Hello, My name is Astardies the kiko. I am 84769 hours old. I have a fantastic owner called mint_pinata, who takes great care of me. mint_pinata is currently training me up for the NeoPets Battledome. I have only just started and already I am at level 5!
As you may know, all Kikos love water. We can swim from birth and like nothing better than splashing around in the ocean. A great place to go is the rocky springs. This is just off the coast of Mystery Island. If you climb onto the rocks and wait patiently a warm jet of water will lift you high into the sky! Its great fun, you ought to try it sometime.
I also love to go to theme parks. Last summer mint_pinata took me to this huge water park. It had slides, fountains and hundreds of swimming pools. I went with lots of my friends and their owners. We had a fantastic time and all went for a picnic afterwards.