Department. ~TNT


Hello, almighty TNT people! I was wondering if we could ever get that awesomely awesome avatar you have? I mean, IT'S AWESOME! ~aquamist223, Issue 475
Sorry, the TNT avatar is for use only by us, so that it's easy to recognise a staff account posting. ~TNT
I was going to freeze my side account, so I asked on the Help Board what the link was. Well, I got a warning for it. I didn't say anything bad and I wasn't trying to give away my account or anything. I don't know why I got a warning. Could you please explain? I don't want my account to get frozen. ~kou399, Issue 476
What you received was a message from TNT, not a warning. The monitor was providing you with the requested link. Don't worry, messages from TNT do not reflect poorly on your account. :) ~TNT
Among the current staff, who has been working there the longest and for how long? :) ~bbsachel, Issue 477
It seems Sweets holds the trophy for longest-tenured Neostaff member still working with us. She's been a member of the team since day one in California. Give her a hand! ~TNT
I have an interesting question for you, TNT. What if I were (hypothetically) a college graduate that still loves Neopets, and was interested in being an artist / creative developer for Neopets.com? How would I (hypothetically, of course) go about legitimately inquiring for a creative job with you guys? ~anonymous, Issue 479
If you'd like to join the team, take a look at our employment page and see if any position suits your interests. :) ~TNT
Hey TNT, can you please clear up a mystery that has been bugging us on the NC Mall board? Those of us that bought the Grams received the Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room, as well as a message from The Neopets Team. The message seems legit and all, but what's with you all Neomailing us from a different account than TheNeopetsTeam, and without the TNT avatar? Did you all develop another identity? ~laica2003, Issue 483
Nope! This was just a mistake on our part. :) We don't use the Neomail application to send Neomails since we have magical access directly to the database. As a result, when the script was written to send the Neomails out, the username was accidentally set to "The Neopets Team" (which isn't a username and, therefore, doesn't have an avatar) instead of "theneopetsteam." Whoops! It's since been fixed, though. If you still have the Neomail in your Inbox, it will be from "theneopetsteam." ~TNT


Hey, TNT. *throws magical Meepit at you guys* Being an "older aged" Neopian, I was wondering: SINCE my Facebook account is connected to Neopets, will how I behave on Facebook affect my account on Neopets? I'm asking because some crazy stuff gets written on my wall every now and then and I don't want to get frozen because of it. ~yoomtah, Issue 484
Haha, nah. What's posted on your Facebook page is your business. It's not our site. Only if you're participating in something illegal like buying or selling Neopoints / items / Neopets via Facebook would we get out the ice ray. ~TNT
Facebook is an off-site webpage. We aren't allowed to tell someone to go off-site, yet you mention Facebook (or FB) all the time now. Will FB be an exception to the rule now or not? ~leftykate, Issue 483
Asking people to search for something on Facebook or add you as a friend is off limits. It falls under linking off-site and is not allowed. Discussing Facebook in general, however, is fine.
Haha, did everyone see TNT's latest post on Facebook? It cracked me up." (Or, alternately, "It angered me. WHY AREN'T THEY WORKING ON THE NEXT PLOT INSTEAD OF POSTING THIS!?!?")
I woke up, checked Facebook, then logged into the headstart to level my chloromancer.
Not okay:
Heeeeey I need more FB friends! Add me! My name is Fancia Pantinas.
Search for RANDOM-FACEBOOK-GAME-THINGY-MABOB on Facebook. It's awesome.
We also want to remind you that, just like any other site on the Interwebs, it's best to be informed about how Facebook works to keep yourself safe. Our reach extends no further than our own Facebook page, and we obviously can't tell you what to do with your own account! So, indulge us while we suggest making your Facebook profile friends-only and that you refrain from sharing your Neopets username with strangers. *nod* ~TNT
Hi, TNT. I read in the news that you're going to add a new feature relating to Facebook, but you said that users under 13 won't see any Facebook functionality. Will we still be able to like things, though, since that won't direct us to Facebook, or will we literally not see anything that has to do with Facebook? Thanks! ~anonymous, Issue 483
If you're under 13 you won't see anything that has to do with Facebook at all. COPPA, which is a federal law in the United States, applies here. You can't have a Facebook account, and we can't link you to Facebook. ~TNT
So, now that the Facebook frenzy is making its way to Neopia, I have a question about group links. The guild I'm in also has a Facebook page that's just for our guild members. Could we post a link on our Neopets guild page of our Facebook Neopets guild page? ~animavisionary, Issue 483
As stated in an earlier question, this would be linking off-site and is not allowed. ~TNT


