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Welcome to Exquisite! I'm Ceci! I used to run a button request site called Douceur a few years ago and now I've decided to get back because I missed making buttons. It's been a long time and neopets is not the same but I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to check my portfolio and request your button! Exquisite is a simple but high quality button request site. I count on experience in making buttons and I also like making them a lot! I really hope you enjoy! I miss being here and I hope I can help the petpages that are still updating :)


18/05/17 - +4 buttons at pick up! +8 buttons at portfolio! I changed the rule number 5, now you guys can request just one button at time. I made this change due my lack of time and to give more people the chance to request!
13/05/17 - The requests are open again, but limited to 3 forms sent. If I get the 3 "names" at the waiting list filled, I'll close the requests again until I finish all the buttons!
01/05/17 - I closed the requests for a while due some college work I have to do. I will reopen as soon as I can :)
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» Lora
» Kt
» Grace
» Lady Anti


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