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Welcome visitor! I'm Amy, and this is my beloved portfolio. I've been keeping this portfolio for over two years to chronicle my achievements and goals on this site. I try to keep this page as updated as possible, but sometimes I admittedly get so distracted by account improvement that I forget to record my progress! Nevertheless, my portfolio is very important to me and helps me to keep track of everything I've done and want to do on Neopets, so I hope you enjoy browsing my page.

Here you will find various snippets of information spanning a wide range of categories. You can find a handy navigation along the top of this page. By clicking on the boxes it will bring you to different sections. The sidebox will display sub-navigations. I have included information about myself (both on-Neo and off-Neo), my accounts, my pets, my goals, and other lovely things. If you have any questions about anything you see (or don't see) here, just send me a neomail and I'll respond as soon as possible! Have fun!

Working on
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February 4, 2018 Got more done after deliberately avoiding this for so so long. But thanks to the help of my returned friend Anna, I have picked up the coding bits I'd forgotten and thus have been fixing a lot of sections in need of updates. I have renovated my friends section (although I will add another row most likely in the near-ish future because I definitely forgot people), updated my gallery section, coded my trophy section, and I hope to do a few minor updates to my goals section before the day is over. My stamp section and neo-family section are being avoided at the moment but hopefully by the end of the month I can fix those as well! EDIT: ALL UPDATED! Have renovated ALL sections of my portfolio! Nothing here is out of date anymore!

October 13, 2017 It's been a while - but I have an excuse this time!!! In the middle of August I got a job - and it's wonderful, I love it, and I've been working for the better part of the past 2 years to get to where I am now, so it's great. ANYWAYS, as a result of that, and an impending trip to Hawaii, I took a semi-hiatus from the site until today. But I'm back from my trip and my job situation is pretty stable now so I have time to get back to working on stuff on the site. In the meantime, I achieved TWO huge goals of mine simultaneously - NT Star AND NT Writer avatars, as my 10th entry was published in the 800th issue, thanks to a wonderful collaboration with my friend and guildie, Em. So long story short (too late), I've accomplished some awesome things on here even during my hiatus but I'm back to being active again so my gallery, portfolio and other goals should be getting worked on soon. Expect changes here in the upcoming months!

July 16, 2017 Believe it or not I have been steadily working on stuff here, I just haven't been writing the updates. Due to the super annoying image host problem, I have now REPLACED all broken images in this portfolio, including my link back button. The image and coding has been fixed - just go to my sitely section to replace. I apologize for the inconvenience. I've been working on my achievements section (which is complete for now until I achieve some other stuff), my progress bar is updated and I'm slowly working on my projects section (avatars is fully updated, gallery is partially updated, and the other two sections have not been started). The friends section is also high on my list as well. I hope to get back to this within a few weeks. We'll see!

March 21, 2017 Two times in a month! That's got to be a record. I deleted all the old updates since they're like, years old. I've worked a bit on updating a few sections here a bit. About Me has been updated, and I've worked on the pet sections a bit (I have a couple new pets and one of my pets went back to its previous owner as she has semi-returned from quitting). I also updated my goals section. I'm hoping to work more on my Pet sections (removing all the separate pages and merging it into one long page) and doing something about my achievement and project sections but those are such big projects I'm avoiding them for the moment. Don't be surprised if I go another month or two without updating that. Because lazy.

at a snapshot

Likes sharks, buffalo chicken, WWE, reading, Taylor Swift, glitter, puppies and kittens, Harry Potter, elephants, Jaws, fairgrounds, Minecraft, friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cupcakes, cheesy television shows like Make It or Break It and Young & Hungry, french fries, sleeping, rainy days, HTGAWM, collecting shoes, Parks and Rec, apples, mozzarella sticks, Skyrim, painting, watching movies, Paper Mario, and lots of other stuff. Dislikes mosquitoes, spiders, heat, crowded places, itchy clothing, moths and butterflies, vegetables, seafood, lazy people, mayonnaise, gold, mint, almonds, bad internet connections, Call of Duty, driving.