The Faerie's Ruin

How old are Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra? ~ducksarefun, Issue 475
By our age standards, Brynn and Hanso are in their late teens, while Xandra appears to be in her mid-twenties, though she could be older. ~TNT
Hallo, TNT. There's one thing that's been bugging me about the recent plot - where does Hanso come from / live? I assumed he was from Brightvale, since he and Brynn share a past, but I'd like to know for certain because it will continue to bother me until I do. Thanks in advance. :] ~usulblue444, Issue 480
Since he doesn't talk much about his past, no one's really sure (except for maybe Brynn, and she's not talking). Remember that Hanso and Brynn didn't meet until they were older, so Hanso may have made his way to Brightvale at some point, rather than starting out there. Also remember that the Thieves Guild, of which he was a member, makes its headquarters in Terror Mountain (at least, the HQ we know of), so he could be from there, or (again), made his way there during his travels. So, no one really knows where he hails from originally. Maybe we'll learn more about him in the future. ~TNT
We're all wondering: how do you pronounce Xandra's name? Personally I pronounce it ex-AND-rah, yet some people pronounce it ZAHN-dra. I think they're right, but I got attached to calling her that. So, TNT, please settle this: who is right? ~emily_a_baker, Issue 476
Her name is pronounced "ZANN-druh." Thankfully she is not currently in a position to seek revenge on those that mispronounced her name, so you're safe! ~TNT
Will the prize shop for the Faeries' Ruin be open forever? ~music_rokes_123, Issue 479
Much like the Lost Desert Prize shop, the Faeries' Ruin prize shop will be open indefinitely. ~TNT
Dear TNT, One question about the plot: in the Epilogue it said that King Altador went on a quest to find the statue of the Darkest Faerie that had been lost when Faerieland fell. How could it have been lost when it was all the way down in Maraqua? Could it be that, when the artefact turned them all to stone, it had the opposite effect on the Darkest Faerie and freed her? Maybe, at this very moment, she is wandering around Neopia's upper clouds, waiting for the moment to strike... *gives you a Stone Pie* those are quite delicious, you know! ~a_triss_triss_a65_a, Issue 479
Oh, good question! If you had played the Playstation 2 game, The Darkest Faerie, then we imagine it would make more sense. *SPOILERS BELOW* In the game, the Darkest Faerie was freed from her underwater prison, but was eventually recaptured, turned to stone, and placed in the Faerieland gardens, which is where she was located until Faerieland's recent collision with the ground. ~TNT
TNT! A friend of mine noticed a weird sight in the new Faerieland: is that a Chia hanging from a tree branch over the Rainbow Fountain? If it is, what is he being punished for? Poor little guy. :( ~masonsbackyay, Issue 480
Hahaha, no. That's a small lantern hanging from the tree branch. :) Looking at it with that in mind, though, we can see how you reached that conclusion. ~TNT


Okay, two questions: what kind of faerie is Ilere and why isn't there ANY info on the site about her? ~dolphinsareawesome, Issue 475
Ilere is an earth faerie, though not one you would want to encounter in the woods. Her first appearance was in this TCG Card. She is quite a mysterious character, so there is very little information with regard to her, but you can see her in action in the Tale of Woe. ~TNT


