Welcome to Coco's humble little portfolio! 8D

Goals (short-term)

{} 'Stranded On An Island' gallery
{} Get up to 200 avatars
{} Adopt & customize a coco jubjub
Wishlist (short-term)

 Nova Fruit (4k)
 Fruit Tuskabob (6k)
  Island Usul Bubble Bath (5k)


Petpage by Absolutely, background by 49 Days.

About Coco

*pokes picture* Thats me! ^__^ Yup, I look just like that. Chocolate colored skin, blue eyes, brown hair. Just your typical girl who lives near a beach in Florida and likes to take pictures, experiment with making cookies, and mixing berries to make the most delicious smoothies. I'm a positive, talkative, cheerful person who you won't ever catch in a bad mood. And if you do - watch out!

Things I like:

 Friendship bracelets
 Strawberries dipped in chocolate.
 Sunny, warm weather.
 Colorful outfits.
Things I hate:

 Heavy rain & thunder.
 'Fake' lemonade.
 The color 'grey'.
 Sharks, and large fish.


I'm a beginner graphic designer, but I dont take requests because I'm always afraid noone is going to like what I make them! :3 I do however like making surprise graphics for my friends, so watch out!!


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