off neo

I'm pretty happy these days IRL. I recently got married in January and we got a house the summer before, which we're working on finishing renovations on. I recently got hired at a public library, where I work as a Library Assistant, and I love it. I graduated college in 2015, with a major in English with a Writing Concentration and a minor in Film Studies. I prefer spending time at home with my husband and our friends & family than being out and about. Therefore I spend a lot of time on the internet. However, my other hobbies include playing videogames (mostly Nintendo), writing poetry or essays or stories, and reading. I also adore animals and while we have a cat at our house (that kind of just came with it...long story) we're hoping to get a puppy soon. Hopefully a pomeranian. We'll see. I want ALL the dogs.

on neo

My true hobby here has always been galleries. In December of 2012, an ultimate dream of mine came true when I won the Gallery Spotlight with my now-defunct "Steam Dream Cafe". After, I sold my gallery to start saving for my ultimate dream: purchasing a Marafin. Ever since its release, I have wanted to own one. Much to my disbelief, after two years of saving I managed to purchase my Marafin on April 17, 2015. Now I am working on other goals such as a much larger gallery and collecting stamps, among other things. My primary focus for right now is finishing my Snowy Valley album to get the avatar, so I am mostly just saving right now. My gallery is a mess but...whatever lol.

My other love on this site is customization. I was more than a little wary at first and didn't start purchasing NC for a long while. To be completely honest, I was furious at the conversion of so many beautiful pets (although I was extremely relieved that Taryanne was left alone). However, by the generosity of a handful of amazing friends, plus some kindhearted strangers, I was introduced to the world of customization. Ever since then I've been shamefully addicted to dressing my pets up.

I dabble in other "neo-hobbies", collecting the occasional trophy at random, hunting down the rather large handful of avatars I still need, and the like. I *used* to play Key Quest primarily for income (PLEASE COME BACK) but now I enjoy a mix of neopoint-making activities such as restocking, Food Club, and stocks.

Most of all though, I enjoy talking to my friends the most (especially my guildmates in the best guild ever - Aethia), and chatting on the boards (mostly Charter) to make new friends. I've met some truly wonderful people here, and they've made Neo all the better. Let me tell you bout my best friends?

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get so many UC pets/awesome NC items/great stuff/whatever?
Whatever version of this question, the answer is roughly the same regardless. I got to where I am with a combination of hard work and luck.

Take my UC pets, for instance. Taryanne has always been mine and is UC purely because of a lucky FFQ I got before conversion - and if the Rainbow Pool had painted royals, I would've painted a zafara Royal Girl and they were auto converted and I would never have had an UC pet to begin with! So Taryanne was purely luck and the fact that I never wished to convert or anything. I adopted Seashell and Nimba33 from an incredibly generous friends who have since basically quit the site. Laronique, however, was mostly hard work. I trained a RW pet (it was plural but a nice name regardless) to 1650 HSD and managed to get a somewhat lucky trade for a VWN UC Plushie Flotsam, that I then traded for Laronique. So that was a combination of hard work and luck.

As for NC items, the same applies. I have spent countless hours trading to attain the closet I have now, and what little money I have to spend I usually buy NC cards with. Still, all of my amazing friends in my life and some very kind strangers have gifted me items that would've taken me years to find and trade for.

As for everything else...hard work, and luck. My gallery spotlight was hard work. My avatar count is composed of lots of hard work and times I have been lucky enough to get lent what I needed (such as SuAP). Trophies were earned through basic participation most of the time. And yeah. If you have any specific question elaborating on something stated above, feel free to ask.

What is a Marafin? Why did you want one? How much does it cost? Where did it come from?
The Marafin was the top prize for Maraqua Supporters in the Curse of Maraqua Plot which took place in Y7 or 2005.