*comes from the shadows, throwing off a cloak* Having made that segue, with the release of The Three Collector's Cloak it reminded me of three (get it?) questions about The Three. First, we know that The Three go by the names Revenge, Greed, and Ambition. What we don't know, however, is which name belongs to which member. I always though Revenge was the Gelert because he has a sword, and that Ambition was the faerie because of her beauty, leaving Greed for the Skeith. Second, what element is the faerie? She's colored like a dark faerie, but her wings look like a light faerie's? Third and final: now that the Transparent Paint Brush exists, would you say that the Skeith member is painted transparent? Thank you for answering; you can keep the cloak if you like. :) ~pikachu315111, Issue 484
Those who typically have any dealings with The Three often go insane, so there's not much information on them at the moment. They've been around for a very long time, and we doubt Neopia has seen the last of them. Perhaps one day those very questions will be answered. We can assure you, though, that their appearance is not due to a simple paintjob. ;) ~TNT
Hello, TNT! First of all, thanks for releasing the mutant Acara, as this is my favourite species. I always wondered how it would be, and although I really like it (good job Mr. Sloth :D), I was a bit shocked to see that it doesn't look like Vira at all. Isn't Vira a mutant Acara, though? Well, now I can tell that she isn't, but then... what is she, and why does she have wings if Acaras don't have wings? The only theory that comes to my mind is that she was a faerie Acara with some sort of curse on her. Let's clear things up with regard to this underestimated villain, because I'm sure the only thing that Neopians know about Vira is that she gives out an avatar if you visit her Neopedia entry with a mirror in hand. :) ~tracy_skyfire, Issue 479
Vira isn't a mutant Acara - nor are we sure what colour she once was. She was cursed (likely by a dark faerie, hence the wings), giving her a unique look that no other Acara has (or would want!). ~TNT
Sorry if someone has already asked this question in an earlier Editorial, but what happened to Hoban, Captain Tuan, or First Mate Shumi after the Cyodrake's Gaze plot ended? Thanks. ~notlost, Issue 482
They're still going about their business, trading and shipping supplies, plus eating hearty meals. ~TNT
The Deserted Fairground's page says that it might have been a lot of fun before something drove everyone away. What could that have been? I'm very curious. (: ~tanikagillam, Issue 482
It's a story that's not for the faint of heart or the very young. You have been warned! You can read about that dark night here. ~TNT


If you'd like to make a button for Metis, neomail me.

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Ace's Avatar Lending Agency is the best page to visit if you are seeking to be lent that one last avatar item.

Find a Laugh offers connections to all the best screenie, humor, and all-around fun sites on Neopets.

Dekasin's Lab Map Guide is a wonderful resource for lab map prices and information about all things zapping.

Apartment Nine is THE resource for sitemakers, covering everything from organization to content and more.

Secret Lab Map and Paint Brush Prices is a high-quality compilation of info and pricing.

Smiley Central is one of Neopia's most current directories, featuring over 200 neatly categorized links.

Nite Time Guild Directory is wonderful starting place for those seeking a loving guild family.

Always open! Just neomail me via my userlookup. I prefer guides, but any helpful, high-quality site will be considered.

Recommended at Soroptimist Directory, The Faerie Compass, and Union Square

Started February 3, 2011
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Looking for more guides to help you with your Neo troubles? I aim to provide the most relevant and helpful guides in a variety of areas. Do not hesitate to neomail me if you wish to be listed or know of a great site that you think others would enjoy, but know I will be selective. It never hurts to ask, though!

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Neopets Pages

The Neopian Times
The Help Chat
Terms & Conditions
Neopets Support Center

General Neopets

The Guide Library
Complete Newbie Guide
Leto's Guide to Neopets Premium
Akaunts' Unofficial Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping
Ageless Accounts
Loyal User Perks
What'd I Miss?
The Games Room
Your Perfect Petpet
Nootrishus' Training Guide
The Flask Fiasco
Your Guide to Avatars
Concert Schedule
Avatar Help
Spottypuppydog's Avatar Guide
Habitarium Guide
Habitarium Help
So You Wanna Apply For a Pet?
Anuthing's NM Application Guide

Graphics/Site Help

For You Tutorials
CSS For You
The Practical Guide to CSS
How to Offer Great Service
Coding Guide
Aisling's Avatar Font Color Chart
Cheeroh's Summary of Copywright Law
Screenie Help
Create Impressions
Nienke's Resources
Foomanshu's Layout Tutorial
Lucy's Button Tutorial
Aurora Tutorials
Improving Neopian Buttons
Jay and Erin's Resource Page

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