Of course I happened to be playing Neopets during this time and I was even a Maraqua Supporter during this plot (on my then-main account which is now a side account), but I was too young to realize that I really ought to have actually worked hard during plots and wars. I fell in love with them when they were released in the prize shop but it seemed like too large of a goal. And to be fair, it was, but it would certainly have been easier then than it was when I started to save.

As it is, very few Marafins exist today. Some are frozen or on abandoned accounts/pets, or in permanent galleries. I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful seller for mine, who understood what a large goal this was for me.

After more than two years of saving, I finally purchased my Marafin petpet on April 17, 2015. A few weeks later, I attached the Marafin to my neopet also named Marafin - which was painted into a female Royal Boy Draik. Soon after I attached the Bumbluz p3. My dream goal was finally achieved, and I still can't believe it.

Thank you to all of those who have supported me throughout this journey, I cannot tell you how much it means to me.

Can I have your...
Sorry, no. I am happy to help in the way of giving advice and whatnot, but I like what I have - so none of my pets are up for adoption or trade unless stated otherwise on their petlookup, and I am not giving away any items (neopoint or neocash).

Can you help me with coding? Can I use your userlookup/pet lookup coding?
Apologies again but I will have to decline any questions requesting help with coding or use of my coding, for a couple reasons. Firstly, it takes me a long while to get my coding pretty and functional these days, as I quit coding for a long time and as a result I have a tendency to mess things up. Thus, I am very proud of my coding when I am successful at it and would not like others to use it. As for questions, I am absolutely terrible at explaining code. Sorry!


I'm almost 100% sure I've forgotten people on this list so if your name is not on here it is absolutely nothing personal, I'm just forgetful. I always love making new friends as well so chances are if you're not on here, you'll be sometime soon once I get to know you! Friends are listed in no particular order because it's too difficult to keep things alphabetized.



















my goals

General Goals

  • Customizations for all side account pets [Ongoing]
  • Renovate petlookups for side account pets
  • Give all of my pets a permanent petpets & p3s

2018 Goals

  • Shenkuu Stamp Avatar
  • Complete ranking gallery
  • Purchase remaining Kelp items for gallery
  • Random Contest Avatar
  • ICM Avatar
  • Petpets for Seashell and Callenuella
  • Replace Star Gazing BG

Ultimate Goals

  • Purchase a Marafin
  • Organized side accounts
  • Avatar Collector
  • A stamp avatar

currently working on

  • Stamp collecting
  • Gallery collecting
  • Petlookups
  • Getting pets to permanent colors/petpets/p3s
  • 9 Full rows of game trophies





Avatars I Need

game avatars

items / expensive avatars

battledome avatars

miscellaneous avatars


Assignment 53
High Score: 22,008
Berry Bash
Play Game
High Score: 3,722
Bumble Beams
Play Game
High Score: 976
Dungeon Dash
Play Game
High Score: 2,823
Invasion: Blastoids
Play Game
High Score: 43,650
Jumpin' Gem Heist
Play Game
High Score: 47,050
Legends of Pinball
Play Game
High Score: 1,318
Play Game
High Score: 7,381
Shenkuu Warrior II
Play Game
High Score: 257,200
Play Game
High Score: 440,100

Stamps I Want




Neopian Times Writer Avatar, Issue 800
October 2017

10/10 NT Articles Published
October 2017

Gallery Size 220
June 2017

Snowy Valley Stamp Collector Avatar
June 2017

Seashells Stamp Collector Avatar
June 2017

400 Kads Fed
April 2017

Customisation Spotlight
Aupri, Marafin, and Boggly

Avatar Collector
November 2016

Purchased Marafin petpet
April 2015

Maths Nightmare Avatar
May 2014

Traded for UC Faerie Wocky
Dec 2013

Super Attack Pea Avatar
Jan 2013

75 Kads Fed
Dec 2012

Gallery Spotlight
Dec 2012


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